Podcast 227: Metabolic Typing – Part 3

Martin remarks that, after the 3 previous Podcasts, some people are still confused. Scott explains that for some people, eating a certain way would make them more alkaline, while others eating the very same way would become more acidic. This can be confusing. Because so many people are very acidic (this is why tumor-type cancer is thriving) we tend to focus on becoming more alkaline, which has other problems when taken to the extreme (even leads to cancer like lymphoma, sarcoma, leukemia).

Instead of talking about becoming more acid or more alkaline, Martin suggests we talk about becoming more balanced. One metabolic type could need exactly the opposite of the other, yet the solution could be identical. Some people do fine on high protein and high fat diets (like the Keto or Atkins diet), while others do really well as vegans, and even frutarians (like Ornish or Gerson diet. In order to gain a better understanding of this phenomenon and a deeper insight into the food-related causes of diseases, it is helpful to take a closer look at our metabolism, as it is affected by our genetics.

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Metabolic Types” and “Metabolic Diets

Author: Martin Pytela