Podcast 228: Detoxifying from Dental Fillings

It’s been 30 years now since Martin had a bunch of mercury installed in his teeth as fillings and one of the side effects of that is gum recession. Martin feels it’s typical of the medical profession to give you something and not tell you about the side effects, and then give you something else for those side effects. So Martin’s gum line receded, his roots are exposed and needed some repair. The dentist froze Martin’s mouth with a different freezing that flavors the bad taste. The dentist was not even sure of what’s in the freezing, but assured Martin that it was probably OK.  Several hours after this experience, Martin developed a severe headache – the size of Manhattan!

So here we come back again to how sensitive our bodies become, once we really get clear.

We have come across a major breakthrough in detoxifying the human body of heavy metals and other toxins, and overall acid conditions that promotes or directly causes disease.

Author: Martin Pytela