Podcast 234: Full Moon and Lunacy

Continuing the discussion from the previous Podcast, Martin and Scott go on to talk about the moon and why people tend to go a little nuts or looney tunes when the moon is full. During this time, people’s inhibitions are off.

“If you believe things happen for a reason, then don’t freak out when things do happen, for a reason.”
~ Dr. Loretta Standley

From www.drstandley.com

WHEN THE MOON IS “VOID OF COURSE” THERE ARE DELAYS, FALSE STARTS AND UNEXPECTED HASSLES. Some people call this a “curve ball.” This is because the moon will be moving between two different signs. This can last between a few seconds, minutes or hours and it can sometimes last a day or two. When the energy is faulty and unexpected, refrain from making decisions because judgment could be faulty because you would be making a decision when all the factors are not known. Do not sign contracts, shop or promise anything during this time. Also refrain from getting your feathers ruffled when the moon is “void of course” because it is better to just submit to spontaneity. How Fun? It can be plenty of fun if you work it right!

The ‘Moon’ itself describes what your immediate emotional response looks like with regard to daily Life circumstances, everyday affairs and domestic scenes. The Moon is a fast moving planet and changes every 2 – 2 1/2 days. How’s that for dynamics and the ebb and flow of relationships? It also represents the attitude that you developed in childhood from your family.

Since the Moon rules the mother, it shows your relationship with your mother, just as Saturn rules the father and shows your relationship with your father. It may also show dietary habits and preferences with food.

From www.signe-astrology.com

After the events of September 11th, amidst the myriad of tragedy and dramatic changes, more people became interested in the Moon Wobble Cycle. September 11th, as well as the Oklahoma City bombing, the USS Cole attack, all occurred during a Moon Wobble, a Cycle of upheaval and catastrophes. The greatest terrible acts of Terrorism, as well as other forms of violence happen more during Moon Wobbles and Moon/Solar Wobbles than any other time. These Cycles bring suppressed energies in people and Mother Nature to the surface, erupting and disrupting. Moon/Solar Wobbles are essentially just prolonged Moon Wobbles, the energy is the same, just longer due to additional Cycles triggering the Moon Wobble Center point.

During Moon Wobble the instability factor is high, resulting in more accidents, fires, plane crashes, freak accidents, floods, feats of nature, bizarre weather patterns, earthquakes, tornadoes, violence, Terrorism, riots, and political and personal upheavals. Some Moon Wobbles are far worse than others; at the least it is crazy. Someday when Astrology has major funding, the latitude and longitude of every city in the world can be fed into a computer and correlated with Moon Wobble Cycles to pinpoint the location and nature of coming disaster.

Author: Martin Pytela