Podcast 241: Smart Minerals – Part 2

Although Farrell Brenner is now retired and no longer making products, we have many other ORMUS supplements to suit your needs.

Today, Martin and Scott continue discussing Smart Minerals with the creator, professor Farrell Brenner.

Smart Minerals products have helped people untangle their emotional mess, permanently. They help people come to the end point of what they would get if they were involved in self-help or with a professional, instead of picking through their past for years.  Get to the end of the process very quickly!

We all have subconscious programs that drive us. The ones that are most impactful in keeping us away from the success that we want in life, whether it is the success in health or relationships or in finance, or success in creating or manifesting are the limitations usually arising from childhood socializations where we learn basically four things: conditional love, fear, guilt and shame.

Author: Martin Pytela