Podcast 242: Smart Minerals – Part 3

Although Farrell Brenner is now retired and no longer making products, we have many other ORMUS supplements to suit your needs.

Once again, Professor Farrell Brenner, the creator Smart Minerals joins Martin and Scott to discuss his incredible products.

Scott begins by pointing out how you can get your self-esteem through the roof, and why if you aren’t working on your self-esteem and you’ve got chronic illness of any type, you’re making it very difficult for yourself. So if you haven’t tuned in to the previous episodes, make sure you hear them because they’re full of very, very powerful information about your health.

Sometimes a fear or resistance to doing an activity, such as preparing for a sales call, or a date, is actually caused by a self esteem issue. If you feel like you are not good enough or have been beaten down by your life, it may be a self esteem issue and this product may not have the impact that we expect. The Gift would be more appropriate in this situation.

Fear freezes a person in place, stops him; makes him unable to move forward. There is an additional aspect that goes along with fear. Anything that scares you also shocks you and if it actually intersects you more directly, it creates trauma, a memory of the event that gets replayed in the body again and again until you hit the reset button. Of course nobody knows where to find that reset button.

Smart Minerals delivers that reset.

Professor Farrell S. Brenner, the creator of this product writes:

“When I was going through my dentistry work, and I had a lot of dentistry done in one year, I hadn’t gone to the dentist for fifteen years and then I had all this work done and it was horrible. I was developing this product at the time and it went through several stages until it came to its current form. I was testing it and measuring it kinesiologically against bodily responses to the dental treatments I was getting.

They included drilling and needles getting poked into my face – all kinds of uncomfortable things that dentists do to people. My body was being intimidated by fear of what was about to come and I was getting shocked by the noise and the drilling. My body was being traumatized by that and I was building a product that would clear out all of the remnants of the effects of having gone through dental surgery. I came up with the product called Fear-Shock-Trauma.”

Use one drop of the mineral solution to release the energy blockage into the nothingness from which it came …

Professor Farrell Brenner shares:

“While I attended an Ormus conference at Enota, one of the other speakers who came to present was an alchemist named Seekverta. Seekverta had a very traumatic accident. The first time I saw him I saw this man walking along like a crab. He seemed so deformed that I thought he had a very serious birth defect. When I saw him the next day I noticed he was walking much better. I then heard that he had fallen down a flight of steps and almost wasn’t able to come to the conference. I introduced myself and asked ‘are you okay?’ I heard you had this really bad accident and he said ‘I am fine!’

He was still walking as if he had a very serious accident so when he said to me ‘I am fine, really, I am fine’, I responded ‘OK, you are fine, but are you willing to test to see whether your body is fine?’

He agreed, and we set up a simple muscle test. I muscle tested him while he was standing up and he tested strong which was good. He was obviously a strong minded person. I said ‘would you put your hand, the one I am not testing, right in the center of the area where you hurt yourself or had the greatest amount of pain with it?’

When I muscle tested him then he had absolutely no strength at all.  I said ‘Well, Seekverta, you are fine but your body is still carrying the trauma of the event, the memory of the event, and it is keeping you from healing, because as long as the body’s cells carry the cellular memory of the pain, replaying it instead of the good information, playing the old information of the trauma, the harmful event.

I said ‘Here is this product, would you like to try it out?’ and he said ‘Sure’, and I said ‘Would you like to try it out now?’ and he said ‘OK’. So we put a couple of drops of it right on that place where his hand had been and rubbed them in.

Seekverta stood up twisted his body to the left and then twisted his body to the right and then put both of his hands on the small of his back and stretched way back and then did a couple of arm twirls and stood straight up and he said ‘My god my pain is completely gone!’ and I said ‘OK, lets test again!’ So hold your harm up and then place your other hand on the place where the trauma was or where it hurt the most and he still tested absolutely strong.

That night he gave his presentation and during the presentation he told everybody about his experience with the Ormus product called Freedom from Fear, Shock and Trauma and how it completely removed his pain.

He was pain free, giving us a living example of the kind of results we expect to see.’

Author: Martin Pytela