Podcast 244: Smart Minerals – Part 5

Although Farrell Brenner is now retired and no longer making products, we have many other ORMUS supplements to suit your needs.

Professor Farrell S. Brenner continues to be so gracious with his time, sharing amazing information about the Map of Consciousness… What level are we?

Are we Resonating with “Conditional Self-Esteem” or “Love”? Why is Conditional Self-Esteem important?

Happiness doesn’t depend on anything outside ourselves. Smart Minerals products affect your vibration. Clear your emotional fields by changing the resonance with which you are interacting with the universe. Guilt produces a strong negative pull on your emotions to draw into your life many unwanted manifestations.

The Gift will help you clear the vibration and break the link that pulls you into manifesting more of what you are trying to move away from, and leave it behind so that you can live your life to your design, not as the consequence of some unwise choices you have made in the past.

What are Levels of Consciousness?

There is no doubt that we live in interesting times of extraordinary challenges. For example, geo-scientists say that global warming is a massive threat. Biologists say that entire species are going extinct at an alarming rate. There is news of impending epidemics from Bird Flu, West Nile virus, while potential super viruses loom on the horizon, and the climate of terror and war capture the world’s attention.  

Paradoxically, wise men from several indigenous cultures have given the message that this is also a time of great opportunity to awaken to higher consciousness.

Most recently, Professor Brenner discovered that raising self-esteem can result in surprisingly large increases of LOC. His research in beliefs, dovetailed with his nutritional research regarding the consciousness mediating effects of highly charged, structured minerals of ultra fine particle size. These discoveries and a bolt of inspiration resulted in creation of The Gift.

Author: Martin Pytela