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Podcast 250: RIP Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs – the mastermind behind Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac and iTunes – has died, Apple said, at age 56.

Jobs co-founded Apple Computer in 1976 and, with his childhood friend Steve Wozniak, marketed what was considered the world’s first personal computer, the Apple II. He was also co-founded PIXAR.

In 2004, he beat back an unusual form of pancreatic cancer, and in 2009 he was forced to get a liver transplant. After several years of failing health, Jobs announced on August 24, 2011 that he was stepping down as Apple’s chief executive.

A “One-Size-Fits-All” approach to health does not work.

Health is a wonderful possession. It does not last forever, although most of us assume it will. It is not until we lose our health that we seek diligently to regain it. Often it is too late, and always too expensive.

Author: Martin Pytela