Podcast 252: Smart Minerals – Part 7

Although Farrell Brenner is now retired and no longer making products, we have many other ORMUS supplements to suit your needs.  Check out Master Peace as an alternative to The Gift because it also delivers very high vibrational qualities. It helps raise consciousness and clear distortions from the emotional body.

Today, Martin and Scott are joined once again with Professor Farrell Brenner the founder of Smart Minerals.

This talk begins with describing Smart Minerals, then delves into one of their individual products.

The Gift will help you clear the vibration and break the link that pulls you into manifesting more of what you are trying to move away from, leave behind so that you can live your life to your design, not as the consequence of some unwise choices you have made in the past.

The most common limiting emotions are low self esteem, fear, guilt and shame. They are the primary limiters of our success. They bring out the worst in people. When you raise self esteem, remove fear – the mind killer, take away guilt, and take away shame, you will become a much more functional, happier, more successful human being, and ultimately live in a better world.

Author: Martin Pytela