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Podcast 253: ORMUS with The Oracle – Part 1

Scott and Martin welcome David – The Oracle – Pilz.  David and Martin met not long ago, and Martin would like David to describe how they met. Although it was only a few short months ago, Martin feels that David is his brother. They had an instant connection.

David Pilz of OmHaven Ranch is trained and certified as an Alternative Health and Wholistic Practitioner. He’s a certified Master Healer and Instructor, plus he continues to actively study and train in many complimentary healing systems such as Reiki, Reflexology, Crystals, Sacred Ceremonies and much more. His personal Kundalini is awake and active.

Listen to the full Podcast to see what their relationship can do for you.

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  • Need more energy, focus and concentration?
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Podcast 253: ORMUS with The Oracle – Part 1

SCOTT: Welcome back, everybody! You are listening to the Life Enthusiast Podcast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet! Starring the founder of the Life Enthusiast, Martin Pytela! I am your co-host, Scott Paton. Hey, Martin, how are you doing today?

MARTIN: Fantastic, thank you very much! I have decided that it would be very beneficial to our listeners to have the opportunity to meet David ‘The Oracle’ Pilz. David and I have met not long ago, and I would like him to actually describe how we met. I know David as an amazing person, he feels like a brother to me, and yet we have only met a few short months ago. I think I best let him explain, perhaps going back to his childhood experiences and going through what got him to where he is now. The most fantastic thing for me is that he actually lives not far from here, I could even walk there in a day. That is kind of wonderful. So, let’s introduce David Pilz!

DAVID: Wow, Martin, with an introduction like that, I am wondering who it is you are talking about! Thank you! I am absolutely pleased by your words, and you know what I feel the same about you, you know, every so often you meet somebody that you have that instant connection with, call it whatever you want, karma, chemistry, or what have you. And absolutely, Martin, I feel the same way about meeting you in this lifetime, I feel very privileged to get to know you, and I look forward to continuing to see what our relationship can do for everybody else.

MARTIN: Great! I think that it has something to do with the star children or something like that, I think we are related in some way.

DAVID: That wouldn’t be a coincidence in any way then! I guess I’ll take my cue here, you are suggesting that I kind of just start sharing my story. I got to tell you, it has taken me over 40 years to create this story, and I apologize if this is going to be a little bit long-winded, it may potentially take me 10 years to say it all. So, 40+ years ago, I was one of those weird kids you hear about, seeing auras, connecting into the spirit realm, and I just had a certain something going on inside my brain, that we all have going on, but I did not have the filters in place. I spent an entire lifetime trying to understand metaphysics and psychology, I have had the privilege of working with people like you Dr. Morris Friedman, who was an amazing neurologist, and I have had many conversations in this lifetime about what it means to be, and I use the term very loosely, what it means to be psychic. Because again, I was born with these labels of being ‘psychic,’ and later on, of course, those labels turned into things like ‘Indigo child,’ and ‘crystalline child,’ and all of these things. But they were just labels.

When you look back on society, even back then, over 40 years ago, people didn’t even talk about this stuff, and they certainly didn’t share it with the general public, because there was still so much fear, ignorance, and misconception involved. I was raised a good little Lutheran boy, taught to keep my mouth shut about things of this nature, because, I hate to say it, they crossed over into things that back then were labeled as ‘potentially evil.’ My whole journey, literally from birth onward, has been a self-exploration, trying to figure out what makes my brain different fromsomebody else. When I was going to school as a kid, my friends were worried about wearing their Adidas shoes to school, and being cool, and all that stuff. I had my frets and worries with the fact that, for example, when I look at somebody, I see auras, perpetually, when I look at somebody, when I look at a plant, when I look at an animal, when I look at a tree, if it has life in it, there is an auric emanation, that emanates from that.

And I see that all the time, I can’t turn it off! But when I look at somebody and I don’t see it, that means they have approximately three months to live. And it is fascinating, of course, but as a child, this has been my childhood experience. I look at somebody in my world, and if they don’t have an aura, that just means that they are passing. I have since learned, of course, that it takes us approximately nine months to get into this world, and it takes us approximately three months to leave. And every single person on the planet is very aware, even if it is just on a subconscious level, that they are going away, and the transition is taking place. So as a child, I had to learn these things. I don’t want anybody to feel sorry for me, because that is not what this conversation is about, but I had to cope with the idea, even as a very young man, that for example, my best friend was worried about the shoes he was wearing, and I was worried about the fact that I could see his mom was about to pass away. So much of my life had to take on an instant maturity. But it did not frighten me. Do you know what scares me? People and their unpredictability! (laughing) But the universe itself is actually a wonderful place.

There is a balance out there. I made friends with God, whatever term or label you want to put upon this, the creator, the matrix, the ‘all there is,’ the collective consciousness. There are so many different variations that I explored over my lifetime, as far as what it was, what religion, and even culture brought to the table. But I did find some salvation in science when I was 10 years old, honest to goodness, I was checking out of the library, Morris Friedman’s textbooks, if you are a brain surgeon, you have read his textbooks. What I found fascinating was that this guy was actually explaining to me things like hypothalamus and pituitary, and how it all works, how it all fits together, and the chemistry equations of it. When I was exhibiting or having a psychic experience, certain parts of my brain would actually be triggered, and then I could look at the map of the brain, and see very clearly what was happening in the brain, what was the chemistry. And I found salvation in that, in science, believe it or not. So I spent my entire life trying to understand and explain what was going on in my brain.

Before I was 11 years old, I wanted it to go away. I did not see it as the blessing, or the gift, that I see it as today, I saw it as a curse. It made me too different, it made me strange, and weird, and all of those things. I didn’t like it. At age 11, I had a near-death experience. My appendix exploded, and the poison hit my heart, and off I went, into the light, it was a fascinating journey. I honestly recommend a near-death experience to everybody, it changes your perspective on everything. So, I came back from that, having a very clear idea of where I was going, and what I was supposed to be accomplishing in this lifetime. And it was okay for me to be psychic! It was okay for me to have these events taking place in my world, and for my senses to be perceiving life around me in this manner, because I knew then that inevitably everybody on the planet was going to catch up. I was just a scout, if you like, I was just a pioneer! I was one of those humans that was born into this incarnation to express these paranormal gifts, but eventually, everybody was going to catch up. Everybody is born subconsciously psychic. Everybody is born connected to the world around them, the universe itself, I am not different, I just don’t have a filter! I just don’t have a filter preventing me from accessing all that information, all of that input, and everybody, I don’t care who you are, can develop that! It is like a muscle, it is like any other muscle in the body, you can absolutely do these mental pushups.

When I was 16 years old, I had my own apartment in downtown Calgary. And you would think that that was a party house! But what was happening there twice a week were meditation circles. We would read about people who expressed the paranormal abilities and gifts, and whenever we read that, for example, the psycho-kinetic ability was available to the human, which means you can move things with your mind, we would push ourselves to try and accomplish what it was that we could, trying to reach our fullest potential in our psychic centers. And I learned a lot, literally, through trial and error. That went on for years and years and years, not to say I didn’t have my share of parties, I am human too! My journey was kind of trying to be normal with one foot and trying to explore this fullest potential of what this is all about with the other foot.

Years later, I was building houses for a living, and I was running a bunch of different businesses, I was making money, being psychic, and running business pays off very well. But it wasn’t about the money. My ambitions were much more esoteric in nature, and they always have been. So my pursuits were to try getting to my fullest potential, and I was doing so. I walked around my very first psychic fair, I was just a guest there, and I couldn’t believe that there were a hundred exhibitors, 9 out of 10 were not psychic in any way, they weren’t connected, I can tell when you are connected or not, and what is going on. I went into anger, not even so much that there were a whole bunch of rip-off artists in that room, but I went into anger because here I was, hiding my potential, I was trying to keep this private, I was trying to keep my mouth shut like I was taught. And yet I knew I could make a difference, I should have stepped forward, and just kind of provided the opportunity to show the world what a human being is really capable of when they are being genuine. So I went to the promoter and waved my mighty finger, and I asked her: “Is it all about money? Don’t you care?” And she asked me: “What do you know about it?” And I said: “Well, I have been reading tarot cards since I was 11 years old.”

She has become a good friend of mine later, but at that moment, she allowed my ego to paint itself into a corner, and then she hit me with: “Well, you think you are so hot? Here is an empty booth, strut your stuff, show us what you got.” What could I do? So I went down to the corner store, I got myself a cardboard sign, I wrote “The Oracle” on it, and that was the beginning of my career, officially, as The Oracle! Previously, even when I was a contractor, the nickname ‘The Oracle’ was my CB handle, you know, whenever the guys wanted to get a hold of me, we used CB radio to communicate with one another. So I stepped in as The Oracle on that day. and I got to tell you before I was done, I had a five-hour waiting list. I loved it. Here was me, being truthful, here was me, being myself, choosing a path that was leading me in a direction that I really wanted to go. Unlike so many other psychics, who were kind of ‘weekend warriors,’ where they do something else for a living, and they did this on the weekends to try, and further their own depth and philosophy.

I mean, psychic fairs are full of psychics, looking for answers. Just the same as shrink offices are full of shrinks, looking for answers themselves. It is no different in the psychics world either. So I stepped into it, and I literally started traveling the world. I wrote some stuff for TV, I wrote some movies, I have been involved with metaphysics and parapsychology on a scientific level, as well as a media-level, pretty much everywhere I could, I stuck my nose into it. I have since written a bunch of books, recorded meditation CDs, that actually work. I had an amazing career at The Oracle. That should be fascinating enough for most people, just being able to be that metaphysical instructor. These days, of course, as The Oracle, I am that psychic that other psychics come to for training. I have spent my whole life learning what works and what doesn’t work, and if I can spend even just a day with somebody, I can give them all sorts of amazing techniques that are going to crank up their psychic centers. It is not magic, it is not mystical, it is just common sense. So, this is kind of what my career was.

About six years ago, I was living in British Columbia, just outside Vancouver, and something started happening in my world. My ‘spidey sense’ started to tingle, that is the best way to put it. I felt that there were some changes taking place on this planet, that I really had no control over. And yes, I do have my concerns about the West coast, the earthquakes, tsunamis, and all that stuff, and yes, unfortunately, I can predict that at some point in time, there is going to be some danger there. So anyway, about six years ago, my ‘spidey sense’ went off the charts. I knew it was time to step in and find that place, that place that I saw in a vision when I was 11 years old when I had my near-death experience. I started looking, I started putting it out there, having conversations with God, or angels, or Star Nation, whatever you believe in, I started connecting, I started communing, and looking for that place. And I am very proud to say that I found it! That place that I am now living, I call it OmHaven Ranch, Om means love, of course, and Haven means home. So I moved into this place, moved my family here, got all settled in, and started working the family farm like we used to. For us, raising chickens and pigs and cows and all that stuff is nothing new. And it was really nice to get back to basics again, loving the land, connecting with the place.

The reason I bought this place is because I saw it in a vision when I was 11 years old. I explained it to my family, in terms they understood, and what they understood was this was going to be a better lifestyle for us. So we moved in, we got things going, my career as The Oracle was happening just beautifully. And then, unfortunately, or fortunately, however you want to look at this, I became a pipe carrier. And what that means I have been following the red path, or more specifically, I have been walking beside the red path, my entire life. I am not indigenous, I am not native, I am white, I am very Caucasian, but I am very proud to say that even back in my early twenties, some of the elders saw something in me, and they started coming to me for their advice, and honoring me with not just some teachings, but honoring me with allowing me to teach them, allowing me to share what I learned with them. And I was putting it in terms that they understood, in a language that they understood. Sometimes, science can get very complicated, but I spoke layman, I spoke real, I spoke genuine, and I spoke from the heart.

But I am not blood red, I am not native, I’ll never really truly understand what it is like to be born native. And I didn’t want to ever, ever, ever be that white guy, trying to be a native. There are too many of them out there, kind of pretending, but I never wanted to be that, I am very proud of who I am. I am very proud of my heritage, and where I have come from, and what I am all about. And these native people I connected with, wanted to give me my own native name. But I just couldn’t accept that, so I explained it to them. I didn’t want to step on any toes, I didn’t want to insult anybody, and I found out that I was able to do way better work being neutral, not being necessarily aligned with one tribe or another, and this was my life for so many years. So imagine my surprise when there I was, in my Edmonton office, just kind of enjoying life, and this lady comes in, and drops this bundle in my lap and says: “This is yours.” And I started unwrapping this bundle, and even before I even saw it, I knew what I was looking at. I was looking at a pipe, many Caucasian people would think of it as a ‘piece pipe,’ but it is not necessarily a ‘peace’ pipe per se.

When somebody becomes a pipe carrier, there are teachings, things that they have to go through and learn, in order to accomplish that. In some cases, it is four years of teaching, in other cases, it is 11 years of teaching. You go through sundance, you go through the ceremony, you go through teaching after teaching, you have to earn the rights to carry that pipe, and you show the creator that you are walking the path in a good way, and then at some point in time, that pipe shows up. So I knew that somebody coming in and just handing me a pipe was not how it is done. I even tried to give that pipe back to this lady. I explained to her, just like I explained to you just now, why I was giving it back because I don’t believe I have earned it, I know dang well, this isn’t how it happens. So I tried handing this pipe back to her, thanking her very much for honoring me, but I couldn’t possibly dream of accepting this pipe, especially under these conditions. And wouldn’t you know it! What happened to me next I will never forget.

I am a father of three, and I was there each of the three times that my children were born. I was in that delivery room. And I got to share with you, that the feeling that I encountered deep within me, when I tried handing that pipe back to that woman, was very much like that feeling when I first met my son. There was such an overwhelming bonding, there was such an overwhelming connection between me and this pipe, that I hadn’t even laid my eyes on yet. It would have been very much like giving my son away. Any parent knows that that will never happen. And I found myself saying: “I accept. But, oh boy, we have to talk!” She explained to me that this was the Star Nation pipe, this pipe dates back, in prophecy, a very, very, very long ago. In 1996-1997, a gentleman by the name of Standing Elk held a conference, a Star Nation conference, and invited the whole world to show up. He announced to the world that it was now time for the Star Nation to come back. Fascinating stuff! After an entire lifetime of walking beside the red path, I’d only ever so briefly heard a native or indigenous person make reference to the Star Nation. And yet, here is this gentleman, coming out and sharing with the whole world, that these aliens are coming back.

In their teachings, in the indigenous teachings that he holds true, it is said that we were not originally from this planet and that we did come from someplace else. And when we settled here, we settled into communities and civilizations that have risen and fallen. And according to the Star Nation teachings, there is a cyclical event, that was predicted to take place, happening every 13,000 years, but of course, there is not anybody who is 13,000 years old to remember it. So, here I am, stepping forward as The Oracle, and I have been spending my whole lifetime, ever since I was a kid, trying to understand the new species. I have such a powerful bond and connection with those ancient civilizations, and now it is coming full circle. They just put another label on it, it is called Star Nation now, and Star Nation is coming back! A part of the prophecy, and a part of the predictions that were made, was that there would be a white man, a white-skinned man, that would show up to start bridging the nations together, the white and the red path, bridging the ancient past with the new technologies, that are available today, and this white guy was going to show up, being this mediator.

And this lady with a pipe, she carried it with her for a number of years before she met me for the first time. When she met me for the first time, she was shocked and amazed, because of course, she’d seen my face in her dreams and her visions. So she met me, and she gifted me this pipe. I took this pipe, and much to my surprise, I came home and started working with it. And I’ll be perfectly honest, I was a little afraid to share with other people, especially the indigenous elders and my friends, that I have received this pipe in this manner. Because I thought they’d be angry, I knew they’d be frustrated, that a white guy could come home with the pipe, put it up on his fireplace and say: “Hey, look what I got!” I wouldn’t do that, of course. So I brought that pipe home, and I started working with it, and thinking that maybe this can be my personal pipe, no one else has to know about it. So I went up on my hill up here at OmHaven, and I played my drum, I sang my songs, and I got that pipe all ready to go because I have seen it done, I have been through enough ceremonies to recognize what is required to get a pipe ready to go. I went to light that thing, no one else was there beside me, it was just me and the pipe, but I couldn’t light the pipe! No matter what I did, there was this force preventing me from actually lighting that pipe. And then the universe made it very clear to me: “David, the pipe is ready, but you are not.” And I am like: “What do you mean?”

So in frustration, after attempting to light that thing a few times, and realizing that it is not going to happen, that there is something preventing this from taking place, I came down off that mountain, I picked up the phone, and I phoned up a few of the elder friends that I know. The conversations kind of went: “Hey, I am a pipe carrier now.” And they said: “Great, fantastic, what is your native name?” And I said: “Well, that is the problem, I never got one, I didn’t go through the ceremony.” So then they did pull me through the ceremony, and I did get my name, and I did receive lots of teachings. I receive teachings every day, regarding Star Nation, and all of that. And I have been walking that path now, it has probably been less than three years now. I have got a lodge on the property, a sweat lodge is the layman’s term for it, but it is really for the purification ceremony. I have been walking that path now for two and a half, three years or so, and it is been an amazing journey, and I have learned things that most people don’t learn, and I have received teachings, that the indigenous people have kept alive for thousands of years, and they feel compelled to share these with me. I am very, very blessed. My native name translates into White Star, which has nothing to do with the fact that I am white, the white star means the North star to natives, but also, in reflection, they realized that the North star is the center of the navigation maps. That is where you look when you are lost, and you can’t find your way home. You always look to the North Star for direction. Those people who meet me claim that they feel the energy and an emanation coming from me, which could also translate into a star being.

SCOTT: This is such an exciting story. We are going to end this here, and next time, David is going to be sharing how he met Martin, and what the two of them have been coming up with, as far as actually using Ormus. We will learn what Ormus is, how it is created, and all those wonderful things. So make sure to check out the episode next week! Until then, you can visit our website, for more information! Thanks for joining us! You have been listening to the Life Enthusiast Podcast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet! See you next time!

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