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Podcast 258: ORMUS with The Oracle – Part 2

David Pilz of OmHaven Ranch is trained and certified as an Alternative Health and Wholistic Practitioner. He’s a certified Master Healer and Instructor, plus he continues to actively study and train in many complimentary healing systems such as Reiki, Reflexology, Crystals, Sacred Ceremonies and much more. His personal Kundalini is awake and active.

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Scott and Martin welcome David – The Oracle – Pills. David and Martin met not long ago, and Martin would like David to describe how they met. Although it was only a few short months ago, Martin feels that David is his brother. They had an instant connection.

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Podcast 258: ORMUS with The Oracle – Part 2

SCOTT: Welcome back. You’re listening to the Life Enthusiast Podcast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet! Today, we are going to have a continuation of our talk with David Pilz of OmHaven Ranch. David is trained and certified as an alternative health and holistic practitioner. He is a certified master healer and instructor, and he continues to actively study and train in many complementary healing systems, such as Reiki, reflexology, crystals, sacred ceremonies, and much more. His personal Kundalini is awake and active. He has been honored with many spiritual gifts and titles over his life. He is a current Star Nation Chanupa carrier of an ancient prophecy, the Star Nation lodge-keeper, the golden Eagle whistle carrier, and the OmHaven medicine TP facilitator.

SCOTT: He has been officially welcomed into the true white brotherhood of Hopi elders. His reborn native name is White Star, meaning North star, the center of all the navigation maps. Aboriginals and natives around the world have legends that describe a time when a white man will step forward as a bridge between all nations and welcome in the era of the Star Nation’s return. His humanitarian ideals and efforts have earned him a nomination currently being compiled for an award from the order of Canada. David has been telling us a lot about the things that he has been working on and he is going to be continuing to talk to us today about ORMUS, and how he and Martin met. Hope you enjoy this very special episode. So David, if you could just tell us how you and Martin came to meet, and maybe just a quick overview of ORMUS.

DAVID: You got it, brother. Absolutely! So what happened was March 9th of this year, I like many other people on the planet watched Fukushima kind of blow up. And I went into fear, just like so many other people on the planet, and you know, at this point in time, I am thinking if this is going to be the end of things because ultimately the nuclear radiation has changed the face of our planet already. So I started communing with the Star Nation, and I asked them of course directly: “if I’m to be this Messiah, this bridging, this mediator, if I’m supposed to make this kind of a difference on this planet, in this a good way, how can I do so in light of this danger, in light of this disaster? How do I protect my children? How do I protect my family? How do I protect the community? How do I protect the world from itself?” And the answer that came back to me was very directly ORMUS. Now they didn’t actually use the word ‘ORMUS,’ but what they showed to me was this product, this substance, this amazing energetic stuff.

Now, 10 years before that, I worked with ORMUS. I was purchasing mine from a gentleman who made it according to the old ways, he still manufactured that, just like everybody else, apparently, on the planet has to these days, but he still did it clean. And he explained to me that there are people out there who unfortunately sometimes use products like Drano to make their products, and they are leaching it out of things like dead sea salt, and all that stuff. Now, it was explained to me in a flash, that what happens is all the trace elements and all the minerals on the planet come up through volcanoes, and then they come out of the top of the volcano, will make their way through the land, all the way down to the oceans.

And that’s where the ORMUS is kind of ending up after it’s been through every other critter in between. And this is unfortunately what a lot of people are getting their ORMUS from. So I worked with this product 10 years ago, doing community service in Chilliwack, and what fascinated the heck out of me, when I first encountered it, was… well, actually I was doing community service work and helping heroin addicts get off of heroin, and there was a police officer there, who had brought this product to the table, and when he shared this with one of the people who was going through this treatment protocol, I saw what happened to his aura, and it was amazing! A heroin addict has huge holes poked in their aura, it’s kind of like Swiss cheese, and I have to tell you – one drop under the tongue, and I saw his glow light up like a firework, the entire rainbow showed up, it was liquid chi.

And I looked at that guy and said: “I want some of that.” So I did play with it, and I went through the entire protocol for a whole year, because of course, I learned about the spiritual implications, and the metaphysical awareness implications, and all these things. So because of who I am, always looking for answers, I went through the one-year protocol, and it was fantastic! I loved it! It was so amazing, so clean, and so natural. But ultimately I backed off, literally, because I was outperforming everybody in my life, so it was very difficult for me. But anyway, this ORMUS thing shows up, so I pick up the phone and I try to get a hold of the guy who I got it from 10 years ago, but he is no longer in business! But he gives me this phone number, so I call this guy and buy it from him, and it was Martin! He told me: “Martin knows where to get this stuff, the clean and healthy stuff, he’s very discerning about the products he carries, and he has a great reputation, he is in the business for 25 years, etc.

So I called this number that leads to the United States, so I figured that I’m talking to an American, which was fine. Sometimes, when you are on the phone with somebody, you start to bond within a few minutes, and I know Martin shares the same connection, so here I was, within the first few minutes I recognized I was speaking to somebody that was connecting on a level that I don’t comprehend for many people. I mean, Martin is a smart guy, but more importantly, he’s a soulful man, and I found myself explaining to him a little bit about who I am, and stepping out of the closet a little bit and sharing with him that I’m the Star Nation pipe carrier, and one of the reasons why I need this stuff is because of nuclear protection and all this weirdness, and he was right with me! He got it! He understood what I was sharing with him! And he wasn’t thinking I was all weird and twisted and stuff, and he was actually offering into the conversation as much as receiving. So anyway, as I’m talking to him, these little green lights are going off, and the best way to put it is that literally while I was on the phone with Martin, the Star Nation was talking to me as well!

And they started to whisper, they shared with me that this conversation needs to go a little further. So I started sharing with him, again, my fears and the potentials, and my goals in this lifetime as the White Star, and I explained to him that underneath the OmHaven here, I have a hairline crack that feeds all these trace elements, the mountain at where I live used to be an active volcano, it’s dormant now, but there are still all these trace elements coming up from these fissures, these hairline cracks that are beneath the property. And then once all the trace elements and all the goodness comes up through these cracks, they hit a bunch of catacombs, and in winter, we’ve got extreme cold, so literally, those catacombs fill with ice.

So we have these extreme temperature changes, with this reverse osmosis dynamic going on, because we are creating steam in the summer and we are creating ice during winter, all of those trace elements and all that ORMUS goodness bubbles to the surface. And there is a place on the surface, just behind my property, where it actually bubbles up, but on the way to getting there, it takes a bit of a side route and it dumps all this amazing ORMUS goodness into a five-acre aquifer, underground aquifer, that I have right underneath my property here. Literally, I have a five-acre lake of ORMUS, just sitting there, it’s pure ORMUS. I’m just suspecting this of course, but I’ve heard from this expert that it just doesn’t happen. So I asked Martin: “How do I tell? How can I know for sure if I have something there?” And Martin answers back: “well, just send me some samples, I’ll check them out, and we’ll see.” And I could tell that he was willing to do this for me, but he really wasn’t very optimistic. So anyway, I said: “okay, no problem, brother, let me just send you some samples, what is your address?” Wouldn’t you know, he gives me his address, and he lives 20 minutes from my house. Oh my God! I’m really paying attention now!

So I grabbed a gallon jug of water from my taps, and I grabbed a little bit of soil, and I headed down to Martin’s. He pulls me into the lab, and he kind of takes me through the process without giving me all the secrets and all the ingredients and stuff. He takes me through the process of making ORMUS from Dead Sea salt. Martin is a brilliant man. He is amazing. But I have to tell you, I don’t know very many people who would believe me if I shared this with them. Within a couple of hours, he was giggling like a schoolgirl, the energy that was present was amazing. And it was starting to sink into both of our brains that we had found the only naturally occurring source of ORMUS on the planet, thus far. You know, there must be others out there, but we found one, and it exists right here at our own hands, literally coming out of our taps!

SCOTT: That is very exciting!

DAVID: It’s fascinating, fascinating! So of course, at that time, Martin brings me into the secret society of teaching me how to extract ORMUS, and how to work with it, and he has absolutely been a godsend, helping me with the protocols, making sure that I’ve got a product that is as safe as possible. In my opinion, of course, it can’t get much safer than literally right out of the ground. I’m still kind of shaking my head over that dynamic, because I’ve spoken with a number of other scientists about this find, and of course we have proven it in the labs, we sent all the samples up, proving that what we have here is ORMUS. All of our lab tests pass any nutritional supplements and mineral supplements requirements, but more importantly, I also believe that it passes any spiritual supplements requirements. And that’s more important from my perspective, I’m seeing it as the gift that it is. I’m seeing it as manna from the Gods. Hope that makes sense to you.

SCOTT: Yeah, that’s really, really exciting.

DAVID: And literally, this was only just this last March, and I’ve spent the last five months or so just going through all the hoops of being a savvy businessman, making sure that the bottling is correct, and the labeling was done, everything is figured out so that I can sell it worldwide. Working with the ORMUS every day, I’m learning more and more and more about it every day. It’s nothing but a privilege. It’s an honor to work with this product. I can see very clearly that this is the answer to all the nuclear risks that we have out there. The problem with the nuclear, radiated seeds is that they don’t grow. Radiated seeds don’t grow. Radiated people don’t grow. Here is one example of how fascinating and how amazing this product is. We got our hands on some tobacco seeds. Now listen. These tobacco seeds came out of the pouch that came off the hip of a guy, who was frozen in the ice caps until just recently. I have some friends and people that I work with, and they made sure that I got a handful of these seeds, just like they did for a number of other people because they wanted to see if someone could actually get them to sprout again because after being frozen for so long, it was pretty unlikely. So they expose it to as many different growing techniques, and as many as different growers and environments as they could, In the hopes of maybe getting something from it.

DAVID: Well, I’m very proud to say that we are one of two people on this planet who have been able to get those seeds to grow. We got those seeds to not only germinate but to also produce further seeds, that now we’re spreading out across the market’s trail so that ancient tobacco can come back. What a gift! What an amazing dynamic that is! The only other person who got those seeds to grow, I won’t mention his name, just because he is a competition, but I will tell you that he is also an ORMUS producer. So the only people who were able to get those seeds to come back to life were using ORMUS. That’s fascinating. That tells a whole tale by itself.

SCOTT: It sure does! This is all really absolutely fascinating. I’m just amazed at the information you’ve been sharing with us. I’m sure Martin would agree that we have to talk to you a few more times on our show, to get into a lot more detail about ORMUS, how you use it, and all that sort of good stuff. You can find the ORMUS products on our website,, we have a whole category of ORMUS products for you to choose from! This stuff is strong, and it works really well! So let’s wrap this up for today, and we will be back next time with more information about ORMUS! Thank you for listening, thank you, David! See you next time!

Note: the information provided are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your medical professional(s) if you are dealing with a specific medical issue.

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