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Podcast 260: ORMUS with The Oracle – Part 4

David Pilz of OmHaven shares his experiences with ancient tobacco seeds, sacred herbs and the best way to take ORMUS.

Although OmHaven Ranch products are no longer available, please
take a look at Life Enthusiast’s ORMUS Suppplements.

“This tobacco plant was lovingly grown with OmMANNA ORMUS GOLD FERTILIZER. The seed came out of a pouch that was on the hip of a guy who was found frozen in an ice cap. Researchers distributed a few seeds to a variety of different growers and growing environments to attempt to resurrect the strain. OmHaven Ranch used OmMANNA Fertilizer and was of the few to bring the ancient seedling back to life.

“The other successful grow attempts were reported to also have supplemented with another ORMUS GOLD variation. Humanity has been gifted a powerful gift in the return of these sacred tobacco energies … at this time when our environment seems to becoming so increasingly dangerous to life, it’s nice to know mother nature also provides some aid to balance things.”

Author: Martin Pytela