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Podcast 261: ORMUS with The Oracle – Part 5

Utterly fascinating stories of peoples’ success taking ORMUS – an ancient, natural product that provides nourishment for your mind, body and spirit, with scientific support.

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Podcast 261: ORMUS with The Oracle – Part 3

SCOTT: Welcome back, everybody! You are listening to the Life Enthusiast Podcast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet! Starring is the founder of the Life Enthusiast, Martin Pytela! I am your co-host, Scott Paton! And joining us today is David Pilz of OmHaven Ranch! Martin, how are you doing today?

MARTIN: I am doing great! I have been talking to David earlier, and he’s been collecting testimonials, stories from the field, people who have been taking the OmManna for some time and having some enormous experiences. And I would like to give David a chance to just list some of these letters or read out some of these stories that have been coming to him because I think it is really fascinating. I think the stories serve as the best example of what people can expect to happen in their lives. And with that, here is a disclaimer: no results are typical, everything depends on your current specific circumstance. However, individual untypical stories end up making statistics. So don’t dismiss it. David, are you with us?

DAVID: Hello, sir! Yes, I am here, Martin!

MARTIN: It is a pleasure to have you here today.

DAVID: I am very excited to be able to share some of this stuff. As many of your listeners know, I only recently discovered the manna on the property, on the ranch here in BC, Canada. And it took us a while to get all the labeling, the bottling, and all the lab reports in to make sure that we weren’t going to kill anybody, and all that stuff. We passed all the tests that are required for our product to become a nutritional supplement and the mineral supplement, but I do sell it as a spiritual supplement, we covered that already in one of the previous episodes of your show. And I’ll cover that again in the future, but today I really want to talk about some of the health benefits. I am absolutely so pleased, so honored, so blown away by the quote-unquote “miracles” I’ve been witnessing so far.

I’ve been receiving testimonials from people who received our product and started using it, and they have had dramatic results. And I appreciate your disclaimer! Everybody is built differently, and everybody’s experience is different, but I have to tell you, this is really amazing. Every day somebody is getting back to us, and putting a huge smile on my face. One example, this lady, she got her first bottle of OmManna from me, one of our very first batches actually, just over three months ago, and she already pre-ordered her second bottle. When she first connected with us, she was suffering from cancer, she was booked to go under the knife and all of that craziness. She began the protocol of taking this stuff on a regular basis, but she also followed the protocols of Western medicine as well, she did a little bit of radiation and a couple of other things that people have to do when they go to that protocol. And I am very, very, very proud to say that she one did not need the operation, she did not need the surgery after using our product, and she also became a full-time distributor of our product! She so believed in the product and what it does that she now wants to share her story with the rest of the world. And I am really hoping maybe one day we can get her on the show so she can tell her whole story to your audience.

What she was blown away by was that while she was going through the protocol, and this is something that she probably cannot prove, but with her heart and with her being, she believes she felt that the Ormus contributed dramatically to her healing, and her intention work. What she did find was that while she was taking the Ormus and going through all this stuff, she was still able to be a full-time mother of two. Just being a mother of two takes so much energy out of somebody, nevermind having to go through the issues related to cancer. Of course, for some people, these kinds of scenarios are fatal. That is just one example of many.

We had one lady who has been suffering from fibromyalgia for a very long time. She claims that she was taking three drops under her tongue, and within a week, suddenly all of her fibromyalgia symptoms are going away. That is just amazing to me! People using Ormus are automatically doing things like quitting smoking, developing a slightly different lifestyle, making better lifestyle choices, just automatically! It is almost like they are looking back on their life after a while and realizing they didn’t even notice when they started doing things in a different way! It is a super fuel for the body! It is going to feed your body, your mind, body, soul, everything that needs to perform at the levels that it is supposed to perform at.

We are just not getting what we need from our environment anymore. We are being polluted, we are being dumbed down. We are not getting the vitamins and minerals from our food, we are not getting everything that our bodies need. And then along comes this little bottle that’s gonna give your body everything that it needs! As a metaphysical instructor, I have spent years, literally a lifetime, putting together a training package that I can take anybody through, that will turn them into a psychic. Literally from zero to a hundred, but that takes maybe four years, and it takes a lot of discipline and focus, things that I like to call ‘mental push-ups.’ In other words, you have to keep working on it. And yet, people who are taking the Ormus, within about three weeks’ time, are finding that their sensitivity to the environment wakes up, their psychic centers wink right up, they say it is like an awakening, they are waking up!

We know there are lots of environmental influences to make that happen right now. The frequency is encouraging our energetic DNA to awaken, as we are going towards the 2012 prophetic days, there is definitely a shift of consciousness taking place on this planet right now. And if you are a human being on this planet, you are participating, like it or not. 

The Ormus seems to be feeding the body with everything that it needs so that the person can step into that. It is not magic, it is just medicine! You know, the physiological body that you were gifted, chemical reactions that you were gifted at birth, they are suddenly working the way they are supposed to. Some of the explanations that the experts have are that if you take your body from an acidic dynamic to an alkaline dynamic, then of course you will live longer, you will have fewer issues, fewer ailments. 

I am sure that Martin could explain it so much better than I could, but the bottom line is that with every drop you put into your body, with every exposure you have to the Ormus, it does take your body to that healthy alkaline state. And again, once you have that, then everything else is balancing, and your body is working the way it is supposed to. So many of these “miracles” and testimonials that I am hearing from people as I said, I don’t believe that it is “magic” at all, I believe that this was the way we were supposed to be. And I encourage everybody to get all the vitamins, all the nutrients, all the trace elements that they need so that they can see what their body is capable of, and see what their mind is capable of.

MARTIN: Yes, David, you put your finger on something that’s known as the ‘electrolyte stress.’ People don’t have enough electrolytes in their bodies. Cells communicate with each other through electrical signals, electricity. And the electrolyte is the medium in which this communication takes place. And the density of the ionic minerals within that electrolyte dictates the strength of the current. So if you are eating under-mineralized food, because the fields in which these foods are grown are depleted of the minerals, or these plants are pushed with artificial fertilizers to grow faster than the time would be required to actually fully mineralize these plants, you end up eating foods that are always under-mineralized. And that has been the biggest challenge of our modern times. We have more food than we know what to do with, but the food is not very valuable, we call it hollow, hollow food. 

And so supplementing these good electrolytes, the minerals that help us with the electrolytes, is a very critical part of restoring health. I would like to put one more disclaimer here: we don’t practice medicine. When we say that such and such helped someone with cancer, we are not saying that we are healing cancer. What we are saying is that we have helped the immune system function better in such a way that it was able to overcome whatever condition you might have. We help to support the normal function of the body in such a way that it can reverse whatever deficiencies caused it to go into malfunction.

DAVID: I completely agree. And from a metaphysical point of view, when I look at someone’s aura, 9 times out of 10, I can diagnose a specific health condition. Not because I am an expert doctor, or even that I am qualified, but I can look at somebody and see where there is no chi. You see that the auric field emanates, and someone who can see auras can actually see about two and a half to three feet of this emanation off of the body. Wherever there are holes in that emanation, and it is fascinating because you can memorize the acupuncture chart, you can look at where the hole is, where there is no chi, where there is no energy going, you can translate back to the acupuncture chart, and it will give you a very clear diagnosis of what is missing from that person’s world. It has been my experience, that when you fill that space, that hole in the aura, with chi, that can be accomplished through all sorts of modalities, be it Reiki, or a prayer, or of course taking Ormus, when you fill that space with Chi, with energy, the body will then begin to function correctly. From my experience, so many health problems are caused by these missing Chi energy holes in the aura, and they become stagnant, they become a permanent part of your dynamic.

MARTIN: David, you just reminded me of something, you were working in an addiction recovery clinic at some point, helping people, right? And you actually watched what happens with people when they show up, and how they look as addicts, and what happens when Ormus is in their body, right? Could you describe that?

DAVID: Sure! I first got exposed to Ormus over a decade ago, I was doing some work in the Chilliwack area with some heroin addicts. The reason I got involved was that one of my clients was unfortunately addicted to heroin, he came from an amazingly cool background, I don’t want you to judge this person, because it can happen to anybody. He was a normal guy, came from a normal background, all that stuff, became exposed to this drug, and it just, unfortunately, got hold of him. At the point when he was coming to see me, his aura was so full of holes, the guy was like Swiss cheese. And I knew that if he didn’t undergo some kind of treatment, get some kind of help, he would die!

It has been my experience right from birth, that if someone does not have an aura, they pass away approximately three months after the aura disappears. That is another teaching, of course, maybe for another day. But the bottom line is – no aura means you’re dying. Big holes in your aura – it means you are just dying slowly. You might have longer than three months, but it is still happening. And 100% of the time, wherever these holes in your aura are, wherever the holes in the chi are, that is where your ailments are going to show up first and foremost, be it cancers, be it tumors, be it any of these other ailments. When I walked into the circle, I was there just to help my friends, but of course, maybe to potentially offer some energy and some soulful teachings to people who might need it the most.

Somebody produced a bottle of this Ormus Gold and started passing it around the circle. And what I saw happen, it lit up all the auras in the room, it was like the 4th of July fireworks. It not only filled in all the holes but for at least 5-10 minutes after taking this Ormus, they were exploding with energy, they were exploding with life. And even if it was just temporary, filling in those holes, giving these people an opportunity to recover, it was an amazing thing! The reason they were using it wasn’t that they could see the auras or anything like that, but they discovered was that people were coming off of heroin with zero hiccups, with zero recovery symptoms with zero withdrawals when using Ormus. And these symptoms are really nasty, especially when we’re talking about the drugs, but other addictions too, like smoking cigarettes, it is the same idea.

We have had such amazing results with people breaking away from those kinds of chemicals! And there are lots of chemicals in our environment, it is not just drugs. So from a metaphysical perspective, I was watching these people’s aura exploding, without even knowing what it was. I immediately said: “I want some of that. Now tell me what it is!” That was over a decade ago! And now that we found this natural source here at OmHaven, I am privileged and honored to continue to share this, and help people, see the results, and share these stories. It is such a cool journey. I am so privileged and honored to be a part of it. It is amazing.

SCOTT: Cool! David, can you share a couple more stories of people that have had some interesting experiences with the Ormus, either in terms of their health, or their relationship, or their spiritual awakening?

DAVID: Yes! The spiritual awakening is such a personal thing, but I can tell you that this does wake people up in a big way. One of the funniest, or I should probably say one of the cutest testimonials I received was this: I managed to get a couple of bottles to some elderly folks that I know. And I used the word ‘elderly,’ because there was this 73 years old guy, we can call him Bill, he had a triple bypass, lots of hard stuff, he was a heavy smoker, silver hair, losing energy. We get this stuff into his hands, and he starts taking it on a regular basis. Oh my God, two weeks later, his wife called me. She was so happy! She was experiencing a powerful mental health shift in her world herself, and they were honeymooning all over again! And that had been something that was missing from their life for quite some time! It was not only great for their libido, but of course all the parts of their life that were not working properly.

That same 73 years old man, I saw him about two and a half months ago, and his hair was turning blonde, honest to goodness! He was blonde when he was young, and of course, he has been a silver fox for so many years, and he started to grow more hair again, and he turned blonde again. Again, I don’t want to claim anything, but there may even be some help for male pattern balding and aging of the hair. There may be some help with some of those dynamics as well. Having a healthy, active sex life is good for the mind, body, and soul, is it not? I mean, it sounded cute, but as a testimonial, this is one of my favorites.

There has only been one negative review we had. I want to make sure I point this out to people who may be experiencing this. If there is an existing tumor inside the brain, what can happen and what does happen is that the Ormus feeds that tumor all the life energy that it needs. So it starts to grow, those cells start to get healthy again. And when they get healthy, they always grow just a little larger than they were. And unfortunately, if they are inside the skull, there’s not a lot of room there to grow. So somebody who is dealing with a brain tumor specifically, they suggest in all the testimonials and all the historical records that it takes about a year for a tumor to go from causing a problem in the body to be healthy again and then be reabsorbed back into the body. They are suggesting it takes about a year, but in the first three months, there could be some pressure on the brain, there is just not enough room inside that skull cavity for the tumor and the brain at the same time, so working with Western medicine to help with alleviating some drainage to take the pressure off would probably be a really good idea. I want to point out to people who are listening that I am not against Western medicine, and I am not against Eastern medicine. I believe that there should be a balance, I really do.

I believe that there is merit in all things and all medicines. First and foremost, a proactive approach to your lifestyle is the best medicine in the whole wide world. Preventing anything from happening first and foremost, just looking after yourself, is the best medicine. Sometimes the sweat lodge protocol is the best. People may not know this, but to remove heavy metals from your body, the sweat lodge protocol is the best one in the world. It is fascinating stuff. Now let’s take it one step further and add some Ormus water, so not only is it eliminating and pulling out all of these heavy metals, but it is also giving back equally. That is why people use those sacred herbs in a sweat lodge because they all give something back at the same time as they are helping to remove all the heavy metals. There is a time and a place for everything.

I don’t mind alternative health, being proactive and working with the medicines and all of that, but man, if I got a brain tumor, and it comes to a point where I really need the operation, please do not bring the ‘witch doctor’ to me. You need a guy with a sharp knife and a piece of paper on the wall, the guy who has been doing it for quite some time, he knows exactly what he is doing in that manner. There is a time and a place for everything in my opinion. What I am hoping to accomplish here with the Ormus dynamic is that preventative approach, being proactive. Any doctor, any nurse, anybody in the medical industry, will agree with me that that really is the best medicine, prevention is the key.

SCOTT: Well, those were some great stories and some great learnings there, David! I really want to thank you very much for sharing all that with us! We will talk again very soon! Martin, any last comments before we sign off for today?

MARTIN: I just want to say that I have insisted that David produces a full lab analysis of the OmManna product, so we have that on file for anybody who is concerned. We have been assured that this is safer than drinking water standards for any city. There are some trace minerals, even uranium, but it is in subclinical levels, you will never get to a toxic level. I feel very confident and safe recommending the Ormus products to anybody. It will support your immune system to do what it is supposed to do. I am trying to not sound like some kind of a ‘witch doctor’ that says: “Oh, this one thing will save you from everything. This one thing will be the answer to all your problems.” But it is a scientific fact that having sufficient mineralization in your body will support your body to do what it is supposed to do and do it correctly. 

So, thank you very much, David! If you want to learn more about Ormus products, you can visit our website! If you have specific questions, feel free to call me at (866) 543 3388. I will be happy to consult with you, to set you on the path to full health, to full function. Thank you, Scott! Thank you, David! And thank you all for listening! This is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast! Talk to you soon!

Note: the information provided are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your medical professional(s) if you are dealing with a specific medical issue.

Author: Martin Pytela