Podcast 266: Soil-based Probiotics – Part 5

Soil-Based Probiotics and Healthy Babies

Again we hear from Kelli de Sante of Life Science or Body Biotics, into the subject of growing  bacterial protection for new born babies.

For every cell in our stomach, there are 10 cells of bacteria. Our digestive system can be seriously compromised by “clear-cutting the forest” of our stomach and colon by drinking chlorinated water, antibiotics, and processed foods.

Podcast 266: Soil-based Probiotics – Part 5

SCOTT: Welcome, everybody! You are listening to the Life Enthusiast Podcast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet! Starring the founder of the Life Enthusiast, Martin Pytela! I am your co-host, Scott Paton. Hey Martin! How are you doing today?

MARTIN: I am doing great! Again, as in our previous episodes from this series, I would like to introduce Kelli de Sante, the president of Life Science company, that has been making a product that already exists for 35 years, and has a very, very long history of success! It is a product called Body Biotics! Kelly, thank you, and welcome!

KELLI: Thank you, Martin! I am so happy to be here again!

SCOTT: Awesome. So one of the things that I wanted to touch on was the impact of probiotics on mothers and infants. Recently, I went to a school Christmas concert, and at the end of it, they had a presentation for their sister school in Kenya. They built a new school there, and they are doing wonderful things there, but they talked about how poor the food was and how much people were starving there five years ago. And it was so bad in fact that one of the mothers could not produce any breast milk for her child. So what they ended up doing was feeding the child water mixed with flour in a baby bottle. And of course, when the child grew up, like five, six years later, he was developmentally challenged, I guess that would be a good way to put it right. The IQ not where it should be, his motor skills were not where they should be. And I thought: well, flour and water is no substitute for everything in a mother’s milk! It was really quite sad!

MARTIN: You know what’s interesting? When a child is born, he is born sterile. The moment the child comes out through a birth canal, he starts to be colonized with bacteria from his mother. There are all kinds of creatures living there. The smart thing, after you have a newborn, is not to wash it with chlorinated water! A smart thing is to lick it, quite literally, we see cats and dogs and other animals doing it, giving the offspring all the necessary, friendly bacteria to start immediately to build their immune system. We have the bacteria on our surface, on our skin, in our digestive tract. For every cell in our stomach, there are 10 cells of bacteria. The human body is a community of about a hundred trillion living cells, and about a quadrillion of creatures, that live inside us and on our surface.

SCOTT: And we spend a lot of time destroying those creatures, like clear-cutting a forest. We clear-cut the forest of our stomach, with all the stuff we put in and on our bodies, I guess.

MARTIN: Right. We also destroy these bacteria with chlorinated water, drinking it and bathing in it, and then we take antibiotics. But let’s go back to Body Biotics and how it relates to healthy babies! Kelli, what is the relationship there?

KELLI: Well, I’ll tell you what really got me started on this whole train of pre-pregnancy, mothers to be, or women wanting to get pregnant. I take it all the way back to women, who want to get pregnant because when you get on our Body Biotics, you help your body with detoxification. You can’t be doing that when you are already pregnant. About six years ago, I was in London on a business trip, and I picked up the newspaper that morning at the door of my hotel room, I opened it up, and it said ‘Poisoned in the womb.’ Well, it took me back for a minute, cause it was sort of startling to read something that said ‘poison in the womb.’ We think death comes soon enough, but my goodness, in the womb? My first thoughts before I even read the article were: “Oh, this must be about some pregnant women doing drugs, someone who is on heroin,” because, of course, we know that ‘drug babies’ have been a major problem around the world.

Then I started reading the article, and they were literally talking about any mother-to-be in England, and they have a high rate of autism in England, by the way, I don’t know if you know that or not, but in the UK it is really high compared to the United States, although our rate has gone up. They were saying that the average woman that they were testing, on average, gave 35 toxic deadly chemicals to her baby, when she gave birth. I mean, to me this was mind blowing. But then if you think about the tests that have been conducted in the last few months, they talk about all of the drugs that actually are in our drinking water, drugs that people are ingesting, and then urinating.

And then the water gets recycled or whatever they do with it, but in all of the city waters around the United States, there are high levels of many, many, many drugs! This, of course, goes to the bottom line of why we really need to filter our water in some different way. There’s no way to get around it. Not even if you are not a person who takes a drug, or if you are a person who doesn’t shower with chlorine or whatever, there are just so many ways to pollute the body. So when I read this, it was kind of sad to me, because I thought: “Oh my God, even when you try to be as healthy as you can before you get pregnant, you can be giving something bad to this little tiny being that you are about to have!” So how critically important is it for a mother, or a woman, who wants to be a mother, to really go and take a hard look at what’s going on in her body and to find some method by which she can clean up everything going on in her body so that when she gives birth to that baby, that baby has every chance in the world?

Science is suggesting, that even obesity may be caused by the lack of a particular bacteria, that would help the person not to be obese. So if a mother is obese, then she may not have that friendly bacteria that she needs, therefore any child that she has is not going to have it. Do you see what I am saying? And so something as important as obesity could be linked to this condition of the mother’s microbiome prior to giving birth. So a mother would want to start taking quality probiotics at least four months prior, six or eight months would be optimal, before you get pregnant, to clean up the system. It will detox the body. We talked about heavy metal detoxing, but Body Biotics will help to remove all kinds of things out of the body. 

It will restore the balance of friendly bacteria versus unfriendly bacteria, so you have a better handle on the good bacteria, which should be there because it is a leading force of good health! So if you want to have a healthy baby, get that body in really excellent shape by cleaning it up, restoring your  organs, getting your own immune system at its optimal best, and then you get pregnant, so you are going to pass on health to your child, not poison and toxins. I can give you an example, I’ve had several friends and family members, who have been on probiotics long before having a baby, and they have given birth to extremely, extremely healthy babies.

My daughter had been on the product for maybe a year and a half before getting pregnant. She delivered her baby at the Mile High Hospital in Denver, Colorado. And they did the testing for my grandson, and they gave him a 10+! The doctor said he had been delivering babies for 24 years at this hospital, and he said: “I’ve never given a newborn anything higher than 8!” Since then, I’ve heard from several other friends that their daughters have had children, with the same kind of response from doctors. It was pretty exciting to hear that kind of feedback from people.

SCOTT: Well, I was just thinking about what you were saying, and I discovered that in England, they’re doing a study with 100 obese mums-to-be, and they’re going to give them Metformin, it is a part of a three-year study to tackle obesity rates and reduce the number of difficult births. They give the drug to women to reduce the food supply to their unborn babies, although it will not help the mums themselves to lose weight. It is about trying to improve outcomes in pregnancies for women who are overweight. And the problem, of course, is that overweight women tend to have overweight babies. Of course, that’s a problem, getting the baby out may be a problem, so they have a lot more C-sections because of it. The whole time they are giving half the patients the Metformin pills up to three times a day, while the other half will get a placebo. And they hope this will prevent the birth of oversized babies, thereby reducing the need for C-sections. And I am thinking like: “wow, I am not even born yet, and they have got me on a diet!”

KELLI: I know! I understand it, I mean, they’re doing everything they can to try and to figure out how to help people, I certainly understand that. But as we all know, you gotta change your lifestyle, we want to get people exposed to these natural solutions. And I know one thing: if I were a mother to be, or a young woman wanting to have children today, this would be the first product I’d put in my body to get myself prepared for it, high-quality probiotics like Body Biotics.

MARTIN: You have just highlighted a really interesting point, which is this: addicts never want to stop being addicted. They will argue to their deaths about their addictions. And unfortunately, in this case, the addiction is to industrial foods. Industrial food manufacturers have created these foods that are addictive on purpose, whether it is through high salt content, high sugar content, high starch content, MSG, or other things. They are tweaking the foods so that they are more addictive than real, unprocessed foods. And then the solution that is being offered is a pharmaceutical chemical solution, instead of pulling back and getting something that is natural. Hopefully, this podcast will reach some young women that are contemplating pregnancy, and they will realize that when they get on something like the Body Biotics, they will start getting healthier and healthier as soon as possible.

KELLI: That is correct, Martin! That is exactly right! And that is exciting because if you, as the mother-to-be, are craving and eating the right foods, you are going to definitely produce a child that is going to do the same thing. And I’ve noticed that even with my grandchildren, they are not necessarily drawn to sweet and sugary things. My grandson is very much drawn to really healthy foods. It is interesting though because we introduced them to ice-cream and cakes, but they are not necessarily craving these foods. You are right about the addiction. Addiction to processed foods is a big challenge here in America, and in the rest of the world.

MARTIN: And so going back to Scott’s comment about flour and water mix. This is not what you are capable of digesting at that early stage! You don’t have the enzymes in your digestive system to deal with flour! You would’ve been better off if they tried to find some coconut water, coconut milk, and coconut oil, because they are really high in fat and vitamins, and it is a better option in a dire situation when all you have is nothing. Or you should probably find a neighbor who is breastfeeding her child, instead of giving your baby water with flour.

KELLI: Yeah. It is a challenging situation there, and it is really sad. But we have the same problem here in America. It just isn’t talked about much.

MARTIN: I saw a study done by National Geographic with Alaskan Eskimos, they did a full panel analysis, and they found 200 toxins in the umbilical cord blood of newborns. Every one of them had stuff in the body that was toxic, dangerous, awful. You can’t get away from toxins on this planet anymore, so doing a detox as a preparation for pregnancy is definitely very nice.

KELLI: Well, what I suggest to women, who want to have a baby, who are getting ready, getting their bodies ready, is the Body Biotics first, and then I tell them to get on something restorative, some kind of living green food, and of course a real food-based diet. The Body Biotics itself is a kind of living green food. And then Vitamin B, Vitamin B complex with biotin, biotin is really very important for women who are pregnant. Those are the three key things that will help them prepare their body for delivering a beautiful, healthy baby.

SCOTT: It just makes sense, that if the mother is really healthy and is getting all this good stuff, the baby will be benefiting from that.

MARTIN: That’s right. Another thing is also iodine, which is associated with low birth weight and unwanted miscarriages. That is one more thing I would tell them about.

KELLI: One of the reasons we are talking about this is all these chemicals we deal with every day. The American Medical Association was reporting that over 50% of children being born today would be diabetic before they turn 6. That to me is staggering and totally unacceptable. And I think there is something we can do about that!

MARTIN: People need to understand that this is not a genetic problem! This is a cultural problem, it is caused by very stupid recommendations from nutritional agricultural industries, pushing overly refined carbohydrates, causing terrible, terrible outcomes.

SCOTT: I think the other thing that we need to tell everybody is that it can be changed. It doesn’t have to be the way it is. And as you were talking, you reminded me of my youngest son, who came to live with me, when he was in 10th grade. He is now about to begin his second year at the university, and the change has been absolutely dramatic because there’s no other way to describe it, it wasn’t that he was necessarily lazy, I mean, he did a lot of skateboarding and biking and everything else, but unfortunately in his previous environment, the easiest thing to get was taco chips and apple juice. So unfortunately for him, or fortunately for him, depending on your perspective, those things were not available in his new home with me.

And in about eight months, he told me he lost 40 pounds. I mean, I saw him on a day-to-day basis, I didn’t really pay attention, and it wasn’t my intention for him to lose weight or anything. I have the intention of everyone being healthy and everything else, but I really hadn’t thought about it at all. And I hadn’t pushed him to lose weight or anything else. And I said: “Wow, how did you do that?” He was joking: “Well, the only thing I had to eat were oranges and carrots!” And there was no juice, so he was drinking water, he would have this big glass of water that he’d be constantly filling up. And so he would be doing his regular activities and everything else, but instead of supplementing it with extra taco chips and pizza, he was supplementing it with oranges and carrots. He has since gone on a fitness kick for the last three years, and has been really eating clean, he is very careful about what he puts in his body, and he is exercising, and now he is a very handsome young man.

I think what we have to do as parents is give our children the environment where they can succeed, which means not filling the place up with chocolate bars and taco chips and pizzas, because that’s just easy, but filling it up with fruits and vegetables, and making sure that they have water. And I, as you might know, aside from Excela in my water, I only drink water, so of course my kids see that, and they just imitate it. And both my sons drink a ton of filtered water! I think it is great when we expose them to the good stuff, as opposed to just the bad stuff.

KELLI: I agree! It is fantastic working with all of this, and giving information to people, it is just really an exciting thing to do for a living!

SCOTT: It sure is. Well, thank you very much for joining us, Kelli! We really appreciate you taking time out of your busy day! And thank you, everybody, for listening as well! If you want to know more about Body Biotics, you can go to www.life-enthusiast.com, and search for probiotics, or click a direct link here. If you have questions about all the different products we have, if you want to learn how probiotics can make a huge difference in your life, you can call Martin directly at (866) 543 3388. So thank you for joining us, everybody! We look forward to having another chat next week! See you soon!

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Author: Martin Pytela