Podcast 276: Higher Wellness and Peak Performance

A very special show today. Joining Martin and Scott today is David Wolfe, an amazing gentleman with over 16 years of dedicated experience and understanding of the inner workings of the human body.  He’s a true living master of what it means to walk the talk, on the road to higher levels of natural beauty, vibrant health and peak performance.


We are excited to share a special one hour talk with David Wolfe. David agreed to a 20 minute interview and once he got going we couldn’t stop him – and who would want to?

He shares his thoughts on Manna, Superfoods, why certain diets work for some people and not others, and two special live events you won’t want to miss!

The rock star of the Superfoods and longevity world, America’s TOP CEOs, Global Ambassadors, Hollywood celebrities, busy professionals, and even the most powerful buying influence in the nation (Moms) all look to David for expert advice in health, beauty, herbalism, nutrition and chocolate!

David is the celebrity spokesperson for the brand new NUTRiBULLET™ Superfood Nutrition Extractor, co-founder of TheBestDayEver.com online health magazine and is President of The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation with a mission to plant 18 billion fruit trees on planet Earth.

David is the author of many best-selling books including Eating for BeautyThe Sunfood Diet Success System,Naked ChocolateDavid Wolfe on Raw Foods, Superfoods, and Superherbs, Amazing GraceSuperfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future and The LongevityNOW Program. David empowers and inspires people to take charge of their own health because, after all, Health is Wealth!

The Longevity Now Conference

Experience three days of education, empowerment, and inspiration at The Longevity Now® Conference.

Join world famous author and health lecturer David Wolfe and many other longevity experts as they share with you the most recent advancements and cutting-edge technologies in the field of anti-aging.

Women’s Wellness Conference

Join best-selling author and health lecturer David Wolfe and a panel of experts on women’s health for one of the most empowering, educational, and entertaining weekends of your life.

Learn about the latest advancements in:

  • Hormone Balance and Menopause
  • Weight Management and Metabolic Function
  • Skin Care and Anti-Aging
  • Brain and Mood Health
  • Reproductive Health
  • Cancer-Fighting Strategies
  • Immune Boosting
Author: Martin Pytela