Podcast 278: Bacterial Contamination in Beef

A massive recall of beef products has consumers questioning the safety of their hamburgers and looking for alternatives.

“We’ve sold all the grass-fed beef we can produce right through to January,” said Richmond farmer Harold Steves. “My emails and phone have been going non-stop since this started.”

“People are getting a real education about where their beef comes from since this recall started,” said Steves, who is also a Richmond city councillor. “They were fed up with feedlot beef before and now they just don’t want it.”

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Local and grass-fed beef surging in popularity amid E. coli scare.
Despite a massive contamination scare, E. coli illness no higher than normal, scientist says.

Martin talks about why you should think twice before arbitrarily dropping meat from your diet. It’s because of your particular Metabolic Type.

Author: Martin Pytela