Podcast 288: EssenceSea

Today, Martin and Scott are joined by Dr. Ron Cusson, PhD in physics and mathematics and he is the head of EssenceSea. By original trade, Ron has worked in atomic research for the people who don’t like the details disclosed.  Since retirement, Ron has become a true pursuer of health.

Minerals and trace elements are critical for your health and performance, and need to be supplemented. Even the best diet is probably lacking in minerals because our soils have been so depleted of them. Most health professionals now agree that supplementation is necessary for your well-being.  Simple solutions that work, including Volixer technology (that delivers fantastic results) that’s used in the manufacture of all EssenceSea products for Nutrition, Body Maintenance and Repairs.

The principal intention of Sea-Relief is to systematically remove accumulated calcium from the flexible tissues of your body, then restore intracellular pH to its optimum energy production value. For some users, the consequences of this will take several months to succeed, resulting in greater flexibility and suppleness of muscles and joints. In some cases where the joints have accumulated a great deal of misplaced calcium, it may take as much as a year to begin to feel observable differences in the operation of such joints, although the joint pains associated with such conditions may begin to ease long before that.

Here it makes sense to note that once the unneeded calcium starts being expelled from the flexible tissues, it becomes most important to provide the body with optimum hydration to speed the disposal of this excess calcium. So, we highly recommend drinking at least 4 glasses per day (or more) of Volixer Water to stimulate the removal of these detox byproducts via your kidneys.

Author: Martin Pytela