Podcast 326: Eating Fish from Polluted Oceans

That depends! I decided to investigate. Recently we have been told that 300 tons of radioactive water is leaking into the Pacific Ocean from the broken reactors at Fukushima. But that is not much – it is like a little boy peeing into a lake – the toxic effect from it may not show up on my kitchen table for years.

And yet, we are getting reports about fish from the Pacific Ocean with increased background radiation level.

I am more concerned about the years of mercury fallout from coal burning power plants in China. By burning coal we are pushing thousands of tons of mercury into the air every year. It has to come down somewhere. Why not right into the oceans?

But that’s not all we hear about chemtrails. The mainstream is very quiet about this topic, but if you search online, you will soon see a lot of unsettling information about cattle getting sick from polluted pastures, and people coming down with mysterious health problems.

Let us not forget rivers, flushing downstream all the chlorine from municipal water treatment and toilet bowl cleaners, and the petrochemicals washed down from the streets into storm sewers, and down stream into creeks and rivers, and all the pharmaceutical drugs that are dumped into the toilets, either directly or in the urine.

Recently I talked to a client who was dramatically poisoned by radioactive fallout from fighting a forest fire in New Mexico. Apparently, when you burn vegetation that has absorbed radioactive fallout from nuclear testing done in the Cold War times, it goes back up into the air, and can be inhaled with very dire consequences.

Which reminded me of all the depleted uranium munitions used in Iraq and Afghanistan. Uranium is a very heavy element, heavier than lead, and really good at penetrating armor. You may remember hearing about enriched uranium that is used as fuel in nuclear power plants. The left-over is the depleted uranium, less rich, but still radioactive. When the bullet hits something solid, it can evaporate, at least partially, and put some of the most difficult to treat heavy metal poisoning into everyone nearby.

You probably have read enough of the doom and fear messages. Let me share something hopeful: I have been using zeolite, I take some several times every day, because it does not stay in the body very long; it is excreted within hours. Whenever it encounters electro-positive elements, especially the heavy metals, it binds them in its electro-negative lattice, and helps me excrete them.

I am enjoying the ocean fish, with the belief that my zeolite insurance policy will deliver the protection I need. The testing we have done using ICP-MS (mass-spec) analysis on the urine suggests that it is working very well.

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Author: Martin Pytela