Podcast 335: Gentle Detoxifying

Zeolite is a natural mineral and a powerful cleansing agent, to detoxify heavy metals, balance your pH and support your immune system. Studies show that detoxifying with Zeolite is very beneficial for healthy living. It has a honeycomb shape that is optimum for filtering toxins, and it acts like a magnet to attract them. Detoxify your body and feel so much better!

Watch as Martin Pytela and Scott Paton share how to detox heavy metals, viruses and other unwelcome substances in your body.

Micronized Clinoptilolite Powder to boost your immune system and balance your pH. By removing toxins zeolite helps to neutralize free radicals and lower overall stress.

Humic acid restores internal balance in your digestive tract, reverse immune system decline. Mother Nature’s most powerful broad-spectrum Antiviral, Antibiotic, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant and cell-health protecting substance.

Author: Scott Paton