Podcast 337: Liver Health

Brendan Gaughran, ‘The Liver Medic’ Expert Molecular Biologist

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Brendan Gaughran joins Martin Pytela and Scott Paton today to talk about the Liver and its impact on your health.

Brendan Gaughran offers a holistic health approach to common diseases with helpful tips on nutrition that often go unnoticed and are very surprising.

Known as ‘The Liver Medic’, Brendan conducts nutrition lectures and promotes a line of liver and gut health supplements to clean and protect the body.

His health expertise goes beyond this scope, too, as he has spent nearly 20 years in healthcare, formulated hundreds of products, and worked for major pharmaceutical and medical device companies in addition to running nutraceutical companies.

Brendan discusses a range of health topics including:

environmental toxins disrupting the endocrine system
the core health issue in America’s most pervasive diseases
basic nutrition
adrenal fatigue
fatty liver
sleep and stress disorders
and much more.

Brendan’s talks are as interesting as they are informative. He has grown a good size following as he has traveled the US for the past three years.

His fresh holistic approach to health offers many easy to follow tips that you will be able to take away.

Author: Scott Paton