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Podcast 340: EllagiPlex, Ellagitannins and Cell Health

Podcast 340: EllagiPlex, Ellagitannins and Cell Health

Podcast 340: EllagiPlex, Ellagitannins and Cell Health

Ellagitannins are beneficial to our bodies. Martin Pytela and Scott Paton talk about the EllagiPlex formula tat delivers them in a healthy and delicious smoothie powder blend.

Your body has a built-in ability to shut-off and dissolve cells that cannot be repaired and to replace them with young and healthy cells. Ellagic acid helps activate this natural mechanism called apoptosis.

This blend of ellagitannins from raspberry seeds, complemented by strawberry, blueberry and blackberry seeds helps boost a suppressed cellular turnover mechanism.

Scientific studies show that ellagitannins prevent uncontrolled cellular replication. When combined in a multifaceted blend, these antioxidants and minerals will enhance your cellular renewal and return to normal function.

SCOTT: Welcome, everybody! This is the Life Enthusiast Podcast, we are restoring vitality to you and the planet! I am your co-host, Scott Paton, joining me, as usual, is the founder and chief health coach at Life Enthusiast, Martin Pytela. Hey Martin, how are you doing today?

MARTIN: Hey Scott! Nice to see you in your full-bearded manhood! Now I am having beard envy! Maybe I should grow it out like you! Do the Hemingway treatment on my face!

SCOTT: I actually went to the barber today and got it trimmed, so I am really happy because it was getting kind of wild. I am currently in Sofia, Bulgaria, it is a beautiful city, lots of big old buildings, ruins, good food, and very nice people! It is spring-like weather, although it was raining about an hour ago, just outside my window, it shocked me, because the whole day was beautiful and sunny. There are also mountains with ice and snow on top of them, so it makes me feel like home…

MARTIN: I have really fond memories of Bulgaria! In 1975, me and my five friends took a hiking holiday, when we were still in Czechoslovakia. The six of us took off with backpacks and went into Bulgaria. We came by train and then took a bus, we were in Gabrovo, which is over the hills, on the north side of those mountains that you see, and we also went to the Black Sea, Bulgaria has quite a bit of coastline on the Black Sea, it was just marvelous. We were actually at one of those undeveloped beaches, which I am sure by now is fully developed. It was just a beautiful, sandy beach with cliffs. We were just camping on it with a few Germans, practicing the free body culture, which translates into English as nudists. The Germans called it the FKK, Frei Koerpor Kultur. It was great, we were harvesting mussels from the ocean and roasting them on the fire.

SCOTT: Wow, it sounds like paradise, good times in your life.

MARTIN: It was, yes, but that was back when I was still full of vim and vigor and not a gray hair in sight.

SCOTT: Speaking of vim and vigor, the product we are going to talk about today is one of the Exsula Superfood products, the line Life Enthusiast produces and manufactures. Which product are we discussing today, Martin?

MARTIN: I would like to talk about Ellagiplex. The bottle looks like this, I took this straight from my freezer, I actually use it all the time. Not every day, but very frequently. It is a powder you can mix with a liquid of your choice. It is intense, it has a whole bunch of aromatic polyphenols, they are essentially pigments from plants.

SCOTT: What do you use it for? What is the purpose of this product? Tell us more about it!

MARTIN: So the ellagi stands for ellagitannins or ellagic acid, which is an extract from seeds, and that is the strongest thing we know that helps to upregulate apoptosis. Apoptosis is the natural cell death system. A cell can decide, if it should live on, or if it should shut off at a certain point, for example when it is affected by a disease or is otherwise damaged. Cancer is able to block this apoptosis in the body, and Ellagiplex is really fixing this problem in the human body. It also helps against aging, if you have older cells that should shut off and be replaced by new young ones, Ellagiplex will accelerate the rejuvenation of these cells.

Cancer is a terrible thing because it has the ability to block this process, which basically allows damaged cells to carry on. That is what cancer cells do, they don’t die when they should, they just stay there and keep dividing and multiplying, and they never die off. Unless they are affected by the signals from ellagic acid, then all of a sudden it is just like a switch, and the cells that were not normal and healthy just shut off. We are not claiming this product can kill cancer, but we can say that ellagic acid in Ellagiplex supports normal, healthy function of cells.

SCOTT: There are other awesome ingredients in this blend, right? What are those?

MARTIN: So, we have a mix called EllagiPure, which is the micronized mix of raspberry, blueberry, grape, cranberry, and kiwi seeds. And then we have some great ingredients from the herbal world, like turmeric, Maui noni, Graviola, elderberry, goji, Rhodiola, ginger, it is a long list. These are all famous for supporting the immune system that has to deal with these cell shutdowns. And then we have Cellulon, that is a lecithin blend, which helps to protect the seeds that are pretty fragile without it. The biggest problem with milling seeds is that the moment you crack them open, oxidation sets in, and they start losing their potency. So we coat them immediately with an emulsifier, non-GMO sunflower lecithin in this case, and we also add some antioxidants.

SCOTT: Why sunflower lecithin? What about soy lecithin?

MARTIN: In the past, we used to use soy lecithin, but in North America today, you can’t really buy non-GMO soy anymore, soy that is not contaminated. Even if you can get organic soy, it is most likely contaminated with GMO soy, because soy gets pollinated by wind, so all fields are probably contaminated already. It might not be a problem, because there is not a huge amount of lecithin in the mix, but we just don’t want to support that industry.

Lecithin is the universal emulsifier. All life forms, plants, animals, and humans, use lecithin as an emulsifier that connects fats (lipids) to water. You know how oil and water always separate from each other when they are in the same bottle? Lecithin helps water and fat to connect. For example, when you want to transport Vitamin A throughout the body, you need to emulsify it first, because Vitamin A is a fat-soluble item, and your blood is a water-based medium. You need some sort of detergent, and lecithin is that detergent.

SCOTT: Okay, that is really important! We talked about GMOs many times before, so we make sure we only use non-GMO sunflower lecithin here.

MARTIN: Yes, because we are not sure how dangerous GMO soy really is. So why risk it? Why would we want to feed our clients with stuff that is questionable? We rather use ingredients we know for sure are safe.

SCOTT: Great! On the ingredients list I see some fatty acids, and also fiber, so let’s talk about that.

MARTIN: Okay! We are using the high-pectin Apple Fiber, which is an awesome product on its own. Fiber acts like a sponge that soaks things up, so we add essential oils like lemon, tangerine, orange, grapefruit, and so on, and let them soak into the fiber. And then we also add the AquaAura, which is a blend of sea minerals, it contains spirulina, chlorella, Dunaliella, and also the coral calcium as a mineral base. Coral calcium has been documented for a long time for being able to alkalize the cellular terrain. Cancer is primarily an acidic event, so the alkalization supports the cells as well. And then we have some herbs that support gut health, like Slippery Elm Bark, Kelp, Burdock Root, Turkish Rhubarb Root, Blessed Thistle. Those are all for gut and liver support. Then we also added the Strata-Flora Probiotics to make sure that the stomach is working properly, probiotics feed the good bacteria in our digestive system.

And then there is the extract of medicinal mushrooms, these are extremely good at supporting the immune system, like Reishi and Cordyceps. And last but not least, the greens that are activating the rest, repair, and digest mode. We sell these Aura Greens on their own in a bottle as well, you can try them as well. I have a client whose wife has been quite ill with cancer and diabetes, he started feeding her just the Aura Greens, and things started improving dramatically. Less pain, swelling goes down, she got out of bed, allergies improved, and he called me asking: “Is it possible? Is it this thing doing it?” And I said: “Yes, you are feeding her with the most living thing you can find, so you are just supporting life!”

SCOTT: It actually is one of my favorite products, I just love it. It makes me feel like my whole body is working properly, and is really strong. I am amazed at the difference when I am taking it regularly, versus when I don’t, and I always notice a difference when I stop using it for a while.

MARTIN: Yes, it happens! So back to Ellagiplex! It is great for people who want to support their overall health, who want to eliminate or reduce the abnormal cells out in the body. We don’t cure anything, we are supporting our cells, we build healthy cells, and unsupport the unhealthy cells, let’s put it this way.

SCOTT: So, how would you take it, Martin?

MARTIN: A healthy dose would be two teaspoons in a glass of liquid, twice a day if you are trying to improve your condition. If you are just looking for prevention, you can take less. Just mix it into your smoothie, water, or juice. The whole bottle should last you for about a month.

The other thing I wanted to talk about today is a product called Epiphany. It is basically a soothing mist in a spray bottle, full of minerals and essential oils. Let me read the label: “Are you feeling hurt, suffering, sad, angry, hopeless, lost, chained to the past? Negativity? Bad dreams? Epiphany can release those emotions now, with a soothing mist for your face.” This is a most amazing thing, you don’t ingest this, you just spray it on your face or in the air, it smells really nice, it has a lovely fruity fragrance.

SCOTT: It is a vibrational product, it is full of powerful healing energy. Oftentimes, we talk about the importance of what you put in your mouth, what you breathe, but in addition to that, there’s also emotional health, spiritual health, the vibrational health. We live in a soup of cell phones, microwaves, electromagnetic pollution, these things really disrupt us. We weren’t built to be in this type of environment, we were built to live in a forest, close to nature, by a stream, on the beach by the ocean, which is why we feel so much better in these places. That is why you have vacations on beaches, and walks in the woods. At a very deep level, we understand that even though we create these huge, massive cities with millions of people, this is not really how we evolved and how we should be living. So this product is for that part of our health, right?

MARTIN: Yes. This will connect you to the source, this source of universal consciousness. We tend to break the connection between us and the creation, the universe, whatever you want to call it, the source of life. Another thing I wanted to show you, this is something that I carry around everywhere with me, this is a stone ring made out of hematite, and it has been programmed with the Universal Balance Energies. It keeps my body balanced, despite the 12 hours I spend in front of the computer every day.

SCOTT: Well, I have to have to tell you that you’re not the only one that has one of those! (shows the same item on camera).

MARTIN: (laughing) Oh, look at that! Sweet!

SCOTT: So Martin, if somebody is concerned about their health, maybe they want to try the Ellagiplex, or maybe they think “I am hyper and the Epiphany might help me calm down,” or they are not really sure, what should they do?

MARTIN: You can always go visit our website, and of course, you can call me directly! My number is (866) 543 3388! I am here to help you! You can check all the amazing Exsula Superfood products in our store, and if you are not sure which one is the best choice for you, I am here to help, to advise, to recommend, to make it fit with your level of health. We have something for everyone, for the really strong, who can handle intense stuff, and also for the really weak, who need to start slow. For example, we have a product called Iridesca, it is powerful and potent, but not everybody can handle it. It is sort of like plugging a device that is designed for 120V into a 240V socket. So we need to start you off at the right level. Feel free to call!

SCOTT: Wonderful. Thanks, Martin! Thanks for joining us, everybody! We really appreciate having you on the show with us! This is Life Enthusiast Podcast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet! See you next time!

Note: this interview and the information provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your medical professional(s) if you are dealing with a specific medical issue.

Author: Scott
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