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Podcast 346: TaperAid helps Opioid Addiction

Martin Pytela and Richie Ogulnick discuss opioid addiction, pain medicines and how to get off them.

They discussed CBD Oil and The Gift.

Essentially, The Gift is self-esteem in a bottle. Use it to empower personal growth and raising your consciousness. The Gift can simply “opens the door” – it does not force you through it.

High self esteem means self-acceptance and love, which helps to lower stress, generate success, and build healthy relationships. It opens the way for creativity and self-development. It armors us against negative messages, programming and subliminal suggestions. High self-esteem is also well correlated with good immune system functioning. The Gift can support a release from addictions too.

Surround yourself with a cocoon of love energy that supports you through everyday’s challenges.

The Gift is a unique formulation of naturally occurring minerals as a base carrier for the bio-equivalent of a strongly positive attitude. It is charged with energies that disperse immediately into your emotional body.

Richie Ogulnick, the founder of TaperAid, has been working in the field of addiction since 1993, when he began working with an alkaloid called Ibogaine. Ibogaine is a powerful psychoactive extracted from a West African shrub called “tabernathe iboga”. It can restore a person to a pre-addictive state within 24-36 hours with minimal withdrawal symptoms.

While Ibogaine is an extremely effective tool, it has its limitations. Its psychoactive properties may be too daunting for some, it requires medical clearance, it requires professional oversight throughout the process, and the cost is prohibitive for many.

After many years of working with Ibogaine, Richie realized that it would never be the accessible home remedy that he had initially hoped for. At that point, Richie was introduced to the Vietnamese remedy that became the inspiration for TaperAid.

A message from Richie:
“One of my goals is for people to feel supported during this process. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions before, during, or after your experience with TaperAid. The contact info on this site is my direct line. You may catch me in the middle of playing with my grandchildren and I’m happy to take calls anytime.”
Richie took his website off-line at the request of the FDA, so you may not be able to get access to it.

TaperAid is comprised of 17 herbs, all of which have been approved by the FDA individually. We’ve received feedback from numerous people that TaperAid helps. Many of these people say that TaperAid has changed their lives and given them freedom from opiates for the first time in years. People have literally called us crying and thanking us for this. As with most supplements, results are not the same across the board. There have been a handful of people who didn’t experience effects, and we sent them a full refund. We are not interested in overstating the effects of TaperAid. If it helps people, that’s what matters. It is true that TaperAid and other supplements have not undergone rigorous, longitudinal, double-blind studies. These studies cost millions of dollars and are very difficult to put together. The only companies that can afford these trials are interested in products that are more profitable, which brings us to methadone and suboxone.

Author: Scott Paton