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Podcast 356: Lazarus

Podcast 356: Lazarus

Podcast 356: Lazarus

Lazarus of Bethany is a biblical character who was brought back to life by Jesus, four days after his death. Today, the name is often linked with illness, ill people, and even an ancient name for a hospital, lazareth, is derived from the name. So it makes sense that the most powerful superfood blend within our  line of Exsula Superfoods is named Lazarus. It is the most potent product we carry. Lazarus supplies phytonutrients to work with your body’s natural processes, for every cell at the mitochondrial and chromosomal telomerase levels. For genuine health, youthfulness, and peak performance, you must support your cells, and Lazarus is a very effective way to do just that. It has amazing power to bring your health back from a very dark place. Tune in for this episode of Life Enthusiast Podcast, where Martin and Scott talk about this amazing product, why it was created, why you should try it, how to use it, and what some of the key ingredients in the blend are.

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Enjoy this episode and we invite you to share your own experience with our Exsula products in the comments below! Have you tried any? Do you use them on a regular basis? What are your favorites? We would love to hear from you and start a conversation!

Scott: Welcome everybody! This is Life Enthusiast online radio and TV network, restoring vitality to you and the planet! I am your co-host, Scott Patton, and joining us as usual is Martin Pytela, health coach at Life Enthusiast. Hey Martin! How are you doing?

Martin: Top class!

Scott: Awesome! So today we want to talk about a brand new Exsula product, and I’m very, very excited about it. I love it, I love the whole line of Exsula. Right now I am on Strata Flora, and I take New Liver every week. So this one is called Lazarus, and it sounds like the name might be based on the biblical character Lazarus, who Jesus brought back from the dead, right?  So I am thinking: is this something that brings your body back from whatever abuse you’ve put it through over the last twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, hundred years? Does it bring you back into a really amazing state?

Martin: That is a correct guess. Jevari Oberon constructed in primarily for himself when he had his brush with death. You may know that he first was bitten by a recluse spider, which really challenged his immune system, and then subsequently to that he had a scratch and he was infected on his foot with a flesh eating the streptococcus.

Scott: Oh no, I knew he had some challenges…

Martin: Yes, it’s the MRSA. So that was a significant problem. A person who was not as well nourished and well fed by a phenomenal products would have not survive the situation he was in. In fact, he told me recently, that his doctor pulled his chair right between his legs, with his face six inches from his and said: “you know that you’re an outlier, this is not survivable, normally.” He’s not perfect, he’s still in trouble, he is alive, but he’s not a picture of health by a long shot. When you get a flesh eating internal infection that’s just consuming you, they start cutting off the body parts that are infected. So they were planning on cutting off his foot, then the leg. He actually still has them. However, they put him on intravenous antibiotics, a strong cocktail of that, and the side effect of that is significant damage to his internal organs. Now he has a damaged pancreas, so he’s borderline diabetic. He also has significant scarring on his kidneys so he has not enough capacity to detox.

Scott: One of the three benefits of Lazarus is actually kidney damage repair. The other two, just so that you know, are reversed internal and external scarring, and the reversed aging and wasting away process, feeling youthful. So it’s really interesting, because many of the manufacturers that Life Enthusiast works with are people who have had a problem and decided to try figure out a way to solve it themselves, or they work with people that have specific problems. And they are such high level herbalists they are able to create blends that work very closely with whatever the specific problems are.

Martin: Indeed. The top ingredient in this product is Allantoin, which is a compound that is richly present in wild yams and aloe vera and few other plants, and it’s very good at desquamation, it encourages natural exfoliation, so it helps to de-scar tissues, it relieves dryness, it’s protecting, hydrating, and healing.

Scott: One of the problems people have as they grow older is they get really dehydrated, that’s why the skin is all wrinkly, it doesn’t have the moisture that it had when we were ten or twenty years old.

Martin: In fact the aging of the skin is called keratinization, and it means there is more keratin in the body than there used to be. Young people have way more water in their cells, and the older we get, the less water there is, and that causes this hardening.

Scott: Yes, it dries you out. And you actually just reminded me of when I was about seventeen or eighteen and I had contact lenses. One day I was having a shower, and the the shower room was full of fog, and I was trying to put these contacts in, and of course I missed, so I only had one contact in and I had to go out, so I took the other one out, put my glasses on, ran out the door, and as I’m running outside, I tell my mom: I lost my contact lens in the shower, if you you see it, don’t throw it out. When I came back a few hours later, my mom said: I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but I broke your contact lens. And I said: what are you talking about, it’s all spongy and everything else. Well it had sat there on the sink for four hours and dried out, and my mom was cleaning and she saw this saran wrap in the shape and size of a contact lens, so she wanted to pick it up and it snapped, because it was dried out. That is kind of what happens to our body, I guess, as we grow older, we don’t have the moisture and things can snap.

Martin: Right, the brittleness. So that’s one of the ingredients that is richly present in the formula, but it’s not there added as a chemical, it’s there is a natural ingredient in the form of aloe vera, xylitol, elderberry, and other natural ingredients that Jevari cleverly put together to hold it. Sea buckthorn is another example. I could name all the various ingredients, and each one of them has a story of its own. For example, ginger stimulates the creation of new cells and exchange of minerals and cellular fluids. Ellagic acid stimulates turnover of the old cells. Or hyaluronic acid, each molecule of hyaluronic acid attracts ten times its volume in moisture wherever it’s present, and it is most richly present in the cartilage of our joints, that’s where the lubrication and cushioning is really in high demand.

Scott: So Martin, how often would you recommend somebody to make a drink or smoothie using Lazarus?

Martin: For those who really need it, because they are in trouble, trying to restore their body from a significant setback, take a bottle a month. Just push on it, push hard. As a preventive? I’ve taken a whole bottle of it, because I felt frivolous, and I definitely felt better for it.

Scott: So it’s the highest quality ingredients mixed in the optimum amounts, and also ground, powderized in a way that it doesn’t cook the ingredients. One of the big problems you have with a lot of these powders you see in the grocery stores is they use these massive grinders that grind the ingredients so much and it heats the enzymes in them too much, so they are dead, they are not of any use to you. But of course they still list all those enzymes on the label. It’s just like eating chalk, it tastes like chalk, acts like chalk when it mixes with water, in other words, you need a blender to get it all together, and it has very little impact.

What we have done here is we have taken all of the last probably forty or fifty years of knowledge that Jevari has accumulated, and what he used in his own health recovery from basically having a cousin of ebola, I guess, in his body eating him away, and we put it together for you.  It’s not cheap, but it is well worth the money spent. First of all, if you want optimum health and you’re willing to give up pizzas and french fries and Coca Cola, then this is probably something that over the course of a month will save you money, because you won’t be spending money on all the stuff that’s not helpful for your health. If you’re in a situation where you are at death’s door, and doctors are talking about sawing off a leg, or they’re talking about ripping open your chest to see if they can put a new heart in, then it might be a good idea to take this product for a few months before you make those decisions, and see what happens. We can’t say this is going to cure you or anything else like that, but once you start having super nutrition put into your system, your body is able to do things that it couldn’t do when it was deprived of everything that it needs in order to create new cells, regenerate and heal itself.

Martin: Scott, you are shedding the proper perspective on this. This product is about ten dollars a day, so it’s not the end of the world. It’s like two trips to starbucks. Take that or this. Let’s talk about the quality of the ingredients versus what’s on the label. The label never tells the story. The label is only a graphic representation of the names of things that are in it. Scott correctly illustrated it. Without trying it, you will not understand how different a well-made product is from a not-well-made product, even if the labels were identical.

Scott: Martin brought this up, this is our most expensive Exsula product. And if you’re not on your deathbed, and you want a great super food, then I would recommend that you start with something like Iridesca, or Strata flora. Those are my two favorites. Strata flora is for the digestive system, and Iridesca is like an overall thing. What I notice is that if I go a month without it, I feel like I have less energy, I notice it. If money is not an object and your health is bad, try the Lazarus. It’s all about resurrecting you from a really bad place. That’s why it was made, Jevari made it for himself when he was in a very bad place. If you want to start off slower, or with less investment, try Iridesca.

Martin: This product is for people who are wasting away, with the rapid decline. Get on this, don’t wait for it to get really bad. And if you are already okay and want to just experience what it feels like to be in tip top shape, run through a bottle and talk to us. I want to know how it affects people.

Scott: So Martin, if you were a world class athlete, would this be something that you should take?

Martin: You could.

Scott: Well, it’s not designed for world class athletes, just so everyone knows, but when you’re talking about recovery, when you’re talking about cellular function and peak performance, this is going to be something that would probably work well.

Martin: It would absolutely work, it would work great for the recovery phase of the training. Unfortunately, I don’t have that many high performance athletes on my mailing list to ask and test, so those of you who are listening to this, call me, I want to know!

Scott: Great! So, is there anything else you want to tell us about Lazarus before we move on?

Martin: It’s tastes great. It mixes easily with water. This is not a medicine, this is real food. We don’t make huge batches, but right now there’s a wonderful opportunity to give it a go.

Scott: Martin, before we wrap it up, do you have a health tip for everybody?

Martin: Oh my gosh. The biggest health tip for everybody would be to eat whole, living, unprocessed foods, because those are the enzyme containing foods, the spark of life. As Scott mentioned earlier in the conversation, it doesn’t look different, but it behaves different, when there is a living enzyme in the food. It will fire up the living processes. So that’s the health tip: eat whole, green, undenatured foods. And that’s what these Exsula products are.

Scott: Great, thank you, Martin, thank you for joining us, for taking time out of your busy day. I know that you spend a lot of time working with people on improving their health. And thank you all for joining us! This has been the Life Enthusiast online radio and TV network, restoring vitality to you and the planet. See you next time, everybody. Bye bye!

Author: Nina Vachkova
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