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Podcast 360: Predictions for 2019

Join Martin and Scott as they discuss their predictions for the new year related to health of our society (literally and figuratively)!

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SCOTT: Welcome, everybody! This is the Life Enthusiast Podcast, restoring vitality to you and the planet. I am your co-host Scott Paton, I am out in beautiful Vancouver Island, we have got an audience here for the first time! Joining me, as usual, is Martin Pytela, health coach at Life Enthusiast! Hi Martin, how are you doing today?

MARTIN: Doing good! We are in the process of fixing our website, giving it a facelift and some more ‘oomph,’ and I was just revisiting some of our old podcast episodes. I listened to ourselves going back to 2006, and I am looking at our faces and thinking: Oh yeah, we are aging!

SCOTT: Yeah! Even 10 years makes a little bit of a difference! But if you listened to our last episode, we gave you the secret to eternal life, so make sure you tune into that one! In this episode, we want to talk a little bit about lifestyle, how we are living right now, and maybe talk a little bit about the state of the world.

MARTIN: That was one of the things that you and I did in 2008, state of the world of 2008.

SCOTT: Well, this is 10 years later, it is time to do a ten-year anniversary state of the union! So what do you think Martin? Do you think in the last 10 years the world, in general, has progressed in a positive way, or in a negative way?

MARTIN: That is a beautiful question, Scott. I would say it this way: my favorite spirituality book is called A Course in Miracles, and there is a particular line that says: “Love raises everything unlike itself.” And to put it in plain terms – the brighter the light, the darker the shadow. If you listen to the new age channels, you will hear us going through the photon belt, and the life force availability increasing, and people having to get their act together, or else lose it big time. And we see that like, there are these dramatic happy stories and dramatic really unhappy stories.

SCOTT: Yeah. The biggest unhappy story or a happy story, depending on which person you are, is the founder of getting divorced. So he is either losing half of his fortune, or she is gaining half of his fortune, depending on how you want to look at it. That can be dark and light, I suppose.

MARTIN: Yes, she is going to be one hell of a catch!

SCOTT: (laughing) Yeah, I suppose probably the richest woman in the world! I mean, she probably was before…

MARTIN: I saw her picture on social media, and I am thinking: “Wow, she looks great!”

SCOTT: “What was she doing with him?” is what I am thinking! (laughing) I did have a discussion on Facebook with a friend of mine about Jeff Bezos and his wife, and they were sort of going a little bit towards “poor Jeff,” because he is about to lose half of his fortune. And I couldn’t help myself, I thought: Here is a guy, I don’t know his full story, but he started Amazon in the garage with absolutely nothing, he went through hard times, and I don’t know what she is like, I don’t know what her relationship with him was, but imagine if he was married to someone who said: “Get out of the garage and get a real job!” So my assumption, which could be totally wrong, is that she was probably very supportive of him, and encouraged him in the hard times. And if she hadn’t been doing whatever she was doing to support them, I don’t know, then he probably would never have started Amazon! So part of me was kind of going: “Yeah, poor Jeff, but she probably put up with an awful lot for a lot of years and still probably puts up with an awful lot. She probably supported him. Would he have been successful without her? We don’t know!” I would be interested to know …

MARTIN: It would be a fun conversation to reflect on, considering the fact that my wife has been working with me here for the last 10-12 years, and has been awfully supportive in all the hard times, and then whatever difficult things we may have gone through. And there have been a few! It reminded me of the saying that running a small business is a string of disasters interrupted by an occasional catastrophe. Anyway, on that positive note that, you know, this is the beginning of the year 2019. Back in 2009, we did a session on Pluto in Capricorn.

SCOTT: Oh yeah! I remember that one, is Pluto finally out of Capricorn?

MARTIN: No, no, no, 2024, we still have five more years to go! We are now really into it! And of course that the reminder should be: political organizations, societal structures, how we do business, how we do religion, how we do relationships, how we do society, how we do culture – none of that is going to be the way it used to be when it is done. Like the Me Too movement, or give Donald Trump the credit for shining the brightest spotlight on interpersonal relationships, and the political system, all of that stuff that we live in, he really amplifies it well.

SCOTT: Yeah, I think if you look at it, we are seeing a lot of those structural changes and shifts happening in our political system, in our family systems, in business in general, there really is a seismic shift. One of the things that I keep an eye out for is pedophiles. And what’s really interesting in the last couple of years is how many high people in Hollywood, or in the Roman Catholic church… It is all coming to light! One of the things that this is a reflection of is that power is being lost by these people. If you are the president of some major movie studio, and you are a pedophile, or if you are abusing your actresses, no one is going to say anything because they are afraid they will never work in Hollywood again! But now these stories are coming out and people are starting to speak up. What does that mean? It means that those people are losing their power! It has been going on for probably decades and decades and decades, but nobody has ever said anything! And also the number of people in high positions in Hollywood who have been accused, like Kevin Spacey, I don’t know if he’s guilty or not, I am not the judge, but he is a pretty amazing start, a pretty well-known actor!

MARTIN: Yes, or this guy from NBC, Les Moonves, right? He was supposed to retire with a $120 million golden parachute and all of a sudden the management says: “No, you don’t because you have been less than forthcoming, less than honest about certain things,” and there were a number of people who accused him of doing awful things! I would say that this is the sort of cultural shift that we have predicted back then! Astrology says: This is the kind of shift you will experience, and it is happening! We never know how specifically it is going to unfold, but it sure is unfolding! So we will have a different society, and it is going to be unrecognizable, I am told, in five years. A lot of these things will fall. They’ll collapse. These institutions, these habits, these ways we do things, will stop being available. You can’t just get away with and hide things anymore. For some reason, Scott’s microphone is all of a sudden gone…

SCOTT: No no, I just mute myself when a plane flies overhead! You can keep talking when that happens, I will unmute myself when the plane is gone.

MARTIN: Alright! Here is Scott with another favorite theme of his – the planes dropping who knows what!

SCOTT: (laughing) Yeah! But what’s really interesting is Harvard has come out and said: “You know what? We think the way to stop climate change is to put aluminum and sulfur into the air and the stratosphere. And we are thinking about doing a test,” and they are going to start doing it really soon! You know, up in the sky, most of the clouds you see are not organic clouds. I am going to be pushing for organic clouds in the air. Can you believe that I would have to even say that?

MARTIN: It is an interesting way of putting it! With this climate change upon us, it really is more extreme, we have more winter and more summer, we have more heat which causes more moisture to get up into the atmosphere, which then causes the tropic-like storms to be in further North or further south latitudes. So instead of getting an ordinary storm, you now get these gigantic water dumps.

SCOTT: Yeah! And you know, the number one greenhouse gas is…

MARTIN: …methane!

SCOTT: No! Nobody talks about it at all! In fact, it is totally ignored! It is water vapor! When you start looking at, when people talk about climate change, I always jump, it is a great scheme to get everybody arguing. Is it warming? Is it cooling? Look at any city, where do they put their garbage? In Vancouver, where I tend to live, we are now looking at having to ship it 100-200 miles away, because all the garbage dumps are full! And look at how much garbage is being dumped around the world into the oceans and everything else! We have a problem with destroying our environment. And I think everyone could kind of agree. We have got these wildfires going on in California this past year, it was really bad here in British Columbia. And you know why are all these things happening? It is because we are not really looking after the environment very well. We are not good stewards of the land. And if we just looked at it and just fixed some of these things, then I think we could get better. Do you know how many millions of tons of mercury are spewed in the air in North America every year?

MARTIN: I don’t know the exact number, but it is definitely a significant amount.

SCOTT: It is tons and tons! I used to know the actual number from a couple of years ago. We do all of these things and we are just not paying enough attention to the environment. And when it comes to the organic clouds, I have to tell you this story. I was flying from Calgary, Alberta to Vancouver once, and I had the window seat. I am looking out, and when I leave Calgary, all the clouds are so beautiful. Cumulus clouds, you know, those white puffy clouds. And then we got over the Rockies, and I saw three or four of these jets that I would say are spraying chemtrails, because they have got this spray coming out, and all the clouds were like ‘dead.’ All of a sudden, they were kind of gray, there was no puffiness at all. I just thought: “Oh my goodness, they are spraying something up here and killing the clouds!” Not that I think clouds are living organisms or anything, but it was just amazing how different they looked five minutes ago. I am not saying that they were actually trying to kill the clouds or anything, but it was such a big difference. Anyway, that is my rant on chemtrails.

MARTIN: So I am going to go on some predictions here. I am thinking that yes, we are going to hear about geoengineering, and about these sprayings, and I think we are going to hear about vaccination.

SCOTT: (sarcastically) I would be so shocked if that was the case! But you know, there are a lot of changes that have occurred over the years that I thought were permanent, but those have been reversed. I want to give you one from my background, because my background is in the grocery business. We had paper bags, and we went to plastic bags. And when we went to plastic, which was like 30 years ago, I thought: “There is no way that we will ever go back to paper!” And yet! We are seeing this movement in a lot of grocery stores, going back to paper bags. That gives me lots of hope! I hope all that stuff about vaccines will come out and be mainstream, and people are going to start really looking at that. I think our medical system is due for a huge shakeup.

MARTIN: Yeah. What I see is that there’s new health care, this time really ‘health care,’ as opposed to ‘sick care,’ rising from the ground up. It is in the functional medicine forum where we are seeing it come up. It is already out there. I mean, you and I are part of it! We are going to be more noticeable, louder, and more visible! And one of these days, people are going to wake up, and it is going to be like the Emperor’s new clothes! People are going to say: “You don’t know what you are doing” to the purveyors of chemical medicine.

SCOTT: You are right. We are starting to see that. Right now, in many States, they are coming up with mandatory vaccination laws, and your kids aren’t going to be able to go to school if you haven’t been vaccinated. People don’t want it. They know, they don’t want it. So making it law-enforced is the only way you are going to be able to get them to do it. They did a study in California, in the areas that have the worst, lowest vaccination rates. I would say the best people taking care of their children are upper to middle class, white neighborhoods. People who have money, are up in the hierarchies, talking to each other, they don’t get vaccinated, but they don’t tell anybody. And then, of course, everybody else is being forced to vaccinate. I think once people start realizing what is in vaccines, and the damage that is potentially there…

MARTIN: …which is cumulative because as long as the flu vaccine contains thimerosal, which contains mercury, it is depositing mercury directly into the body, that is cumulative, and that makes things worse!

SCOTT: What comes to mind when you talk about mercury is mercury in tuna. We’ve been told don’t eat too much tuna, but if you eat some mercury in tuna, doesn’t your digestive system work to get it out?

MARTIN: Nope! There is no defense built into the human body against heavy metals. We are designed for life in the savanna, not an industrial park. The only thing I know of is either Zeolite, which is an electrophysical way of attaching it and taking it out. Or with a process called chelation, with something like EDTA, that will bind it, and excrete it out of the body.

SCOTT: I think I interrupted you before, you were going to go on about something about the mercury, I think…

MARTIN: Yeah. I am not actually anti immunity. I am not anti-immunization, I am just anti poisoning people. If you can show me a vaccine that is safe, that is going to create immunity against something that I should be immune against, without causing me Guillain-Barre syndrome or some other crazy way of destroying my life, and I am good with it. But for example, this Gardasil vaccine that is offered to preteen girls… the number of destroyed lives is crazy! Those of you who are thinking that I am a nutcase, please go on the search engine and look up ‘Gardasil vaccine damage.’ Just look it up, watch the stories.

SCOTT: Yeah, and I am even more radical than you are. I would just say: “Don’t ever stick anything through your skin, but anyway, that is

MARTIN: Well, you know, if the day comes that smallpox is back, I want to be vaccinated because otherwise, we will end up like the Incas. Do you remember the story? 94% die-off from smallpox! Can you imagine what happens to society? A city of million people is going to be reduced to 60,000! Imagine the empty houses, and the untended jobs, the untended stores, and services that disappear. What if among the 60,000 that are left, there is no doctor, no fireman, or whatever? The entire body of knowledge would disappear in that sort of situation.

SCOTT: Okay. So that is it, great, we will have our armageddon and Ragnarok…

MARTIN: No! (laughing)

SCOTT: … in the next five years.

MARTIN: (laughing) No, I am predicting that this world of crazy is going to be exposed for what it is and that we are going to say goodbye to it.

SCOTT: One of my favorite movies is V for Vendetta, and what I loved about the movie the most was they would keep cutting to these homes, where there would be ordinary people, watching TV, watching the news, watching the government propaganda, and all of them called bullshit. It was like the government thought they were fooling everybody, and everybody was watching this just shaking their heads. And it came to a point where people were like Hey, I want to live in peace. I want to live in the countryside with my friends, I want to have a peaceful life. That is what we all want! I want to raise my kids, raise my grandkids, that is what we want! And we will put up with an awful lot until it gets to the point where it will be the straw that broke the camel’s back. And it happens right now, in Europe, in France, but also in a couple of other areas of the world, where people are just saying: “That is enough, you’ve had your run, it is over.” And oftentimes, the police and the military are just like: “Okay, go ahead, we are on your side.”

MARTIN: Well, we did witness this back in 1989, when the Berlin Wall fell, and the communist mindset just got separated. People just said: “That is enough, we are out of here.” It happened because the Germans were leaving by the thousands. I remember the Czechs showed up on the main city square in Prague, something like 300,000 people in a city of a million, they showed up on the main city square with their bells and whatnots and saying: “The bell is ringing!”

SCOTT: I have heard a funny story about the Berlin Wall, and I don’t know if it is true or not, but evidently they interviewed these people that came to the wall, and there was a gate, and they wanted to go through, and the guy there was not supposed to let them go through, but either he got the message wrong or he got something wrong or he just decided himself, but he just let them through, and it turned into a stampede that he just could not stop.

MARTIN: I don’t know if this is an urban myth or not.

SCOTT: It could be, it could be, I am going to have to check it out, it was many years ago that I read the story. It was just like he received an order, but he misread it, so he let them through, and then it just blew up, and everybody went through and that was sort of the end of it, and then they started destroying the wall, and he was like: “Oh no, what have I done?”

MARTIN: I want to explain how this happens in consciousness. You know, this is the story of exponential growth, right? If you can visualize a pond that is going to be covered in lilies, and the lilies are growing, they are doubling in size every day. The pond will be completely covered in lilies in 30 days. But at 29 days it is still half empty. At 28 days it is 3/4 empty, at 27 days it is 88% empty. This is why it happens so fast when it happens. We are watching this sort of curve going slowly, slowly, slowly up, but then the inflection point comes, and it takes off really quick. And that is how this mass consciousness works, the critical mass is found and reached and we are out of here. So that is what I am betting on, there is going to be a lot of that in our society in the next three, four years.

SCOTT: Yeah. I am absolutely convinced that in the United States, in particular, a lot of the corruption of the last 20 years is going to be exposed, and we are going to be seeing some people that we never thought being convicted for things that some of us were suspecting they’ve been doing, and most of the world probably didn’t think that they’ve been doing it. That will be my prediction. I think we are going to see some big, big changes in the hierarchy of the United States, in the military and industrial complex.

MARTIN: Yep. They are definitely overdue for an overhaul. Well, so speaking of predictions, I would like to see them. I don’t know if it will happen, but of course, I am on the record saying that the off-earth visitors who have been here, would be happy to interact with us, as long as we are willing to interact peacefully, and they’re not interacting because the military is being hostile. And so if, and when, we are capable of just controlling our own stupid reactions, and just say: “Of course, they could have destroyed us long ago. They are not dangerous! We are dangerous! Let’s just get along!” When we are ready to do that, I think we will see the visitors, but we will also see the technologies! It is on record that we have had access to electrogravitic propulsion since the 1960s, we did not need combustion engines.

SCOTT: Well, you can have free energy, right?

MARTIN: Even that, but we did not have to be burning fossil fuels, and we did not even require paved roads!

SCOTT: Wouldn’t that be something to just be whipping along, I am assuming a foot over the ground?

MARTIN: Well, I don’t know, the elevation doesn’t matter much, we just need to figure out some kind of system that can control it, so you don’t…

SCOTT: …run into somebody 20 feet above the ground? (laughing)

MARTIN: Same way as an email gets from one place to another, we need to have some kind of automatic control system that you have to trust that is going to get you from point A to point B without running into everybody else. I don’t know, I don’t dare to predict that one, but I would like to see it.

SCOTT: “I just teleported here, and unfortunately I lost a hand. If you see this hand somewhere, please send it to me. Thank you.” (laughing) What about 5G? I am hearing a lot about 5G, a lot of my friends are freaking out about the potential of 5G. I have to admit, I don’t really understand a lot about it.

MARTIN: Okay. Well, the 5G is on a wave that is much shorter than anything that we have done before.

SCOTT: So is this like a microwave?

MARTIN: Yeah, it is a microwave.

SCOTT: Because if you look at it that way, if you put a cup of water in a microwave and turn it on, it is hot, boiling, and bubbling. And if we turn this world into a huge microwave with 5G, then you can pretty much expect things are going to be reacting to it… especially living things!

MARTIN: Well, yes, we are going to be exposed to a great deal more of electromagnetic radiation. We will need to find ways to protect ourselves. We will probably start walking around in Faraday cage suits, you know, silver thread fabrics that are protective of us that are somehow connected to our shoes, and our shoes will have grounding strips, and we’ll be walking around trying to just ground ourselves so it doesn’t affect us. I think that is what smart people are going to be doing. I don’t know to what degree it is going to cause damage, because again, it is cumulative. When you live, you have cells living their natural lifetime, and then they shut off, and then the neighboring cell divides, and as you are making copies, you are making copies of copies. But what happens with each copy is that we are replicating with loss of information, just like a photocopy machine. That is what the development of chronic degenerative illness looks like. It is a slow process.

SCOTT: I was just talking the other day to a friend, a new friend of mine, who had a brain tumor the size of a golf ball about a year ago. And he had the surgery, he was fine and everything else, but as we were talking, he said: “You know this guy, Scott? He died. Do you know this guy? He also died. This other guy also died. And they were all under 40, all were internet marketers like me, which means they spent a lot of time on their computer, they had headsets on, and cell phones, and all the electronics. We’ve been surrounding ourselves for decades with all this electronic stuff, and now we are getting golf balls in our heads, and we are dying of this cancer.” And then he says: “One thing we all have in common is we were spending all day beside our computer.” And when you think of it, 20 years ago, maybe 1% of the population actually had a computer at home. But now, everybody has a phone, everybody has a computer, everybody is around all this electronic stuff all the time!

Another friend of mine was doing a 20-year school reunion thing. They contacted everybody, and they had the list and they were looking at it thinking: “Oh, she died, she died, he died, he died…” And they were not old at all, so it wasn’t dying from old age or something. People are now starting to look around and say: “Why do all these things happen?” And they are starting to say: “Well, the only thing they all have in common is this and that,” and they are starting to get suspicious. But of course, our establishment keeps saying: “it is all safe.”

MARTIN: There are so many factors, and each one of them contributes. I use that funny metaphor of saying: If you were a camel, and you had bags being loaded on you, 20 pounds each, with 400 pounds you feel okay, with 500 pounds you are not going to run, at 600 pounds you are not going to go uphill, with 700 pounds you just kneel down and can’t stand up. The main point of this story is: Camel doesn’t care one bit about what is in those bags, he only knows that there is too much weight on him. And it is that sort of thing that is going on with us, we are piling on these individual influences, it is a little bit of food, a little bit of crappy radiation, a little bit of negative thought patterns, a little bit of TV news that is just a little too emotionally toxic…

SCOTT: …too much garbage spewed in the air, from the cars and the factories…

MARTIN: Right. And it is like a dirty aquarium.

SCOTT: Yeah. I love the aquarium metaphor. Our aquarium is dirty, and nobody is cleaning it.

MARTIN: Right Well, people, join me in my aquarium, because I am in yours, and we need to take good care of it. All of us are on this fragile planet Earth, all of us, and all of our consciousness is put together, so your thoughts affect my thoughts, my thoughts affect you, and my poop is in your food, and your poop is in my food. So let’s just keep that in mind.

SCOTT: I don’t feel like eating now.

MARTIN: Well, just keep things clean, Scott!

SCOTT: And these guys! (pointing to the horses in the background) Oh my goodness! I had no idea how much poop they produce in a day! Two wheelbarrows, just these three horses!

MARTIN: That is a lot! You are getting some new muscles, right?

SCOTT: Sure! I am getting lots of exercise. So what’s something you think is going to happen that is going to be really good this year?

MARTIN: Well, we just said it, the ‘new’ is being born all around us. More love. More openness. Caring for one another.

SCOTT: We are seeing a lot of that actually. Not just in the human realm. I was just watching a video an hour ago, there was a railway track, there was some snow on the ground, and one dog had been hurt, and had fallen on the railway track. And another dog brought this dog food for two days, he protected him, snuggled up to keep him, and trains were coming, so when the train came, the dog that was healthy got on the side of the dog that the train was coming from got down and basically comforted the dog, I guess they were low enough and small enough that the train went over them, and they were both fine! And then one of the conductors saw the dogs, called the SPCA or whatever, they came, but the dog was so protective of the hurt dog, so it took them a long time to actually capture them so they could rescue them, and one family adopted both of the dogs, they showed them both healthy and happy and everything else, they named them Lucy and George, it was just amazing. This dog was so protective of the other dog, he put himself in danger to protect the small female dog, it was just amazing.

MARTIN: So let’s care for one another, it matters, and the caring will carry us through. Be kind, be good to each other. This is Martin Pytela, the health coach at Life Enthusiast, and Scott Paton, my co-producer and friend. Visit us at We are restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

SCOTT: Happy new year, everybody!


Author: Nina Vachkova