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Podcast 361: Intense C60

Martin and Scott discuss an amazing product called Intense C60, a 99,9% pure carbon in olive oil that will slow down, or even reverse the aging process of your body!

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Scott: Welcome, everybody! This is a Life Enthusiast online tv and radio network, restoring vitality to you, horses, and the world! I’m Scott Patton, your co-host, along with Martin Pytela, health coach at Life Enthusiast! I am in southern Vancouver Island, it’s January, and we are in the one part of Canada that doesn’t freeze or get cold or have lots of snow, and we are doing things a bit different today! I’ve actually been looking after three horses and four dogs for the last month, and I have a couple more weeks to go, so I thought I would bring the horse on, as you can see beside me, as our third guest, so to speak.

Martin: (laughing) Oh, Scott, you and your horsing around!

Scott: (laughing) Good one, Martin! So what are we going to talk about today? We often hear people talking about something revolutionary, something that is going to change everything that came before. But we really think what we have to share with you today can do, and will do, that very thing. So, Martin, maybe you could give us a little bit of a on overview of what C60 is all about.

Martin: Okay. So the product we are talking about today is called Intense C60. (showing a tube of the product on screen) It is a product that comes in a tube. It is dispersed into oil, and you just squirt a little bit of it in your mouth. What does it do? It extinguishes ROS, reactive oxygen species. So whatever is causing the aging damage in your body is being extinguished. So, either it’s slowing down aging or maybe it’s outright reversing it. I am not a 100% sure about the linguistics of it, but I am feeling it. I experience better focus, sustained power, sustained focus, I don’t hurt where I used to, and I have been waking up with, as a friend of mine calls it, the kickstand.

Scott: What’s the kickstand?

Martin: Well, most men should be waking up with an erection in the morning if things are working, and it has not been an everyday thing for me for a few years. It’s been an everyday thing for me since I started taking this.

Scott: Something more for us to look forward to! So, you’ve been taking the product for about four, five, or six days now?

Martin: Yeah, I’m on day six now.

Scott: I got my bottle just last night, so I would say it’s too early for me to make any comment on it, other than the fact that, as I said to you earlier, I like it. And my friend Hobart here (pointing to the horse, laughing) he likes it too, but I haven’t shared it with him yet.

Martin: (laughing) It’s green on the outside!

Scott: Yeah, it’s green on the outside, he wants to eat it!

Martin: So what is this product actually? The C60 stands for carbon 60. Carbon, as we understand, is the element found in all organic things. We know about carbohydrates, right? Carbohydrates are made from carbons and hydrogen. Fats are made of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen linked together. Protein is carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen linked together.

Scott: So carbon is pretty important!

Martin: It’s in everything! We are carbon life forms. We eat carbon all the time in various forms. Typically, it’s connected to other molecules like I mentioned earlier, in forms of carbs, fats, and proteins. But this type of carbon in Intense C60 is connected to itself. Sixty atoms of carbon are hooked together, connected in a soccer-ball-like object with a space within, so it looks like a ball-shaped cage.

This C60 seems to be the most efficient antioxidant out there, and its biggest claim to fame is that it doesn’t get extinguished by the interaction with the electro-positive environment. For example, when Vitamin C reacts with some molecule that is hungry for an electron, this invader basically steals that electron from the Vitamin C, making the Vitamin C worthless, nutritionally speaking. And it’s not worth anything unless it reacts with glutathione, the glutathione re-charges the Vitamin C, so the Vitamin C can then go back to town and do its job. But then the glutathione needs to get back to the liver and get itself re-charged.

Scott:  So what you’re saying is that this C60 is like a supervitamin, antioxidant that never stops working and never has to be re-charged?

Martin: Right. When I was poisoned with mercury, I had the ultimate opposite of that. You can try and extinguish Mercury, but it cannot be extinguished. No matter how much Vitamin C you try adding to it or whatever else you want to throw on it, it stays.

Scott: It’s a bottomless pit.

Martin: Yeah, the bottomless pit, the bottomless negative. This C60 thing seems to be working on the principle of being a bottomless positive.

Scott: So once you take it, it’s not going to stop working after a couple of minutes, right?

Martin: Right, it seems to be cumulative.

Scott: Cumulative! That’s a good thing! Because we fill ourselves up with so many things that are short-term, right? The very basic things, you eat some food and you drink some water, but three hours later you want more water and more food. You have to keep filling it up, filing it up, filling it up. But what you’re saying here is that we have found something that is plugging into the power source of the universe, and it’s not going to stop.

Martin: I hope you’re right, because that statement sounds wonderful, and it feels that way to me! I started taking C60 with a small group of guys, and we are talking about our experience every day. One of them said that on day 6, he stopped having to get up in the middle of the night to go pee. Another one, a bodybuilder said he can push greater weights and on day 8 he comes back and not only he can push even more, but he can work that same muscle group the next day, so he recovers faster. Another guy said:  I came back for my haircut, and my hairdresser said my hair is growing back dark.

Scott: (laughing) I can’t wait to come back in a few months with a head full of hair again!

Martin: Well, we are working on it! I’ve been talking to the designer, that helped put it together, and we will talk about the technical aspects of it in just a bit, but I was talking to him, asking: could we design one that is skin compatible? And he says: yes, we know how. So we will see! Another story I have was this fellow that would wake up in the middle of the night, itching, and he had to apply some lotion to be able to go back to sleep. And since he’s on this, the itching bouts don’t show up. So I’m telling him: that’s histamine, so you are not having the histamine reaction that you previously were having to who-knows-what, and I’m explaining to him that the frequent urination in the middle of the night is also caused by the presence of histamine, this time in the urine. And this product is just extinguishing this irritation in the body. Those are about the most important stories I remember. So physical endurance, less irritation, clearer mind, clearer thinking, grey hair disappearing…

Scott: It’s not a magic pill, so it is not going to cure everything overnight, but it’s going to be helping your body deal with the stress that it gets on a day to day basis, probably better than anything else that you’re putting into your body right now, right?

Martin: As far as its chemical structure, it’s no different, chemically, than charcoal, activated charcoal. Physically, or electro-physically, it’s not the same, because it’s now in this cage like form. Normally, you would have carbon molecules interacting with something else, connecting itself with other elements, creating all kinds of different molecules, for example, methane. Methane is C-H4, when you connect two of these molecules, you create ethane, and when you add oxygen, you create alcohol. So these atoms and molecules like to interact with each other. Well, this C60 thing is just a ball of carbon that’s inert and doesn’t want to interact with anything, but it somehow does extinguish the ROS, the reactive oxygen species, which is basically the stuff that makes us age.

Scott: So how is the product produced? What’s in it?

Martin: Well, it has been out there for a couple of years, people have been selling it experimentally, and they have been putting it into olive oil, which is what we’ve done as well. So we just got some lab-grade C60, that is 99.9% pure, mixed it with olive oil and put it into the bottle that has 220 milligrams. Each squirt from the pump is one milligram, and you need about one squirt for every 30lbs of your body weight, every day. So, if you are 180lbs, take 6 squirts daily.

Scott:  What happens if you take too many squirts?

Martin: You will be really extinguished! And your bank account will drain faster.

Scott: But physically, nothing will happen, except you might feel better and better and better?

Martin: Right. It has been tested at ridiculous doses. They tried to poison rats with carbon – couldn’t do it. Because how do you poison a person with something that is not a poison? Carbon is the basis of life, we are made of carbon. Putting more of what I made off into me is not a problem.

This guy that we are working on this product with said to me: please, don’t tell my name to everybody, or they will be calling me. He is a material scientist, he has a few patents to his name, and maybe fifteen years ago, he was working on a pesky problem of making photovoltaics. Photovoltaics are essentially a solar panels, and he was making them with Carbon 60, so he was using it in electronics. But he figured out how to disperse them evenly and uniformly.

What other people do these days is they take a large amount of olive oil, put the carbon in it, and then put it into a magnetic stirring machine, and let it mix for a long time, like two weeks. This guy figured out a way to disperse it uniformly, using his engineering mind, and he does it in twenty minutes. He showed me pictures of it,  and it’s the same purple colored liquid, it’s kind of cute. The carbon in olive oil at a certain dilution looks reddish-purple. If you increase the concentration, it starts looking brown, and when you make it pure, it looks black.

Scott: Because carbon is black!

Martin: Right, cause carbon is black! Unless you have a diamond, then it’s not! (laughing)

Scott: (laughing) Right! But maybe that’s what’s happening! Maybe we’re making ourselves into human diamonds, like in a positive way. Not in terms of “oh, I can’t move…”

Martin: (laughing) Shine on, you crazy diamond!

Scott: That’s right! Shine on you, crazy diamond! (laughing) Anyway, where does C60 come from? I’ve never heard of it before you told me…

Martin: Well C60 itself is manufactured either using a plasma method, where you shine some high energy beams at a carbon electrode through helium, where you’re trying to emulate what happens in a star as it’s exploding. So, somehow you get a large percentage of C60, you purify it, and you collect it. The other method is somehow by burning something, like a wick on a candle, but that produces only about a 0.25%  concentration of the C60.

Scott: So they have to go through a lot of candles! (laughing)

Martin: (laughing) No, not that. I don’t know how it’s done, that’s beyond my pay grade, the engineers have figured it all out. I’m looking at it from the health coach side, and I’m saying: oh, this is significant, because I’ve been looking for ways to extinguish the oxidative damage, and this is really doing it very, very well.

The guys that are doing the mixing of oil and C60 in those magnetic stirring machines for two weeks, they do a little bit of damage to it, because when you’re doing the vortexing, you’re sucking in air into the liquid, and by doing so, you’re introducing oxidation, and some possible atmospheric contamination. So our product is going to be pure and more potent.

So that’s probably all that needs to be said about it! We have the product available, it’s not cheap, but it’s well worth it.

Oh, a friend of mine was listening to some YouTube videos from Russia, she’s a Russian speaker. And she says: I’m just listening to it, and they’re talking about some Russian oligarchs extending their life expectation using this weird thing called C60, do you know anything about it? (laughing) That I found it extremely interesting.

Scott: Yeah, that’s funny! Good, that’s a very exciting new product for Life Enthusiast!

Martin: It is! And it could enhance almost everything else that we do. This, added on top of any superfood blend, will do wonderful things. This, added to an already healthy diet will definitely improve your health even more. At least it feels like that to me today! I certainly hope to be recording a follow up in a month or so, saying: it was a good start, look at me now!

Scott: Alright! So, Martin, if someone wants to know more about the C60, maybe ask about their specific situation, what should they do?

Martin: I am always is available at, call me at (866) 543-3388! We are here from 8am to 8pm PST, always happy to help people restoring vitality to them, and to the planet. That’s our motto.

Scott: Thanks for watching, everybody! We will see you next time, bye bye!


Author: Nina Vachkova