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Podcast 370: Kidney Bladder-Ease and Digest-Ease

How can we support a healthy function of the elimination channels, kidney and bladder, and the liver and gallbladder pathways, with herbs mixed according to the classical herbalist methods of John Christopher.

Martin: Hello, everyone! This is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast, coming to you over the internet with our radio, TV, and galactic network. We are, I’m sure, beaming all the way to the stars! And the star here today is Elijah Free, the master herbalist at the Earth Friend Herb Company. Hello, Elijah!

Elijah: Hi, Martin! First, I wanted to mention our website. If you want to read more about our company and our wonderful products, please go to You can click on any one of our products and it will redirect you to the Life Enthusiast website, where you can purchase our products, right?

Martin: Yes, we do have a page dedicated to Earth Friend Herb and all of their products on!

Elijah: Great! It is so wonderful to be here today, thank you so much for having me!

Martin: Awesome, you are welcome! Today, we are talking about tonics. We were talking about the classical herbal education that you have taken with John Christopher, and how some of the products you designed are basically old fashioned tonics.

Elijah: Yeah, we have got our Digest-Ease and our Kidney-Bladder to talk about! Tonic herbology is probably the oldest form of herbology and has been used all around the world. The form of tonic herbology used in the US originally came from our Native American brothers and sisters. Dr. Samuel Thompson (1769-1843) is considered the father of Western herbal medicine. He has written several manuscripts and books, which are very difficult to find – you usually have to go to the library, search the stacks and maybe you will find them. Dr. John R. Christopher modernized and popularized herbology, he passed away in 1983. After Dr. Christopher died, Nature’s Way hired me for a short while to take his place and do some lecturing, which was a very wonderful thing. But I really wanted to work on my own product line at the time when they wanted me to travel. I had two little kids, and that wasn’t really an option for me at that time.

So the tonic herbology! What does it do? Tonics go right into the cellular structure and rebuild our bodies on a cellular level. It’s not a fast process, because it means building new cells. The first tonic product we have here is called Digest-Ease. The original concept of this goes back to the 1980s. I had been studying tonic herbology, and one of the first things that we designed were digestive formulas. At that time it was called Barberry LG Tonic, “LG” meaning liver and gallbladder. At that time, these formulas were usually named after the main ingredient, so this one was Barberry tonic. Later when we then begin to standardize our names, this formula was labeled as Digest-Ease.

What does Digest-Ease do? Basically, if you have weak digestion, this one is something that will help you to rebuild much stronger digestion over a period of time. It helps to actually rebuild liver tissue. I have seen people with up to half their liver gone take this formula. I’ve seen that numerous times. Livers do regenerate, this product just helps the body to do it faster. One of the other major things this formula does, which is so important, is work with the gallbladder. People lose their gallbladders sometimes, they have different types of diseases where it actually begins to fall apart, people get gallstones, etc. This helps to actually break down and eliminate the gallstones. It cleans up the bile ducts, and both the liver and the gallbladder. It helps the digestion, and over period of time it will increase the person’s ability to actually begin to assimilate nutrients. So it’s a very basic formula, but it’s very important. I take it twice a year. I’ve never failed to take it twice a year, usually for about three months to clear up my digestive track.

Martin: When you say “take it twice a year,” you mean you take six bottles and…?

Elijah: I do it for about three months, each bottle lasts for about two weeks, so yes, six bottles. I do that just to clean up my digestive tract. Also one of the other things about this: If you take it for three months, you get the same effect, in fact a better effect than if you do one of those big liver purges, which I am not a big fan of. I don’t like drastic things in the body. So this will actually do a remarkably effective job, very gently. With a liver purge, when it’s cleared out, the problem is still there. This tonic will clear things slowly, and then fix the problem at the same time.

Martin: Wonderful! So if somebody is experiencing a clogged and stuffed gallbladder, get six bottles of this and run through it, right?

Elijah: Yes. This has saved a lot of people from gallbladder surgery and from losing their gallbladders. If you do not have a gallbladder, there’s an herb called Greater Celandine – I just have to tell you the Latin name because it sounds like something out of Harry Potter. You ready? The Latin name is Chelidonium Majus! Now you know something happened! (laughter) You know, Chelidonium Majus! This herb will help you digest the fats instead of the gallbladder, those fats you’ve been having trouble with.

Martin: Okay, so would you take it right before a meal?

Elijah: You take it five minutes before your meals. Actually, with the other formulas, it doesn’t really matter when you take them, but with the Digest-Ease, I suggest taking it five to ten minutes before meals because it will help you to absorb nutrients better. The other thing – this product is fantastic for stuck gas. Oh, my God, it is so wonderful for stuck gas and those type of related tummy aches.

Martin: Does it to anything for burpers?

Elijah: Yeah, it helps too!

Martin: Awesome! So we also wanted to talk about the Kidney formula…

Elijah: Yeah, the Kidney-Bladder formula! Okay, so I wanna tell you a quick story with this one. I was in a restaurant one day with my wife, and there was this woman watching me. She’s a little younger and she keeps looking at me and looking at me, and my wife says: “that woman is watching you.” I say: “Well, of course she is, all women watch me!” (laughter) That was my line to my wife, which, of course, caused her a laugh pretty good. So anyhow, that woman keeps looking at me! So finally she stands up and she walks over to the table. She looks at me for a moment, she gets all teary-eyed and I’m thinking: “Okay…” You never know. So she says: “Are you Elijah Free? I think I’ve met you once…” And I said “Yes,” and then I realized that she looked a little familiar. She tears up and she says: “You saved my life!” And I’m sitting there, my wife is looking at me and she turned to the woman, saying: “Could you tell us more?” And she says: “I was dismissed from Stanford University with a kidney disease, and I was told that my kidneys were dying and that I would die, because of the type of disease I was not eligible for a transplant. So they told me to go home, put my affairs together and that’s it.” She said she went to the local natural doctor over there, who at that time was using my products, and he gave her the Kidney-Bladder formula. Well, her kidneys healed! (laughter) She had never met me, but she had seen pictures of me. So now, every so often she buys some Kidney Bladder formula, I think she buys it from you now, Martin. She takes it and she is perfectly fine. She did go back to Stanford and had a few words with the doctor that told her to go home and die, told him she was saved by a bottle that costs 20 dollars!

Martin: Well, how many bottles and how often for a person like that…

Elijah: …I have no idea, it really depends on the person. Generally, half a dropper three times a day, and drink a lots of water. It’s great for all kinds of kidney and bladder problems, infections, all sorts of stuff and build ups. It cleans out kidney stones, all kinds of wonderful things.

Martin: Anything else you’d like to add?

Elijah: It just works really well, that is all I can really say! We have found that with kidney infections, bladder infections, especially those recurrent bladder infections, you have to take it sometimes for up to five or six months, but it will help with those chronic bladder infections.

Martin: Okay, thank you, Elijah! This is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast! Call me on (866) 543-3388. We restore vitality to you and to the planet. Take care!

Author: Nina Vachkova