Podcast 375: Safe Energy

Master Herbalist Elijah Free explains sustained, safe energy that keeps us going without a crash that is experienced by users of caffeinated energy drinks (like the Red Bull).

Martin: Hello, everyone! This is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast online radio and TV network. With me today is Elijah Free, master herbalist and founder of Earth Friend Herb. Hi, Elijah!

Elijah: Hi, Martin! Good to see you!

Martin: Today we are talking about a product that I’m very excited to have access to. It’s called Safe Energy. Elijah, please tell us the whole story behind this product.

Elijah: Oh, I’d love to! The concept of the name came to me years ago. I was thinking it’d be great to do an energy promoting product. I was looking at all those energy products out there and just seeing how many of them had caffeine, a lot of them had Ma Huang, which is like legal speed, fortunately they tried to take it off the market, so you don’t see it that much anymore.  

There used to be what was called a stack. It was caffeine, aspirin, and Ma Huang [ephedra]. I used to see people at the gym take it, it sort of came on slowly, and then all of a sudden you are like open wide eyed. Of course, most of the speed products, if you use them over a period of time, they could affect your adrenals and do serious damage to your health.

So when I was going to design this Safe Energy product, I was asking myself: what do I actually want to do? I want to increase a person’s energy. So the next question is what is energy? At the time, I was a real gym buddy, so I designed it and was going to use this supplement at the gym. I think I was 63 or 64 years old, just getting back there – I was actually recovering from a heart attack – so I hadn’t been to the gym in quite some time. So this was the first time I was going to use a product like that, I was using it to help me recover from heart attack, but I never used it for an athletic endeavor.

Now, one of the wonderful ways it works is it gives you sustainable energy. It isn’t like, wow, we just took a rocket ship up to the stratosphere here, oops, the caffeine wore off so I am going to come down, I’m going to crash quick, give me more coffee! Give me something to get me back up there! or whatever.

Rather it takes you to a lovely place, doesn’t go way too high, it gets you to a balanced energy level and then you just don’t get tired and you don’t crash. So the concept of it is sustainable energy. The thing we found with a lot of people who like to use a lot of the heavy energy products, “Red Bulls” and all those things, they want to take it very high very quickly, they want to feel like that rocket ship that just took off with turbo fuel.

Our product doesn’t do that. Like I said, it gives you sustainable, good, lasting energy. But it doesn’t crash. When you start to feel a little tired, you can take some more. It is a tincture, you take it and count to about four, and it kicks in really nicely.

It is a collection of adaptogens that work together to increase energy levels for people. One of the effects of this tincture is fabulous mental clarity. We have a lot of students using it to stay up at night. Truck drivers that need to drive all night use it too. A great thing about Safe Energy is that unlike caffeine products, you don’t have to wait for it to wear off, you can go right to sleep when you need to – you don’t have to take something else to calm your body down.

That is why we named it Safe Energy, because it just doesn’t create any kind of problems, and it always works. But the mental clarity part of it is wonderful, a lot of people use it for meditation. When I use Safe Energy for myself, that would be for a gym endeavor, maybe I’m going out for a long hike, sometimes at work, for example this Friday in my clinic, I had a 12.5 hour work day, so I took some Safe Energy during the day.  

Here is something I would like to point out. If you have someone who is in adrenal exhaustion, you have to be really careful with this adaptogenic formula. You don’t want to push the person’s system, because their body is exhausted, and in such cases you need to start building from the bottom up. However, I have found that a number of people with adrenal exhaustion actually have MTHFR, which makes them more susceptible to some of those other small viruses like Epstein Barr, for example.

Martin: So let’s just say that person already knows they have the MTHFR genes, would you then say go with the Cell-Ease and Cell-Ease Support first, and on the hard days or difficult days add the Safe Energy?

Elijah: Yes, exactly that. The Safe Energy is not going to wind a person up. So over a period of time it can help to build your energy up slowly. But I’ll be really truthful here, if you have had chronic fatigue going on for a long time, go with Rhodiola and just stay with it before moving forward.

Martin: Okay! Thank you very much, Elijah! And to everyone listening, be sure to check out the other videos about Earth Friend Herb products. All of the links are going to be listed below in the description of this video or the blog post, depends on where you are watching us. This is Martin Pytela from Life Enthusiast! We are restoring vitality to you and to the planet! See you next time!

Author: Nina Vachkova