Podcast 377: Meno-Ease

Master Herbalist Elijah Free explains how his formula can support the hormonal changes associated with menopause and make the transition comfortable and trouble free. Weight gain, lethargy, loss of libido, hot flashes may be greatly reduced.

Martin: Hi everybody, this is Martin Pytela for the Life Enthusiast online radio and TV network! Today with me is Elijah Free, master herbalist and founder of Earth Friend Herb. Elijah, greetings!

Elijah: Hi, Martin, it’s very good to see you and talk to all the wonderful folks who use our products! Hi, everybody!

Martin: So I thought that today would be a wonderful time to talk about a more specialized product called Meno-Ease. What can you tell us about that?

Elijah: That’s a great product! I designed this product over 30 years ago. We wanted to create something for ladies – we had a lot of requests for that – for something that when you’re entering the first stages of menopause that would work so you don’t have to take medications. And back in those days, these types of medications were pretty intense and had a lot of side effects.

At first, we had to create this product in two parts, we couldn’t get it all in one bottle back then, it was just too complicated. Then one day I had a wonderful inspiration on how to shrink all of the ingredients into one bottle, so we simplified everything. The principle behind this is very interesting. We use a director herb, which is really a super-intelligent herb. A director herb, actually, as the name suggests, directs the other herbs in what to do.

Because every woman’s body is different, what works for one woman one day doesn’t necessarily work in two weeks. You could have 100 different women, and you could have 100 different types of metabolisms, so you would need 100 different formulas, right? So what we did, instead of trying to be overly brilliant and decide what each person’s body needed, we designed the concept around the director herb, and then we put in a bunch of other raw materials.

Now what happens is that the director herb actually gets in contact with what we could call the intelligence of the cells of the body, then it sort of orchestrates, and this is really cool, it actually orchestrates how the raw herbs will be utilized, so that each woman’s body kind of customizes it and use what it needs at that time. It works really, really well. We encourage a lot of women to try this. We found out that once women start using it, they end up wanting to use it for a very long time.

Martin: Elijah, when is the right time for a woman to consider taking it? Like, what sort of symptoms would they experiencing for you to say: Oh, yeah, this is the time to reach for Meno-Ease.

Elijah: Good question! Now this is very individual, this could happen anywhere from mid-thirties, which is incredibly young, all the way up to late fifties. So there’s not an exact set time. Like with many things in the healing arts, we have to consider the whole spectrum, not just that medium point. So in this case, it is better to look at the symptoms. Some of the first symptoms that we often see when women come into my healing office, are things like hot flashes, or you might be more irritable, and a very common symptom can be a lack of libido. Sometimes even weight gain, lethargy, any number of things. It is very individual.

We generally suggest that instead of guessing, to do some actual testing. But even if the symptoms are very mild, my suggestion is often to give the herbs a try! 

There’s nothing that’s going to work all the time, of course; I have to be upfront with this particular product. Other formulas we have, like the Fibro-Ease or the adrenal formula, those nearly always work as long as you properly diagnose the problem and use it as directed. But female hormones are a very, very complicated thing. We find it works the majority of the time, but truthfully, you will have to try to see for yourself.

Martin: We know that later in life, women can experience issues with estrogen-progesterone imbalances. Does this product address it in any way?

Elijah: Well, here’s the thing you have to be careful about. First of all, yes, it does address it. But when a person gets older, you have to sometimes check to make sure that there is not a conversion. Actually, that can happen at any age, it doesn‘t necessarily only apply to older people. So if the formula doesn’t work or if it actually stops working at some point, that’s the time to go to your doctor and get your hormones checked.

What happens is a manifestation called conversion can occur in the body, where testosterone could be turned into estrogen, estrogen could be turned into progesterone, and so on. So if the formula works for you, you’re probably in pretty good shape with that. If it doesn’t do anything, or you’ve been using it for some time and all of a sudden it stops working, that’s the time to get checked by an endocrinologist and see what’s going on.

One cool way to use this product, as we suggest with the adrenal formula or the PTSD formula, is we do what’s called a saturation.  What I mean by that is that sometimes, we need enough substance in the body to create a metabolic change, so instead of starting with the average dose of half a dropper three times a day, you should use a little bit more at first. A saturation rate for Meno-Ease might be a whole dropper three times a day until you’ve finished the first bottle, then drop down to half a dropper three times a day. It is not recommended with every formula we make, but there’s just a specific few that work very well with saturation, and Meno-Ease is one of them.

Martin: Okay! Thank you very much, Elijah! For everyone who is listening, be sure to check the links in the description of this video for more information, and also visit our website! You can also call me directly at (866) 543-3388! This is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast! We are restoring vitality to you can to the planet! See you next time!

Author: Nina Vachkova