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Podcast 378: Black Friday at

Save money while gaining health! With Black Friday just around the corner, we have a 10% off code for you!

Use code THX2019 at checkout for an additional 10% off of your order on! Code is valid through December 31st 2019! This code applies to most products, devices are excluded.

We also stick to the theme of Black Friday by introducing our two favorite “black” products – Black Cumin Seed Oil and Black Gold – Humic Acid Powder.

Scott: Welcome, everybody! This is the Life Enthusiast Online radio and TV network! We are restoring vitality to you and the planet! I am your co-host Scott Paton, joining us, as usual, is Life Enthusiast Health Coach Martin Pytela! Black Friday Week is coming really soon, and I think what we should do is just join in this commercial celebration. Because if we can get even a few people using some of the amazing products that we sell at Life Enthusiast, we know for a fact that’s gonna make a huge difference in the quality of their lives. What do you think?

Martin: I really agree with the marketing madness. I am so non-commercial, but I am very pro-health. And I was thinking for Black Friday, let’s go with black products. I want to talk about two items – Black Cumin Oil and Black Gold, the humic powder. This blackness is good for the soul and the body!

Scott: Great! So let’s start with Black Cumin. Is that from the cumin seed?

Martin: Yes, black cumin seed. It has been used for over 3000 years, in India, Egypt, ancient Greece, China. It’s been described as the one thing that can cure everything except death itself.

Scott: All right, that’s a pretty good claim.

Martin: Oh, it’s a strong claim! Black cumin is one of the most antioxidant-rich seeds that you can find on the planet. The brand we offer at Life Enthusiast is Activation Products. They are using a really special method of extracting plant oils, called Perfect Press, which enables them to extract the oils cold-pressed without causing rancidification, so the oils don’t oxidize and spoil during the process.

Scott: There have been tons of studies on black cumin seed oil. Of course, we are not allowed to make medical claims, but there are studies out there for black seed oil and diabetes, inhibition of cancer cell growth, the improvement of the immune system, viral infections, and also psoriasis, so this oil can be used internally as well as applied on the skin. Cleopatra used it as a beauty treatment as well! So I’m assuming that you could put it onto your skin and you will look as young and as beautiful as Cleopatra.

Martin: Antioxidants are really important because that’s basically what slows down or even reverses the effects of aging! Our customers love this product, you could probably check the reviews on our website, but in general it is great for all the issues you mentioned. It has been used to reverse every possible ill, from skin problems to internal problems, tumors, you name it. It really works in a universal way.

Scott: So I took your advice and just looked at some of the reviews on the website, and this one makes me want to try it, I quote: „It was helpful with the pain in my knees. It is amazing. I have been using it for a month, and I found it very helpful with the pain in my knees.“ As you know, I have had pains in my knees for a long time, so this is something I am very curious about. I should say that I really, really, really like the Lazarus blend by Exsula Superfoods for my knee issues, just to go on a bit of a tangent…

Martin: …and there you go beautifully off-topic, but it actually sort of fits with the general line of thinking of how the black cumin oil works, it works on everything, and it is actually present in the Lazarus formula!

Scott: So, Martin, if you get a bottle of this, how would you take it?

Martin: Well, on its own, it doesn’t taste great. Some people tolerate it just fine, I find it a little difficult. It reminds me of motor oil. So I put it into a smoothie, where I can hide it with other flavors. I have used it in my salad. I tried it straight, but it is a bit too strong for me. A reasonable daily dose is about a teaspoon a day.

Scott: So you take one teaspoon in the morning or one teaspoon at night, which would you prefer?

Martin: I personally prefer to take it with food. So whenever I’m eating, morning or evening.

Scott: And what about topical use? Can you put it on your skin and let it absorb?

Martin: Sure, it doesn’t smell bad, but it doesn’t penetrate the skin quickly, so it’s going to leave you feeling greasy for quite a while.

Scott: So don’t use it over the whole body, right? But you could use it on your elbows, knees, dry patches on your skin. [note from Nina: I have used it as a part of my skincare routine for oil cleansing, it works great on the skin.]

Martin: Remember, these are essential fatty acids and antioxidants, and your body will use them whether you bring them through the mouth or through the elbow. Once they’re inside your body, they’re circulating and they’re going to be utilized by the body at the place of the highest need. Your immune system decides how it wants to use things.

We recommend having one teaspoon per day as a minimal effective dose. If you are using too little, it just won’t really do much, it’s sort of like trying to start a fire with a match without kindling.

Scott: And the other extreme is don’t drink the whole bottle of once.

Martin: Yes, that would be too intense. I think it would turn your digestive system into a flow-through.

Scott: All right, that was the Black Cumin Oil! There is going to be a direct link to this product in the show notes, so check that out. Now let’s talk about Black Gold.

Martin: Black Gold is the humic acid powder. Humic acid is also available as a liquid concentrate, but Black Gold is a powder formula. It started out about 80 million years ago as a bog, this bog was digested by microbes into a compost back in antediluvian times, long before the flood. This compost is then reduced into very fine biomass, which is mostly carbon. It looks like charcoal, and it behaves like charcoal, but it’s bioactive. It has been consumed and processed by microbes, and it works in the gut to improve the communication of all the microbes that live in your gut.

We have talked about the microbiome many times, and we believe that the microbiome is at the center of the stability of human health. Our gut is where the majority of our immune system is located, and if you don’t have a good microbiome in the gut, you’re going to have problems not only with your digestion but with your overall immunity. It means allergies, brain fog, all kinds of inflammatory conditions. All of the autoimmune problems are associated with that.  

Scott: And humic acid is antiviral, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Martin: Yes, all of that.  

Scott: So if you have any concerns about your immune health, you should be taking humic acid, and we offer it as Black Gold Humic Acid Powder.

Martin: Yes. Black Gold will help you with your gut health, with your liver, it helps to eliminate the viral infections. Bodybuilders, the guys who really want to show off their muscles, have been using humic acid powder to reduce fat, when they are trying to lean out before competitions, it really helps to show the muscle definition, get rid of the subcutaneous fat. So if you want to turn your daddy body into a bodybuilder body, the Black Gold powder is a good buddy for you.

Scott: So how would you take this product? I suppose pouring it on a teaspoon and sticking straight in your mouth would be somewhat unappetizing…

Martin: The Black Gold is a powder that does have a very high surface tension, so it doesn’t really blend well with liquids. If you toss it into something like a smoothie when you’re making it in a blender, that will work. I have put it into oatmeal, it turns it black. I’ve thrown it into a salad, it works really well there.

Scott: So basically, get a liquid that you like, like a juice or smoothie, put it in a high-speed blender, and there you go.

Martin: You can also use it with your coffee in your coffee machine. If you are making drip coffee, you can actually put some of the powder with your coffee grinds into the filter and just run hot water through it, and create your own humic concentrate.

I have had some really cool stories told to me about this. One lady who is sensitive to gluten, if she accidentally got glutened, she would have three days of brain fog and intestinal hell. And she said to me: If I see it coming, or feel it coming, I’ll take three teaspoons of the Black Gold and it just mops it all up and takes care of it.  

Scott: There are a couple of reviews, this one is by Brad: „I’ve been so impressed. I purchased it for my dad, whose condition has improved dramatically since taking it. He has also lost some weight. He’s happy with losing some extra pounds, and we’re all very encouraged. I’ve been so impressed, and I’m taking it as well.“

Martin: I’m taking it as well myself as well!

Scott: I have humic and fulvic acid in a liquid concentrate right now, but I want to give this powder form a try as well. So, Martin, the main reason that we wanted to talk about these products is our own little Black Friday sale! We wanted to pick two items that we thought would really make a difference in anybody’s life, products we have good experience with ourselves, and that our customers really love. If you’ve never tried any of our products, make sure to check these two out.

Martin: We have a Black Friday discount code for you, it is THX2019, it gets you 10% off on top of the quantity discounts that we have in the store, so you can combine this code with other discounts. So for example, if you are buying 12 units, you get a total of 22% off. Enjoy!

Scott: That’s a great deal! Awesome! Well, thank you for joining us, everybody! We appreciate you! We hope that you have a great Thanksgiving, or are about to have a great Thanksgiving! Enjoy our Black Friday discount, buy yourself a little bit of health in a bottle or jar, and take some steps to make sure that you have the best of health for you and your family. So thank you for joining us again! This is a Life Enthusiast Online radio and TV network, restoring vitality to you and the planet! See you next time! 

Author: Nina Vachkova