Podcast 382: Eliminate Allergies, Alleviate Jaw and Body Pain

Ease Arthritic and Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Pain with herbal tinctures by Earth Friend Herb! Want to reverse calcification of joints or get rid of jaw tension? Elijah Free talks about TMJ-Ease and Arthritis-Ease, and as a bonus introduces us to Allergy-Ease, a product he likes to call “a one-trick pony,” a toxin neutralizer that helps you fight airborne allergens!

Martin: Hi, everyone! It’s Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast online TV and radio network!  Today I have with me the master herbalist, Elijah Free from Earth Friend Herbs.!Elijah, thank you for spending your time with us!

Elijah: Hi Martin! It is always great to be here!

Martin: We were discussing the herbs that you put together to create a formula called Arthritis-Ease, and another one called TMJ-Ease, and you told me that your Allergy-Ease is somehow related to these two, so let’s talk about these three products today!  

Elijah: Let’s do Allergy-Ease first! We should all be able to put our nose on a rose and smell it, and cuddle with our cat. I like to kiss my cat and kind of get my face in the fur, and I love to smell everything being an herbalist. But there are a few things that cause allergies, making us unable to do these sorts of things. When I was young, I had the worst allergies you can imagine, it was really bad. I don’t have them anymore since I changed my diet in my very early twenties. So what we have for the rest of the folks, who may still suffer from allergies, is a product called Allergy-Ease. Let me tell you how it works. The premise here, as I just said, is that everyone should be able to rub their face on the kitty, and put their nose on the rose. If you can’t, there is a reason why.

Your body accumulates a lot of acid toxins, these toxins build up in the bloodstream, they get into your lymphatic system, into your organs – they go all over the place. When that happens, it makes your immune system very reactive because it is in an inflammatory state. Allergy-Ease is one of those one-trick ponies. It does one thing extremely well, and it doesn’t need to do anything else. Its wonderful trick is that it neutralizes those toxins in the system, so you become non-reactive to these things you used to be very reactive to, like the nose on the rose, and the kiss on the kitty cat, your wife’s perfume, or the pollen and the trees.

Now, there’s a special way to use it, so I want to make sure everybody understands this. When you buy this, I am not trying to get more of your money, but make sure you buy at least two bottles. The first bottle is going to be for your loading phase. In a loading phase, you are going to be taking a whole dropper every two to three hours, until you can finish the whole bottle. Be sure to drink enough water every time you take Allergy-Ease, I want to see 8-10 ounces of water going down there every time. That’s important because your body is going to flush out those acid toxins, they are going to be released from your cells and eliminated with the urine. If you don’t drink enough water, it won’t work as well, okay, so the water makes it work with greater efficiency.

After you finish your loading phase with the first bottle, just go to half a dropper three times a day. You will then put your nose on a rose, kiss your kitty, and just go: Woooow, this is great! I usually suggest people started at the beginning or before the pollen season starts. Or if you are in the country where there is a lot of ragweed, a lot of pollen starting in May, I would suggest starting on the first day of April, go through the loading phase, and then continue for a few weeks. If it’s already the middle of the summer and the sky is yellow with ragweed and pollen, do the loading phase and keep taking it, it is going to work anyway. But of course, it is better to get ready for the season, take it throughout the season, and you should be fine.

It works really well. You might look at the label and see that there are only two herbs here! But there is a special way to manufacturer it. I came up with a special manufacturing method for this product. It is one of our special proprietary methods that makes it works so beautifully. So that’s Allergy-Ease!

Martin: You really got my attention with the fact that this works for people who are sensitive to perfumes. Are you saying that the folks that are sensitive to industrial smells, perfumes, cigarette smoke and all of that can use Allergy-Ease to clear themselves too?

Elijah: As long as there is not a profound autoimmune factor going on. You would have to use the Cell-Ease along with it, but that’s why people should first get tested for the MTHFR to really make sure what their problem is. If you don’t have MTHFR, it works great. But with MTHFR, there is another underlying factor. That is probably what is making you susceptible in the first place. You should be treating your MTHFR issue first, and you have to use the Cell-Ease to get into a locked cell. The Allergy-Ease itself will not do that. So again, if you suspect you can have any form of autoimmune condition, you should really be tested for that first, because that means that your treatment for most things will be different.

Martin: So, how is this related to the Arthritis-Ease? In function?

Elijah: I gotta tell you a little story. So I had just made the Fibro-Ease formula, and I wanted to create a whole new generation of products. I got really excited. So I said to myself: no one has been able to make a really good arthritis formula. That will be the next one I create! But being me, I said: let’s make it difficult. The Fibro-Ease only has five herbs in it, only four of them are active, the last one is passive, it is what we call a director herb. So first I said: let’s make this with five herbs! But we made it with four, and only three of them are active.

You’re going to love this, this is one of my best herb stories. I found a recipe for a very very old remedy, like from medieval times. Back then when someone had such bad arthritis, they would undress them, cover them in honey, and bury them up to the neck next to an anthill! Why would they do that? Ants release formic acid, which is one of the greatest neutralizers that exist in our world. The ants would eat the honey, bite the patient, and the formic acid would actually break apart the calculi buildup. So I said: Oh, great, we’re going to duplicate an ant bite!

The closest thing we could find in nature to this formic acid is actually fumaric acid, found in Icelandic Moss, which is actually a lichen. We took Irish Moss, which you see in your foods as carrageenan, as an emulsifier. This plant really is a seaweed, even though they call it moss. We combined the two together, the Icelandic Moss, which is not really a moss, but a lichen, and Irish Moss, which is not really a moss, but a seaweed, and we got the equivalent of formic acid. Then we took garden variety Hydrangea, which has a particular type of phosphorus known to break down kidney stones. And then we just put a director herb Lobelia into it.

And let me tell you how fast this thing works. It’s unbelievably fast. It literally breaks down the calculi in the body over a short period of time. If you have bone spurs, expect good six to eight months. The bone spurs are big and thick! Arthritis-Ease normalizes metabolism, so as a result, they don’t grow anymore. It actually goes in on the molecular level, it takes it apart, and then takes it out through the kidneys. So the ants taught me how to make that formula!

Martin: Fantastic! So to explain. The calculus, that’s that hardening shell that’s present in the joint correct?

Elijah: Yes, or anywhere in the body, really. It is all that build up in there.

Martin: Is it at all related to the hardening of the arteries?

Elijah: Close to it, however, a lot of the hardening of the arteries is an autoimmune problem. Okay, so for example, I have that problem, and of course, I have an autoimmune issue, I have MTHFR. When I started working with this product, I reviewed a lot of people with arterial sclerosis, kidney stones, calculi buildup in the body, bone spurs and stuff like that. This formula will work great, even if you have MTHFR. It works across the board on everyone, the formula has been around since the early 2000s.

Martin: Okay, so let’s talk about the large joints. I understand arthritis in the hands, where you just can’t hold things, can’t open the bottle, but what about the big joints, like the hip joint, for example?

Elijah: Same thing, as long as there is a presentation of that type of calculi, it works throughout the body. It doesn’t matter where it is or how big the joint is.

Martin: Are there any types of joint pain that this will not work on?

Elijah: Well, the things which are damaged, obviously. It’s one trick is that will break down the calculi, but it will not repair broken tissue. On the bottle, it says Arthritis-Ease and Toxin Neutralizer.  It helps to neutralize a lot of the acid toxins from the body. Sometimes, we have a patient that has a tremendous amount of acid in their system. Even if they don’t have arthritis, we will give it to them just to neutralize it.

Martin: Awesome. So that would be the people who are irritable, short-tempered and easy to anger, right?

Elijah: I can’t really say that that’s what’s causing that, they could just be not nice people…

Martin:  Well that is the acidic personality or an acidic mood.

Elijah: You know, I don’t think I’ve ever looked at it in that way, truthfully, so honestly, it might, but I’ve never actually done that research, so I can’t actually confirm that, but maybe you could tell me!

Martin: I can, because I work with the pH balances. And when you get a person acidic, they are short-tempered, angry, and so on. And overly alkaline person becomes indecisive, despondent, and depressed.

Elijah: See, I just learned something from Martin! That’s why I tell folks: be sure, if you have questions, to call Martin. Martin is one of the two most knowledgeable people on the planet on these products!  And you get Martin’s incredible background of talking to like about a bazillion people over the years, and also, Martin may have products from other companies, that will complement Earth Friend Herb products! So that’s what you get when you talk to Martin!

Martin: Well, thank you, Elijah! Let’s talk about the TMJ-Ease as well, what is this product?

Elijah: TMJ! Temporal mandibular joint! It is a joint connecting your lower and upper jaw. This is where people say “my jaw hurts”. Now, we need to define what the TMJ problem is. Years ago when we made the Fibro-Ease formula, we were testing it and using it, and about maybe three months into it, a woman comes in on Wednesday and she says: “Oh, by the way, does this work on TMJ?” And I said: “Well, not that I’m aware of, it’s a fibromyalgia formula,” and she says: “Oh, well, it cleared up the horrible TMJ pain I had for years, I spent a fortune on the dentist and nothing worked, and after using this, my TMJ doesn’t hurt anymore!” I said: “Well, I don’t know what to say, and I let it go.” On Friday, another woman comes in and she’s telling me how good the fibro formula works, she says: “Oh, this cleared up my TMJ, you didn’t tell me it works on TMJ!” And I said: “Well, as far as I know, it doesn’t, and I don’t think about it anymore.” The next week, somebody else walks in and says the same thing, and I said: Okay, now I have to try this.

When I was seventeen, I went into military service and in my combat training, I got hit in the jaw with a rifle butt. Ever since then my jaw hurt badly; a normal day would be about a six or seven out of ten, and I have extremely high pain tolerance. So anyhow, I took the formula, it took about ten days to kick in, and I woke up the next morning with no jaw pain. And I went: OK, I really have to figure out how this works. Two days later I was talking to a chiropractor, my friend Sylvia, a wonderful chiropractor, and I’m telling her about this jaw thing, and she goes: “Oh, well, that makes sense.” I said: “Well, I’m glad it does to somebody because I’m not getting it.”

Chiropractors learn a lot about a temporal-mandibular joint. She explained it to me. When your jaw is a little off one way or the other, these joints, which are very small, get irritated from coming down incorrectly, and guess what they build up on them? Fibrin! It’s very hard fibrin, and when you chew, it acts like a wedge. So Fibro-Ease dissolved the fibrin and people’s jaws just sat back. Here is the thing: if your jaw is off mechanically, it’s not going to fix your jaw. If your teeth are off and your jaw is off, you need to go to your dentist and have it fixed. Around that time, I met the dentist of my dreams, who specializes in TMJ. I went to him, he did a little bit of grinding on my teeth, and I started eating almonds, nuts, and apples for the first time since I was seventeen.

This was quite a few years ago. Like I said, on a good day, the pain was a six or seven out of ten. It caused twitching, horrible pain in my nerves over here, some of the cranial nerves. And since trying the Fibro-Ease formula to treat my TMJ and some of the dental work, I never had another problem. But again, if your jaw is off, it can’t reset and rebuild your jaw. If you have a fibrin buildup around your TMJ, this will work beautifully. And if you are in the Bay Area in California and you are looking for a great dentist that specializes in TMJ, send me an e-mail, and I can tell you more about the dentist I saw.

Martin:  So, how is the TMJ-Ease different from the Fibro-Ease?

Elijah: Oh, right, we reformulated Fibro-Ease, we kept the active ingredients, added some that will also help to get rid of a lot of the acid toxins, so it’s basically formulated to take care of fibrin as well as the toxic buildup. It is not as strong as the arthritis formula. If you have arthritis, go for Arthritis-Ease.

Martin: Awesome. Thank you very much, Elijah.

Elijah: You are welcome!

Martin: This is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast! Visit us at www.life-enthusiast.com, or call us at (866) 543-3388! We are restoring vitality to you, and to the planet!

Author: Nina Vachkova