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Podcast 387: Negative Ions – Part 2

Negative ions attach to pollutants and allergens with a positive charge; they even remove bacteria and viruses from the air.

In nature, the best sources of negative ions are areas where water molecules crash and gain their negative charge by losing electrons; this includes waterfalls, rivers, and areas where water evaporates, like forests and beaches, and also during thunderstorms and rain. If you have ever noticed that feeling of freshness in the air after the storm, it is because of negative ions.

But spending hours in nature, traveling to visit the biggest waterfalls, dancing in the rain, or surrounding ourselves with dozens of green plants for each room is not an option for everyone, even though it sounds like an ideal scenario. Spencer Feldman has a solution for everyone!

Podcast 387: Grounding, Negative Ions, and Electrons – Part2:

Martin: Hi everybody, this is Martin Pytela for the Life Enthusiast online radio network! With me today is Spencer Feldman, the founder and chief technologist at RemedyLink. And today we are very excited to introduce to you the electron replacement or electron charging device. Well, maybe Spencer will tell us the official name of it. Spencer Feldman, welcome!

Spencer: Hey, Martin, thanks for having me! So you know I’ve been involved in this idea about electrons for a while. A couple of years ago I read a book on grounding, that’s the idea of walking barefoot, or putting a pad under your bed or where you work that’s attached to the Earth to get electrons from the Earth. And I’m reading this book and it seems amazing. And then I start grounding and I don’t really notice anything, so I’m trying to figure out what it is. So I’m doing this research on electrons. They come off the sun, they travel on the solar wind to the Earth, which is kind of like a giant battery. And we are meant to absorb electrons through the air, through the water, through our food, and through our feet, our skin. One of the things that electrons do is detoxify.

Nowadays the electrons in the atmosphere are 20% more positive than negative because all of the electrons are being used up, not all of them, but a large number of electrons are being used up to detoxify the atmosphere – the pollution, chemtrails, all that. So with every breath, rather than getting a charge of electrons, we’re actually losing electrons. We are meant to get them through our water, water that would normally come from mountain streams and waterfalls is fully charged, and you drink it up. But our water now goes through pipes, it is reclaimed from sewage and is treated with flocculants. These flocculants strip the electrons off the water to make the water glue itself up so it can be filtered out better. But then we end up drinking those flocculants, so we are getting a positive charge from our water and our air.

Now food, we cook our food and there’s nothing wrong with that. Cooking kills bacteria and parasites, makes it more absorbable, but it also knocks all the electrons off the food. So our food is striping us of electrons as well. And then our skin: the main way we are supposed to get electrons is from the Earth through our bare feet. Our meridians are actually an electron irrigation system to transfer electrons to the internal organs. If you take any two materials and rub them together, one will typically take electrons from the other, it’s called the piezo-electric effect. And human skin will give electrons to anything. Now you might say, “well that’s terrible, why are we designed that way?” Well, we are designed to flow, but one of the side effects of flowing is that we give electrons away. So we have been walking around in rubber shoes, and on carpets, and in synthetic clothes.

And when we walk on rubber shoes, we don’t get the charge from the Earth. When we walk on carpets, it actively pulls it out of us. And anytime your skin rubs against the synthetic substance, it loses electrons – the synthetics in the clothing, right?

Martin: Yeah, the classic walking up to the door handle, touching it and “zap,” right?

Spencer: Yes, and in order to do that, we have to be at 7,000 volts of positive for that charge to happen. So you can see that in order to touch a doorknob, the person is already 7,000 volts in deficit. So every time someone moves around in clothes, and the synthetics rub against their skin, they are losing electrons to the clothing.

Martin: Right, if you pull the artificial fabric sweater over your head and you hear the “crackle, crackle, pop, pop.” And when you do it in the dark, you’ll see these little lightning bolts going off, right?

Spencer: Right, but that’s your life force leaving you. (laughing) It’s an interesting thing, but it’s terrible for you. We want it to go back, we want to go and reverse this. And then you take a look at the electronics, like these earbuds, for example. Anytime you have electricity traveling through wire, it sucks electrons out of the air around it and creates an electrical vacuum behind it. So that’s the whole problem with high voltage wires. They make the air around them highly positive. The animals and the plants and the trees don’t have a problem, because they are attached to the earth, so they’re sucking electrons back up to replace what they are losing, but you walk under them or live under them on a carpet and wear shoes, then that’s why people are getting sick.

Martin: Yes, electron deficiency.

Spencer: Yeah, electron deficiency syndrome, exactly. So, I was thinking to myself, well, grounding makes a lot of sense. Why aren’t I feeling anything from it? I live off-grid, so I have a huge battery array to charge my solar panels and I know that I have to maintain the batteries. If you let a battery drop too low in voltage, it crystallizes – it’s lead-sulfate. Once those crystals form in there, it can’t take on a charge properly.

Martin: Yes. We all are aware of the fact that batteries when we use them, charge and discharge them, they will not return to full capacity. They lose the ability to hold the full charge that they started with when they were new.

Spencer: Right, so the longer you’ve had a cell phone, the less amount of time it will hold a charge. Now, you can recover batteries. What they do for lead-acid batteries is they run a voltage spike through them. When people have quartz watches, what happens is the electricity goes into the quartz and the quartz vibrates, and that gives you your timing for the watch. So there’s a principle about crystals, called a piezoelectric effect. If you stress a crystal, it gives electricity. That’s how those little lighters work, where you click them and they make a little spark. And the opposite, if you put electricity into a crystal, the crystal vibrates. Well, the way that these voltage devices work on batteries to recover them is that they cause these voltage spikes that shake the crystals so much, that they just blow up.

So I said to myself, maybe the grounding is not working because I can’t hold a charge just like these dead batteries, right? So I built a machine that would pulse electricity into me. Anything that uses electricity is going to strip electrons out of you unless it is specifically designed not to. Even though there’s a lot of great machines out there and they have a lot of wonderful effects, they’re also stripping us of elections.

Martin: Even small things like touching your keyboard, a notepad, a smartphone…

Spencer: Or things like a violet-ray or a multi-wave oscillator, things that are otherwise good for you, will still take electrons away from you. I tested them, I put electron meters to them, I could see they were just pulling electrons off like mad. So I made a machine that would pulse electrons into me the same way you could do for a car battery, except this was for the 37 trillion cells that I’m made out of.

And so all of this junk started coming out of me. So then the next thing I did, after I knew my urine is now clear, after I blasted these crystals out, I let me then charge myself. So I put it on a steady setting and I let it charge my body. And a number of interesting things happened. 

When I was young, I did something foolish, I was eating a lot of fruit and it caused some damage to my pancreas, and I gave myself peripheral neuropathy and peripheral artery disease. So that meant I got very cold feet, they were numb for years. And I am using this machine, and I won’t get off the machine, it’s like trying to tear a guy who has been in a desert for 10 days away from a water fountain. I’m on this thing for hours every day. I am now six months into it, and now I don’t need it that much, but in the beginning, my body was craving it like mad. A couple of days, maybe a week into it, all of a sudden, my feet started getting warm for the first time in 15-20 years. I used to need heavy wool socks to go to sleep even in summertime, and now they were warm! 

Martin: Yeah, we have this repulsive force of the same poles, when you put together negative and positive, they glob together. Put negative to negative, and they repel.

Spencer: Right, exactly. So when the person doesn’t have enough electrons, it’s like drinking Elmer’s glue. The body gets stuck on the inside. And if that goes on long enough, that glue turns into the crystals that then become kidney stones, and make the body unable to hold a charge. And so once I got rid of the crystals and I was able to hold a charge, all the glue started breaking up. Why does someone have cold feet? When you think of circulation, you think of arteries and veins, but 85% of the circulation is in capillaries. So when you open up the capillaries, the blood can move freely. These capillaries are half the size of a blood cell, and the blood cell needs to fold itself to get through them, and they get glued up very easily.

Martin: There is not a lot of room around the blood cell, that blood cell essentially fills the entire diameter of the capillary itself, right?

Spencer: Yeah, and you get a little bit of a positive charge on there. You can look at a capillary that is positively charged and you can see the blood just sitting there, it doesn’t even move, maybe it wiggles a little bit. When you put the negative charge back on, it all moves, and now my feet are warm again. There is a reason why young children blush, and people don’t blush as much as they get older because the capillary bed is globbing, it gets glued up as we get older and it can’t blush. But if you’re healthy, you’ll blush at any age if you’re embarrassed. So back to the machine, I use it, my feet get warm, tingling goes away. And I am like “wow, this is amazing!” The circulation turned back on, all the crystals came out, and then this thing, this little growth on my nose fell off that I’ve had for like 20 years.

Now, you have normal tissue, and you have cancerous tissue, but in between, you have stuff that could go either way, you have to kind of watch it, make sure it doesn’t go the wrong way. Anyway, I’m using this machine for a few weeks, and all of a sudden I get this dry spot on my nose and then it falls out, leaves a hole behind it, and I think it goes through two cycles of that, and then the spot eventually heals up. And I realized that was that little growth that I had, it wasn’t a tumor, but it wasn’t healthy. Because if you take a healthy tissue and you lower its voltage, it becomes cancerous. But if you take cancerous tissue and you raise its voltage, it stops dividing. So the electrical voltage is very important in terms of whether things grow properly or grow at all in the body, things that shouldn’t be there.

You can look at the work of Dr. Jerry Tennant about electrons and voltage, that was what happened for me. So first you pulse, clear out the crystals, that’s like regenerating the battery, right? Because we’re not like a cell phone, if your cell phone battery goes out, you just buy a new battery, but you are not going to replace 37 trillion cells in your body, you can’t, you have to recover them, and when you recover them, then you can hold a charge. Now why isn’t grounding enough? The Earth is a trickle charger. If your batteries are in good shape, then all you need is a trickle charge. But when the batteries get damaged, when our body gets crystallized, then grounding is not enough, because it doesn’t have enough of a charge to break through the crystals. So first you break through the crystals, you charge yourself up to a high voltage – for me it took six months – and then eventually you get to the point where all you need is to go outside, put your feet on the ground for a few minutes, touch a tree, walk by the beach and you can hold the charge.

Let me tell you some things that happened to other people. One other woman in particular, she was a stage four cancer patient, very famous in the health field, and she was using it. And then she told me she was getting cups of worms out of her, like liver flukes, coming out of her. And they were alive when they came out. Most worms you can’t see, they’re microscopic. These things are big enough for you to actually see, and they were alive. They were wiggling. And it’s important that they come out when they’re alive because if you just kill them, they die in the liver… it is a lot better to have them choose to leave when they are still alive. So why would they leave? If you go online to YouTube, and you type in “worms, electricity,” you see people who want to go fishing putting a car battery on the ground with wires, and electrify the ground, so these worms come out. Worms don’t like electricity. Most infections, parasites, viruses, bacteria, they’re composting agents. Ebola and influenza go after us, but most of them are just composters. So how do they know to compost us? Well, healthy tissue has a charge and dead tissue doesn’t.

Martin: Yes, these parasites live in a depleted, weakened body and tissue, right?

Spencer: Because they think it’s food! Which it is. The body with stage four cancer looks like food to all these worms. So when you get the charge up high enough, the worms, yeast, fungus, and bacteria are all like: this isn’t food, this isn’t a compost pile, let’s go elsewhere. Not only is it not food, but it’s uncomfortable to be here. They don’t want to be there, they actively go.

Another aspect of this is detox. And if you look at toxic metals, they all have a positive charge. Back in the 1800s, they were using electricity to pull metals out of people from lead poisoning. They put them in a bathtub full of electricity, negative electrons, and you could see the metals accumulate on the electrodes in the bath as they left the person. You can definitely use electricity to detoxify someone, but you can also make them more toxic if you don’t know what you’re doing. I would be mindful of what kind of electricity and how you’re pushing and pulling.

Well then you’ve got the whole antioxidant side of things, right? Like electrons are the tiniest antioxidants you could possibly imagine, they are dimensionless. And then if you have enough electrons, you can actually recharge all the antioxidants that you are eating. So if you are eating this expensive antioxidant supplement, and you don’t have enough electrons in your body, then the moment the antioxidant gives up its electron, it’s done. But if you have electrons in you, then you can recycle that antioxidant a billion times a second, and it makes it more powerful.

Martin: This is an important point to stress. Essentially aging, as I understand it, is the gradual decline of available electrons, the rusting of the human body, wrinkles, and loss of function.

Spencer: Yeah, that’s certainly a part of it. So how do we get electrons into the body? We get them through our feet. So there’s a pad that you can run through your feet. We get them to the air and there’s a way with this machine to put electrons into the air that you breathe too, and you get them through food and water. Do you remember the liposomal Vitamin C? You can make your own with a blender if you want. I found a way to use the machine to electrify the blades of a blender. And what you do is you put some water and some lecithin in, and you blend it up, and the electrons go from the machine through the blade into the water, into the liposomes, and then when you drink it, you are getting all these electrons released internally inside the body.

Martin: So you simply pump a whole lot of electrons into the food you’re about to ingest.

Spencer: Yeah, I mean I don’t have any numbers, but I would say that one half a cup of electronic smoothie or electronic liposomes is like a month’s worth of eating raw food. I mean the number of electrons in this is just off the hook. 

The last thing I want to mention is 5G. 5G is something that’s going to be more and more of an issue as time goes on. You know how they’re cutting down all the trees to make way for 5G? In England, they are really upset, because they have these beautiful, hundred year old trees lining the boulevards, and they are cutting them all down because of 5G.

Martin: So that there is a direct line of sight with no interference.

Spencer: That’s what they say, right? I think that there are two aspects to it. Yes, mechanically, the tree blocks line of sight. But I think part of it is the electrons. The tree is grounded to the Earth, and if you had the ability to see the electrical charge, you would see this cloud of electrons around the living tree.

Martin: Yeah, in fact, trees pump negative ions into the air, that’s why being in a forest is a fun experience because it has got such a high percentage of these negative ions in the air.

Spencer: Even more so once you get the crystals out and you go to the forest, you can fully accept the charge from it. So you’ve got these trees and they’ve got these clouds of electrons around them. Now there’s something called the Compton scattering in physics. When you get energy, electromagnetic energy – all the way up to x-rays, but definitely in the microwave range – and it hits an electron, the electron can wiggle and then radiate the energy back out. So I think what’s going on with the trees is the 5G hits the tree, hits the electrons outside around it like a force field, the electrons take it, absorb it, and re-radiate it out, Compton Scattering. That’s what’s knocking out the 5G if they were to kill the tree, then the dead tree wouldn’t have the same effect as a living tree.

Martin: Because 5G does go through walls, right.

Spencer: Well, it has to, and the wall is not living. So it’s the living things that they’re trying to kill. What I believe is possible is that the more charge we have on us, the more of a force field against 5G we have. That when we have a coating of electrons on our body, because the crystals are out, and we are able to charge ourselves, and we keep that shield up, then yes, the 5G is still a problem, but when it hits us, our body, it hits the free electrons in the body, they wiggle and radiate it out again via Compton scattering. It’s not perfect protection, but I think that the more charged we are, the more resistant we are to things like 5G, and all the other stuff that’s out there.

Martin: That is valid and valuable. I was only thinking in terms of damage, where the radiation comes in and upsets the normal function of things and it will cause me to just age faster or function less normally as I would have otherwise. But you’re actually explaining that not only that, but you’re actually becoming an active, sort of like Obi-Wan Kenobi, invisible to the radiation or at least resistant to the radiation, because it doesn’t penetrate and stay.

Spencer: Yeah. If you have enough free electrons, I think you will be able to take advantage of the Compton effect. And basically it’s like “shields up.” The stuff is coming in, but it’s not as much of a problem, because you can bounce it off of you.

Martin: That’s powerful! Okay, and so this would require what? A 15 minute daily session after your initial six months of supercharging?

Spencer: So, when I started using it, I was addicted to it. You know, you couldn’t get me off the machine for six hours a day.

Martin: So what would you do? Have your feet on it while working?

Spencer: Everything. Working, or resting, just sitting, everything. My partner was like: “What are you doing? Take a break.” I’m like: “You don’t understand. My body wants this really badly.”

Martin: So now on this machine, I see on the front panel you have this knob…

Spencer: (describing the image on the screen)…this lets you know that it’s running, this is an auto-protect so that if you touch someone when you are using it, you don’t shock them, it’ll turn itself off automatically. And these are the settings. You go all the way to the top, that’s where you might start in the beginning, and once you know your urine is no longer full of crystals, and it’s not cloudy and junky, you can slowly start turning it down and down and down until you get to the lowest setting. Everybody is different, someone who is 80 years old is going to need it more than someone who is 8. But as a general idea, you’re going to pulse it, until your urine is clear or until you feel like you don’t need it anymore, and after that… It’s like asking how much water do I need to drink, or how much sleep do I need. You will know, you are going to feel it. You will get on the machine and be like: Oh my God, I feel so relaxed and so peaceful and so good! And when that stops happening, when you are on it and don’t feel anything, then you’re done.

Martin: You know your glass is full.

Spencer: Right. Now I can go for a week without it and I’m fine. Because my body can hold a charge now.

Martin: I had an experience in my life like that in this thing that we call the Star Chamber. I went and had myself reset. It’s like it pumps the capacitors full of life force. So I came back from the treatment, which lasted maybe four or five hours, and for the next six weeks, I had abundant life force. I could stay up til to 2:00 AM full tilt and be refreshed by seven in the morning and just keep going. But after six weeks of this, I was back to the way it was before. I spent the capital that was given to me.

Spencer: Yeah! So this machine, it’s been a year in the making, and it will be ready for February of 2020, which is a few weeks from now, at the time we are recording this. And now, six months after using it every day for a few hours, I have gotten to the point where I use it or I don’t use it, I feel fine, but it took a long time to get there. I had 37 trillion cells in the body and they all got to get cleared up.

Martin: So when I first buy it, I will probably hog it for the first three to six months, and then I will be willing to share it with others, right?

Spencer: Well, you can actually have a couple of people use it at once, so if I were to use it, and I’m sitting on a couch, my partner was next to me, and she can hold my hand or just rest up against me, and we were both getting the benefits. So basically what it’s doing is this: the sun is the source of the electrons, the earth is the battery that holds it, and the device pumps it out of the Earth into us, because like I said, just touching the Earth doesn’t have enough voltage to break up the crystals.

Martin: This is an important piece of insight because I have had so many people tell me: Well, I’ve done this earthing or I’ve done this grounding, and what are they talking about? I didn’t notice anything.

Spencer: With this, people will definitely notice. I like the fact that six months into it I don’t need it anymore. I like the fact that I don’t require it, but what I needed to do was to have it bring me back to normal. Now I think to myself, okay, maybe I should sleep on cotton sheets and wear cotton clothing, maybe when I go outside I should put my hand against the tree, and hey, maybe don’t be that close to electronics all the time.

Martin: Okay. How would you compare this method to the PEMF, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy?

Spencer: Oh, my other favorite technology! The PEMF is a fantastic tool for chronic wound healing. For someone with a damaged Achilles tendon, or maybe some bladder pain or shoulder, whatever, it’s fantastic. This machine is more like water, food, sleep, it’s a fundamental thing. Now at the end of the day, we have to heal ourselves. So a person gets cut and they go to the ER and they get sewn up or glued, however they do it. The surgeon doesn’t go into every cell and create the scarring and then dissolve the scarring and create new tissue and bring in stem cells, he doesn’t do that. The surgeon just approximates the wound, and the body does the rest. Assuming it has all the raw materials, the food, the electrons… the electrons are the motor of the body, the motor of the cell, everything that takes place, everything that takes place in the cell happens because of electric force.

You could say that in order for the PEMF to work, you’re still going to need the electrons to do the work. The PEMF is sort of like stitching, right? It’s this external force doing something to help you. But at the end of day, you still need the resources inside your body, the good nutrition, and the electrons to be able to go and do that work. So when you do PEMF on someone, and they don’t have enough electrons, it’s like stitching someone together, but without the body having the ability to fix it, right? It’s like maybe like holding the wound together with your hands, but then you let it go, and it kind of opens up again. So the electrons are the primary. You get people who have situations they can’t fix, and they try everything under the sun, but if they don’t have the necessary internal capacity to heal, it doesn’t matter what they do. And if they have that capacity to heal, lots of things will work. Let’s say someone has an injury to a tendon, and they have enough electrons, PEMF can work. Collagen can work. There are lots of things that can trigger the body to heal, if the body has the capacity to do it.

Martin: Well, raw food is part of it, walking barefoot is part of it, and sleeping is part of it, and so on. But this is the important part that I want to stress one more time, which is until you clear the crystals, until you punch through the body’s ability to actually absorb these energies you are not going to have a lot of success. That’s what I heard you tell me, this was a big aha moment for me.

Spencer: And then the whole 5G thing, you know, what else can we do? The only alternative is to wear a complete suit made out of aluminum, and we are obviously not going to do that. They inadvertently told us how to fight 5G. I hate it, I’m very disappointed that all these beautiful old trees are being cut down, but the good thing that can come out of it is they showed us their weak spot. They showed us that living electrical fields will stop this.

Martin: Be a tree. (laughing)

Spencer: Yeah, exactly. You have got that field, that charge.

Martin: But to be a tree, you need to be grounded…

Spencer: …and you need to get the crystals out, so that you can actually absorb and hold this stuff. Ideas come, and then people kind of tap into it, I’m not surprised if some other people in other countries are thinking the same thoughts, that would be great, the more the merrier.

Martin: All right! It is now available at Life Enthusiast and at Remedy Link, links are going to be in the description of the video, or in the sidebar, depending on where you are watching us. Spencer, this has been delightful! Thank you very much! This is Martin for Life Enthusiast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet, keeping to our mission.

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