Podcast 388 about Hydrogen

Molecular Hydrogen is a very effective antioxidant, protecting us against free radicals, premature aging and oxidative stress.

Scott: Welcome everybody. This is the Life Enthusiast online radio and TV network, restoring vitality to you and the planet. I am your host, Scott Patton. And joining me is our other host Martin Pytela, the Health Coach at Life Enthusiast. Hey, Martin, how are you doing today?

Martin: Scott, it is a glorious day, absolutely glorious.

Scott: It certainly is. We both happen to be in British Columbia, Canada right now, and the sun is shining here. I happen to be on Vancouver Island, Martin is in the interior. Hopefully, the sun is shining there as well, Martin.

Martin: Well, even if it wasn’t, you know, I feel the inner sunshine, which is a good thing. Like when you wake up balanced, somehow the sense of joy is available to you. And as I have learned more and more about balancing my pH, the power of hydrogen, there has to be enough of the right ions in the body. When you are overly alkaline, you feel under-motivated and kind of depressed. When you are overly acidic, you feel kind of anxious and overdriven. But when you are in the middle, balanced, things feel right. And so today I got out of bed thinking “I am getting it right, I feel good”.

Scott: Excellent! I am the type that tends to be alkaline because I eat the wrong things. Then I will have a two-hour nap in the afternoon, and I cannot figure out yet quite what to eat to get me charged up because most of the time it is just kind of like really mellow.

Martin: Well, that is your natural tendency. Your body tends to be naturally that way. And of course, that is what makes you a wonderful companion. You are not ornery, contrarian, or rubbing people the wrong way. You are just nice. I am naturally acidic, so if I wake up and don’t manage myself, I end up being not pleasant company.

Scott: When I was growing up. When my parents, particularly my mom would try to wake me up, I was often described as a bear. So, uh, I know a little bit about the ornery part.

Martin: Right. But anyway, I wanted to just plug in the point of the hydrogen, right. The pH is a reflection of the acid-alkaline balance in the body and everything in the human body, all the transactions, all the exchanges, they are running on electricity. And whether we call it the pH, which is the power of hydrogen, which means just how many free electrons do we have available to donate (that is alkalinity) or how many missing electrons we present with (that is acidity) it is reflective. So we can express it either in pH or we can express it in millivolts. And Dr. Jeff Tennant famously said that “life equals electricity, or life equals voltage.” If you have voltage, if you have electrons, you can run your show, and without it, you are suffering. To be specific, there are minute currents in the body at the cellular level and at -25 millivolts, everything’s running perfectly, that is the pH of 7.35. If you push it too far, you are inflamed. If you are pushing in the other direction, you are essentially in cancer, like disintegration, lack of life, lack of energy, and then death.

Scott: So it is really important that we keep our electrical system in top-notch shape.

Martin: Right. And of course the elections…

Scott: I was just going to say that in our society today, with the sort of things we eat and the fact that we probably don’t drink very much water and replace it with coffee and Coke and beer and wine, we are probably gumming up our electrical system.

Martin: Well, from the electrical perspective, it is electrons, right? A missing electron is an oxidant and an electron donor is an antioxidant. Like the language doesn’t really reflect the electric things too well. But we can know this: aging, rusting, and decaying are a function of missing electrons. And so we can donate the missing electrons, somehow bring them in. Like for example, Vitamin C is a famous electron donor, it is an antioxidant. So when you are rundown, feeling under the weather or something is not right, everybody knows that you should be taking either a Vitamins C pill, or eat some fresh fruits and veggies.

Scott: Yeah, oranges or limes.

Martin: Sure. Any of that.

Scott: So through our food, we can replace some of these electrons.

Martin: Yes, we can. When we eat a diet that is deficient in these electron donors or antioxidants, vitamin C and the like, we’re not living well. We end up aging faster than others. All things that are carcinogenic in their nature are automatically the opposite of antioxidants. They’re oxidants.

Scott: So I am not getting any electrons if I smoke. I don’t smoke but it, you know, just an example.

Martin: If you are a smoker, you are automatically causing a much higher demand for this antioxidant activity, for the electrons. Let’s talk about what it feels like in a room. It is called negative ions and positive ions, and of course, stupid language, the positive ion is actually the bad thing for us and the negative ion is the good thing. And the point of that is this: when you are in a forest, there is an abundance of negatively charged negative ions and you feel refreshed and happy and all that. The earth itself, the ground is the negative pole, it is negatively charged, and the clouds are positively charged, and in a thunderstorm when a bolt of lightning blows, that is the rebalancing of the potential that is out of balance.

What’s good for us is walking barefoot on a moist surface that is connected to the Earth, something like a beach or the grass in the park, something that is helping us ground. Grounding is actually the function of bringing electrons from the Earth into our bodies. And so in the car with the tires, you are insulated from the ground, just like in your walk in the park if you are wearing rubber soles, like running shoes or other insulators, you are completely insulated from the ground. And we had been sneering at doing the barefoot walking thinking that that is the poor people’s idea. When in fact, that is the healthy people’s idea.

Scott: So having all these excess electrons is going to help increase our immune function, it is going to allow the body to fight against damaging free radicals, and it is going to aid the natural healing process in the body.

Martin: Yeah. So because it is so universal, because it is involved in every function of the body, you will see positive effects on your skin, your organs, your thinking, your heartbeat, your metabolic rate, your endurance, everywhere.

Scott: So if you are living a typical North American lifestyle, and you are over 30, chances are you are in debt when it comes to the electrons, and you have excess free radicals and not enough electrons to do the work.

Martin: Right on. This is where the English language and our Western thinking is just so confusing because this is backward, right? With electrons, the word negative is associated with happy outcomes and the word positive is associated with unhappy outcomes. So we have these donors, we have these donors of electrons. The most famous one being vitamin C. But the most universal, the simplest, the most effective donor of electrons is the simplest element in the universe, which is hydrogen. An atom of hydrogen consists of one electron and one proton, and they easily separate from one another. The hydrogen is actually a quick donor of these electrons. In one of our podcasts, going back a little, when we were talking to Ken Campbell, we were talking about protonizaition, or the alchemy of the human body, how we can exchange one element into another using protons.

And that is the other part of the hydrogen atom. When you add a proton to something, you change the element that happens in a living mammal body quite readily. All of these elements that we see around us, the physicists, quantum physicists and scientists, they speculate that the only way this could have happened is if the stars created them. When a young star becomes an old star, it dies, and through the process of dying, it will create all of these other elements. But it is also possible that living bodies, living creatures have done the protonization for them.

Scott: We know we need more of these electrons. We know we don’t have enough. So what are some solutions?

Martin: Well, the simplest way to get it is through hydrogen, molecular hydrogen. Of course, molecular hydrogen is hard to come by, because it is the lightest element and it disappears. It is lighter than air, so it rises and goes away. So normally you need to have some kind of a chemical reaction inside of the body that will cut the hydrogen loose so then the body can use it. But there are supplements, and we have some, that allow you to do that. And so when you introduce the hydrogen into the body, you have access to many more electrons. So, therefore, you have the antioxidant effect. In fact, a little while ago we were talking about this product called Carbon 60, and the C60, we were noticing that it was just so good at reversing aging symptoms like joint pain, and sagging skin, and allergies, and not sleeping well, having to get up to pee often, and all of those kinds of symptoms. 

Almost everything that you would associate with aging. And the method by which this C60 does it, is that it looks like a little ball, and inside of itself it holds on to all the hydrogens and the hydrogens are willing and ready to give up their electrons. And so that is the cycling of the electrons through the body. So as the C60 is circulating in the body, it gives away these electrons, thereby restoring youthfulness, if you will, and healing damaged tissues. The Japanese and the Koreans have popularized it through the water. They have these water machines that separate water and allow the alkaline water to be abundantly available. So people drink the alkaline water that has an excess of electrons. And another way to do that is to put a pill into a glass of water. There’s a product called H2 Elite, which is just a simple tablet; you throw the tablet into a pint of water, and five minutes later you are drinking water that has been enriched with hydrogen.

Scott: Oh, okay, cool.

Martin: And then you take a swig of C60, so that the C60 binds the hydrogen and helps it to stay in the body and circulate. And now you have the perfect combination of anti-aging technologies. I mean, this is not a little deal, this is a big deal. Like for example, when they fed the C60 to rats in a laboratory, they managed to double their lifetime. A typical rat would live for 33 months. Well, they were getting 66 months out of the rats.

Scott: Wow. That is pretty amazing.

Martin: That would mean that if my expected lifespan is 84, I would be doing 168 on that.

Scott: And I am assuming that the rats were fairly active and healthy right up until when they passed on.

Martin: Yes. The scientists were kind enough to keep on feeding them to see just what would happen. And it was a fairly lengthy study, five years, they published it, and from that moment forward there’s been quite a bit of interest in the C60.

Scott: It is a pretty powerful supplement. And I’ve tried it, I am now waiting for my order, looking forward to having some more.

Martin: I’ve now had a good number of people telling me: I don’t ever want to run out!

Scott: Cool. So if we wanted to get some more hydrogen into us or more ions into us, and we didn’t want to be drinking C60 all the time, what other ways can we do that?

Martin: Well, one of the methods is water ionizers. An ionizing water filter, the most famous one is Kangan, but there are many on the market, we have some on our websites, the brand Alkazone for example. So if you want to have that, you can install a water alkalizer in your house and drink the alkalized water. So that is one. The other would be getting the H2 Elite. These are tablets, you take the tablet and just put it in the water. You can just go and buy yourself a pint of water in any commercial store, pop in one of the tablets, and five minutes later you have yourself a hydrogen saturated bottle of water. And then we also have some drops like the product called Daylight, that is the power of hydrogen, concentrated. You can just put a drop into a glass of water and off you go with that.

Scott: So you would just put one drop of the Daylight into the glass?

Martin: Yes.

Scott: What if you accidentally put like four drops?

Martin: Well I have taken it straight in the mouth, I am finding it the most sour tasting thing that I’ve ever encountered. It is a very strong oxidizing agent. For example, if you drop a single drop of that concentrated Daylight on your clothes, it will probably cause a bleach burn on the clothes. Hydrogen is a bleaching agent just like oxygen or chlorine. Hydrogen can bleach things.

Scott: Okay.

Martin: It is very unfriendly toward pathogens like pests and toxins and things like that. So the Daylight can be used for cleaning things, like putting a couple of drops into a sink of water and washing your vegetables with it.

Scott: Oh cool. And some of it would just attach to the vegetables and you’d have a little extra hydrogen on your vegetables.

Martin: Maybe so, I didn’t think of it that way. I was thinking you would be eating food that has been sterilized in an effective way.

Scott: Well, when you were talking about bleaching, I went immediately to all these teeth whitening products that you see on TV and on the internet, right, where you put this stuff on and then you just do whatever it is and you stick it in and leave it for half an hour. And then you have this bright white smile. And I am just wondering what is in that stuff you are putting on your teeth?

Martin: Well, that mostly is hydrogen peroxide and that is an oxidative effect. The opposite of the hydrogenated effect, right? Hydrogen peroxide is this bleaching agent and you are bleaching away whatever is on the teeth, hopefully, you are just taking away all the stains.

Scott: Right. But I can’t imagine it being that good for the teeth.

Martin: Probably not, you are probably taking off more than what you are wishing for. It is probably a short term gain over a long term pain. It may wear the teeth out sooner than you would have expected.

Scott: So Martin, we also have a product called Moonlight, would that work also?

Martin: Oh yeah, the Moonlight is a companion product, it has some of that, but it is also loaded with ORMUS. The Moonlight is something that you take when you want to detoxify and strengthen your electrical circuitry in your body. The most popular or popularized product of this category is called Mega Hydrate. The original invention was based on what are the long-living Hunza people up in Pakistan under the Himalayas were drinking that is causing them to live this long. And they came to the conclusion that it was mineral-rich water that they were drinking. And the plants that they were watering with that mineral-rich water were giving them all these antioxidants. So what he developed was this silica-based product that was readily donating these excess electrons. So that is the Mega Hydrate that we have on the website, that is another way of doing the same thing. Get yourself a whole lot of excess electrons. Reverse the aging.

Scott: So let’s say, for example, using the Daylight, would you take like a couple of drops in a glass of water in the morning and be done with it, or would you take a couple of drops in each glass you drink that day, or how would you go about doing that?

Martin: Yeah, I think the best method would be to spread it around the day. Because if you take your entire dose first thing in the morning, then you have a spike, and then for the rest of the day you are going to go back to having a deficit. So it would make sense to put four drops into a large bottle of water and just drink it through the day.

Scott: Cool. And how long do you think it would take someone to notice a difference?

Martin: Well, I mean it starts working immediately, but when we have a deficit? So as we are working against that deficit, it will take a while to build up or build down. If I use the right language, it will take a while to soak up the deficit. But at some point, you are going to feel it, no doubt.

Scott: Anything else you want to add before we finish off this episode?

Martin: Aging is the rusting of the human body. It is not that different from watching the parts on your automobile getting covered in rust and becoming perforated and then falling apart. It is quite similar to that in the human body and the antidotes to that are free electrons. There are multiple ways to get them, but one of the fastest and most effective ways to do it is through the universal electron donor, which is the hydrogen atom. I don’t know who would not want to be in a body that functions better than what you would expect.

Scott: That is right. And the other thing that happens when you get all these excess electrons in your body is that it is able to heal. So things, whether it is arthritis or inflammation, are going to have an opportunity to heal, as opposed to just continually getting worse or masking them with painkillers.

Martin: Yes, that is a good way of putting it, you can actually reverse the damage, swollen things become unswollen, itchy things stop itching, painful things stop hurting, and lost function starts returning. So you’ll get flexibility back and all kinds of functions.

Scott: And I guess the other thing that we should say is if you are drinking a bottle of wine a night or a six-pack of beer, and you are smoking, and you are eating a whole bunch of food that is highly processed and not really adding to your health profile or your healthy lifestyle, you are working against yourself. So this isn’t a magic pill where I can put a couple of drops in and go back to smoking my cigarettes. You need to really look at your lifestyle and how you live. And that includes things like having quiet time. I just keep thinking back to when we were kids and it was like: it is nap time! And we should be doing that as adults too, you need a little quiet time, a little meditative time, you know, time to let the stress go out of our life.

There’s just no magic pill. I guess what I want to say is if you are doing things that are causing problems, and this is one of your famous sayings, Martin, when you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you have to do is stop digging. And I think what we do so much is we just keep digging this hole and then we look for a magic pill that will be an escalator out of the hole. And that is really not the way our bodies work in nature, so we need to have the discipline to create new habits. And this is one thing that will really help you because you are going to feel energized, and start feeling better, and you can start spiraling up as opposed to spiraling down. We really strongly advise you to head over to the Life Enthusiast website and check out some of these products and try them out and see what they do for you.

Martin: Indeed! Actually, I must say hydrogen is probably the quickest thing you can find to help you combat your unfortunate habits. If you want to rejuvenate fast because of your bad habits, this is probably the most effective way to do it. If you want more of similar ideas, come to www.Life-Enthusiast.com, you can also call us for specific advice based on your local situation, call (866) 543-3388. This is Martin Pytela and Scott Paton for Life Enthusiast. We restore vitality to you and to the planet.

Scott: Thanks for joining us, everybody. We’ll see you next time. Bye-bye!

Author: Nina Vachkova