Podcast 394: Boost Immunity, Kill Fungus, Eliminate Pain

Fibro-Ease addresses the specific, rare nutritional imbalances that cause connective tissue inflammation. This advanced herbal combination helps restore your natural metabolism and chemistry that brings back normal, pain-free function. Fibro-Ease provides pain relief in as little as two to four weeks as fascia and muscles begin to soften and the hardened fibrinous material is safely and efficiently re-absorbed.

Fungus-Ease contains herbs that have historically been used to rapidly and safely eliminate fungus, mold, and yeast overgrowths in the body. It naturally re-creates a healthy environment that offending overgrowths cannot thrive in.

Immunagen is an adaptogenic tonic comprised of herbs that have been used for centuries to strengthen your overall immune response for illnesses, infections, colds, flues, chronic fatigue and general weakness, candida and associated yeast infections, fevers, and many other immune-related problems.

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Martin: Hello everybody! This is the Life Enthusiast online radio and internet TV network. My name is Martin Pytela, the Health Coach. With me is Elijah Free, the Master Herbalist at Earth Friend Herbs. Thank you for being here, Elijah!

Elijah: Hi Martin. Thank you. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to talk and meet all the great folks who have used our products for so many years. Hi everyone!

Martin: How about we talk about the Immunagen, Fibro-Ease, and Fungus-Ease. How do they relate to one another, and why do we think that people should consider them both together and separately?

Elijah: Wonderful. So let’s just first define these three products. Immunagen is obviously for your immune system. Sometimes, it’s really hard to come up with good names for products, you know. So anyhow, the fungus formula is designed pretty much strictly for fungus, mold, and yeast. Then the Fibro-Ease formula for fibromyalgia. The reason that we put this together is that a lot of people think it’s an immune problem, it actually isn’t. It’s actually a chemical chain problem. But we decided to put them together for this particular interview, just so that you can see the difference between these.


I’d like to start with the Fibro-Ease formula. This was the first time I put together a group of formulas quite a few years ago, I made it for a patient, she had such bad fibromyalgia [Elijah is talking about the hardening of the connective tissue that covers muscle strands, not the general pain and fatigue syndrome that has been lately called ‘Fibro’.

She was probably in her early sixties, she had a third-degree black belt in Aikido, had her own Aikido studio, and her tissue was really hard. So one night I was working on her, and I had actually just had a humongous piece of chocolate cake, chocolate inspires me, what can I say? Suddenly I went: Oh, I understand what causes this! And the chemistry danced in front of my eyes, and I went home and I designed the formula. It took me just as long as it was to write it down. It was ready in three weeks because the tinctures take a while to make. I gave it to her and I said: No charge, let’s try it out. She came in the next week and asked: Could it possibly work that fast? Well, yeah, I guess it did. 

In other words, the first of these formulas really far exceeded design expectations. Now, fibromyalgia, or fibrous conditions, occur in the body when there is a missing nutritional component. What happens when that’s missing? It gives the wrong signals to the body, chemically. Fibrins in the body are really important, we all have to have fibrins in the body. It’s like when we talk about the fungus formula, we have to have yeast in the body. If there was no yeast, that would be a problem. It’s like trace minerals, we have iron, nickel, cadmium, all kinds of stuff in the body. Anyway, back to the point, fibrin exists, it lives literally between the layers of fascia, and it acts as a protectant, it helps the body to move smoothly. Well, I think of it this way.

And then the body gets these signals we talked about earlier, the cells go: “you know, we are kind of getting a signal over here. We were originally told to stay semi solvent, neither hard, neither liquid. But now they’re getting a wrong signal that says: go, baby, go and get hard and big.” It’s kind of like when someone drops a dandelion seed in your yard, a year later the yard is full of dandelions. It starts in a few cells, and it gets hard and it keeps growing. The most common place where we check it is the trapezius muscles. If you’d like to learn how to actually check to see if you have it, please go to the video that we have, which is called Ending Fibromyalgia, and you will see myself and my wife Maggie in a demonstration of how to check if you actually have some hardened fibrins in your trapezius muscle.

Medical science sometimes says: “if you hurt in five, six, seven places, you have fibromyalgia.” But if you hurt after you fell down the stairs, you don’t have fibromyalgia. If you were in a car accident, you don’t have fibromyalgia. If you were playing football, you don’t have fibromyalgia. But we have to go by tissue presentation.

Martin: I would like to butt in here with the following: in general, the word fibromyalgia has been used much more broadly than you were defining it. We are talking specifically about the fibrosis in the connective tissue. Often what doctors describe as fibromyalgia includes things like chronic fatigue, hypothyroid, migraine, and who knows what else, it is the syndrome, for which doctors now started prescribing Lyrica and who knows what else. Here we’re talking about a much narrower issue, just the fibrosis. If you have this hardened, crunchy tissue in your muscles, this thing (Fibro-Ease) will help beautifully with this problem.

Elijah: As long as it’s true fibromyalgia. There are a few other things that can cause that. As I said before, Fibro-Ease is a one-trick pony, but it is a fantastic trick. Lots and lots of people come in with fibromyalgia, it’s really, really common. If you have the presentation of the tissue we have been discussing, this formula should work for you.

You’ll see usually for the general person on the average, it could be shorter or longer, but usually, within two to three weeks the tissue begins to soften. Now, I want to explain, this is one of the coolest parts of the formula, it’s what we call a passive formula. It does not antagonize the tissue and go: “hey, fibrinous tissue, we want you to go home, go away forever.” Rather it corrects the chemical chain in the body, and the body reabsorbs it back at its own metabolic rate because the condition that tells it to exist no longer exists. Now that is a smart formula!

Martin: Does it correct it once and for all, or do you need to keep taking it?

Elijah: You’ll have to keep taking it. We can correct a tremendous amount, but we can’t change the genetic structure at this point. We can correct things, but we can’t rewire the system. However, once the tissue is gone, you can go down to taking it twice a day, and then eventually once a day, and then just take it maybe four or five times a week, but it has to be completely gone. It would take a long time for the tissue to really manifest, and that amount, for the average person, should work nicely. We’ve had many, many, many people over the years who take a small maintenance dose like that. But if you completely get rid of the fibrins and you stop taking it, in years to come, it will probably present again, because we can’t change your genetic structure.


So the fungus formula, obviously there’s an awful lot of fungus formulas on the market. This is for yeast and mold too. So how does it kill the yeast and fungus and mold? Most products work the same, but our product has something unique about it. What happens when that stuff dies off, you actually experience a condition that some people have symptomatically, which is called fungus die off or mold die off or yeast die off. Products like this, whatever you are taking, kill the yeast and mold and fungus. Obviously, when anything dies, there is a dead body left behind, dead cells. What happens when there is enough of it is that the yeast, mold, and fungus, which is still living, turns around, cannibalizes it, and grows all over again. So then when you go into die off, there’s all of these horrible die-off symptoms that you get.

Our fungus formula, called Fungus-Ease, is a little better than others; it neutralizes the toxins in the body as they’re being created. So when you are full of fungus, when you are full of yeast, or full of mold, and as those things die off, it doesn’t turn into more food for the remaining living fungus, but whatever is left there, the formula neutralizes it, makes it inert, and takes it out through the kidneys. It works really well. I made that formula for myself, and I swear it saved my life. I was poisoned by a dentist, actually. I got so sick I couldn’t get out of bed for two and a half weeks. 

At that time I happened to be getting Consumer.org magazine, and they were talking about that very illness, and they said over 25,000 people a year get what I got from the dentist, which completely wipes out your flora in your system, and you get an overgrowth of yeast from that. As I said, I couldn’t get out of bed for two and a half weeks. I was sick for almost two years, and I was kind of giving up, thinking maybe I’m going to be leaving the planet, and I had an inspiration. I barely made it into my laboratory. I was so weak, I mean, literally, I was holding onto the walls and stuff. 

I just happened to have all the things I needed to prepare this formula. I mixed them together, took the first dose, and the next day I started to feel better. It took months to recover and to rebuild my flora, but now my health is fantastically good. I still eat an antifungal diet. It was quite a few years ago, but I really feel that it saved my life because I couldn’t digest anything. I would drink water and I would bloat and get sick. So that’s the Fungus-Ease formula, we’ve done really, really well with this. I love this formula.

Martin: So the application here would be people living in moldy houses, people infected with the famous candida, the white-coated tongue?

Elijah: Yes, all of the above.

Martin: Do you have to keep taking it for a long, long time?

Elijah: It depends on how bad it is, and the condition of your system. You know, I have people that take it, but they are still eating sugary donuts and food like that all day long, they are living in a moldy environment, they are having relations with a partner and passing yeast infections back and forth, and then they ask: “will I be better if I take this?” Probably not. With a formula like Fibro-Ease, if you ate sprouts all day long or you went to McDonald’s, it doesn’t make a difference. It works strictly on one principle in the body: the chemical conductivity. The fungus formula is the exact opposite, you need to go on one of those wonderful fungus, yeast-free diets, which I imagine you probably help people with, Martin. You might need to consider taking some probiotics, too. I can’t stress that enough, that is why I encourage people to talk to Martin!

Martin: Great, thank you! And what about the immunity formula?


Elijah: Yes, Immunagen, I love that formula. Immunagen is wonderful. It’s been around for five or six years now – we couldn’t even make this ten years ago – but we have herbs available from all around the world now! We have mushrooms from China, we have herbs from different islands, we have herbs from 12,000 feet up in the Peruvian mountains, we have herbs from a number of different parts of the world! And now we are a part of a fantastic program, where they are guaranteed to be absolutely organic or wildcrafted, we have certification for that. But ten years ago we couldn’t have those herbs, and if we could, the quality of it was really questionable. But back to the Immunagen formula. It really works on all kinds of immune problems. 

You can take it for anything as a prophylactic (prevention) so you don’t get the common cold or flu. We can’t guarantee it, if you are around a lot of sick people all the time, you can still get sick. You can use it for long infections in the body, fevers, all kinds of things. You might want to take half a dropper three times per day, which is a standard dose, which is a wonderful prophylactic and preventive during the season. If you get sick, get yourself a great big glass of water, take a full dropper every couple of hours with a glass of water. You will urinate a whole lot, just to let you know. 

But the water is very important here. You can do that for a whole day or even better for two days if you’re really, really sick. Lots of companies make immune formulas; we call ours the best of best. It’s been used therapeutically in my practice, that’s where I get to see where these things shine. We used to keep three immune formulas around for different types of things, but once I was able to get all these kinds of herbs from around the world, we basically defaulted to this single immune formula, called Immunagen, and it does the job better than all three combined.

Martin: There are two branches to the immune system, the humoral and the antibodies. Does this support both sides? One of the sides? How does it work?

Elijah: Well, I would have to say it supports everything, the whole immune system, it’s a pretty complex formula. When we talk about an immune formula, there are so many aspects you have to put in there, that’s where we go back to more of the tonic aspect. Nothing works better than the tonic approach for the immune system, and this is a really wonderful tonic formula. There are so many applications that it can be used for, it is for a wider application than saying: “oh, you can use it specifically for this type of infection,” for example. 

As tonic support, for prophylactic prevention, take half a dropper three times a day – you could take that for an extended period of time. We have a bunch of school teachers that use this product and they say: “this the only thing that keeps me healthy.” We just had a lady buy two four-ounce bottles, she is a school teacher, and she says: “I’m your biggest fan, I won’t get sick again this year, last year was the first year I didn’t get sick. With the kids around, it is easy to get sick.” It can be very, very efficacious. I’ve been around a lot of sick people this year, I’m here in California, and I’ve been good. If I get somebody who comes into the clinic coughing, I get my bottle on my desk and I take it right away.

Martin: This would be great to take if you are flying in an airplane in the winter…

Elijah: Oh God, yes! They should hand it out on the airplane!

Martin: Great. So take it on your travels, take it whenever you are going to be in a lot of contact with the public, with strangers, because you’re going to be encountering all kinds of things. If your job includes handling all the stuff that people have spat or sniffed on, there is your answer.

Elijah: You bet!

Martin: Thank you, Elijah! This is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast, you can call me, the number is (866) 534 3388. We are restoring vitality to you and to the planet!

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Author: Nina Vachkova