Podcast 398: Dangers of 5G and other EMFs

All living creatures are electrical beings. All reactions that involve an exchange of electrons are in fact electrochemical reactions. So when we subject the creature to electromagnetic radiation, we are changing the environment in which this transaction is taking place.

Hello! This is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast Podcast. Today, we are talking about EMF, electromagnetic frequencies, radio frequencies, and electromagnetic radiation. 5G, 4G, there is so much to be said, this is technically challenging and information-dense. So, here we go. The Dangers of 5G and other EMFs. I would like to help you make sense of all the technical jargon, and help you have a better experience as you go forward. My name is Martin Pytela, I am a Health Coach at Life Enthusiast. I am a certified metabolic typing advisor. Metabolic typing is a functional medicine type of discipline, where we are focusing on how genetics and your nutritional behaviors intersect, helping people understand what they should eat and why. I am also trained as a clinical hypnotherapist, I have training in dealing with the subconscious, and how to clear emotional problems. In my previous life, I was working in the information technology field, I have the equivalent of an MBA in computer science and business administration. And I have trained a lot of people in computer technology.

Here is the key point: All living creatures are electrical beings. That includes plants. All reactions that involve an exchange of electrons are in fact electrochemical reactions. So when we subject the creature to electromagnetic radiation, we are changing the environment in which this transaction is taking place. You have been hearing that there are issues with what is called 5G. 5G isn’t installed in many places yet, but there are several  target cities where the 5G has been rolled-in early, like Washington DC, New York City, Atlanta, I think Dallas is one of them. Here’s a link to a map, where you can find your location and see what antennas are currently lit-up in your area, and whether they are 4G or 5G., We will talk about the difference later.

The most common symptoms of electromagnetic interference, will include headaches, mood swings, skin itching, and downright burning. When the exposure is on for a long time, it can develop into chronic conditions. And we will discuss that in great detail too. I have started getting calls from these early lit-up cities, especially from New York, people are calling me with concerns. I will explain what they are. If you want to try an experiment to see whether electromagnetic frequencies, even those of the lower frequency, will have an effect on you, here is the proposed experiment: put yourself in front of your television, stick your nose close to it, and then watch that TV from close, and see what happens. I bet you will feel affected, you will probably have problems with your vision, and you will probably feel some kind of tiredness, or maybe a headache.

Here is what we are learning about the metabolism of chronic disease. We are now starting to understand what is causing it, and how it works. The key molecule of the metabolic stress is Peroxynitrite, and the chemical formula is ONOO, “Oh, no!” It is involved in multiple processes in the human body, in oxidative stress, which causes free radical imbalances, and aging, rusting of the human body. As you are rolling forward in life, you will notice things like wrinkles, and loss of function, things not working as well as they used to.  Mitochondrial dysfunction, that is how well you are able to convert food into energy, and symptoms of that include fatigue, tiredness, brain fog, not able to think as clearly, not able to work at the intensity that you used to, or last as long as you are used to. Chronic inflammation, that is, of course, the center of all chronic disease. The loss of function is the central tenet here.

Inflammation has five symptoms: loss of function, pain, redness, heat, and swelling. Of course, sometimes, when it is on the inside, you will not see the redness or the swelling, you may perceive the heat. This happens with illnesses that have the -itis or -etes in their name, like arthritis or diabetes and many others. Nitrative (NOX) stress is affecting your neurotransmitters, it is affecting the precursors to dopamine, and precursors to serotonin, so you will have issues with sleep, and you will have issues with enjoyment of life, mood problems. The most prescribed drug or drugs of all, 75% of all prescriptions, are for changing the mood, dealing either with depression or with anxiety.

Autonomic dysfunction, the sympathetic versus the parasympathetic side of the autonomic nervous system, the management of the fight-or-flight versus the rest-repair-digest,   greatly affects your mood, sleep, your ability to recover, or the ability to stay peaceful. It is also involved in the endothelial function., Endothelium is the membrane, the interface between the hostile outside and the protected inside. You may have leaky barriers in the gut, in the lungs, or in the brain that are supposed to protect the organs that need protection from things that shouldn’t get in. But with this dysfunction, we see these barriers damaged or broken. The epithelial dysfunction is the damage of the skin, which means skin lesions, breakouts, skin problems. All of these are related to the rising levels of Peroxynitrite, the underlying mechanism of this problem.

How do we see these issues represent? Here is a table on the screen that shows us the disease growth. These are statistics for the United States from 1994 to 2015. For example, in 25 years, the incidence of autism is up 2100%, which is 21 fold. In the United States, 170 million people are suffering from some chronic health issue, that is about half the population. The amount of money that is spent on this is about 2.7 trillion dollars, and these are all curable diseases, these 36 diseases are sharing the common cause, which is what we talked about earlier, this Peroxynitrite dysregulation. This information comes to us from the website called www.searchforcause.com.

I have listened to information put forward by Richard A Lear, the researcher who is explaining the Peroxynitrite really well, and you can see more details about it on the searchforcause.com. He is classing these illnesses in four groups: auto-immune, metabolic, sleep, and neurological. Let’s start with the auto-immune, and you can see a list of them on the screen right now. It starts with the most common ones, like celiac, lupus, multiple sclerosis, POTS, COPD. Mitral valve prolapse is one that is unexpected, you wouldn’t think that it is auto-immune, but it is. Back pain too, you would think that it is a physical problem, yes, it is, but the underlying condition, the root cause, could be immunity. There are illnesses like carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, interstitial cystitis, Sjogren’s, Hashimoto’s, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia, migraine, and a hundred more. The mainstream medical system likes to name things after the geography, where in the body this happens, without considering the cause. But the cause for all of this is in the immune system not working right.

Some of the issues are neurological, such as autism, ADHD, the inability to focus or concentrate, inability to see one thing at a time. You know, when you come into a room where a party is happening, it is quite noisy, and there are 20 different conversations going on. With normal neurology, you are able to focus on the one thing that you want to focus on, and you are able to tune out everything else. With the autism or ADD activation, it is as if you were playing five stations on the radio at the same time, at the same volume, and you cannot possibly make out what you want to make out. Other brain issues include Alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia (that is actually your amygdala, the stress response center, not processing inputs correctly), anxiety (that has to do with just how we respond to inputs), depression, OCD, obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

On the metabolic side of things we are dealing with obesity and diabetes, sometimes it is called diabesity. That essentially means you are dysregulated, your body is not responding correctly, the insulin resistance of the cells is causing the inability to convert food into energy, even though the food is available. Thyroid regulation, that has to do with how you regulate temperature. Hypothyroidism is rampant now, and it is causing things like the inability to lose weight, other symptoms include hair loss, not being able to stay warm, being cold all the time. And then the problems that I already mentioned, the skin and the barriers, leaky gut, often caused by gluten. This is not a fad, there is a rising number of people who are having terrible reactions from eating gluten-containing foods. That is not just wheat, wheat is the main source of gluten, but it could be corn, rye, barley, and other grains.

Sleep disorders include things like apnea, sleep apnea, where all of a sudden, instead of breathing regularly, the body shuts down and takes 30-50 seconds without taking a breath, and then becoming hypoxic. Another sleep issue is insomnia, you either are not able to go to sleep, or you are waking up in the middle of the night, and you are not able to go back to sleep. These sleep disturbances can be caused by  electromagnetic frequencies. Blue light is another, it is associated with how the circadian rhythm in the body works. You want to be able to tell your body that it is time to go to sleep. Blue light signals to the body to wake up, be alert, be awake, and that is the light that is coming off the computer screen and phone screen, so you want to make sure that you can put either a filter on your screen, use blue light blocking glasses, or use an app that is going to shift your screen colors toward the red spectrum, away from the blue spectrum. Shift work is also a very difficult thing to deal with, so if you are having sleep problems and you are a shift worker, you may need to consider a career change.

Even the 4G phones, before the 5G even comes in, are failing the SAR regulation. SAR is the absorption test, where you hold the phone to your head when the phone is on, and it is putting out a certain amount of energy. The industry is concerned only with the heat, that heat is being generated the same way as it is generated in a microwave oven, so you do not want to hold it against your head, you want to hold it away from your body. Ideally, you should be using it in text mode, or on the speaker mode during a phone call.

Here’s an interesting statistic. I shared it in our previous podcast when we were talking about the effects of the COVID-19 infection, these are the death rates as recorded countrywide by worldometers.info, and how it is connected to pre-existing conditions. Look at the names of the diseases: cardiovascular, diabetes, respiratory, hypertension, and cancer. Every one of these is made worse by the environmental effects. What are the environmental effects? Since about 1985, we have been increasing the rates of use of Glyphosate, it is a herbicide ingredient you might know as Roundup. First, it was used to just kill off weeds in the fields. They introduced the Roundup-ready corn that you could grow quicker and more efficiently, but the use of glyphosate has increased since. They are using it on wheat, because when you spray glyphosate on wheat, it dries up and drives more energy into the grain, so you get more consistent and easier to harvest product, and farmers are using it. The industry is saying: “This is safe. Don’t worry about it. Use it!” I’m here to tell you that the day will come when we all will learn that it was NOT safe and that it was wrecking our health the whole time.

The increased use of antibiotics in feedlots is another problem, our animals are now raised in factories, packed tightly in a small space, and in order to avoid illnesses to rise, they are being fed antibiotics preemptively. Not because they need it, but because they gain weight faster and because it prevents illnesses. But when these antibiotics pass through the system, all the way into the food that we eat, it is causing difficult problems for us. The next issue are micro particulates in the air, which is essentially industrial pollution, that is the dust from traffic, from factories, and from agriculture, because the fields are drying, and the soil is blowing away. The smaller the particle, and the higher the number of particles, the sicker we get. China is one of the most polluted places on the planet.

There are heavy metals in our water. You may have heard of Flint, Michigan, where they switched the water supplies, and they made some errors, and lead was starting to leach from the old pipes into the water. Similar situations exist and persist in many cities. When the cities were being built 150-200 years ago, they were actually using lead pipes for the last segment of the water distribution. The water pipes are usually iron, but the last segment was usually lead. There are probably millions of households in the United States that are getting too much lead in their water. And of course mercury, that is even worse, mercury is raining from the skies because coal-burning power plants are blowing mercury into the air. That is why the ocean fish are dangerous to eat because mercury stays in and accumulates at the top of the food chain. So a large, fatty fish like tuna, or mahi-mahi are containing more mercury than the small fish, like sardines and sprats.

Then there is the rise of EMF – electromagnetic frequencies, and RF – radio frequencies. RF is the upslope of the wave, and EMF is the downslope of the wave, they are related to one another. They add stress to our bodies. It is not just the 5G, it is all of this stuff. What actually is 5G? The G stands for generation, we are now mostly on the 4G, expecting to roll into the fifth generation. With each increasing generation, we are increasing the frequency. The frequency is how fast the wave goes up and down, the higher the frequency, the more data it can carry. The amplitude is how tall the wave is, that is the strength of the signal. So presently, the 4G operates at the frequencies of between about 0.7GHz – 5 GHz. Don’t confuse the 5 GHz with 5G, if you have a router at home that says “5 GHz,” that is not a 5G router, it just means it is operating at 5GHz, which is about the top end of the fourth generation. Verizon is showing that 5G is going to be operating either in the 28 GHz or 39 GHz band, there will be a lot of data moving.

What’s the big deal? Well, it is about 40 times the capacity and half the latency. The latency is how long it takes for the signal to go from one place to another and through the equipment. So the current equipment is somewhere around 40-50 milliseconds, in best cases about 20 milliseconds. And with 5G, we are expecting about 10 milliseconds of latency. That means there will be less delay from one side to the other. And the other big deal is the number of devices. How many devices can you connect to one antenna right now? We are connecting somewhere around 10,000 to 50,000 devices to a single antenna right now. With 5G we will be able to connect a million devices to the same antenna. That means that you can have all kinds of stuff talking to the cell tower at the same time. These high frequencies have been explored by the military, there has been military use for this, like crowd control. Some kind of an immobilization device has been used in test mode on large crowd gatherings. What does it do? It causes people’s skin to feel like they are burning, it goes past itching, into downright burning.

Here is what I want to say. You may think that you are being protected by the regulatory agencies, by the governments, the FDA, the FCC, the EPA that should be involved in regulating the electromagnetic radiation put into the air. If you can think of us like fish in an aquarium, we are swimming in an aquarium of this electromagnetic energy that is rising. When we evolved, thousands of years ago, the only electromagnetic stuff that was reaching us was whatever came from the Sun. And we have the Van Allen belts around the planet, that actually protect us from the cosmic radiation that the Sun puts out. Our regulatory agencies have decided that the only concern they have is if or when the EMF, or the radiation, is creating heat, the microwave effect. They do not concern themselves with the other health effects, even though there are now several thousand studies documenting it.

Here is how it works, what the effects on living cells are. The surface of every cell, the cell membrane, has a lot of different doors on it. Normally, it is locked up, and it doesn’t let anything out or in. Some of these doors are controlled by VGCC, voltage-gated calcium channels. These particular channels regulate the autonomic response because calcium is the mineral that causes the switch to fight-or-flight, whereas magnesium is the relax-repair-digest reaction. This voltage-gated calcium channel opens up and floods the cell with calcium when you are in the presence of the signal. What does that mean? It is causing stress. You are supposed to be in the stress fight-or-flight sympathetic mode for maybe 3-5% of the time during the day, and for the remaining 95-97%, you should be in the rest mode. This ongoing stress also affects the germline cells, those are the sperms and eggs, and these effects are genetic mutations. The mutation is a permanent thing when you mutate a chromosome, it is passed onto the offspring, it doesn’t just go on and off, it is a permanent change.

We are also noticing that fertility is reduced. The large, densely populated cities are experiencing significant reductions. For example, the reproductive rate in Singapore has gone down by 41% in the last few years, especially for men, the sperm count and sperm quality is lowered, motility (how fast they are capable of moving) is declining rapidly. I am aware of a test that was done on mice, these mice were in a cage right by a router. The first-generation had a lower birth rate, the second generation had half the birth rate, and the third-generation was not having any children, no pups. They were living under a router 100% of the time. We don’t have that, but we are getting close. These effects will be projected onto the moods, anxiety versus depression, your sleep, whether you can sleep or not, memory, whether you are able to recall things, or whether you are able to store and convert recent events into long term memory. You will notice that in older people, they will remember things wonderfully clearly from their childhood or young years, but they are not able to tell you what they did yesterday. There is also a rise in pain, and a rise in fatigue. I mentioned the endothelial permeability, brain fog, skin aging and burning, and heart palpitations. Those are the effects that you can expect from the radiation.

How to deal with it? How can we do better? We need to lower the load, we need to clean up our world. We need to apply it to all aspects of our lives because we will not be able to mitigate everything. For clean air, get an air filter. Go into the forest more, try to stay away from dirty air. Same for water, definitely drink filtered water, do not trust city water, you have no business trusting them. Eat organic, vote with your dollars. For some people, it is going to be difficult to justify the expense, but I promise you, you can either spend the money now on health, or you can spend it later on the disease. If you at all are able to do that, switch to organic. Support organic farmers. As long as you are supporting the right side of the equation, we will survive. You will need to be aware of what is coming into your life in the way of volatile, organic compounds, cosmetics, cleaning products, air fresheners, all of that stuff. The same goes for clothing, furniture, and packaging. Become aware that things that gas off, things that smell, are not good for you.

We need to eliminate heavy metals. There are techniques that we offer, and you can call us for more details about that. I found Zeolite to be really effective, EDTA is also very good at binding and excreting heavy metals, especially mercury and lead. Worry about drugs! We have found this with the COVID infection. People who were on statins, that is a cholesterol-lowering drug, and ACE inhibitors, that is the regulation of blood pressure, people on those drugs were having much worse outcomes of their infections than others. And of course, try to stay away from the micro-particulates.

You would want to protect your electric body. As I was mentioning at the beginning, every transaction in the body is an electrochemical transaction. In the  nerves the transmission takes place from one end of a nerve to the other. There is a little chemical electric spark, that has to jump from one side to the other. And this transaction has to be protected! Grounding means adding more electrons into your body, adding life force, anti-aging. Put your bare feet on the ground. Raw food, food that is grown in the ground is loaded with electrons, whether it is raw carrots, cucumbers, or lettuce, that is the good stuff. A huge issue is the dirty power that is coming into your house through the 50 or 60 Hz lines. The new electronic electric meters, compared to the old analog ones, are much worse at pumping this dirty power into the house. It is actually really wild, because the circuitry in your house that starts at your distribution panel, and that  runs through the walls to every light switch and electric socket can act as an antenna, broadcasting this dirty power into your house. There is equipment available that costs somewhere around 1,200-1,500 dollars to take care of the wiring in the house. I’m thinking that it is probably going to become a required modification for anyone who is electrosensitive. Right now somewhere around 20-30% of the population are electrosensitive to the point that they are having these health issues, and I think that the percentage will be rising with the rising load of the industrial problems.

One thing you can certainly do for yourself is to turn off the wi-fi. Use a cable, a wired internet connection. Even cell phones can be wired, or connected to a wired port when you are at home. Instead of being in the wi-fi mode, try to be in the wired mode. And especially at night, when you are not using it, you would want to turn off the wi-fi. There are now routers coming to the market that are able to switch themselves off when there is no device talking to them. But of course, when I turn on my wi-fi, I can see that there are five or six signals that I could connect to, with more than three bars, so that means my neighbors are irradiating me anyway. So how to harmonize ourselves? You can do this with grounding, you can walk on the beach or in the forest, barefoot, or get a grounding mat. You could also consider the Electron Charger, it is not the cheapest thing, we are selling these for 1,600 dollars, but the electron charger supplies your body with the electrons that you would normally get if you were still living the hunter-gatherer life in contact with the dirt, with the planet.

We have been recommending the ADR technology, these affordable tools are able to harmonize water, or harmonize the space, they are these little protective devices. The Blushield devices are actually actively sending signals to the body to harmonize itself. The way I would describe it is this: Imagine that you have a dog, and a person comes to the door, and the dog starts barking, all unhappy and nervous. You can just turn to the dog, pet it, and tell it: “This is okay. Just stand down.” The dog stops barking. That is the sort of treatment that the Blushield is providing your immune system in reaction to the outside signal. Yes, the wi-fi is still coming in, and it is still signaling to your body that it should go into stress, but the Blushield device is sending a soothing signal saying: “Don’t worry about it. Be well.”

Here is a picture of a thermograph that shows what happens to a body after a session of grounding. On the left side, you see these red patches, which is the inflammatory reaction, high temperature. I mentioned heat earlier as one of the symptoms of inflammation. The higher the temperature, the higher the level of inflammation. After two hours of treatment, most of the fires have extinguished.

Here is what is interesting beyond the health applications. The 5G has society-wide implications. In 4G, the phone is the device. In 5G, you are the device. Let me explain. In 4G, for example, you want to take a car ride, so you start the app, you dial in, you call Uber or Lyft, the car is summoned to you, but you need to have the app in the phone, and you need to have to log in your credit card, and you need to arrange the payment. In 5G, with the internet of things, that is all around us, with thousands upon thousands of cameras on the street, you just step outside of the building, you look at the camera, you raise your hand, or whatever the gesture is going to be, and you say: “Call me an Uber.” They already know who you are, they call you Uber, the driver is coming, maybe there is a driver in the car, maybe there isn’t, but they already know who you are, because they have your identity, so they just pull up to you, you step in the car, they will take it wherever you want, you will step out, the payment is managed, everything is already handled.

It sounds like actually making things easier, but here is the downside of it. It allows for full surveillance. It allows the system to know everything about you. It is able to read your facial expression, it is able to read your temperature, it is able to read your moods, it is able to predict what you are thinking, or how you are feeling, it is able to issue you social credits. They already do this in China. You jaywalk, and you will get some brownie points because they know who jaywalked. And you realize: “Where is my freedom?” All of your behaviors are recorded, and if the system decides to dock you, they can. They can shut off your wallet. They can shut off your interactions. They can shut off anything about you. This system allows full Big Brother control. Can we trust them with it? Whoever them is…

We have some products listed on our website in the Home and Body Care category, these are devices for EMF protection. Check them out! We also have the ADR mats that are blocking the radiation. The Blushield device I mentioned earlier, the device that sends out actively the soothing signals into your environment, we have them in different sizes, from small to large. The smaller ones are good enough for an apartment, larger ones for a house, really big ones for an entire floor or a large office, a building or a store the size of Costco. We have them in three classes: regular, strong, and ultra. The ultra is turned on all the time, and it is capable of protecting you even if there is a 5G unit right outside your door. Protect your electric circuits, protect your body, protect yourself! 

If you have any questions and want to learn more, visit our website, or call me directly at (866) 543 3388. This is Martin Pytela. Thank you for watching this, I will see you on the other side. We are restoring vitality to you and to the planet. You probably need us more than you expected.

Author: Nina Vachkova