Podcast 404: Mold and Fungus

Molds exist everywhere in nature, and mold spores are a common component of household dust.

Molds excrete liquids or gases as defecatory matter; not all can be detected by smell. Some molds generate toxic liquid or gaseous compounds, called mycotoxins. Of these molds, some only produce mycotoxins under specific growing conditions. Mycotoxins are harmful or lethal to humans and animals when exposure is high enough.

Exposure to significant quantities of mold spores can cause toxic/allergic reactions.

Today, we learn how mold and fungus affect your health, how to recognize them, and how to eliminate the effects of mold and fungus from your life.

Hello everyone, this is Martin Pytela for the Life Enthusiast podcast. Today, I want to talk to you about mold and fungus. It is everywhere, it is all around us, and it is a complicated matter. I want to show it to you with a slide presentation. How mold and fungus affect your health, how to recognize them, and how to eliminate the effects of mold and fungus from your life. If you don’t know me, I am Martin Pytela, I’m a Health Coach and a CMTA (a certified metabolic typing advisor).

I work as a Health Coach at Life Enthusiast. The certified metabolic typing advisor is a designation that helps us understand a lot about how genetics and food intersect. We understand the biological individuality of people, how or why some people gain weight, or how or why some people’s moods or sharpness of mind or hunger are generated through the combinations of foods. In my earlier life, I also trained as a clinical hypnotherapist and I worked in the high tech industry for many years, lecturing and training people in complicated information technology issues.

Many of you already know me, but if this is your first time, I would just like to share with you that I’m a lot like many of the people who are seeking help. My story started with getting 12 mercury amalgam fillings at age 25. And it really took me down. It took about 10 years for me to completely reach the bottom. I became allergic, I had a leaky gut, I had food-related problems, and I had essentially crashed. And it took awhile for me to give up on my indoctrination. I was much like everyone else, sleepwalking. I believed in professionals. My dad was a veterinarian, and I thought that medical science had it figured out. So I went to doctors for help.

I found out the hard way that they only understood symptom management. They were not trained to ask about what the cause is, or “why is this happening?”. They only treated the symptoms. Anyway, about 10-12 years in, I finally gave up. It was that moment when I said to myself: “Martin, darling, you are going to have to figure this out yourself.” So I did. This was before the internet was available, so I dove into books and libraries and figured it out. It took me many years, but eventually, about five years in, the light bulb went on, and I became aware that there is another side to medicine, that deals with biological individuality, by way of treating a person rather than a symptom.

So I figured out what the cause was for me, and I was able to detoxify myself. In the process of detoxification, I reversed most of the problems that I’ve had. I wouldn’t call myself 100% fixed. I am a cracked jar, as I call it. I mean, I still have some problems and I cannot go back to living the way everybody else would, which is eating pizza and drinking beer, that is just off the table for me. In the process, I became a Metabolic Typing Advisor, and I’ve been now working at Life Enthusiast for the last 18 years, with plenty of practice, guiding thousands of people on their journey from thinking that the pills can help to finally understand that they cannot.

Today we are going to talk about mold and fungus, how it affects us, how we acquire it, and how we can get rid of it. First of all, what is it? it is not a plant, and it is not an animal. it is a different type of creature altogether. And there are probably more types of molds and fungi in nature, on this planet, than all of the other species of everything else combined, and their job is to decompose things. They are composters of plant material, actually of all organic material. In fact, you can throw old leaves, newspapers, and animal scraps, like food scraps, into your compost, and these composters will take it all apart. They will turn it into basic organic nutrients. that is mainly the fungi. Mold or yeast is also involved in fermentation. We have tamed it for a couple of food things. One of them is the production of alcohol. You can take potatoes to make vodka, you can take rye to make rye or wheat to make whiskey, and with barley, you can make beer.

So essentially alcohol is a mycotoxin. Another example of this is penicillin. The toxin made by a fungus called penicillium is called penicillin. And that fungus will fight certain specific bacteria. That is what we have learned. Mr. Fleming, back when he discovered it, what a keen observer he was, he noticed that on his Petri dish, there was a gap. The bacteria were not growing around the penicillium fungus patch that was in his dish. Since that time we have been using molds to help us fight bacteria. Unfortunately, there are side effects. One of the side effects of environmental fungi and molds is the hypometabolic effect. They impact our mitochondria. They cause us to be less able to convert food into energy. And most of the stuff arrives to us in the air.

We don’t think of it much. We don’t hear of it much. This is not a mainstream issue, but our air, both outdoors and indoors, carries a lot of dangers. So what about these Mycotoxins? The mycotoxin is the toxin produced by the mold, usually in order to defend itself from something else. There are a thousand or more known and cataloged toxins. They all are created by these decomposers. The most prevalent, most common and most well-researched ones are aflatoxins. These come to us from corn, peanuts, cotton, and many tree nuts. Ochratoxins come to us on coffee, in beer, in lentils, peas and beans, and also wheat and barley. And then of course there are saccharomyces that produce alcohol, that are used to make beer, to ferment the barley to make beer or ferment the fruit to make wine.

How do they affect us? Mainly in the nerves, I will describe three ways here. The vagus nerve is a nerve that travels from your brain in a meandering way, all the way through your body, and picks up signals from the autonomic nervous system. It actually manages the balance between your stress side and your relax-repair side, between the sympathetic and parasympathetic. It connects your head to your heart and your gut. It regulates the heart, your blood pressure and your heart rate. In the gut, it regulates whether you digest or don’t digest. If you have autonomic dysregulation, you will have all kinds of issues, including high blood pressure, or maybe low blood pressure. You will have sleep issues like insomnia, not being able to go to sleep, or waking up all night, you will have elimination issues, either constipation or IBS, diarrhea, alternating with constipation. All of that relates back to the vagus nerve.

Toxins also affect our mast cells. Mast cells are richly present in your gut and in your sinuses, and also in the vagina. Well, it is in the boys’ equipment as well, but less accessible. Mast cells are signaling cells. They react to inputs, their most famous creation is the signaling molecule (histamine) that makes you blush, or that makes you swell. It has to do with the reaction to stimuli. So for example, if you eat something and your belly swells fairly soon after having eaten that, that is mast cells doing their job. They will cause blushing, itching, rashes, tachycardia, that is heart rate going crazy, and skin rashes. Mycotoxins also affect the limbic system. If the limbic system is out of balance, we end up being hypervigilant, nervous, we become sensitive to sounds, smells, visual inputs, and touch. So you will be irritated by people talking, or by certain music, or you walk by somebody who’s smoking a cigarette and it will give you a headache, or you overreact to perfumes and things like that. With being sensitive to touch, you can’t even stand your own clothes sometimes. Dysregulated hormones, this would be the balance between, for example, estrogen and progesterone, which will show itself up in less than pleasant, monthly cycles in women.

And the amygdala, that is the center in your brain that is parked in the side of your head, just by the temple, not very big, and it regulates how you respond to stress. If the amygdala becomes hypervigilant, it will give you inappropriate or out of context reactions to sensory inputs. Fibromyalgia is one of those types of problems. it is sort of like a relay switch that is supposed to come on and then come off, a signal that something happened and then it stopped happening. But with the dysregulated amygdala, the switch comes on and stays on. So this person will just continually be in pain, a crazy amount of pain, without being able to shut it off.

So how does this represent itself? Imagine that you have been exposed to a lot of mycotoxins, and here’s how you are going to be perceiving it in your life. You will have unexplained aches. You will have allergies and breathing issues like asthma, you will have thinking problems like brain fog and memory lapses, not remembering why you showed up in a specific room. You may have bronchitis and ongoing breathing issues, and you will have unexplained fatigue, just a low amount of energy, or running out of energy in a very short amount of time. I mentioned fibromyalgia, in its original definition that was mainly soft tissue problems, but the name has been used generically as a bundle name for a grab bag of symptoms that could include anything from headaches to muscle aches, to tiredness, to emotional problems. Unexplained indigestion, frequent indigestion, that is also possibly fungus caused. Sleeping problems, including insomnia, mood regulation problems, switching from anxiety to anger, to depression.

A lot of mental illness that we experience these days could be triggered by mycotoxins and fungus. Nervousness, being easily triggered, just firing off very quickly. Neuropathy, that is essentially an unexplained pain in various body parts, legs, feet, and head, all over. Also numbness, that is also another symptom of toxicity. Pneumonia, that goes back on the stack of lung problems, sinus trouble is a classic. When you hear people talking like this with their nose plugged, because their sinuses are congested and clogged up, it may well be that they are in fact reacting to a fungal infection in their environment. Skin rashes are also caused by these toxins. Stabbing pain too, that is quite an interesting thing. it is a form of a nerve signal, when all of a sudden the fungus will trigger an unexpected nerve signal, so that goes on the same stack as the nervousness and possibly the brain fog. And also tingling sensation in various body parts, you can have a tingling nose or tingling ear, whatever.

And there are more nerve symptoms you can experience. I already mentioned anxiety, which is frequently caused by the presence of mycotoxins. Buzzing in the ear, like an inner buzzing in the head. Depression, dysautonomia, I mentioned that in context with the vagus nerve, essentially dysregulation in your nervous system. Frequent urination, presence of fungus will cause you to have this sensation that you need to urinate, even though the volume may not be very high. Weakness, that goes together with tiredness. Hearing loss, ringing, tinnitus in the ear, that may well be also fungus related. Being manic, basically the opposite of depression. You can experience anger and rage. I mentioned the mast cells before, there’s such a thing as a mast cell activation syndrome, where people can get overstimulated, and the mast cells start releasing all kinds of signal molecules.

There are night sweats, of course, they could be the menopausal, estrogen triggered night sweats, but the other ones could be caused by the presence of mycotoxins. OCD, an obsessive-compulsive disorder, where you are not able to let go of certain behaviors or ritualistic behaviors. POTS, the syndrome that has to do with being dizzy on rising, essentially your blood pressure doesn’t keep up and your heart rate is rising, it is an effect of the adrenal glands not functioning properly. Schizophrenia could be actually triggered by the presence of mycotoxins too, as can be seizures, tremors, and visual disturbances in your eyes.

Why does this happen? Where do these mycotoxins come into our lives? What’s going on here? Well, the most common places we spend a lot of time in, in our homes, are places where the fungus can grow. It will grow in places that have low air circulation, high humidity, warm, but doesn’t have to be too warm, just warmer than freezing. It will hide in your air ducts, especially air conditioning, both in your homes and your cars. It will eat cellulose, the fungus decomposes organic matter, so that would be wood, the plasterboard, or sheetrock that is coated with paper, your furniture that has a wood frame, and of course books, because they are made of paper, that is pure cellulose or very rich in cellulose, that is where the mold will grow.

What will contribute to things being worse is the quality of air. When you have formaldehyde escaping into your home from either your laminated flooring or from particle board furniture, that is going to contribute to the quality of the air in the house. The most common areas you will find mold is in musty basements. For example, if you have a porous cinder block brick that has not been properly insulated on the outside, you will have water seeping in through the wall, into the basement, and of course, in your laundry room where there’s a lot of humidity or even bathrooms, if you don’t have them well ventilated with good fans, it is very common for there to be a high level of mold spores in the air.

What makes this worse? I should explain that the mold is just one of the many environmental issues that will possibly take down a well functioning immune system.

I already mentioned formaldehyde, I didn’t mention acetone, but that is another one. These the VOCs, volatile organic compounds, that are in the air and will make your life worse. Your immune system will be burdened by it. So fragrances like Glade or scented candles, those sheets that you put in laundry, or the spray that you spray on furniture to make it “smell good”. Phthalates from plastic, PFOAs like Teflon, and mercury that comes to us in dental fillings, vaccines, and fish, but of course in the air too, coal-burning power plants release mercury into the air. And lead, that is present in old lead paints, and who knows where else, in old water pipes, for example, ask people in Flint, Michigan.

Well, most North American cities that were built 100-120 years ago, have the water supply lines of iron pipes for the large volume, but the last little pieces, the house branches, were made with lead pipes. So if there is not a specific mineral conditioner added to the water, just like they forgot to add it in Flint, all of a sudden the acidic water will start peeling off the coating that is on the inside, and the next thing you know, you have lead in your drinking water and that is pretty bad news.

Of course, wet buildings are the breeding ground for mold. So if you have been flooded, that is of course a big issue, or if your basement is musty, or if you have a crawl space that has wet dirt under it, there probably is going to be a mold growing on the underside of your home.

Other ways of acquiring these problems? I don’t know if you’ve walked into a large box store and noticed the smell of things, the fumigated tropical imports? You have either unfumigated goods that could be rich in spores, or the fumigation itself that is pretty toxic, so you get it both ways. And of course your automobile. If you buy a new one, the plastics will off-gas, and if you use industrial cleaners to treat the surface, you will have all kinds of off-gassing happening there. And of course, if you have fuel, either diesel or gasoline, inhaling the fumes is not going to do you much good either.

Your clothing, especially GMO cotton from tropical countries like India and Bangladesh, can have a lot of toxic material in it, the dyes they use are pretty toxic as well. So the instruction that we have for you here is to wash these things with enzyme pre-treatment and with borax to try to reduce the toxic load before you start wearing these clothes.

Oh, man, this list is just so dramatic, isn’t it? Electromagnetic radiation is the wifi, cell phones, cell phone towers, routers, computers, and wireless devices all-around your home. I’ve already done a podcast about this, but may as well mention it here. The electronic signal will trigger what is called a voltage-gated calcium channel on all of your cells. I mentioned the vagus nerve earlier in this presentation, the switching between sympathetic and parasympathetic, the EMF will turn on the stress side, so you will become deficient in magnesium, and you will have issues with being able to relax. Blood pressure goes up, anxiety goes up, all kinds of issues of that sort.

And of course glyphosate, the famous RoundUp. Farmers have been told by the wonderful chemical industry that RoundUp is harmless to humans, that it only harms microbes. True in that sense, it doesn’t do anything to our cells directly, but we are actually carrying a lot of microbes on us, on the surface and within us, especially as a part of our digestive system. And when those microbes are harmed, we are harmed with it. It is essentially an antibiotic, in fact, glyphosate was originally patented as an antibiotic. When you eat foods that have been sprayed with glyphosate, you are causing yourself harm, you are killing yourself slowly.

I already talked about metals and dental work. It is not just the mercury, it is the nickel as well, and some people are even sensitive to titanium that has been used for posts. So if you are having to do a post, zirconium may be a better choice. The metals also are delivered in vaccines. It used to be mercury, now they switched to aluminum. They are trying to mount an immune response from your immune system, that is why they give you this injection. They want to get the immune system to fire up in response to the vaccination. Go look up studies on how people with Alzheimer’s have high aluminum levels in their brains.

Of course, your water could be contaminated. So you better get filtered water rather than just straight from the tap. And the last of the collection that I thought of is tropical travels. When you get into places where there’s high humidity, you are very likely going to encounter some forms of spores that your body doesn’t know yet, and they can be inhaled and ingested and they can even be absorbed through the skin.

That is pretty much the end of my ‘gloom and doom’ part of the presentation. I would like to now talk about what we can do about it. Because we want to avoid it, right? You don’t want to be spending time in spaces that have mold spores within them. So when you first enter a place, this could happen in your own home, check the air around you. For example, you go away for a while, and then you come home and you inhale, you can tell there is something in the air. I used to live at the Pacific coast in Vancouver, and we would go away to visit relatives in the interior where the air is dry, and a week or two later, we would come back home, and the first two, three breaths taken in the old place, oh my gosh, I’m smelling the must, that is the coast air, we were living in fungus and it was making us not well. So for example, if you enter a hotel room and you first inhale, if it smells musty, it would be a smart thing to close the door and go to ask for a different room.

The exposure is cumulative, it actually happens over a lifetime. We can’t really avoid exposure, it is everywhere, but there are levels of it, right? So the less you experience it, the better. The repeated exposures should be reduced to as little as possible. If you are having infections, if you are experiencing sinus infections all the time, it may well be that you are actually living in an environment that you need to change. You will experience fungal infections in your sinus, in the gut, that is pretty common, or vaginal oftentimes, this is called Candida albicans. And what’s interesting is that if you take something to treat the vaginal infection, the symptoms go away, but as soon as you stop taking it, it doesn’t take too long before all the symptoms are back, because you actually need to get rid of the fungus from your gut. If it is in your gut, it will re-infect you. When you have a bowel elimination, it is only inches away from all the other places, and it doesn’t take long for the fungus to find its way back.

There’s a way of testing for it. And there’s this newish, very effective test, you can ask your doctor about a Zoomer test. The Zoomer is quick, affordable, and it usually just takes the nose swab to do it. Here’s an interesting thought I want to leave you with – mycotoxins are carcinogenic. That has been proven. Also, antibiotics are mycotoxins, we mentioned penicillin, the penicillin is the mycotoxin of the species penicillium. Well, all the other antibiotics are mycotoxins of other fungi and mold. So they all are carcinogenic. We already know that repeated use of antibiotics is associated, not directly causing, but it definitely is correlated, with cancers such as colorectal, breast, liver… So think about it. Think about the exposure. Not only are you getting exposed by taking the antibiotics for your own use, but you also are getting the antibiotics in the food, especially in the meat, if you are eating food that is not organic.

So here’s the process that I would suggest you need to understand. There are two words that should be understood – detox and drainage. Drainage is the natural means by which the cells get rid of things, and by which your body eliminates. Detox I would like to reserve for being more aggressive and binding things to take out of the body, that the body wouldn’t be able to eliminate on its own. Anyway, the sequence of events should be that you first take care of the mold in your environment and eliminate it. When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. It could mean that you stop going to work in the building that is contaminated, you might have to switch jobs. It could mean that you either mitigate and remediate the house you are in, or it possibly could mean that you actually have to sell the place and move on.

Some people are so infected that they actually have to leave everything behind. By everything I mean things that are not cleanable, and deep cleaning is hard and expensive, and usually, you cannot do it yourself. So the cost of it is high. I often think that it would be easier to just burn the whole house down. So we first eliminate it from the environment. Then we work on the body, meaning that you could go pharmaceutical, but fortunately, we do have natural plant-based compounds that nature has evolved for us to use. Plants have been fighting with molds and fungi for eons, so things like oregano come to mind, I will mention all that in just a moment.

So you need to eliminate the fungus from your body. Then you also need to get rid of heavy metals, because your body will attract fungus in its attempt to get rid of heavy metals. Heavy metals are contamination that we are not evolved to deal with. There’s no effective method for the body to get rid of it, but it tries, and it uses decomposers like mold. You need to get rid of the heavy metals. I have used Zeolite very successfully. Then we also need to rebuild the microbiome, and then finally you may want to eliminate the food that is possibly triggering allergic reactions, to keep the gut and your microbiome in good shape.

How are you going to do that? The detoxification and cleansing process should be ongoing. Consider lymphatic drainage, which you can improve on by movement first because the lymph needs to be pushed up down against gravity. It doesn’t have its own pump, so only when you are moving your muscles and when you are moving your body, the lymph gets to move as well. So walking and rebounding is a good thing, dry brushing is great, either with a towel or a brush, you can read about it in our post about dry brushing on the Life Enthusiast Blog. The other means would be sweating. Sauna is a wonderful thing because you can just heat your body up to the point where you are profusely sweating. There are also heat mats, I have used Bio-Mat, essentially a heated blanket that heats your body up to the point where you are so hot that you are sweating. Electrical lights, red lights, infrared red lamps can warm up your tissue. Or simply going tanning. And of course exercise. If you are strong enough that you can exercise to the point of sweating, that is awesome, because sweating will help you eliminate all kinds of things from your body.

Of course, you would want to drink a lot of water, because water will help you wash things out. I’ve heard that ‘the solution to pollution is dilution.’ I love that statement. The water should be filtered, structured, and energized. You probably have heard of the prills that we use to do that. You want to make sure that your water does not have fluoride, lead, arsenic, and who knows what else. Your food should be free of herbicides, pesticides, especially glyphosate. These days that really means eat organic. It is more expensive, but in the long run, it actually isn’t, it is worth every dollar, it is an investment in your health. And if we all get together, if millions of us stopped buying the crappy food that they’re serving us, and started buying the real food more and more, farmers will plant organic and the costs will go down.

And lastly, try oil pulling. I personally like coconut oil, but other oils work too. A mouthful of oil, maybe a teaspoon is about the right amount, just swish it through and around your teeth for 5-10 minutes, and don’t swallow, just spit it out, throw it away. The oil will absorb all kinds of toxic stuff out of your mouth, the gums, your tongue. We have a blog post all about oil pulling as well.

Prevention is important here. We want to avoid exposure. We want to spend time in the sunshine and fresh air. We have found that colloidal silver or ionic silver does help too, as does iodine. We found that Humic Acid helps the body internally to fight off the fungal reproduction. Bio-Hydrox, which we sell under the trade name Amazing Soak is an oxygen supplement you either bathe in or spray in your mouth, which is also helping to kill off all of the microbes. And oregano is one of the herbs that is really important and it does a very good job as well.

As far as the lungs’ health goes, I can’t think of a more important time to talk about that, even now with the current ongoing virus, which I personally am concerned about. If you spend more time with trees, in parks, by lakes, or especially by the ocean, you will be inhaling more negative ions, which are very beneficial, you can read more about this on our blog as well. You should also be using high-quality air filters because the small particulates are very harmful to your lungs. In fact, they may be the major cause of people having problems. UV lights will sterilize the air. Ion generators will help to add negative ions, they help to get the small particulates out of the air. I already mentioned the ionic silver and Bio-Hydrox, they can be inhaled and they will work in the lungs very efficiently to block the reproduction of unwanted microbes, mold, and fungus.

In the gut, we need to build a healthy microbiome. Watch one of our previous videos about the microbiome for more details and why that is a very important thing you should focus on. Eat enough probiotics, like sauerkraut, kombucha, miso, kimchi. All of the fermented stuff is great. But these friendly microbes also need to be fed, and that is what prebiotics are for. Prebiotics, which you can find in root vegetables, are the complex starchy compounds that the beneficial microbes live on.

Humic Acid and fulvic acid are also important because they will help you keep your balance of the microbes working well. Eating fiber is a good thing, and eating more herbs like oregano, thyme, basil… We sell a whole bunch of herb oils by North American Herb and Spice, you can check them out on our website. Herbs are very helpful in helping to manage the microbial terrain in your body. What feeds the wrong stuff, what feeds the fungus, are starches, that would be wheat, rye, barley, rice, white potato… Those are really the foods that feed the fungus the most. Industrial dairy is questionable as well. If you could get your hands on the raw unpasteurized dairy, then probably you will have no problems, especially if it is sheep or goat milk.

So these are the things we know that work. Here is the list of spice oils: oregano, rosemary, thyme, clove, cinnamon, olivir – that is actually olive leaf extract, tea tree oil, orange, lemon oil. Next, we have extracts from plants, like Quercetin, Curcumin, Resveratrol, Astaxanthin… We sell products that contain these compounds. There are other plant materials as well. Ellagitannins from seeds, cannabidiol from hemp, milk thistle, that is a famous liver cleanser, high pectin apple fiber – you can make your own by taking apples and stewing them, just lightly cooked apples, stewed apples, add some cinnamon, it is both healthy and delicious. Or you can get Apple fiber from us!

Lecithin is a universal emulsifier, mainly the phosphatidylcholine that it contains. If you are in real serious trouble, you may need to have your doctor give you injected phosphatidylcholine, but if you are just building health, lecithin would be helpful. Bitters will help build your bile, so bitter foods like chicory leaf, dandelion leaf, arugula, endives, bitter-tasting things in your salad, they are great. We also sell bitters, if you are interested in that, the brand is Quicksilver Scientific.

L-carnitine is very helpful for your liver. Charcoal is excellent for absorbing things, it is a binder. Ancient Carbon, a product that we sell contains charcoal and Humic Acid . Clays and Zeolite, of course, are great for detox. You could use ozone, medical ozone, we don’t offer that, but certainly can vouch for it. Ozone can be insufflated rectally or vaginally, or you could maybe get also ozonated oil and use it on your skin. Hydrogen peroxide, same idea, just supplying loose oxygen, like Bio-Hydrox, the Amazing Soak I mentioned. Also Daylight, a product that also supplies a huge amount of free hydrogen and free oxygen. Indole-3-Carbinol, very helpful for people who are struggling with fungal infections.

All of the products will be linked in the product bar on the side, or if you are watching this on Youtube or Vimeo, links will be in the description box, so you can check them out. On the screen, you can now see some of our favorites – Fungus-Ease, a herbal blend that is great for eliminating fungal infections. OregaRESP, that is the oregano blend. The white bucket thing that you see on the screen is actually an air filter. We sell industrial-grade filters by AirPura, they are not cheap, but they work great. For more products, visit our Life Enthusiast store, look up the ‘candida, yeast, and fungus’ category.

If you have any questions, call me directly at (866) 534 3388, or internationally on (775) 299-4661. Thank you for watching, thank you for listening! This is Martin Pytela for the Life Enthusiast podcast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet. See you next time!

Author: Nina Vachkova