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Podcast 405: Predictions for 2021 – Part 1

Welcome to our annual year review and predictions for the upcoming year! Scott is back in Canada to chat with Martin about what the future holds for 2021!

This is Part 1 of a two-part series, Part 2 is here!

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MARTIN: Hello, life enthusiasts! This is Martin Pytela for the Life Enthusiast podcast, and with me, I have an old friend and co-producer Scott Paton!

SCOTT: Thank you! Thank you! I’m happy to be back!

MARTIN: Of all things, Scott is back in Canada. Our globetrotter has found his way back into his native land.

SCOTT: I have, I have! It’s nice to be home.

MARTIN: Is it?

SCOTT: Yep. It is great to be home because all of my family is here, I’m happy to see them, and it also inspires me to get back out because I’ve got a lot of the world I still want to see and I haven’t seen yet. Being back here is like: yeah, but I really want to go and see that. But it’s nice to be home now.

MARTIN: Great. In fact, this is our annual review. Most people may be watching it after Christmas, but maybe not, we may end up posting it before the end of the year, because I have some urgent messages relating to December 21st. So I want to open up with a little bit of a review of the last 12 months. What has happened? What have we done? Where are we going? What’s going on? When we were recording back in early December of 2019, little did we know! I mean, we were talking about the astrology, and I was talking about how we have this Pluto in Capricorn, and we have this great conjunction, and it’s going to hit January 12th, brace yourself, and then it’s going to get amplified in March, and then it’s going to get further amplified in June, and then it’s really going to kick up in November. Well…?

SCOTT: Yeah, you hit the nail on the head with that one, let me tell you, you were absolutely right!

MARTIN: Yeah! Astrology is a funny mistress. You don’t know what she’s going to bring you, but she sure is intense. Right?

SCOTT: It’s interesting because it’s an opportunity for people to really see who they are, because when things are going good, there’s no challenge. But when we have the type of challenge that we have gone through, you really get an understanding of what you’re made out of.

MARTIN: I remember Wayne Dyer talking on stage one day when I saw him live, and he asked: “When you squeeze an orange, what do you think comes out of it?” And the crowd screamed: “Orange juice!” And he says: “Why?” “Because it’s full of it!” Then he says: “So what happens when they squeeze you, a human? What comes out of you?” And the logical answer is: whatever you are full of.

SCOTT: And we’ve seen a lot of what the world is full of this year, right? I don’t mean that in a sarcastic or mean way, but I mean, we’ve seen all the riots all over the place, we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of people in Europe and in the United States standing up and saying: this is what we believe in. I spent a lot of the last year in Medellín, Colombia, and there were a lot of people who would get trucks, and they would fill the trucks up with bags of lettuce and carrots and other food, and then they would drive them up into the ghetto areas to the communities that were poor, and they would be giving that food out to all of these people. The news will focus on all the negative things, but there were also a lot of really positive things that came out.

MARTIN: That’s really neat, people helping one another.

SCOTT: Right, people who could help were helping the people that needed help, like young mothers with young children. The weird thing about Colombia is when you talk to somebody who is 26 years old for example, and you ask them about their family, chances are they only have one of their parents alive, which is shocking to me. They might say “I live with my mom,” well, where is your dad, “he passed away eight years ago” or something. There is always a lot of divorcing going on too, but in this case, I was shocked at how many people said to me “my dad died when I was born,” it was usually the father who passed away. Well, we can understand why that is, because 20 years ago, Pablo Escobar was shooting up everybody, so there were a lot of people of that parenting age, who would have young children, who are now in their twenties, that got shot. I went on a walking tour of Medellín, and the tour guide was 35 years old, and he said: “When I was 15, I was standing on the street corner with my three best friends, and a motorcycle came by, and they just sprayed bullets and killed three of my friends, and I got shot in the leg.”

MARTIN: For no good reason?

SCOTT: They were just hanging out like any teenager would hang out. It’s tragic, it was really sad and really tragic. And it basically formed how he sees the world and how he grew up. But what I found interesting about Medellín, in general, was how peaceful and happy people were, and at the beginning, I couldn’t quite understand it. Then I thought: well, 20 years ago, if you were walking down the street here, you had a good chance of getting shot by some random guy. And now you don’t! Sure, there are places where you don’t want to go just like in any big city, but generally speaking you’re safe, you can go to the store and you know that on the way home you’re not going to get shot by some guy on a motorcycle, you are safe, so how would you feel? You would be really happy.

MARTIN: Right! We’ve heard this about New York, right? In the 1970s, New York was a declining city with crime on the rise, and you practically were afraid to go to many places. They stepped up on law and order, and got it cleaned up.

SCOTT: Yes, and they are a lot happier now than they were then.

MARTIN: So anyway, the theme for 2020 was Pluto in Capricorn for our predictions. It started in 2008, and it’s still running. The end of Pluto in Capricorn is in 2024, so we have four more years for it to unwind.

SCOTT: So this year in particular we’ve just gone through, everything was amplified. And I think if you look at all areas of life in general, around the world, we can see examples of that. So what you are saying now? Is it going to sort of relax?

MARTIN: Oh no, no, no. January 2020 was the kickoff, and now, specifically on December 21st of this year, what we have coming is known as the Great Conjunction, when Jupiter meets with Saturn, and they are now moving on out of Capricorn into Aquarius. Saturn is the stern father, Jupiter is the jovial amplifier, the guy with the hundred dollar bills in his wallet that he’s just handing out.

SCOTT: Are you saying the roaring twenties are about to get started?

MARTIN: No, no, no!

SCOTT: I keep hoping for parties, and you keep putting a wet blanket on me!

MARTIN: This is going to be very much dramatic. Let me just tell you a few things that are in the store. First of all, this is being recorded on December 3rd, and two days ago we had a lunar eclipse for information release, healing energy. So now we are going to start to learn secrets that were holding us from healing. I wouldn’t be surprised if finally, the aliens pop out, and people would just say: “yeah, we’ve been hiding them all along.” Like, imagine if they have been here all along, but our government has been hiding it and repressing it and all of that. So it would not surprise me any if in a not very long time from now, it actually just went into: “yup, there they are.”

SCOTT: So Martin, what do you think the general reaction of the world would be, if they said like: “yeah, here are the flying saucers, these guys came from Alpha Centauri.” Do you think there would be a whole bunch of panic? Obviously, in the beginning, there’s going to be shock, and then it’s going to sink in. What do you think?

MARTIN: There are two scenarios that I’m thinking of. One is that the government with its militaristic control and police forces and all of that, are vested in them being the highest force on Earth.

SCOTT: Right, and they won’t be if there are aliens running around with spaceships.

MARTIN: Because once you realize that there are guys with technology that lets them cross light years, that clearly makes our stuff look puny. The way I understand it is that gravity travels faster than the speed of light, and they are using that. Einstein’s set of ideas suggests that the speed of light is the highest speed achievable, but apparently, it’s not that way. So, that’s one, I don’t want to go into the weeds on it, I’m just saying, some secrets are going to come out. This would be like the big one, right? But there could be smaller ones, like…

SCOTT: Who killed JFK?

MARTIN: Well, that is out, we know that. It’s just not out in the public public. The meeting of the 20 people who met in Dallas the night before they shot him, it would shock you. Anyone who wants to get the link to the video, to the documentary, just call me. I don’t want to just put it out there, but if you are interested in knowing, I can send you the link, and you can watch it. It’s a long one, it’s 3 hours and 12 minutes of a documentary, but you can have it.

SCOTT: I haven’t seen it, so I’m gonna ask you for the link!

MARTIN: I don’t want to get into the weeds on that either. But anyway, the powers that are in power now are fearful of this information release, so they may want to release it in such a way that there is a threat, that they are actually the enemy, right? Like right now, the big threat is everybody, because they have managed somehow to create this fear of each other. For example, because I am a potential carrier of this virus, that makes me and everyone radioactive. It’s nasty as hell.

SCOTT: And that’s part of the problem. Whatever the secrets are, when they come out, the powers are experts at spinning it so that it keeps people in a state of fear. And it’s just absolutely amazing how effective they have been.

MARTIN: So, I’m thinking they may be interested in keeping the aliens as the ace in the hole, where they would pull that as if the aliens were dangerous, as if they were malevolent, as if they were a threat to us somehow. Which they can’t be, because if they were a threat, they would have long ago enslaved every one of us to whatever purpose they want. Because they have advanced technology. 

Anyway, so that’s one scenario of the information release. And the other one might be that we actually realize that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and we are practically eternal, and this experience is just something that we control, that the inner world actually dictates what happens in the outer world. And this one is not easy. The sentence people say is: “I believe it, when I see it.” But that’s a backward sentence because you cannot have what you cannot imagine, you cannot materialize what you cannot conceive, and you cannot possess what you cannot create first within.

SCOTT: I always found that a really interesting concept, because so much of what we do is subconscious or unconscious, versus conscious, right? So you have these people with really bad exterior experiences, saying “but I’m a good person, and I never wanted this,” and when I’ve had those bad experiences and I’ve said those things, and I sit back and I think about it, I think: “This is telling me what’s really going on inside me, so I can see where I need to work and fix and heal and pay attention.” If I make that connection, if I understand that what’s going on around me is reflecting what’s in me, then I know I have to for example work on my anger issues because everyone around me is fighting and throwing tomatoes at me, or whatever.

I remember years ago, I lived in a suburb of Vancouver called New Westminster, I was divorced or separated at the time, and I lived on the 4th floor of a building. I was dating this girl who was a child therapist. I had just been separated from my kids, I was worried, so who am I dating? A child therapist. (laughing) I didn’t look for a child therapist, she just came into my life and we liked each other. But she was also a recovering drug addict, which I didn’t realize. One day she said to me: “Scott, I can’t come over to your place anymore. If you want to get together, you gotta come over to my place.” And I am like: “Why?” And she says: “I can’t handle the drugs. I’m around drugs, and it makes me want to have drugs.” So I said to her: “I don’t even smoke, my roommate doesn’t even smoke, we have one beer a month maybe and that’s the worst thing we do. What are you talking about?” And she says: “Come with me.”

She takes me over to the balcony and says: “You see that car down there? A guy is going to come out the door.” And in a few minutes, a guy comes out the door, puts his hand in the car, and takes his hand out of the car. “They just exchanged drugs, Scott,” she said. “And you see that car over there? Well, there’s a guy going to come out the door over there,” and a guy really comes out, and she points out all these things that I have been totally oblivious to for the last six months. I was surrounded by drug addicts! And I had no idea. And a few months later, I’m walking down one of the streets in New Westminster, and you can hear ambulances and fire trucks and police sirens all around me, but the street I’m on is absolutely dead quiet. There’s no one walking on it, there are no cars on it, nothing. And I just imagined this big bubble around me, with all this chaos on the other side of the bubble, because at that time I’ve been working on peace and peace of mind and everything else, it was really amazing.

MARTIN: Yeah! You just triggered two ideas. One was the Maharishi Mahesh, the transcendental meditation group who decided to meditate, I think it was in Washington DC, and they did that for a month, and for that month the crime rate dropped by 20%. So that’s one, and the other one: British Columbia had 300 people die of coronavirus, and 1500 people, five times as many, in that same time period of a Fentanyl overdose. Everybody is just completely freaked out about this flu virus, and yet, statistically, it’s a fifth of the problem that the drugs are.

SCOTT: Yeah! Everybody is worried about someone breathing on them, most of the people that died are over 70, if not over 80, and we have five times more people die from a drug overdose, and yet nobody’s doing anything about it.

MARTIN: Yeah! If you take Fentanyl, it shuts down your back brain, it shuts down your breathing, and you are simply gone because the body shuts down. There is an antidote, I think it is called Naloxone, if they get it to you fast enough, it negates the Fentanyl and you come back.

SCOTT: So is that used for anything like in the hospitals?

MARTIN: Which, Fentanyl? Yeah, it is for pain control. It’s the most blissful thing you can imagine. It is phenomenally blissful. This is like chasing the dragon’s tail, you want to take the dose that’s close to dying, but not dying.

SCOTT: And you’ll be in a state of bliss.

MARTIN: It’s very blissful! But the problem with this stuff is that it keeps desensitizing you, so you need a higher and higher dose. But there are two secrets – you don’t know what your dose is, and you don’t know what you’re getting in a dose. If this was controlled, if this was a public thing, you could say: “doctor, please give me 37 milligrams or micrograms, whatever the number is.” And the doctor could give you what you would need. You could also tell him, “listen, you gave me a 40 last time, and didn’t quite do it, could you give me a 50 this time?” But when you buy it on the street, you might be getting a 500, and boom you are out, you are gone. You never know how much of it is in the dose you are taking! Recently, there were five or six dead people, all in one apartment. It was a party and they thought they were taking MDMA, Molly, they thought they were going to get happy and mellow, and instead they all died of Fentanyl because some idiot drug dealer or drug maker mixed Fentanyl into it.

SCOTT: So what I get from what we’ve just been talking about is that our priorities as a society are kind of backward.

MARTIN: Yep, Definitely that. So let’s go back to astrology! This December 21st, the Great Conjunction, Jupiter and Saturn, begins to amplify the daddy issues, and by daddy issues, I mean the stern father who says: “You’re stupid, you are idiots, you just aren’t doing it right, you have to change.” And the shifting focus is from institutions onto inventions. We should start seeing changes in the internet, in how we do things, new tools, new ways of doing things…

SCOTT: …and the established institutions are going to be losing power, which is one of the reasons why they’re hanging on so tightly right now.

MARTIN: Yeah, they will be losing power. I don’t know why they don’t read these astrological predictions.

SCOTT: Well, maybe they do, but they fight against it.

MARTIN: They fight it anyway. So then, on December 23rd, Mars, the planet of fighting, gets to square with Pluto. Things that were hidden will come to the fore. I don’t know what’s getting released, I’ve mentioned the aliens, but it could be all kinds of other stuff that previously was unknown.

SCOTT: And with Mars, you’ve got war or conflict.

MARTIN: Well yeah, it’s combative.

SCOTT: Well, we are seeing that there’s lots of conflict in the world, it is like there are two groups of people in every area and they don’t like each other, and that is not calming down, it is building up, the pressure cooker is on tight and it’s going to blow.

MARTIN: Yeah. I would say that the prison is within, right? The inner world, the inner conflict, the unwillingness to see the humanity in everyone, lack of empathy… that all need to be resolved somehow. And it may be resolved quite dramatically. There are three more dates that I want to throw in. It is like a date, it is in the calendar, it is predetermined on when this thing happens. So one funky date is January 20th, 2021. That’s actually the inauguration date in the United States. This celestial event is for January 19th-21st, so it brackets the inauguration. Uranus, the cosmic change agent, is delivering a massive political disturbance. Here are the keywords: shock event, sensational revelations, cataclysmic change, radical activity.

SCOTT: Wow! We have been living the buildup to it so far!

MARTIN: This is almost like when you have a balloon filled with hydrogen, and you are about to put a match to it. I would not be surprised if we had nationwide protests, if we had a release of information that previously was unavailable, I don’t know who’s going to be doing the releasing, I don’t know whose camp you are in, I don’t know who you are rooting for, but it’s going to be massive!

SCOTT: It’s like this cosmic script, and we’re just playing it out on cue!

MARTIN: It’s sort of like when you are running a race circuit, right? There are corners in a specific order, if you were a Formula 1 driver, you know there is a 270° to the right, then straight ahead, gear, two, three, four, five, brake hard, turn left, you know, blah, blah. You know when the corner is coming, you just don’t know what’s around the corner. But it’s coming! There could be a pile-up of cars that have hit the brakes there. I want to circle back, some time ago, there was a hockey game in Vancouver, BC, and it was the Vancouver team playing Boston, and Vancouver lost. It was game 7.

SCOTT: Yes, the Stanley Cup finals in 2011, I remember.

MARTIN: It was on the full moon. And then, people went into the streets and rioted the heck out of it. I don’t know if you remember.

SCOTT: Yeah, I remember.

MARTIN: There was massive property destruction. The normally polite and docile Canadians just went totally mad. People were delaying the streets, wrecking property, rolling police cars over, lighting them on fire. It was a different celestial event, however, just saying, there is some predictability to it, and we called it! So going forward, there is a Saturn, which is the granddaddy of the stuff that is solid and real, and Saturn will square with Uranus, which is the disruptor and inventor, and that gets hit on February, June, and December of next year, of 2021. The keywords here are: liberation, but not without hard work, not for free, overcoming fears, overcoming pain, breaking down useless structures.


MARTIN: We’re looking forward to that, by December of 2021, it will have finished its work. These are the three passes, first hit in February, second hit in June, and last hit in December. So by the time you and I are recording the next predictions for 2022, we will know what this all has meant, and it could be a very different world.

SCOTT: Yeah, very different in a good way or very different in a bad way.

MARTIN: Oh yeah, we could easily be living under a fascistic domineering government police state, that completely dominates us in horrible ways.

SCOTT: Or we could be able to express ourselves freely, right?

MARTIN: Yeah. We don’t know yet. People might know this, but I’m a refugee from the communist world, I grew up in a police state. I gave up my family, I gave up my friends, I gave up all the stuff I grew up with to not be there. I came here in search of freedom, and now I’m threatened with having to escape again. What will I give up this time? Or maybe I will be a change agent that’s going to contribute to the better choices, and the destruction of nature, promote inner work over external, do inner healing work, help people understand that the soul is immortal and that the body doesn’t matter so much. It could be me who has to kiss it away. We just do not know…

SCOTT: So is there anything else in astrology for next year

MARTIN: Nope, these are the big ones. As far as I’m concerned, there’s going to be no structure left standing. It’s going to be very different. But think of it backwards, the event that kicked this off is a reflection of what happened in 1518. In 1517, Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses on a piece of paper to a church door. And then the next 200 years, Europe was at war with itself. The Catholics and Protestants had it out with each other. It was not without struggle and suffering.

SCOTT: And that’s a problem that we have in our McDonald’s society because we think: “Oh well, by the end of the year, it will be done.” And you just said, it could take another 200 years.

MARTIN: Well, it took then! The information age gives us speed. You know, when he put it up on the church door, how many people read it? How many people knew how to read it? And then it was told to one another, the propagation and percolation were a lot slower than we have now.

(end of Part 1, click here to go to Part 2)


Author: Nina Vachkova