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Podcast 419: Immune Defense

Spencer Feldman from Remedy Link is with us today talking about his favorite ways of immune system support and protection. He talks about five genetic firewall, and shares tips on how you can boost your immune defense system, especially in these uncertain times.

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MARTIN: Hi, everyone! This is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast podcast, and with me today is Spencer Feldman, the CEO of Remedy Link. Spencer is my favorite life hacker and inventor when it comes to all things health. Spencer is one of those genius people who didn’t start as a doctor, he started out like me, having to invent and reinvent himself because of his own health challenges, and with his open mind, he continues to create. So here we are with Spencer once again, because he has been on our show many times before, and we are going to be talking about his new inventions that relate to this current situation. How timely! Spencer, welcome!

SPENCER: It is so nice to see you again, Martin.

MARTIN: So, the current situation as we find it, huh?

SPENCER: Yeah. Okay, let’s talk about some action steps to take so we can deal with what we are facing with all of these injections.

MARTIN: There are essentially two narratives that we are hearing through the system. One says we are under a threat from an unknown viral attack, and the only remedy that we are able to access or discuss is an injection. Whereas the guys on the alternative side are saying: oh no, there are multiple ways that you can approach that, we are just simply not discussing all the other available options. And then of course, there is the third narrative that says: By the way, if you do take the injections, you are going to face a significant downside because these things are nowhere near as innocent as the mainstream news media would have you think.

SPENCER: I will kind of talk through what happened with me in terms of the order of what I was creating to deal with this as it happened. I think if we avoid certain words, perhaps we won’t get censored too heavily. Let’s talk first about these injections. If you want an injection, great, that is your choice with free will. If you were somebody that I cared for, I would talk with you about why I don’t think that is a good idea, but you know, free will. But those of us that have chosen not to get injected are facing some difficult choices now. Number one – the German government came out and passed a law that said that they have the right to manufacture and administer self-spreading vaccines.

What that means is a German person number one gets the vaccination and passes it on to a German person number two, who didn’t want the vaccination. And since that is obviously not going to stop at the German borders, they have basically authorized themselves to make self-spreading vaccines for the entire planet. And we can’t say no to it because it just happens. The second issue is what is called shedding. Even with non-self-spreading vaccines. Spike proteins and other things are coming off people that have been injected, and if you are in close proximity, you can get affected. We have seen that with women who have had their menstrual cycle altered because of that.

MARTIN: Yes, I just have to interject, I speak to people daily who are calling me saying: “I am sitting in a room with a freshly injected person. I am getting a metallic taste in my mouth and a headache. Please explain to me what I am experiencing.”

SPENCER: Yeah, that is the second issue. The third issue – there are people who don’t want to get vaccinated, who would not choose to get vaccinated, but do it because of social pressure or because of a job. I know two people in my family, one related to me, and one indirectly, both of them are intelligent people, they didn’t want to get injected, but they did it out of social pressure. For instance, people working in the military are being told: “If you don’t get injected, then kiss your job goodbye.” And there goes the pension, right? You have people who have been in the military for 18 years, they have two more years until they can retire with a pension, and they think: “If I lose it with a dishonorable discharge, my whole retirement is shot, I haven’t planned for that.” So that is another degree of pressure. And then finally, there is a possibility that at some point in time injections might be done by force. We do know that they were doing vaccinations by force on mentally deficient people and the very elderly, people who couldn’t defend themselves. So that is the foot in the door.

Let’s move forward with the issue of what we can do like people who don’t want this in our bodies, knowing that it could be self-spreading, it could be shedding, we might lose our job, and it might be forced on us anyway. By all means, if it gets to the point where they are coming at you with force, you have the right to self-defense, but even then a person could be overwhelmed in a situation like that. I saw some pictures of people being tackled, I believe in Australia, and one of the people said they were being force-vaccinated. I don’t know if that is true or not, but at this point, I wouldn’t ignore that.

MARTIN: Yeah, the day may come, so let’s just be aware of that.

SPENCER: So here is the situation: It is not enough now just to say: “Hey, that is your choice. You do what you want. I’ll do what I want.” Now we have to be more proactive. So I have come up with a series of ways in which we can both be more proactive for ourselves, and then maybe help the people who have already made what they now know was a poor decision for their health.

MARTIN: Spencer, you are rolling over it so quickly, that I actually want to really punch it up. This sentence that you just said: “Oh, by the way, the German government has given itself the power to create a product that will self-distribute after we launch it.” That is not a little nothing. That is a miserable, crazy thing to do.

SPENCER: We could spend an hour talking about that, but right now the challenges are coming so fast and furious that we can’t focus on just one. We have to…

MARTIN: Yeah, I know, it is big, I just want to really stress out that we may seem like coo-coo folks, but actually, this is not a little nothing, this is very serious.

SPENCER: It is sad that it is now normalized that we can say that with one breath and then move on. But that is the world we are living in now. So the first thing I thought was: okay, what do I do to deal with a self-spreading vaccine? Because I don’t want that, right? Or shedding. What about people like the frontline healthcare workers, who may not choose to do that to themselves, but they are exposed to the public. I am going to go through my notes here because it is too much to remember off the top of my head. I was comparing a direct vaccination with an indirect vaccination. A direct vaccination is a concentrated dose, It bypasses the skin and mucous membranes, which are defense mechanisms, and it contains adjuvants, which hyper-stimulate the immune system, so the body hyper-reacts. 

We can now add a fourth thing to that, which is graphene oxide, and we are going to talk about that later because that is a whole other spin that we have to deal with. If someone has not been directly vaccinated, they don’t have to deal with that, they still get a dose, but it is not concentrated, it doesn’t bypass the skin and mucous membranes, and it doesn’t contain adjuvants. The goal for what I am suggesting here is not to live in a plastic bubble, or up in the north pole. You are going to be exposed to humans who are shedding and possibly self-spreading. So the goal, I think, is to have it enter the body attenuated, so slow on such a mild level that it never overwhelms the body’s innate ability to handle it.

Think of it this way: Let’s say someone is allergic to pollen or has the potential to have a pollen allergy, and they walk in front of a tree, a breeze hits, and they just get a massive dose. They are going to react. But if they only get a little bit, maybe one or two pollen particles go in and interact with their immune system. Their immune system says: “Well, maybe this is just part of the environment, I will just get rid of it.” So they never get allergies, they never react. So we want to have whatever is coming to come in at such an attenuated level that it doesn’t overwhelm the immune system, and the immune system can learn to handle it well and build its own defenses and resources against it.

But how do we attenuate? How do we slow it down? What I came up with is a series of firewalls, each designed to attenuate the effect as it enters the body. It is estimated that the average strand of DNA is damaged a hundred thousand times a day from things we make internally, like superoxides, environmental chemicals, and even sunburns. But you know, we are here and surviving, so we have a genetic repair system. How can we support and upregulate our own genetic repair system to be more effective? What can we do to make it even stronger? If you look in the animal kingdom, ants have the most powerful genetic repair system known. They have an ingredient that they make, it is a fat-soluble compound called iridodial, and it repairs damage incredibly quickly.

You can take iridodial as a supplement! Ants are the strongest creatures on the planet! It also gives you a lot of energy in ATP. Having said all that – the first thing I want to do to attenuate it is to strengthen my own ability to repair the damage that comes my way. You can use ant extract for that. 

Another firewall you could consider is something called gene silencing. Once the injection gets in, if you can’t repair the damaged DNA from the RNA insertion, you can just silence that particular gene. We have got lots of junk DNA, and most of it is silenced, it doesn’t get activated, so as long as we can silence it, it is there, but it doesn’t cause any problems. Gene silencing occurs at two places. It happens at the transcriptional level, where the DNA unwinds and RNA is created, and it happens at the translational level, where RNA goes into the ribosomes, the cytoplasm, and the endoplasmic reticulum, and makes proteins.

The major player in gene silencing is methylation, but half of us are under-methylators, and 10% of us are over-methylators because of genetic flaws, like the MTHFR gene mutation. So because some of us are over-methylators, you don’t just want to raise the methylation across the board, that would make some of the people sick. What you need is methylation adaptogens, something that will bring you up only if you happen to be a low methylator, so the gene silencing can happen.

Curcumin is the best for that, so curcumin would be the second firewall. 

Another issue, obviously, is if you are full of things like glyphosates, parabens, and stuff like that, those things waste the methyl groups, so cleaning the body out so you have methyl groups available to do gene silencing is important. On our website Remedylink, we have all those detox products you can look at.

MARTIN: Yeah, there are multiple ways you can improve methylation if you need to improve or up-regulate. It is challenging to down-regulate though.

SPENCER: Right. So if you don’t know which one you are, if you haven’t happened to have done all your MTHFR gene tests, and don’t know how to interpret that complexity, then just do some curcumin. 

The third firewall – if you can’t fix it, and if you can’t silence it, just cut it out completely, just get rid of it. There is a way to remove damaged parts of DNA. The Human Genome Project, which finished in 2003, surprised scientists when they found that 98% of our DNA does not code for protein. So that means that according to them, 98% of our DNA is junk.

MARTIN: (laughing) Yeah, God makes junk.

SPENCER: I think that there is a good deal of junk there, just because that is one of the systems we have, it is basically silenced bad genetic information from tens of thousands of years of infections on the human species, and we silenced it, and that becomes junk DNA, some of it has a regulatory capacity. Humans have a lot of junk in them. A lot of junk DNA. We have a lot of silenced junk DNA, maybe 80%. There is a plant called Utricularia gibba, which has only 3% junk DNA. So it really knows how to remove silenced junk genes from its DNA. So that is a third firewall to support removing junk DNA, damaged DNA, or DNA that is doing something you don’t want it to do.

I know I am talking quickly. Normally, I like to speak a little slower, but we have so much to get through. 

The fourth firewall. We have something in our bodies we didn’t want to have, some of it made it through the gene repair, some made it through the gene silencing, and some made it through the removal of the junk DNA. What can we do now with this cell that is making things, making spike proteins we don’t want? You can destroy the cell, it is called apoptosis, which is where damaged cells typically destroy themselves. Cells that are either virally loaded, when a certain bacteria do get inside a cell, and more typically viruses and cancer. When those cells get overrun with viruses or become cancerous, they are supposed to self-destruct. In a lot of people, they don’t do that, because the P53 gene, the self-destruct gene, has been damaged. That could get damaged from the herpes family of viruses, herpes, chickenpox, Epstein-Barr, mono, cytomegalovirus, stuff like that.

So a lot of people aren’t running a hundred percent of their apoptosis self-destruct system. So for that, you could use ellagitannins, which support apoptosis in the body. 

The fifth firewall is balancing T-regulatory cells. If damaged genes direct us to make proteins that are similar to proteins in our own body, then we run the risk of auto-immune stuff going on. Let’s say we have got a hundred viruses that get in, you knock out half of them with genetic repair, then you knock half of the remaining half with gene silencing, another half with gene excision, and another half of that with apoptosis. So that is 50%, 25%, 12%, 6%, you have around 6% still making it through, right? What do we do to get that number even lower? The immune system’s job is to clear out these proteins, but we have to give the immune system the time to do that without freaking out. There is a thing called an adjuvant that they put in the vaccine, something that hyper-stimulates the immune system so that you basically become allergic to, cross-reactive to, auto-immune to whatever the protein is. Since spike proteins are found in the testes, the ovaries, the brain, all throughout the body, we don’t want to become auto-immune to ourselves.

The T-regulatory cells are the cells whose job is to keep that from happening. And the adjuvants that are put in vaccines specifically down-regulate T-regulatory cells so that we can’t regulate ourselves, so we do become auto-immune. We want to do the opposite, we want to upregulate T-reg cells so that we are less likely to become auto-immune, so that we can be more graceful in our response to these things while they are getting cleared out. The curcumin we talked about being the second firewall, it also supports T-reg cells as does astragalus, they are both great for that. There are a few other firewalls that I don’t have time to get into, but these are the things that I would do for myself, for my family, for friends. So if either a person had been injected or they were concerned about a self-spreading vaccine or shedding, and they wanted to attenuate as much as possible to support the body in being able to deal with this new threat coming in an intelligent manner, they should use these firewalls, so that the body has the time to learn how to respond in a way that is not catastrophic. You can either get all those ingredients yourself or get them all in one bottle. We have a product called Regenemin that has all those ingredients in it.

MARTIN: We will add links to Regenemin in the show notes.

SPENCER: Keep in mind also, specifically for women who are fertile or pre-menopausal, in your luteal phase, in your PMS phase, that is when your T-reg cells are the lowest, so that is the time you have to be most diligent in protecting yourself, that is the time you are most susceptible. So what do we do for people that haven’t had that injection? You can use Regenemin. But what about the people that have already made that choice, done that to their bodies, and possibly hurt themselves? What can we do for them? There are a couple of things. 

You might consider using homeopathy. If someone were to go get a glycoprotein and make a homeopathic from it, would that help the body more gracefully respond to spike proteins being generated internally? I don’t know, but we have it available. So if somebody is having some issues and they think that might support them, they can get that. That takes us to graphene.

MARTIN: Before you get into that, I would just like to do a quick little vignette about homeopathy, what it is, and how it works, because many people probably won’t have a clue. You can take a piece of something, a poison, like a bee sting, and you can dilute that many times over, past the Avogadro number, past the parts per billion, when there is nothing left, while doing succussion. The point of that is that you can dilute away all the original poison, and what is left over is just the energetic imprint of what the poison is, without delivering the poison itself. And when you ingest that, you’re delivering into your body the message as if the poison was being delivered without the poison coming in. So your body will react in the repair mode, undoing the damage that the poison might have done, without you actually getting poisoned. That is the whole idea of homeopathy. You deliver the picture of something, the energetic imprint, helping your body figure out how to undo the damage.

SPENCER: That is a great way of phrasing it! Here is another way: Let’s say you are in a movie theater, and there is a fire in the movie theater, but the people aren’t noticing it. You shout out the word ‘fire,’ and everybody runs for the exit. The word ‘fire’ was not fire, the word ‘fire’ was information, but it was the right information at the right time, delivered the right way, right? Because if you whisper ‘fire,’ it is not going to work, you have to shout loud enough so everybody hears you. Homeopathy is like yelling ‘fire’ in a movie theater when there really is a fire. You are giving the information to the people in the movie theater about something they are not observing themselves, they are so engaged in watching the movie, smoke, and flames are going there, but they’re watching the movie and they don’t see what’s happening. 

Sometimes, our body can get so overwhelmed with something that it loses the ability to recognize the problem or it doesn’t quite know how to respond. So homeopathy is a reminder. If the body is strong enough, and if you have created the homeopathic correctly, it should then respond by saying: “Wow, I totally forgot about that! Let me get on it right now!” Now, let’s talk about graphene oxide, and this is going to get a little ‘woo,’ so…

MARTIN: Well, first of all, again, in the mainstream there is no conversation about this. And yet on the alternative channels, people are talking about it as if it were real. So, which is it?

SPENCER: Let me answer that by digressing. Because I don’t know the answer to that question. I don’t know if it is real. But I have to respond as if it is real, because if it is real, we are in trouble.

MARTIN: That is exactly the point I wanted to make. We don’t know. We cannot verify. We cannot even tell you that it is so, but if it is, then let’s act as if it were.

SPENCER: There are some universities that have taken multiple vaccines from different manufacturers, taken out the water, done an analysis on it, and found that the vast majority of what is in the vaccine is graphene oxide. Why is graphene oxide in there? Here we go down the rabbit hole: the narrative, the story for COVID-19 doesn’t make sense. What makes sense is mass depopulation, either through destroying fertility, we’re actually getting a lot of people to die in the next few years. This has been the goal of eugenicists for a long time. You know, going from Plato to Hitler, a lot of people wanted to lower the Earth’s population. They feel that the Earth is full, there are too many people on it that are creating too much pollution, using too many non-renewable resources with too many bad genes, and they need to bring the population down to about 500 million.

That is the eugenicists. They are bad enough, playing God. But there is a group above them, and those are the transhumanists. The transhumanists don’t just want to bring the population down 90%, they want to end humanity completely. According to them, this isn’t my interpretation, the goal is to merge humans and machines. They think the idea of making humans into cyborgs is a good idea. Again, free will, if somebody wants to do that, okay, but it is not my cup of tea. Then you look at how they say they would do it, what their papers and interviews say: “What we have been working on is a human-computer interface that uses graphene oxide, because graphene oxide is basically as close as we’re going to get to a room-temperature superconductor, and it is biological.”

It is basically carbon, an element that has six electrons, six neutrons, and six protons, and they break it up into very small amounts, and if they are injecting it in, this may be what is causing the magnetic phenomena in the body that we see online, with all these people having metal objects stuck to them. Now if you really want to validate that that is magnetic, you should put a little talcum powder on to make sure it is not skin adhesion because there are conditions, inflammatory conditions where the skin will exudate an adhesive material. So either way, if something is sticking to someone’s body, it is either they are becoming magnetic, or they are highly inflammatory. Now we are at the point where people have taken magnetometers and EMF readings, and they’re showing EMF readings on people.

Let’s put the pieces together. Transhumanists want to merge humans and machines. They say they’ll do it with graphene oxide, because graphene is attracted to places where there is electricity in the body. So that means it goes to the nerves, the heart, and the brain, and there is supposedly graphene oxide and all the injections, people are showing up being magnetic and electromagnetically active. 

I have read that graphene has an electronic absorption band, or excitation band, at the 5G level. So now this is starting to look a little bit like a bad sci-fi movie, with all the new 5G towers going up all over the place, people getting injected with graphene. I am seeing it possibly in the food supply, where people will take a sealed box of Kellogg’s corn flakes or something, crush it up and run a magnet over it, and magnetic material comes up! What is a magnetic material doing in our food supply? Graphene is a problem. Or I am going to act as if it is a potential problem.

So now what do we do? Well, the first thing is we made graphene homeopathic. The body will, from what I am told, get rid of graphene naturally, but it also passes the blood-brain barrier. Glutathione can move graphene. N-acetyl cysteine works, and after decades of safety the FDA suddenly decides it is a drug and they take it off the shelves. Why are they suddenly interested in getting rid of N-acetyl cysteine? That is strange timing. Anyway, N-acetyl cysteine can support glutathione levels in the body. We also have our Xeneplex which is a glutathione suppository, so it doesn’t get broken down by digestion.

What do you do if you are one of the people who gets vaccinated? Now what? We have already talked about how we might deal with the biological side. How do we deal with the graphene side? That kept me up for a little while. At first, I was thinking: What product can I take to neutralize the graphene? But I wasn’t getting the sense from my intuition that I was on the right path. I was sitting there, praying, asking God for guidance, and the image I got is like: why are you waiting for it to leave the shoulder? Because when someone gets injected, you know where all the graphene is right after the injection, it is all in the deltoid muscle, but it is not going to stay there. Within 15 minutes about 0.5% will already be in the liver, so it leaves pretty darn fast! It is estimated that around 75% will leave, so of the 40 trillion RNA molecules that are in a vaccine, it is estimated that three-quarters will get to the body, that is 30 trillion, which is interesting because that is how many cells are in the body on average. So it looks like they did the math to just have enough RNA molecules for every cell in the body, but again, what about the graphene? It is all right there for a minute or two, right? How do we keep it there?

There are three types of magnetics. There are the regular magnets that you and I both know, a classic fridge magnet. I got some here, these are tiny, tiny little magnets, and they snap together. That is regular magnetism, and they also repel each other if they are not pointed in the right direction. Then you have something called diamagnetism, which is when the material will be repelled from a magnet, either side, north or south, it just gets pushed away. And then you get something called paramagnetism where it is attracted to a magnet, either side, it doesn’t matter. Graphene oxide is paramagnetic. That means it will always get attracted to a magnet. 

So what we did is we have some curved magnets that perfectly fit right over the deltoid, and I am suggesting, if you are in a position where you were either choosing to get a vaccine to keep your job, or you are concerned it might get pushed on you, have one of these things with you, and right after the vaccination, slap the thing on, tape it on, hold it there. I will probably have some special sleeves made for these, so you can leave it on, or just simply duct tape it on for the first little while. You don’t have to use ours, you can just go get the strongest N52 neodymium magnet you can find and put it on there. Ours are custom-made with the strength and the geometry and the orientation that is ideal, but if you don’t have access to one of ours or you can’t afford it for whatever reason, just go grab a strong neodymium magnet.

MARTIN: You only need it for like an hour, right?

SPENCER: Oh no, it is going to be a lot longer than that. I am suggesting a month. Because you want to keep it there while the body degrades the graphene. That is going to depend on how much glutathione is in your system. So the protocol would be: slap the magnet on, put it on, keep it there, and then start raising your glutathione every day for a month. I don’t know what the half-life of graphene oxide is in the body, so I am just saying a month, you know, a lunar cycle, for lack of a better number. I don’t know. You could take it off for a moment to clean off the area and put it back, theoretically, some of it might migrate out the skin. I call it the Graphene Trap. 

There are some other things we can try, maybe we could use electricity, my first thought was to use electricity because graphene oxide is the most conductive material we know, and I thought we could use some electricity to possibly activate the graphene oxide to electrically become active enough to destroy any biological agents from the vaccine, and I feel that we could do that. I have two different schematics on how that could be done, we could put a coil on there and do induction, or we could put an electrical gradient on there, like the way you do with electrophoresis and physically drag it, just rev it up so high that it cooks the biological agents in there. 

My concern is, if you’ve seen what happens when graphene oxide is hit with anything electronic, it spreads like this network, it is like this living thing, and I don’t want to do that. It is a tough call, my gut is telling me “trap the graphene and break it down with glutathione and don’t activate it electrically, even though it might destroy some of the biologics,” the risk of having a clot from the graphene getting activated is too high. Until we can do some real studies in tissue and look, that is a risk I am not prepared to take.

MARTIN: Let’s just not even go speculating then.

SPENCER: I’d rather go the other route with that, the firewall route. I’d rather use the graphene trap for the graphene, and firewall for the biologics. And then have faith that God gave us bodies that are capable of amazing things as long as we can help them through some of these things, slow down the biologics coming in, and trap some of the graphenes. Our bodies can do the job, as long as we keep them from being overwhelmed, we will be alright.

MARTIN: I have had contact with enough people who have been double vaccinated, who are ‘fully protected,’ as they call themselves, and they are just fine. I have also had contact with multiple people who are not just fine, so I don’t really know. I don’t have a good handle on what the difference is, why some people are having hardly any negative effect, and why somebody else will have pretty significant problems.

SPENCER: Well, you know, my thoughts on that are: One – not all vaccines are the same, not even of the same manufacturers, there may be some areas where they are giving placebos, maybe there is one ethnic group that they want to get rid of, so that group gets the really bad ones, and there is another group they want to protect. They don’t want to get rid of the people in Silicon Valley, because they are the ones who are moving their agenda forward and bring us our ‘brave new world,’ so let’s give them some placebo injection instead. Who knows, that is one possibility. 

Another possibility is some people just react worse than others because they are just not as strong. Another possibility is it could be based on genetics or blood type. And then we also have yet to see these people who are fine, let’s see if they end up with an antibody-dependent enhancement come fall or winter. And if they end up with enough graphene in them, if 5G starts causing problems for them… it is too early to say these people are fine. We will look back in 5-10 years, we need to see these people who are “fine” bring healthy babies to life, and those kids develop normally. So we are not going to know for five years, at least.

MARTIN: Okay, there we have it. We will put all the product links in the show notes, one of them is Regenemin, you also mentioned Xeneplex, and the Graphene Trap. I will say it one more time: This may be overblown. Maybe it is not nearly as dark as we suggested, but maybe it is just the way it is. So let’s find out. Spencer put it correctly, we don’t know, we will find out more in six months, more in a year, and even more in five years. Let’s see how it rolls.

SPENCER: You know, there is a principle in medicine called the precautionary principle. ‘First, do no harm.’

MARTIN: Well, right now, people ask me: “Are you taking the shot?” And I am saying: “No, I have volunteered for the control group.”

SPENCER: I know a lot of this is upsetting or scary for those of you who are watching, just remember there are a lot of smart, hard working people behind the scenes, coming up with great solutions. There are a lot of people who are on a good team. Just have faith, we are all going to get through this.

MARTIN: So there we have it, take it or leave it. If you think that everything is fine, I am good with allowing you to have that belief. And if for some unknown reason you start feeling not fine, then please, call me. I will not judge anyone. And I hope you will not be judging us for thinking that things are not fine. I am speaking daily with people who are not fine. Anyway, this is the Life Enthusiast podcast, my name is Martin Pytela, I have been talking to Spencer Feldman from Remedy Link. We are restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Thank you for listening.

Author: Nina Vachkova