Podcast 421: Iridesca Superfood Blend

Iridesca SuperFood Powder Delivers

  • You will live longer with more quality, liberated from discomforts and pain.
  • Wake up your immune system to fight infections and disease.
  • Increase your physical and sexual performance.
  • See naturally healthier hair and skin, from the inside out.
  • Moderate your blood sugar to curb cravings.

MARTIN: Hi! This is Martin Pytela, health coach at Life Enthusiast. I have with me today Jim Hanak. I will let Jim tell us more about his life, but the main purpose of this little conversation is to introduce Jim as a long-time customer of Life Enthusiast. Jim, welcome!

JIM: Good afternoon!

MARTIN: Would you care to share something about your health before you found Life Enthusiast and started taking Iridesca?

JIM: Yes, I will be happy to do that. I got introduced to you in 1990 by my personal doctor, who is a nutrition specialist, and I was actually asking him about a different product. And he said: “Well, I can tell you that the best product on the market right now is Iridesca by Exsula.” So I ordered it, and I have taken it every morning since. I have been taking it for the last 30+ years. What I found is that it immediately gives me a better feeling about life. I feel stronger, I have more energy, I sleep better, my digestion is better. 

In the beginning, it was really interesting because I only took Iridesca every winter. I’m in the Philadelphia area, and every winter it would get cold and I would get some sort of a bronchial problem that would actually lead to pneumonia. So I would go to the doctor, immediately get antibiotics, and sometimes I’d be out for a whole week. But after taking Iridesca, I don’t get sick anymore! I haven’t missed a day at work since that day I started taking it. And I don’t have that winter problem anymore. I attribute it all to this product. 

This product is providing me with all of the nutrients that I don’t get in my regular food. As we all know, processed foods don’t give you what the original food was intended to give you, and a lot of our foods are grown with chemicals rather than organics, and that limits the nutritional value of each of these foods. For me, Iridesca by Exsula has made all the difference in the world.

MARTIN: You are not alone on this ground! I can’t not notice that you are looking younger than your chronological age would suggest. Would you mind sharing how old you are?

JIM: In 10 days I am going to be 72 years old.

MARTIN: And you are still working full time, right?

JIM: Yes, I am still working full time. I am the CEO of a school that I founded, Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School, and I put in quite a few hours each week, and sometimes I work on the weekends as well. I love what I’m doing, so I don’t find it stressful. The stress is just living life, our lives are full of stress. I’ve had lots of issues, things that have come into my life, family related issues, those kinds of things that create stresses in my life, but I find that I don’t have any problems sleeping, I don’t have any problems with digestion, I just don’t have any health problems in general that I am aware of. I see my doctor every three months with the extensive tests, and he has me on some products for pre-diabetes and cholesterol, things that usually come up with older age, but I really do believe strongly in the value and efficacy of the Iridesca. I would recommend it to anybody.

MARTIN: I remember some time ago, you told me that you wanted to be sure that we are not going to disappear on you, and let you be able to take it for many years to come. In fact, you did put money where your mouth was, and I still appreciate that.

JIM: I did! I actually thought about buying up maybe 30 years’ worth of a product (laughing), but I’m trusting you to hang in there!

MARTIN: We will do our best. It has been a pleasure and an honor serving you. And I really appreciate the fact that you are willing to step up and be heard.

JIM: Also, I have introduced others to this product, and those who take it regularly think it is a wonderful product. I know you have other products with similar values. I have given some to my daughter and she loves them, but I really do believe that the one product that we are talking about here, Iridesca by Exsula, is the best product that I know. You provide the best product that I’ve seen on the market today.

MARTIN: Thank you, Jim, and I agree. I think it’s actually a crowning achievement of our development.

JIM: You know I have called you from time to time, and I asked: “What more do you want me to get? You have a lot of products.” And I have actually suggested buying a couple that I have seen on your website, and your response was: “Well if you are using Iridesca on a regular basis, you don’t need the others.” So I have accepted that advice and just continued to use it. I think people find it remarkable that I just don’t get sick. I don’t get ill. I’ll get 24-hour flu, but I’ll get over it in 24 hours, and usually, I catch it on a Friday night, and so I never miss a day of work thanks to that.

MARTIN: Yes, that is the immune system working as it is supposed to work. It is not supposed to be gone in five minutes, it is supposed to be gone overnight. That is a sign of a strong immune system. Thank you very much, Jim, thank you for allowing us to share this with the world.

JIM: Thank you, Martin, it is my pleasure.

Author: Nina Vachkova