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Podcast 423: Humic Acid and Zeolite

Dr. Howard Peiper, a naturopathic doctor and author of many books, is joining Martin today to discuss his career journey, uses and benefits of Zeolite, and a wonderful antiviral known as humic acid!

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MARTIN: Hello everyone! This is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast Podcast, and with me today is Dr. Howard Peiper. Dr. Peiper, welcome to the show!

HOWARD: Thank you, Martin! I feel honored being on your show, thank you!

MARTIN: The honor is truly mine. You are the one with tons of experience, and the chops to tell us what you know. Dr. Peiper has written many books for folks that are wanting to get educated in the ways of natural healing. He comes with a storied background going back to Bernard Jensen and the days of my original teachers. In fact, I think we both may be in a similar age group, what do you think?

HOWARD: Well, I will be hitting 80 in a couple of weeks.

MARTIN: Oh, I am only 69. Thank you for having the headstart on me! That is most welcome. You have written around 40 books, did I get it right? That in itself is an awesome accomplishment. I am still working on my first.

HOWARD: (laughing) The first one is always the hardest.

MARTIN: Okay. (laughing) Anyway, would you mind reviewing a bit of your life for our listeners?

HOWARD: Oh, of course. Thank you. As you mentioned, I am a doctor, a naturopathic doctor, that is my second career, I call it ‘my second lifetime.’ In my first lifetime, I was an optometrist for a number of years, and it was really interesting. In 1972, I got to meet Dr. Bernard Jensen, he was one of my mentors, and he taught me how to do iridology. And being an optometrist and doing iridology, I was doing both at the same time, and just keeping it within the first career. Then I had an opportunity of getting my naturopathic license in the early seventies, and I went forward, and I decided in the early nineties to change careers. So I became a naturopathic doctor, living in Florida at that time. And I made a connection working with a magazine called Explore magazine, which I don’t know if it is still around, and I met a wonderful woman named Christine Jackson. Actually, she was up in your neck of the woods, and I almost moved to Mount Vernon, Washington, back in the early nineties, so we might have been neighbors.

I started writing some articles for her, and made a connection with Nina Anderson, who wrote a book on living in a pollution-free house. We started corresponding back and forth. At that time she was in Connecticut, and our first book was ‘Are You Poisoning Your Pets?’ Then we went into a booklet called ‘The Secrets of Staying Young.’ This was back in the mid nineties. We wrote a couple of other books together, and our bestseller, which is still a bestseller after all these years, we are talking about maybe 25-28 years, is the ‘ADD and ADHD Diet.’ It has been used by thousands and thousands of parents, mothers, doctors, it has been translated to Spanish, so I’ve been down in Mexico many times, and people still use that information.

MARTIN: We are going to post links to your books in the show notes. Are you selling through Amazon?

HOWARD: Yes, we are selling through Amazon. The books that I am talking about are still available, the ADD book, The Secrets of Staying Young, the one about poisoning your pets, are still available on Amazon, you may have to get it through maybe a second seller, it is not in print anymore. So fast forward 10, maybe 15 years, I wrote a book, which we will talk about today. It is about Zeolite, and I will explain how I got that information about Zeolite. And then the other book we will talk about in a little while is called ‘Viral Immunity with Humic Acid,’ and then my other latest book, ‘Getting to Know NO: The Nitric Oxide Revolution.’ And then the last book is ‘H2 Water For Life.’ It goes beyond alkaline water, it talks about hydrogen water. 

What I tried to find through the years is what is on the cutting edge. What is the latest? And what I love about self-publishing… Nina and I have gone our separate ways years ago, so the last 25 books have been just mine, and I self-publish, I can constantly revise them. The viral immunity book that I will talk about, I wrote that one in 2003, and I also had information about coronavirus in it, and so last year with the pandemic, I said: “I am going to bring this up to date,” and it has become very popular. It is the same thing with the Zeolite book and the same thing with the nitric oxide book.

MARTIN: That is great! What is interesting about this is that your experience roughly parallels mine. I got ill in 1977 with an installation of 12 mercury amalgam fillings, and it took me down. I used to be a business consultant, MBA in computer science and business administration. And then over the years, my career was successful, but my body was falling apart. And about 10 years in, having tried the mainstream medical way first, and then the alternative way, I spent a lot of money on chiropractors, because my body was falling apart. And then I spent a lot of money with naturopaths because I was getting allergies and I was breaking down in multiple ways. But interestingly enough, I was not getting a lot of help because most of these people were chasing the symptoms rather than asking about the cause. So my story essentially led me to discovering zeolite and discovering that zeolite was the way to get out of the mercury toxicity. So that is kind of interesting that you came to discover zeolite and all of that as well, right?

HOWARD: Well, people have contacted me asking, for example before I wrote the Zeolite book, they were asking: “Have you heard about something called zeolite?” I go: “No, no, I haven’t.” And I am the type of person that if somebody knocks three times on my door, I need to answer it. So I actually had two other people ask me about zeolite. I was speaking at a health conference in Denver, Colorado, in 2003 or 2004, and somebody came up to me when I was doing a book signing for one of my books, and asked: “Have you heard of zeolite?” And I thought: Oh, okay, now this is a third time, now I need to find some information about zeolite. And I started doing some research, I started putting something together, and I found some really interesting facts.

The Russians have been using it, the Croatians have been using Zeolite, farmers and ranchers have been using zeolite for all these years, so why isn’t it available, or if it is available, where is it? So I started doing my homework, and that is when I came up with the book on Zeolite. One of the main things that I am really proud of is that in all my books, I am not promoting any products. At the back of the book, I will recommend whatever specific product that I’ve done the research and I’ve done a study on. So I found a company that has the purest form of zeolite powder, and I felt very, very comfortable with it. The book became very popular.

We need to go through a cleansing process, we need to go through a detox. It is going to get kind of rough, but this is what we are going to need to do. When I started writing the information about zeolite, I read things like: forget about the terrible feeling that we are going to have, the healing process is not going to be disastrous, it is a very gentle way of detoxifying. As I am writing this information for the public, I am also using it with clients and my patients when they come in. This is what I have found, this is what I have written, this is what I would recommend, it is a very gentle way of detoxifying the heavy metals, detoxifying the environmental toxins. 

You mentioned the amalgams, so what a beautiful way of gently removing the mercury without interfering, without affecting the rest of the body. A lot of dentists became very interested and said: “Oh, what is this zeolite? I said: “Well, read the book, read the book!” They would read the book, and they would understand it. And then I said: “This is the company that I recommend that I am very, very comfortable with. And this is who I would recommend.” Because I don’t sell products, I write books.

MARTIN: Well, fortunately, we have been a distributor of this very same product since our inception in 2005. Our company started in 1988, that was the Life Enthusiast Version 1.0, before the Internet, the Life Enthusiast 2.0 went online in 2002, and we started out in superfoods, and have been using zeolite as a binder and as an add-on tool. But anyway, I have been recommending the same products that you have been recommending. In fact, you have created a website, I think it is called, is that correct?

HOWARD: Right, right. Because if people are interested, hopefully, they will buy the book, possibly on Amazon, but if they need more information, they can go to, and that will explain doses for maintenance, for children, beyond maintenance, for example, like for candida, there are different types of dosages. People say: “Why do I need to read your book? I don’t think I have any heavy metals. You know, I eat healthy, I drink alkaline water.” And I just say: “My dear friend, if you live in this toxic world like I am living in, whatever I do, I am going to be breathing toxins in, they are going to be absorbed through my skin, there’s a need for me to go through a detox, it is a need for me to at least take it once.”

I’ve been really blessed with a lot of old-timers from the forties and fifties and sixties, people from old school naturopathy. The new school is great, I love it, but the old school is what I was taught, and I love preventative measures, preventative medicine. So especially if I am doing iridology and I can see what is going on within the body, what is the potential of a problem, I say: “Here are my suggestions. This is what I would suggest because something is going to happen, possibly because this is what you have inherited. We don’t have to take a bunch of different things, but what a great way to start by taking this great zeolite powder that I recommend in the book to help start to detoxify!”

MARTIN: This is so interesting because my healing process, and it was not easy, was righted when I discovered Jensen and his methods. And I actually started with iridology, I would call it a self-study. I bought his booklet and I studied that, and I looked at myself and my wife and whoever else I could find and learned enough to be dangerous. I was using it on myself to self-direct, and indeed I was able to see the changes, it is quite profound, it is a fantastically useful tool, right?

HOWARD: I have one famous story of one of my clients many, many years ago. I did iridology and found there were certain conditions with the eye, the iris itself was cloudy, there was a lot of stuff going on. I put her on various different supplements, and of course the zeolite powder. I would say probably within six or seven months, she came back for a recheck, and her eyes were clear, brighter, that cloudiness had gone away. And that is the quickest I’ve ever seen somebody really, really interact with the different supplements that I had recommended for her to take.

MARTIN: Yeah, I have my own story of this sort. I was working with a fellow, I am looking at his eyes, I am seeing cloudiness and I am seeing issues, he was about 45 then, and I am saying: “You know, you have issues, do you want some information?” No, he didn’t want information. He died at 65 of prostate cancer. You know, there are predictors, right, it is somewhat prophetic. And you already said it – prevention is the queen of this whole realm.

HOWARD: Yeah. As a naturopathic doctor, I consider myself the messenger. If people are willing to listen, great. If they are not, you know…

MARTIN: Freedom of choice, right?

HOWARD: Yeah, yeah, yeah, right, freedom of choice.

MARTIN: So the other thing that meant the world to me was when I discovered humic acid. And sure enough, you wrote about it. How did that find you?

HOWARD: Again, I am telling you the truth with all this stuff, the last few books have been based on people asking me: “Have you heard of this? Have you heard of humic acid?” One of my clients had come to me asking about humic acid. I’ve heard of fulvic acid because there were a lot of minerals in it, and I believe it comes from humate from the soil. And then, believe it or not, somebody else came in at another conference asking: “Hey doc, you know about humic acid?” And I go: Oh, there’s that third time again! So I wrote this book back in 2003, I was out in California then, and I found some studies on humic acid. In fact, there was even one study from the NIH, which I have in the booklet, that is very, very powerful.

It works great as an antiviral. I put the book together and it became very, very popular, particularly in California, people were really, really interested in it, especially when we are talking about the HIV virus and other different viruses, hepatitis virus, and such. Then last year, when the pandemic started, and they were talking about coronavirus, I went: “Hey, wait a second! I think I wrote something about coronavirus,” and I found an old booklet and I brought it up to date, and now it has become very, very popular again, it is an educational tool. All my books are tools of information, they are a way to educate yourself. How you make your decision is up to you, whoever you are. I wrote this information, I have researched humic acid, and the ability of what it can do as an antiviral is absolutely amazing.

MARTIN: Have you done much searching or testing about the various sources of humic?

HOWARD: I have, and it is sad to say I’ve only found a couple of companies that I am really, really comfortable with, and I have one of them in the back of the book.

MARTIN: I don’t know if the one that we use most is the one you write about… well, you probably haven’t seen it, so maybe I need to send you some samples to try!

HOWARD: I’d love that, yes please, whenever you want me to take a look at it, I am a good guinea pig! I am glad to help you with this.

MARTIN: How do you discern a good one from a bad one?

HOWARD: Well, it depends where the source is, I’ve only found two manufacturers that make a clean humic acid, strictly humic acid, and use it as an antiviral. When people say: “Well, I have humic and fulvic acid.” For me, if I am concerned about an antiviral, I want strictly humic acid, and let’s see where the source is coming from. Fulvic acid? Honestly, I am not impressed with it, because there’s a lot of other trace minerals that are out there that are just as good as fulvic acid. So if I want to focus strictly on the antiviral, then I want a specific type of humic acid that will actually encapsulate it and trap the virus, so that it is not absorbed into the cells.

MARTIN: Do you want to reveal some of the secrets of the humic, or shall we just say: “Go buy the book?”

HOWARD: Yes, go buy the book! Actually, I believe you carry this product, I took the combination of zeolite and humic acid. We found that people that are going on a cruise and then getting food poisoning, or they maybe drink a little too much and they have a problem, enjoy this combination. I tell people: “Buy a bottle, put it on your shelf, just like a bottle of aspirin. You are going to buy a bottle, have the combination of zeolite and humic acid on your shelf, as soon as there is this itchiness or scratchiness, you know, take a couple of capsules and it really helps with that. Or if you are traveling… today, I do everything via Zoom, so I love that I don’t have to travel, but when I was doing a lot of traveling, I always took a bottle with me because I am going to be on a plane, I am going to be in a hotel, I am going to be in a conference, even though it may be a “health conference,” there are still a lot of sick people there at the health conference. So I take that with me.

MARTIN: Yeah, I will put the link to that very product you are talking about right in the show notes.

HOWARD: It is great for traveling, absolutely. For the kids in school, teachers… I’ve had a lot of teachers come up to me and go: “What do I do to help prevent? I love my children with their snotty little noses, but they are coughing and sneezing. What do I do to prevent myself from getting sick?” I say: “This product, the zeolite, and the humic acid, is a great product to take. Take a couple in the morning, take a couple in the afternoon, that helps prevent.” That is the whole bottom line of all my books – prevention.

MARTIN: Indeed. I am looking forward to maybe setting up another talk with you where we get to explore maybe the Nitric Oxide and the Water, those are also topics dear to me, we do carry water structuring tools, the structured or energized water, it has a thousand different names. Chemists say: “It is H2O, what is your problem?” I say: “Well, you perhaps don’t understand how the molecules relate to one another.” So anyway, I’d love to talk to you about that soon.

HOWARD: Sure! Okay!

MARTIN: So for now, let’s just not overstretch the talk, and let’s just say this – if you want to keep your health, and if you want to look as good at eighty as Dr. Howard Peiper, then you probably need to practice what he’s preaching. You will find links to his books, links to the websites and products in the show notes. Thank you very much, Dr. Howard Peiper! This is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast, where we restore vitality to you and to the planet, every day.

Note: this interview and the information provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your medical professional(s) if you are dealing with a specific medical issue.

Author: Nina Vachkova