Podcast 425: Nitric Oxide and H2 Water

Dr. Howard Peiper, a naturopathic doctor and author of many books, is joining Martin today to discuss nitric oxide and H2 water!

Dr. Peiper believes that in the next one to three years most people will be using a nitric oxide supplement for cardiovascular health, as well as to enhance metabolism, renew strength and endurance, and experience overall improvement in health. In fact, nitric oxide may stop, and even reverse, the build-up of arterial plaque.

Hydration is important, but drinking water saturated with inorganic minerals such as magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate and other elements our bodies cannot use, may lead to a variety of unhealthy conditions and diseases. H2 Water, nature’s healing water, may help remove inorganic mineral deposits and toxins from our joints, may remove cholesterol and fat, and create a pH balance in our body.

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Podcast 425: Nitric Oxide & H2 Water with Dr. Howard Peiper

MARTIN: Hello, this is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast Podcast, and with me today is Dr. Howard Peiper. Dr. Peiper is a doctor of naturopathy, and he is also schooled in iridology, he also was an optometrist, and he knows a whole lot about prevention, which is what we at Life Enthusiast are all about. And I want to dip into Dr. Peiper’s deep well of knowledge, having written 40 books, he studied a lot of topics. The two that I want to talk about today are water and nitric oxide. Dr. Howard Peiper, welcome!

HOWARD: Thank you, Martin. Thank you for having me! The well of knowledge! I learn from my clients, I learn from my teachers from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s of naturopathy, I learn from everybody! One of the biggest things for me is to constantly learn. Because I self-publish my books, I can always revise them. What I thought was great information 20 years ago, if I realize that there is newer information to it, I can revise and I can add more information to the books because I am self-publishing. So for me, it is a constant repetition of learning and educating and teaching!

MARTIN: So how long have you been in the business of naturopathy?

HOWARD: Since the 1970s! I was an optometrist first, then I learned iridology through Dr. Bernard Jensen, and I combined some iridology with optometry, which was pretty interesting with some of my clients. And then in the early 1990s, I made a career change, I became a naturopathic doctor and I started writing books with a very dear friend of mine. We wrote about 12 books together. The first book was ‘Are You Poisoning Your Pets?’ It is kind of scary for some people. Then we went on to humans with the book ‘The Secret to Staying Young.’

MARTIN: So have you continued to practice naturopathy, or are you not practicing now?

HOWARD: No, the initials behind my name are RET.

MARTIN: That is for ‘retired’?

HOWARD: Yes, retired. I love that. Unfortunately, but fortunately… I mean, I am a teacher, and I love educating people if they are open, if they are willing to listen. So somehow people will get my email address. Somehow I will get these phone calls and sometimes even texts: “Could you just answer one question for me? Can you please help me?” So part of my sales ability is: “Buy the book, number one, read the book, and then we can talk.” And what I love about that is they will either buy it and they will contact me, or they won’t contact me anymore. So I am out there, I am available, people want information, I love to teach, I just try to carry a message as best as possible when it comes to health.

MARTIN: It reminds me of many of the phone calls I get, which often are like: “Tell me which button to push, I want ‘easy.’ I want a pill for that.” There is no pill for the kind of illness that you are trying to get rid of.

HOWARD: And that is that. I say this with some sadness. Being a naturopathic doctor, I am usually the last doctor on the block. They’ve gone to the oncologist. They’ve gone to the cardiologist. They’ve gone to the proctologist. They’ve gone to acupuncture. They’ve gone to… Whatever. And I am the last doctor people knock on the door.

MARTIN: Yes. I’m often times also the last resort, receiving desperate calls.

HOWARD: It is sad, and I try to just give them hope.

MARTIN: So interestingly enough, our paths are roughly parallel, although you are a decade ahead of me. What I found interesting is that both of us ran into the secrets of water, that calling water just H2O is not enough, there is actually much more to it than just chemistry, right?

HOWARD: Well, it is interesting. Yes. I already mentioned Dr. Jensen, and in one of his books, this is even before the water books came around, I think Jensen wrote that back in the 70s or 80s, he talked about South America, about this tribe that literally didn’t grow old, and they were getting the water coming from the mountains, which created a vortex, which you and I have talked about before. The water is pure and clear, and because it is a vortex, it is spinning, and the people were drinking the water, the people were feeding their animals with the water, they were using the water to grow plants, and they stayed young! Dr. Jensen in his book said: I am seeing people in their eighties or nineties that I thought were really in their forties or fifties.

So that was my first clue about the importance of not ‘just water,’ but specific water, and how it tumbles, how it creates a vortex, and how it creates electrolytes. I’ve written a couple of books on the importance of electrolytes, and so what brought me to a place of writing this book ‘H2 Water For Life,’ which is available on Amazon, all my books are available on Amazon, is this: There are alkaline machines, they have been out there for years, and they are alkaline machines that will go ahead and make the alkaline water, they will go ahead and purify the water, they will create some form of a vortex, some sort of form of electrolyte. I am just as guilty as everybody else, I thought alkaline machines were the greatest thing since sliced bread.

MARTIN: But they are not all made equal, and they don’t all possess the secrets. There are dramatic differences, and it is not just in the pH.

HOWARD: And I’ve had probably three or four different companies give their machines for me to try and use. And as I am going through this, I go: “Well, there has got to be more than the alkaline water, there has got to be more, because when Dr. Jensen was talking about this vortex, it was creating these hydrogen bubbles.” So I found a company and I found a gentleman to work with, that is when we wrote the book ‘H2 Water For Life.’ So it is not just the alkaline machines, as you mentioned, it is more than the pH, it is more than ORP, it is all the other different things. It is the ability to create these hydrogen bubbles, this is what helps our body maintain the absorption of water. Yes, this water is lighter, it is softer, some people even say: ‘I love giving people a glass from the machine that we have, this water tastes lighter, is that possible? This water tastes softer! I don’t feel bloated.” So in our book, ‘H2 Water For Life,’ we found that this works extremely well. Now, fast forward, this is in the book, there is some studies of professional football players that have been getting brain concussions, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and finding that the hydrogenated water has helped their healing process.

MARTIN: It speeds up the healing for sure! In fact, when I try to explain it to people, I say it is like paving a dirt road. All of a sudden you can drive faster on it, and you don’t have to inhale all the dust kicked up by the other traffic, and so on. Anyway, better water means nutrients coming in at a greater quantity and quality, and toxins being removed with greater efficiency as well, right?

HOWARD: Yes, the absorption. When we drink the water and we are taking our supplements, we are getting more benefits. Bioavailability is so important when it comes to nutrients. And there are a lot of companies out there, there are a lot of products out there. What I am looking for is something to help carry those nutrients into my cells, where they are absorbed, and that is where it needs to be done, and that is what’s great about the hydrogen water.

MARTIN: Great. Well, again, one of the basic building blocks of life. We mentioned prevention in our other talk, and hydration is one of those cornerstones.

HOWARD: Absolutely. People think if they just drink tap water, they are getting good water. Or if they go into the health food store or a supermarket, and they are getting a bottle of water… I have a whole chapter over there of the liabilities of drinking that water. And it is sad what people are drinking. There are times in my life where I just stop and I am grateful for what I have. 

Last year, during the pandemic, I realized my wife and I didn’t have to run to the health food store to buy bottles and bottles of water. We didn’t have to find out which has more alkalinity, which has the hydrogen, because, from the machine that we use, we had that constant ability of the water available for us, not having to go out to the stores and search and try to beat everybody around there. We had that availability, we had the hydrogen, we had all this just in our own little ‘cave,’ where we sheltered in place.

MARTIN: And then the other building block – energy! Krebs cycle, the ability to convert food into energy. You are writing about that as well, right?

HOWARD: This is another book called ‘Getting to Know NO – The Nitric Oxide Revolution.’ How did I come to write this? I call myself a gym rat, I’ve been going to the gym for 50 years, something like that. Usually, I go four or five times a week. And nitric oxide has been popular with bodybuilders for years. And there are a whole bunch of different sources of nitric oxide. And I said: ‘Well, this is interesting, there has to be more than just the ability to be a bodybuilder and taking a nitric oxide supplement.’ So I started looking into it and I said: ‘Wow, the population in the United States, the percentage of people that have one form or another of cardiac disease is unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable.’

MARTIN: Yeah. In fact, I would like to butt in with the statistics. 50% of premature deaths are for cardiovascular reasons, 30% are from cancer, and the remaining 20% are from everything else. This Nitric Oxide is engaged and involved in 50% of premature deaths.

HOWARD: And what nitric oxide is… I call it the mighty little molecule. It is a little molecule that stays within the epithelium of the walls of our artery. When we are young and we are healthy, we have plenty of nitric oxide, and that keeps that flexibility of those arteries just nice and flowing. The magic number is usually 45-50, that is when we lose the ability. Our bodies can make a lot of things, really. I know you are in a supplement company, but when we are younger, we have the ability, we can make our own glutathione, we can make our own vitamin C, we can make our own nitric oxide, we can make our own Co-Q10! But when we get to that 40-45, all of a sudden the body starts to slow down a little bit, and we are not able to do what we did when we were youngsters. Or if there is a condition, a specific health problem, that makes it even worse. So we desperately need extra Co-Q10, we especially need more glutathione. So what I found was we need more nitric oxide, we need the ability to help our body create more nitric oxide because when we lose that ability, that is when the hardening of the arteries come in, that is when the arteries are not flexible, that is when we run into a lot of problems with plaque, and all the other different things that can happen.

MARTIN: So in your book, are you explaining the solutions, or are you just discussing supplementation?

HOWARD: There are solutions. All my books have solutions. I start off with ‘here are some of the problems,’ and then I share the solution. For women who have preeclampsia, that is a huge problem, because they lose the ability to have that nitric oxide to help with the arteries. So if you are looking for the solution, you have to read the book though! We have the ability to increase epithelial nitric oxide, we lose that ability at a certain age, we need desperately to find some form of ability. There are a lot of companies that are selling beet powder. What I found was, again, as I mentioned in the previous show, I do a lot of research to see who’s got the best of the best because if I am going to recommend a company, they need to be the best of the best because my name is on the book. I found a company that uses red spinach. They combine arginine with citrulline. Those products are not new, beet powder is out there, there are companies selling arginine, and arginine and citrulline need to be combined.

It is just like calcium needs magnesium. Magnesium doesn’t need calcium, but calcium needs magnesium, plus a couple of other vitamins and trace minerals. So when a company is selling calcium by itself, I go: “No, no, no, no, no!” You need to find it in a combination. 

Same thing with arginine. Arginine needs citrulline to work together. There are other companies that use folic acid, which helps because a lot of people are very deficient in B-complex. So this is all a preventive measurement. The increase of nitric oxide will help prevent a future problem. You mentioned before that I have done iridology, and if you’ve done iridology, you understand that I will see a lot of cardiovascular problems that a person has inherited. And I tell people: “This is what I see, it doesn’t mean that you have it, but there is a potential, this is what I would recommend.” And a nitric oxide supplement would be one of the things I would recommend.

MARTIN: All right. There is a whole lot going on in the food-to-energy conversion, it is a complex process that the body generates. It is good to know that there are resources and we can learn, and indeed, if your body’s ability to stay energetic is going away, there is a good chance that your nitric oxide is lacking.

HOWARD: And that magic age again, we all can’t stay 39 like Jack Benny. As we get older, there is a need. For healthy people, there is still a need. If we are running into certain conditions, there is a desperate need to be able to supplement that NO.

MARTIN: Dr. Peiper, you are a ray of sunshine in the world!

HOWARD: Thank you!

MARTIN: Thank you very much! We will be posting the links to where people can find your books. I thank you very much for the time you gave us today. This is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast Podcast, we are restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

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Author: Nina Vachkova