Podcast 426: Metasomer News

Metasomer delivers a safe, revolutionary method of skin repair. It absorbs into your body for extreme immune system support. Improves energy too. Safe and revolutionary way to restore key biological functions.

It contains a topical form of Metadichol, a plant-based policosanol nano emulsion of long-chain alcohols found in many unrefined foods (rice, sugar cane, wheat, peanuts).

Metasomer Cream complements our Nano Soma oral spray and Metaomer Gel.

Listen to Dr. Richard Presser introducing this skincare miracle!

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Podcast 426: Metasomer News

MARTIN: Hi everyone, this is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast Podcast, and with me today I’m honored to have Richard Presser, Dr. Richard Presser, and we are going to be talking about developments in the Nano Soma journey, we have some news. Richard, welcome aboard!

RICHARD: Hi, Martin. Thank you! And let me begin by saying thank you for the work that you have done, the efforts you have put in to help spread Nano Soma across the world. I remember our first conversation, where you said: “I’ve been trying this and I find it beneficial. And if I understand this correctly, this could destroy my existing business.” I said to you: “I think you have it right.” And you said: “well, if someone is going to destroy my business, it would better be me.” And so you have been fearless in how you have spread this to your network and beyond, and thank you for all you have done to help spread this to the world. We are both here because it is our mission to be here, to spread this to the world. So thank you.

MARTIN: Indeed!

RICHARD: And so to answer your questions specifically, we are continuing to spread Nano Soma and the family of products in the world. As you are aware, we started with the spray, which is under the name Nano Soma name, and we now have that available not just in the US, but also in Europe, in the UK, and in Australia in terms of outlets, and I am beginning to work in South America. We are going through the difficult process of having it available in Canada directly, that is a little journey in and of itself, and I am starting to work in South America, we have distributors in South Africa and Singapore. So it’s beginning to spread out into the world as it needs to be! I’m not saying I’m the only person that will take it everywhere in the world, I’m not saying that. I’m just doing what I feel is mine to do.

So the spray is the first product that we put out there. You can see all the products on the screen around me. The yellow one on your left is the gel, which has been on the market for sometime, and we are supplying it to your customers. And we are just in the process of launching the third one, which is the cream. It should be available by the time this podcast goes live. The gel and the cream are under the Metasomer name for several reasons. In some countries, you can’t use the same branding for an oral product and topical product. So there is a journey in the manufacture of these products, it all starts with the spray. Let me say it here: this beautiful product does not heal, treat or cure anything. It is triggering the body to heal itself and take care of itself in ways we never imagined were possible. That truly is what this does.

Quite literally, there is yet to be a human health condition that this has been tested against, that it doesn’t trigger the body to heal for itself. Not necessarily overnight, some of these things can take nine months, you know, if you’ve got Type One Diabetes or Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s and so on, these things can take months to deal with, but the positive outcomes are there. And as I say to people, in my opinion, in 20 years’ time, humanity will look back and wonder how it was we walked through this time of illness and disease and aging, because none of it will exist. And so the product that we are about to launch is the Metasomer cream.

MARTIN: I would like to explain to people that I myself have felt really upset about the name change. Everybody knows it as Nano Soma, can’t you just call it Nano Soma gel and Nano Soma cream? But of course, the FDA steps up and says: ‘no, you won’t.’ And that’s the frustrating part, because, of course, in the world of marketing, why do we need to market two different names? But here we are.

RICHARD: Yeah, and with time, people will understand it, get over it and move on. We are creatures of habit by and large. So the journey is you start with the spray, and then take the spray and produce the gel. In simple terms, the gel is simply the spray with edible xanthan gum added to it, which makes it a topical product. It’s just in a little tube and it just pops out like this, and you can rub it anywhere you wish on your body as you need to, or on your face, it’s perfectly harmless. For topical healing it is much better than the spray because water runs everywhere, the spray is 98% water, you spray it on, it runs off. We have one in the bathroom, this one is in my office as you can tell, there’s one in the bedroom, one in the kitchen in case of the culinary accidents we all have with burns and cuts and stuff. It’s like a first aid kit in a bottle!

MARTIN: I’ve heard people telling me that it works well on anything that’s red, upset, cut, or in need of healing. So anything between a sunburn and hemorrhoid.

RICHARD: That’s a pretty good summary!

MARTIN: Interestingly enough though, I tried it on some seborrheic stuff that is on my face, and it didn’t touch it, but the internal world is shifting slowly, and it’s improving from there. I’ve been on Nano Soma since about March 2021, so we are pushing close to a year now. And it’s subtle, but it’s profound in many ways. It keeps shifting, and it keeps changing. I have shifting energies, shifting attitudes, and whatnot. Yesterday, I was talking to a fellow, he said: ‘Well, I’ve used six bottles, I can’t tell you that I feel any different than I felt before I started.’ I said: ‘Well, you may be experiencing the shifting sense of normal, just stop using it for a month and let me know.’

RICHARD: It’s very interesting. It depends where people’s health is, and what their sensitivity is. You are a pretty sensitive guy, that’s very clear to me, you feel the energies of things very strongly. Some people don’t have that sensitivity, you know. Raghu has seen people who say: ‘Oh, it’s not making any difference,’ and he asks them for before and after blood results, and it’s absolutely clear what has changed.

MARTIN: That’s a great point you’re making. For people who can afford it, please go and get yourself a blood test before you start, and then when you are done with six bottles, do another test.

RICHARD: When you truly understand this, it’s a lifelong journey, I will use this for the rest of my life, not just because I’m involved with it, but because when you understand what it is, the particle that’s in these products brought the blueprint of life to this beautiful planet. Of that, I have no doubt anymore. The first pointer to that for me was when Raghu pointed out that this is a lipid. The lipids had to come before biology, without the lipid envelope, which encases a virus or a cell, you can’t have biology. You need the envelope for biology to exist, without the envelope, there is no biology. The second pointer to me was when the fellow Aussie master intuitive Lorraine Mill said in the little video we have of her: ‘This particle does not come from here.’ That was after her describing how she could witness this healing and clearing the DNA and other things.

But what we have now, I say we, but it was Raghu, he established that this generates a replica of the human genome when it’s in the body. Raghu is of the view, he hasn’t had it verified yet, that when childbearing women are using Nano Soma, there will no longer be genetic birth defects.

MARTIN: Okay, that’s a hopeful statement! Because the other vector that’s happening in our society of late is introducing a whole lot of possible birth defects.

RICHARD: We have both the in vitro and in vivo evidence to support that position, as well as lots of testimonials from people in relation to it. And again, this is part of the evidence I would give you, that this particle and its reemergence in our world at this time was planned before life began on this planet. It produces a replica of the human genome, Raghu has known for some time that it regulates all of the cellular receptors – we have 49 of them – which is unheard of. Nothing turns any receptor down other than Nano Soma, Nano Soma turns them all on when needed, and off when they are overactive or not needed. It regulates all of them. Again – unheard of. It’s like the missing key to the functioning of our biology that we didn’t know was missing.

But there are some more recent data that I will quickly share. There is a cell that’s commonly in our bodies called fibroblast, which by and large doesn’t do very much most of the time. It does turn up in wound healing and does a few things. But by large, there are lots of cells in our bodies that don’t seem to do much at all. But when you add Nano Soma to these cells in picogram concentrations, which are effectively homeopathic concentrations, it triggers those cells to produce all of the nuclear receptors. So what it’s doing is taking fibroblast cells when needed and turning them into pluripotent stem cells, anywhere in the body.

Can we begin to see how this triggers the body to heal anything and everything? It can heal the brain, heal the heart, everything! It’s so profound. So when I give you that kind of data, you realize how extraordinary this is, and this is just the beginning! Some of the work that Raghu has done, I’ve probably said more than I should in terms of what he wants to publish, but the information he is gathering is extraordinary, about what this does, it is truly profound and its time is now.

MARTIN: There are a lot of stories about policosanol. We’ve known about policosanol for a long time, but we haven’t known water-soluble and micronized and nanosized. And I see the genius of Raghu in it, his pharmaceutical training made him aware of that. It’s nice that we have this raw material, but we need to make it deliverable and targeted, right?

RICHARD: Yeah! His journey to understand this was pretty interesting. He saw the contrast between the men in his parents’ family, his father’s family, versus the women. All of the women had modern diseases, all the men didn’t. So he went and met one of his uncles and asked: ‘What’s different?’ He said: ‘Ah, let me tell you! I eat the raw rice from the village, I eat jaggery as a sweetener, which is a raw unrefined sugar, if I eat a mango, I eat the skin as well,’ I can’t say I can come from that, but nevertheless…

MARTIN: That’s very rough!

RICHARD: It is! And he said: ‘I sit in the sun for half an hour every day.’ And there it was, and this man was, in his nineties, and the last time he’d had any kind of illness was I think he might have got the flu or something when he went to the UK 60 years or 70 years before that. That very same night Raghu caught up with an old school friend, who I think may have been a medical doctor, but he worked part-time with the local sugar factory. He was talking to him and he said: ‘You know, it’s very interesting, but in the sugar factory, it’s only the management that suffers from diabetes and elevated blood pressure and all of that, the workers don’t!’ Raghu asked: ‘What’s different?’ And the guy said: ‘Well, the management are the only people that are allowed to eat the white refined sugar, the workers have to eat the raw stuff!’

MARTIN: Yeah, we feed the worthless crap to the working class, while we kings, we suffer. Interestingly, something similar happened to Henry VIII.. As far as I know, he suffered from gout because he was overeating on rich meats and stuff like that, right? Miserable life.


MARTIN: All right. So yeah, that’s a great story! And it really supports the whole concept of ‘nature has it, and the pharmacist doesn’t.’

RICHARD: Yes. We will recover from all of this in due course, in part to your efforts, my friend. So to complete the picture, if you take a chunk of salt or sugar and you dissolve it in water, you get a nanoemulsion, and the results are predictable. But if you take policosanol and turn it into a nanoemulsion, the results are not predictable. How it behaves as a nanoemulsion is completely different. And this is a part of the trickery, which is why it’s patented across most of the world because the results that you get when you put it in this form are not predictable from what you started with. And Raghu understood that the effects of jaggery, the raw sugar, were due to policosanol, but there had to be something about it when there is a small percentage of natural policosanol that’s in the nano form, which is why it has the effect. So Raghu knew what he was looking for.

MARTIN: Yeah. Brilliant.

RICHARD: It’s when you turn it into a nanoemulsion that the magic happens. It’s the only way I can describe it. So the new product is this – the Metasomer cream.

MARTIN: You stick several wonderful words on it – Telomerase natural skin cream, right?


MARTIN: Are you going to talk about each one of those words?

RICHARD: Well, yes, I’m happy to do that. Firstly, let’s start with the simple one. Let’s work the words backward. It’s called a cream because that’s what it is. This is an airless jar, the gel is in an airless bottle. You push the top down, and what comes out is a lovely white beautiful cream, very fine. And its purpose really is a facial cream. It has a beautiful organic vanilla fragrance. These products in a way look simple, but you can’t mess with them. You would know, Martin, that you can only use particular water from the mountains to make this product, and only from certain countries. If you don’t, it doesn’t work, the product clumps and it stops working. So when you come to this product, I think Raghu has found five natural fragrances that can be used. With anything else, the product breaks down, it clumps, and doesn’t work. In a way it’s very simple when you get it right, it’s stable for years, but if you get it wrong, it doesn’t last five minutes. The spray has been on the shelf in Switzerland, I think for eight or nine years now, and it is still perfectly stable.

MARTIN: Do you put a specific date on it, like ‘best before’?

RICHARD: Actually, the product is manufactured with a two-year time horizon, but that’s regulations in Switzerland. I’m advised to not put anything on the label in the US by my legal advisor in this territory, you don’t need to claim anything. In fact, if you do, you start to create problems for yourself. So the only thing you shouldn’t do is freeze it or get it too hot, but in reasonable temperatures it is okay.

MARTIN: Will freezing damage it?

RICHARD: Yes. Not the efficacy, but you’ll lose the consistency. Making the gel and the cream is not a simple process, they are quite sophisticated processes. There is no oil in either of them, so they are basically natural gel and cream. The spray is used to make the gel, the gel is used to make the cream. It is a journey to make them. And so it’s important not to freeze the gel and the cream, or they will break down in terms of their consistency. The efficacy won’t change, but it’s not gonna be what you thought you had.

MARTIN: Good thing you’ve delayed the introduction!

RICHARD: We’ve been doing a lot of work on sorting out our shipping and packaging, we are still on that journey. We want our process of delivering things to be much more consistent and refined and predictable so that it does always arrive in the condition that we send them, and it’s a quality experience for our customers. It’s been a bit of a journey, as you know, I don’t need to tell you.

MARTIN: Yeah, we have replaced a good number of bottles that have either leaked or partially leaked, or something happened with the spray top.

RICHARD: Yes, yes. As I said to you earlier, we will upgrade our bottles shortly, it’s been a bit of a journey, I won’t get into details, but we are getting there.

MARTIN: Okay, so we have the cream, and the way you showed it, the consistency is kind of luscious and pleasant, right?

RICHARD: It’s beautiful. It has a beautiful vanilla fragrance to it. It’s more likely to be of interest to women, though I will tell you – men that begin to use it love it. There are only three women that I have shown this to who didn’t like it, and they are all in the cosmetic industry.

MARTIN: I personally am not fond of the vanilla fragrance, I would love for Raghu to find me a men’s version that smells more like whiskey or something… other than vanilla. (laughing)

RICHARD: Well, you’re probably gonna have to deal with it one way or the other, I don’t think he’s gonna make another version. There are a couple of other fragrances that could be used, but the research suggested that was the overall best option to run with. So that’s where it is. To go to the other words – skin is pretty obvious, it’s for application to the skin, primarily on the face. It is a natural product. And the telomerase is referring to the fact that not just the cream, but all these products trigger the regrowth of the telomeres in our bodies, which effectively repair chromosomes that in normal circumstances decay as we age, but these products reverse that process. When I turn on the website, you will see a photograph there of a woman with fine line details around her eyes, and two weeks later, those fine line details are gone, courtesy of using this beautiful product. And Raghu tells a story, his wife is a physician and would have nothing to do with his product, it’s pretty funny, and she said: ‘If you make a cream, I will use it.” So he did! That’s how the cream came to be!

MARTIN: So now she is using it?

RICHARD: Yeah! And a week or two after she began to use it, they were socializing with some of their doctor friends, they live in New York state, and more than one of them asked her: ‘What plastic surgeon did you go to?’ But all she used was Raghu’s beautiful product. And this is very commonly the reaction of women when they try it, there’s no oil in this product, it’s entirely water-based, and it’s triggering the cells of your face to generate vitamin C, which is what it does in the cells of the body, which is key to the production of the collagen that fills out our faces. And of course, high-end skin creams are full of vitamin C. They try to induce the process, but you can’t induce what the body should do for itself.

MARTIN: So what do you think it might do to the skin that is kind of saggy baggy, like on the neck… I have it right here, my 70-year-old neck is not looking as nice as it once did…

RICHARD: It’s a pretty good neck for a 70-year-old, let me tell you. But nevertheless, yes, it certainly helps that. The thing is, as you keep using these beautiful products, your biological age starts reversing. So yes, these certainly help in the short term, but the long-term prognosis is we are all going to be 35-year-olds, or 30-year-olds, biologically speaking! Just keep using them. You know, Raghu has got a head start on us, he is your age, but he’s got a biological age of 48 today, but two years ago it was 51! This is the promise for all of us with these extraordinary products. It literally triggers the body to heal or clear anything and everything that it’s been tested against.

MARTIN: Right. So how much of the policosanol is in the cream?

RICHARD: It’s exactly the same as the spray and the gel, 2.5 milligrams per milliliter in all three products.

MARTIN: And a typical serving is probably about a mil, right? One dab of the cream is about a daily dose, right?

RICHARD: Yeah, you just use it as you use it. It’s easy for us to get caught in these measures because we are trained a bit that way, and obviously, there is a cost involved, so we need to be mindful of that. But you can’t overdose or overdo any of these products in terms of the effects on the body. You could drink a liter of the Nano Soma spray a day without any harm. To your wallet some harm, yes, but not to your body.

MARTIN: Is this also made in Switzerland, like the other ones?

RICHARD: Yes, all three products are made in Switzerland. The other two are made by the same company, but they are only allowed to make food-grade products, so they can’t make this cream, they don’t have the reactor that’s required to be able to produce this, but it is all in Switzerland.

MARTIN: Very well! So we are going to be looking at all of our clientele to be terribly attractive! And

RICHARD: Indeed!

MARTIN: Well, I guess let’s see what you and I look like a year from now, right?

RICHARD: Indeed, I look forward to it!

MARTIN: Very good!

RICHARD: Thank you, Martin.

MARTIN: Thank you so much, thank you for the introduction, I’m looking forward to putting it out to the greater humanity, and let’s see what we can do with it!

RICHARD: Indeed. And again, thank you for all that you are doing to share these beautiful products with the world.

MARTIN: Thank you, Richard. This is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast, as you know from the beginning, we are restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Thank you!

Author: Nina Vachkova