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Nano Soma

Anti-aging and DNA Repair Support
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  • Helps Clear DNA damage
  • May Increase Life Length and Quality
  • Helps Reduce Pain from Inflammation
  • May Improve Immunity

Anti-aging and DNA Repair Support


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Nano soma bottle and packagingNano soma bottle and packaging


Nano Soma

Anti-aging and DNA Repair Support

Nano Soma helps repair DNA damage. This damage can come from:

  • Exposure to environmental toxins
  • Emotional trauma
  • Viral infections
  • And other stressors.

These things all affect your cells ability to replicate correctly.

Nano Soma is able to help restore your cells ability to replicate, withOUT these distortions. It’s like making new cells just like the original. Instead of a fuzzy replication.

Benefits of Nano Soma may include:

  • Anti-aging to increase longevity
  • Improves most underlying health problems
  • Reduces inflammation and pain
  • Blocks infections
  • Enhances wound healing
  • Increases energy
  • Promotes proper immune functions
  • Increases cognitive function
  • Relieves itchy eyes and itchy skin
  • Applied topically rejuvenates skin
  • Improves vitamin D3 utilization
  • Increases Vitamin C
  • Promotes  Adiponectin (a hormone that helps regulate blood glucose)
  • Assists cardiovascular health
  • Supports the repair of damaged blood vessels
  • Inhibits TNF-α and NF-κB
  • Regulates thousands of human genes
  • Modulates abnormal biomarkers
  • Upregulates whatever is low, and downregulates whatever is high.

Nano Soma Nutraceutical Benefits

Anti Aging
By improving the immune system, increasing vitamin C level, regulating human genes, serving as an effective anti-microbial agent, reducing the risk of contracting chronic diseases correcting for abnormal biomarkers and underlying health problems, Metadichol (Nano Soma)  helps to improve longevity through multitude avenues.

Reduces Pain
When there is an imbalance in certain key proteins and hormones in our body, we can get sick. For example, a high level of NF-κB, TNF-α and ICAM-1 proteins, a low level of adiponectin protein, and an abnormal level of PA1-1 and MCP-1 proteins can lead to many diseases. Metadichol (Nano Soma) helps to regulate the level of these proteins and different hormones (including TSH and Testosterone) and help to lower the risk of many diseases. Nano Soma also reduces inflammation and pain of the joints and muscles. It upregulates whatever is low, and downregulates whatever is high.

Vitamin C
Some mammals (including humans) are not able to produce Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals. It makes collagen tissues and is essential for healthy bones, teeth, gums, blood vessels, immune function and wound healing. Nano Soma enables the human body to increase Vitamin C endogenously (internally) without taking any vitamin C supplements. This helps to reduce the risk of diseases associated with Vitamin C deficiency.

Vitamin D3
Due to modern lifestyle, most people are not getting sufficient Vitamin D from sun exposure and have a compromised immune system. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to more than 400 diseases. By binding to Vitamin D Receptors (VDR), Nano Soma serves as a substitute for Vitamin D3 and helps to restore proper immune functions and improve overall health.

Blood Vessel Repair
A stem cell can become any one of the 220 different cells in the body. In cord blood studies, Metadichol (Nano Soma) has demonstrated the ability to produce our body’s own pluripotent stem cells. As a result, Nano Soma is very effective in enhancing wound healing (including diabetic wounds, cuts and burns), in promoting the repair of damaged organs and blood vessels, and in promoting the healing of skin diseases.

Human Genes
In gene analysis, Nano Soma is found to regulate more than 2,300 human genes. By up-regulating (activating) and down-regulating (inhibiting) certain genes, Nano Soma can affect a wide range of disease processes. For example, Nano Soma expresses more than 260 genes that are also known to be produced in the brain and can help to improve the condition of people with brain related health problem such as stroke and Parkinson’s disease.

Microbial Species
In independent studies, Metadichol (Nano Soma) inhibits a wide range of microbial species of viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast and parasites. This includes Zika, Dengue, Ebola, Marburg, Influenza A (H1N1), Chikungunya, Human Respiratory Syncytial, Adenovirus, Tacaribe Mammarena, Rift Valley Fever, SARS Coronavirus, Japanese Encephalitis, West Nile, Yellow Fever, Staphylococcus Aureus, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Escherichia Coli, MRSA, Syphilis, and many others. By improving the immune defense system, Metadichol serves as a powerful anti-microbial agent against many viral and bacterial infections.

Discovered by research scientist Dr. P. R. Raghavan, the patented formula in NANO SOMA (Metadichol) represents an innovative modern breakthrough that addresses immune dysfunction at the cellular level. Formulated using nanotechnology as both a dietary supplement and as a topical solution, this  discovery (which comes from a plant wax extracted from sugarcane) has been found to support many of the physiological functions essential for optimal skin and immune health.

After spending decades in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Raghavan witnessed the troubling increase in the number of drugs reaching the market while chronic ailments including diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol continued rising. Applying his extensive research in drug metabolism and biochemistry, including 25 years in drug discovery with Columbia University, Max Planck Institute, Ciba-Geigy, and Boehringer Ingelheim, Dr. Raghavan sought a smarter, safer, natural alternative. In 2008, his research led to the discovery of the patented formula in NANO SOMA known as Metadichol, a plant-based emulsion of nano policosanol that the body can recognize and utilize efficiently.

Dr. Palayakotai Raghavan shares his journey to bring forth his 3 Metadichol-based products

Nano Soma is made from all natural, food-based ingredients and has no known side effects. Its main ingredient is policosanol that can be found in raw foods such as rice, sugar cane, wheat and peanuts. This life-supporting nutrient is usually lost during food processing.

Nano Soma is a specific narrow spectrum subset of natural policosanols in ultra-pure water. This nano-emulsion of policosanol—a substance derived from naturally occurring plant waxes known as long-chain lipid alcohols is nano encapsulated to 60 nanometers.

Serving size: 5 sprays (1 ml), bottle size 30 ml

Water 98.07%
Policosanol 0.25%
Sucrose Monolaurate 0.24%
Vitamin E TPGS 1.00%
Potassium Sorbate 0.25%
Citric Acid 0.19%

Vitamin E TPGS

The purpose for this ingredient is to make policosanol water soluble, a key piece of the Metadichol/NANO SOMA magic. It’s been in use for about 50 years and is widely known and used.


Carefully selected mixture nanoparticle form of policosanol is the key to Metadichol. It is a natural, not man-made nanoparticle. Only a small percentage of the naturally occurring form of policosanol is in the nanoparticulate form. Metadichol contains only this form.

Sucrose Monolaurate

In a way, this is the secret sauce as it is critical in rendering the nanoparticle stable, alongside using the right water. Many things can become harmful and even life threatening at high concentrations but are entirely harmless at low concentrations.

Citric Acid Monohydrate

Citric acid comes to us naturally from lemons.

“But isn’t commercial citric acid made from mold and isn’t that mold GMO?” Yes, and it could be.

Is every mold dangerous? No. Consider cheese – we rely on molds to produce them. Dangerous? No. Are some molds dangerous? Yes.

Citric acid is a simple organic compound. Does it contain genes? No. So, how can GMO have any relevance to citric acid? It can’t and doesn’t.

Dr. Raghavan says citric is added because some countries demand it be added as a preservative.

Potassium Sorbate

It is also added as a preservative. Some people can react to potassium sorbate, but the lowest levels that trigger a response is around 1,000 times the level in Metadichol.

Directions for Use

Spray into mouth. Adjust the number of sprays for body weight. Can be taken at any time of the day and with or without food and water.

You may spray it topically on your skin, in your nose, even in your eyes (will sting briefly)

If you are on medications, start slowly, with just 1 spray per day for a week, to avoid a cleansing reaction. It is also known as “healing crisis” that comes with various symptoms of congestion, headache, fever, aches, rashes or itching. Drink more water, and wait for it to pass.

Normal Use:
150 lb adult: five sprays/ day
100 lb child: three sprays/day

Accelerated Use:
First week: just 5 sprays, once per day
Second week: Five sprays 4 times/ day
Third week: Five sprays 3 times/ day
Fourth week: Five sprays 2 times/day
Go with twice per day until most health concerns are resolved – 1-2 bottles
After Third Bottle: Five sprays 1 time per day

There are no known interactions between Nano Soma and prescription medications.

Recommended Use

Helps increase the quality and length of your life. May reduce pain from inflammation and boost immunity.

Read product reviews collected over the years.

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Metadichol®: A Novel Nanolipid Formulation That Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 and a Multitude of Pathological Viruses In Vitro

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