Podcast 429: Cirsten W Health Talks – Part 2

Cirsten Weldon invited Martin as a guest for her weekly live stream show to answer the most common health related questions.

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Podcast 429: CirstenW Health Talks – Part 2

CIRSTEN: Hi everyone, we are here and Martin is going to talk about some of his products! I’ve been on his products every single day and I’m feeling better, I’m sleeping deeper, it’s amazing. I wouldn’t have him on the show every week if I didn’t think his stuff was amazing, and he’s got over 600 products!

MARTIN: Yeah, all right, sold! Maybe we should expand the scope of it. First of all, I work as a metabolic typing advisor. I am schooled in how genetics and food interact. Our ancestors, up to 500 years ago, before the industrial revolution, lived in a fairly narrow scope and climate. So if somebody lived in the tropics, they had easy access to tropical fruit and they probably could do just fine on mostly vegetarian food, but people who lived in the cold climate like Norway, Sweden, or North America, by the Baffin island or somewhere up there, they have seven or eight months of winter. There are no vegetables year-round, so they had to adapt, and they had to adapt to the food resource that was available in that local area, and it didn’t take too many generations for that to happen. So now you have people who can live like, I guess they’re called Eskimos still, I don’t know, Northern people, they can live on whale blubber and seal meat that they never cook. They don’t see a vegetable year-round.

CIRSTEN: I’m from the equator, by the way, right on the equatorial line is where I’m from.

MARTIN: Right. So when you and five generations before you live on easy access to tropical fruit, you’ll probably be doing just fine on a tropical fruit diet, and you might not do so well on something else. Not everybody is an Italian farmer.


MARTIN: And so this North American diet, that is mostly pizza and calzone and whatever, that’s good for some people, but far from everybody. And the second thing that’s going on is that we have this industrial revolution, reaching into agriculture. For the last hundred years, nutrient density has been declining. There are fewer and fewer nutrients in food. What is happening is that the fertilizers are pushing the plants to grow faster. They look good on the outside, but on the inside, they’re actually quite thin or hollow. I don’t mean physically, I mean chemically, there’s not enough. There may be calcium, but there might not be magnesium. There may not be selenium or whatever, you’ll be running into deficits.

CIRSTEN: Right. So the selenium… do I have that product? What selenium product do you have?

MARTIN: Well, we put it into all of the superfood blends, right? The whole concept of the superfood is that we go around the planet and we find high-density foods. We find organic or biodynamic foods that have been grown slow on healthy soil, foods that have a lot of nutrients. And even still, we fortify them with minerals. And we have this special method, where we feed the minerals to a baker’s yeast, and the yeast actually eats those minerals and turns them into edible or absorbable minerals. So even the vitamins that would start out as something not quite so absorbable turns into something that’s very, very absorbable.

CIRSTEN: I’ve never actually seen, when I look at all the ingredients, any kind of greens that have that many ingredients in one, all mixed together in the right consistency, that is very hard to do. I think you’ve managed that very well in the Aurasil and the other one that is for the gut, what is the name of that one?

MARTIN: It’s Strata Flora.

CIRSTEN: Yes, Strata Flora!

MARTIN: You know, they tell you: “take some yogurt, that’ll be fine for the digestion.” Well, in yogurt, you have maybe four or five species of microbes. That’s far from the whole nature. In Strata Flora, you have 77 strains of microbes, and there are soil-based microbes, the lacto microbes, like the ones found in sauerkraut, we have kombucha in there… Did I mention soil-based?

CIRSTEN: Yes, you just said that.

MARTIN: Yeah. I can’t count on my fingers.

CIRSTEN: (laughing) Yes, that’s what you just said

MARTIN: Anyway, we also put anti-parasitic stuff in it, and we put herbs that help calm down over-functioning issues, but we also support the liver and pancreas. It all starts in your mouth, there are enzymes already in your saliva. There are enzymes that are needed in your stomach. There’s a lot that needs to be taken care of. And we’ve done that with Strata Flora. So it’s not like the famous yogurt that they advertised, Activia. Activia was advertised on television, you know, dancing belly, everything happy, everything wonderful. Well, they just put one strain of one microbe in it and called it a success.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, I love that. Whenever I see the l-casei, because it boosts your immune system, I get excited, I love that, that one particular l-casei, the probiotic. Most of them don’t have that.

MARTIN: Yeah. I actually was talking to my production manager earlier today, and I said: “Hey, listen, what do you think we should talk about? What should we highlight for people?” And he said: “Well, talk about nutrition. Talk about simple things.” We have this product called Barley Gold, which you haven’t had a chance to try yet, so let me talk about that for a bit. This barley is grown on fields that have had the soil balanced. There is this agricultural scientist, an engineer, who goes to the farm, checks the soil, and then helps to balance the soil. Then they plant this grain in the soil, the grain that’s been already pre-selected to be high quality. And then after they grow it, they check for viability using a weight comparison and select only the best of the grains. Then they sprout it, and after sprouting, they stop the sprouting process, and then they mill it. So what we end up with is absorbability that’s about 95-96%. Normally, the absorbability of foods you buy is around 40-50%. So this is super absorbable. And so people who get on it, their gut starts healing, and they feel energized.

CIRSTEN: Doesn’t barley turn your blood very alkaline?

MARTIN: It helps with that process, yeah.

CIRSTEN: Right, It’s great for that. All those diseases can’t grow in an alkaline backdrop, or in an alkaline system, I guess.

MARTIN: Correct, the pH balance is important.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. So that sounds like a really good product, the barley. The way you guys do it is the right way because you’re doing it the most healthy and absorbable way.

MARTIN: Yeah. I already see some questions in the chatline, Diane is asking: “Is this gluten-free?” It’s kind of funny, barley is not naturally gluten-free. Barley would be on the list of ‘don’t eat it if you need to go gluten-free.’ And yet we’ve had people with gut problems taking this barley, and it’s healing their broken guts! Go figure!

CIRSTEN: I’m allergic to gluten, but I do okay with bread when it’s all fresh sprouted stuff. It just depends on what is in there. And all that GMO stuff probably is bad.

MARTIN: You know, this could be the issue. Farmers have started using glyphosate, RoundUp, on wheat. They use it to dry it up at the end of the growth cycle, to give it more weight and more consistency because, in the process of dying, the wheat will push all of its energy into the seed. This gives the farmer a bigger yield and more consistent and more uniform grain, which is what they like. But there is a trace amount of this glyphosate left on it.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, RoundUp is basically Agent Orange minus one ingredient.

MARTIN: Yeah. The funny thing about this RoundUp, when it was originally patented, it was patented as an antibiotic. What it does is kill microbes. So it kills the microbes inside of you. This is the difficult thing. The way the digestive system works is you put food in, the microbes digest the food, and you ingest or absorb what the microbes make out of the food. So we don’t actually digest food directly, microbes pre-digest the food for us, and we only absorb stuff from what they leave behind.

CIRSTEN: Right. Martin, you sent me some stuff, you sent me the drops to relax the hormones, the cortisol specifically…

MARTIN: Oh yeah, that’s called Cortisol Ease. Have you tried it yet?

CIRSTEN: Yes, I have! It’s very relaxing. And then you sent me the one I had to stop taking, the ThermoBurn, it was too much for me, even one capsule. In the beginning, I was taking two or three, I was feeling great. Now I think I’ve reached a threshold, and I think I don’t need to take it.

MARTIN: Yeah, you don’t need it. So let’s talk about Cortisol Ease. Cortisol Ease is an interesting product because it helps to dissolve the stress hormone cortisol. People who are stressed out produce too much of it, and people who have PTSD produce too much of it at the wrong time of day. Normally what happens with people is this: You’re supposed to wake up with high cortisol and then over the day, the level should go down and down, and until at the end of the day, it should be very low, so you can go back to sleep. But people who have PTSD, end up with this cortisol level high in the afternoon, or even in the evening. So I’ve had people who are over-stressed, studying too hard, watching television late into the night, or working too hard all into the night, and then they need to take the Cortisol Ease to shut off to be able to just cut the spinning wheels in their heads. Or folks who have true PTSD can use it to just shut off the overworked hormonal system. One interesting thing that should be said is this: Cortisol puts fat on your belly.

CIRSTEN: Oh, it does!

MARTIN: The belly fat is mainly caused by excess cortisol, so people who are trying to lose their belly fat, should…

CIRSTEN: …not take it.

MARTIN: They should take it!


MARTIN: It’s Cortisol Ease, it helps to remove the cortisol.

CIRSTEN: Oh, got it! You are getting rid of the cortisol with this product!

MARTIN: Yeah. That’s it.

CIRSTEN: And then you send me some blue tablets, do you remember?

MARTIN: Let me look… oh yes, we sent you Zadiol! It controls the hormonal levels, it is great for people who have hormonal dysregulation. If you have, again, PTSD or any other stress-related hormonal dysregulation, it helps with that.

CIRSTEN: You take two or just one? It says two…

MARTIN: You take one, twice a day. One in the morning, one in the evening.

CIRSTEN: Okay, so that should balance out my hormones, that might be great. I didn’t take it today yet, I just didn’t know what it was for exactly. I just take what’s put in front of me. Of course, the greens and the Zeolite, I love Zeolite. I can tell my gums are not receding anymore. They were receding from the mercury, I think it’s grabbing all the mercury.

MARTIN: Yeah, that is great! I see Sandra in the chatline, she says: “I don’t understand how the dentists used mercury. Obviously, they should have known.” Well, it’s complicated. When you go to school, to the university, you think that you’re going there to get educated, and they pump your head full of stuff. And they’re telling you that they know what they’re doing, and they tell you that mercury fillings are perfectly fine, so you believe them.

CIRSTEN: It makes you lose your memory! You lose your memory from that!

MARTIN: Well, yeah, mercury screws you up in multiple ways. It screwed me up pretty badly too.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, I’m done with that. I’ll never put another one in, ever. That’s awful. It’s just horrible. But I’m taking Zeolite because I know it’s in my body still. I can tell my teeth feel better, I feel better overall.

MARTIN: That is great, we’re gonna have you fixed up.

CIRSTEN: The dentist doesn’t know that you’re gonna get dementia from all the stuff. I have nine fillings taken out in one day.

MARTIN: You know, they themselves get it. I saw statistics about 15 years ago, that the profession with the highest suicide rate was dentists. And I think it was caused by mercury. When I was toxic with mercury, I certainly had a lot of really dark, suicidal thoughts. It was really messing with my mind. Somebody in the chat says: “You should not detox while you have your fillings in.” It’s totally wrong. You should detox from day one. You should be using Zeolite because it’s binding the floating mercury. If you have fillings in your mouth, you are releasing mercury into the circulation, into your system, and you need to find some way to mop it up.

CIRSTEN: And that thing is like a sponge, it’s grabbing all the toxic metals, it’s great. Are you still sold out?

MARTIN: No, we caught up, we have it in stock!

CIRSTEN: If you guys want this, that’s the thing to buy! I mean, that is a hot commodity! It’s a good one! How much asparagus would you have to eat to grab all the toxins from your mouth? You’d be eating buckets of asparagus just to grab those toxic metals when you can just do it with two capsules of Zeolite! It’s fantastic. I can tell my skin is getting better too, the breakouts are not so bad.

MARTIN: I would like to ask a question. Are there people here that would be interested in losing weight? Well, I should say it this way: We have created a product that’s got a whole bunch of caffeine in it, and I wonder if anybody would be interested in getting off of their coffee or energy drink habit while getting healthy.

CIRSTEN: Well, what is it called?

MARTIN: Auralite [renamed to PowrSlim]. We created this for people who are overweight, tired, and drinking coffee, or even energy drinks.

CIRSTEN: But it has caffeine in it.

MARTIN: It has caffeine in it. We thought: Well, people are already addicted to caffeine, we can’t just cut them off, because they’ll have withdrawals.

CIRSTEN: In my church, we consider caffeine something that we shouldn’t tamper with. I had to cut my ex off of caffeine, it was cold turkey, he was just drinking and drinking the coffee, and it was just too much. Coffee can be very hard on you. I mean, the only thing I’ve ever done with coffee is an enema to clean the liver.

MARTIN: Yeah, that’s a whole different thing, when you put the coffee in from the bottom way up. It gets absorbed into the blood, goes straight to the liver, and stimulates the release of toxins out of the liver. That’s a healthy way of doing it. But what I’m trying to say is that there are many people who are addicted to coffee, and we try to create this product that would help them get better and get off of coffee gradually.

CIRSTEN: Well, you guys should call Martin, he is always available… Well, not always, but he will answer your call, he will talk to you, figure out your needs, and basically custom tailor what you need. You can ask him, and he’ll be happy to really tell you about any of his products.

MARTIN: Right. Here’s a really cool question, Joe is asking: “Will liquid Zeolite help with low thyroid?” So two things to be said. Zeolite is Zeolite, whether it’s liquid or powdered. You actually get more for your money with the powdered one, but the liquid is more convenient. It doesn’t matter if it’s liquid or powdered, it will bind heavy metals. And heavy metals essentially make all functions of your body function less well, so it will affect the immune system, including your thyroid, but it doesn’t have a direct effect on your thyroid. If you want to raise your thyroid functioning, you would want to consider, as we already mentioned, iodine. And the other element that supports thyroid function is selenium. So you may need both.

CIRSTEN: So both of these are in the Aurasil that I take, you have that both in there, right?

MARTIN: Yes, they are.

CIRSTEN: I highly recommend Aurasil, I take three big teaspoons, you even give us the spoon! I was like: what’s that hard thing in there? That was the spoon to scoop out the product!

MARTIN: Yeah! By the way, those spoons are biodegradable, so you can compost them.

CIRSTEN: Oh, I don’t wanna compost them! I will use them! It’s a good product, I love it. I feel like it’s got all the vitamins that you need. It’s like a multivitamin in powder form and I have months worth of product. So I’m very excited. My demeanor is better because of the product.

MARTIN: Yeah, I saw a comment: “I can’t believe it, Cirsten is so chill.”

CIRSTEN: Yeah, because I’m taking the right stuff that’s getting rid of all the toxins! Aurasil and Strata Flora. You can explain maybe the ingredients? The results – all you have to do is look at me, I’m on them. (laughing)

MARTIN: (laughing) OK. Well, to describe Strata Flora, that was designed to rebuild the digestion and elimination, everything you need between your mouth and your anus. That is going to be probiotics, prebiotics, soil-based organisms, lactose, kombucha, and several others, a bunch of herbs that help to modulate, the most famous one is slippery elm, which helps to calm down any trouble in the gut. There are other herbs in it that help to stimulate the liver, so there’s some detoxing going on. There are things in it that are antiparasitic. There’s a whole bunch of carbon in it, so it’s absorbing and soaking up the toxins. I think it’s got about 150 different ingredients, 77 strains of microbes.


MARTIN: The Aurasil – we have three versions of it, but the basic Aurasil 30 is constructed to help with the structural part of the body. So it feeds the connective tissue, which means skin, hair, nails, bones. It helps to keep you looking better as well as feeling better. There’s a bunch of greens in it that are calming and promoting health. There is silica in it, that’s compensating for the silica that you lose every day. Silica is the mineral that holds the connective tissue together or builds it.

CIRSTEN: Is that selenium that helps your hair?

MARTIN: No, no selenium helps your thyroid.

CIRSTEN: Oh, okay.

MARTIN: Well actually, you know, you can’t really always say this one thing. Any one component is always involved in multiple places, it has multiple functions. We actually make 20 different superfood blends. One of them is called Ellagiplex, that’s helping the immune system to sort out the healthy cells from the unhealthy cells. There’s this process called apoptosis by which things that don’t function right are supposed to shut off. Cancer is able to hold this sorting process at bay, so if you are quite toxic, you need to have a boost. So the Ellagiplex is primarily about the rejuvenation of the cells, just getting the body fixed, back to function, like it’s supposed to when it’s young and healthy. But if you happen to have any cancer cells, they’ll get shut off. Apoptosis is this process: Each cell is evaluated. 

The immune system has this signaling process, and each cell is supposed to have a little flag that comes up that says “I’m well,” or “I’m not well.” And when it says “I’m not well,” the immune system should check on it, and if it can be fixed, they’ll fix it. If it cannot be fixed, it’s supposed to shut off, die, and be recycled, and new cells should come up by division in its place. And in the case of cancer, cancer is blocking this shutoff mechanism. That’s how the tumors survive, by blocking the immune system from shutting them off.

CIRSTEN: Wow. So this product gets rid of the blocking and gets cancer out by taking control?

MARTIN: You can’t really quite say that we are attacking cancer. We are just helping the immune system promote healthy cells, and shut off unhealthy ones.

CIRSTEN: Right. And you are not a doctor, so you’re not prescribing anything.

MARTIN: Disclaimer: I only talk about nutrition and what will make you healthier. But sometimes it’s hard to not mention why or what happens, right?

CIRSTEN: Correct. Do we have any questions?

MARTIN: Barb says: “I’m going through menopause. And during this last year, I have gained a hundred pounds. I’m feeling like I’m dying, literally.” You know, that’s probably the thyroid going sideways. That would probably require a bit of a…

CIRSTEN: Do you think she should be taking that product Amanda is taking?

MARTIN: That would be called Powrtein, yeah, that probably would be a good thing. That would be a good way to start it up. But it would be good to maybe have a consultation, call us, the phone number (866) 543 3388. Somebody is asking what we charge for the consultation. The first 15 minutes is on the house, always free, and most people don’t need more. Some people decide to do the metabolic typing, which is like a full evaluation with tests and a ton of information that you get back, we charge $97 for that.

CIRSTEN: Great. Another comment here: “Hi Martin, I’m feeling great, I love the stuff. Thanks, Anna Morales.” There we go! We’ve got a lot of people that take that stuff now! Thanks, Anna.

MARTIN: Here is a question: “My wife has purple, swollen ankles. Do you know what that could be?” Yep, we know what that is. It is a problem of poor circulation, heart problems. You’d have to call me, we need to unpack that. I do have a product, we make a blend called Heart Studies Formula, it restores normal circulation, and it may be just what you need. Maybe, I don’t know for sure, there may be some other complications.

CIRSTEN: Call him, I’m telling you, he knows what he’s doing!

MARTIN: And go to the website to read and browse the store! Darlene says: “What about arthritis in your fingers?” Well, we do have a product called Arthritis Ease, it’s quite affordable, and it will reduce the size of your knuckles. But many people get these problems from either gluten or nightshades, so you may need to just change your diet.

CIRSTEN: Oh gosh, yeah. Nightshades… When you say nightshades, what plants are you talking about?

MARTIN: Nightshades are tomatoes, bell peppers, red, yellow, green, Cayenne pepper, potatoes, and eggplants. Those are the famous ones. You would want to try three months without that, and see if your knuckles stop hurting. Some people get swollen knuckles on gluten. 

Someone is asking about hypothyroidism. Yeah, we can deal with that, actually, the Powrtein is great for that. And what about rheumatoid arthritis? Well, that’s a complicated problem. We can deal with it, the product that we can send you is Zadiol, I would recommend that for anyone with rheumatoid arthritis. Mainly because it helps with hormonal regulation, gets the body back together. Somebody is asking about blood thinners. You know, there are natural blood thinners. Well, actually, I shouldn’t call it ‘blood thinners,’ there are natural enzymes that help prevent unwanted blood clotting. There is an alternative to blood thinners, and nattokinase is the name of the enzyme. And of course, we have it in the store.

CIRSTEN: And do you sell it in powder form or something?

MARTIN: Capsules.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. Capsules. Okay. This is all-natural stuff, which means no side effects. Because sometimes the side effects are worse than the original problem.

MARTIN: Somebody is talking about the heels of the feet that are red and get redder as you walk. Well, it looks like a circulatory problem, but I don’t know that for sure. Somebody else is saying: “How about diabetes type two? What are the cures besides not eating carbs or sugar?” Well, definitely stop eating carbs and sugar that’s for sure. Eating more vegetables, detoxing heavy metals will always help everything. Somebody is asking about high blood pressure. You see, high blood pressure could be caused by one of many things. Is it the calcium-magnesium imbalance? Do you need more magnesium? Or is it caused by sodium-potassium imbalance? Do you need more potassium? Is it caused by the hardening of your arteries? In which case do you need enzymes to undo that? Or is it caused by the clogging of the arteries by cholesterol? Do you need help with that? Or is it caused by stress? Do you need to de-stress? I can’t just tell you what to do, we need to understand it at the causative layer.

CIRSTEN: Why do you get migraines from coffee?

MARTIN: Well, because it’s constricting the blood vessels, so it’s raising the blood pressure.

CIRSTEN: Right. That’s why I don’t touch it. What would help dry skin and radiation sensitivity? Who’s got radiation sensitivity?

MARTIN: Well, everybody’s got radiation sensitivity!

CIRSTEN: Ok, do you have something that you would suggest?

MARTIN: I dunno, where would you get radiation? Is it because you are taking radiation for cancer? Is it a treatment? I need more information, call me, please.

CIRSTEN: Someone says: “My dog has cancer.”

MARTIN: Okay. That Ellagiplex that I mentioned earlier, it is safe for dogs. We have actually given it to dogs. Go on the website and read the testimonials. We have some testimonials from guys who said: “Yep, it saved my dog from cancer.” And what about extreme fatigue and arthritis? Well we would try to fix it with nutrition, right? We would want to get you off of the inflammatory foods that are causing you pain. The Aurasil is an awesome tool for helping the body be less inflamed. And we would want to eliminate the foods that are inflammatory.

CIRSTEN: Was there a question about something for sleep?

MARTIN: Does somebody want to have something for sleep? I think banging your head on the wall helps. (laughing) I’m just being silly. Magnesium is the mineral that will help you relax. And green things that are rich in chlorophyll will help you relax. If you really need something strong, then the Cortisol Ease will cut the cortisol, the stress hormone.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. Let’s see what else? Foods that get rid of radicals? Daikon, broccoli, spinach, artichokes…

MARTIN: Yeah, all of that.

CIRSTEN: He has all of those in his Aurasil! I mean, there are tons and tons of ingredients. Someone says: “Stay away from Senomyx,” I don’t even know what that is. It must be a brand of something.

MARTIN: Oh yeah, I see what the heck Senomyx is. Senomyx is an American biotechnology company that develops food additives. The company claims to have engineered human taste and aroma receptors. That sounds really nasty. Flavor enhancers from aborted fetal cells. Oh, God.

CIRSTEN: What about Epstein-Barr? What is that?

MARTIN: Epstein-Barr is a virus, it’s really nasty.

CIRSTEN: All right. Everybody, you need to call, you need to call Martin, if you have any question for your specific case, he gives you the custom consultation just for you.

MARTIN: Yeah, exactly. Somebody’s asking about Tourette syndrome. Tourettes is one of the conditions that are on the spectrum, the autistic spectrum. Tourette is sort of in the middle. It’s mainly related to problems with heavy metal toxicity. So I would be wanting to detoxify the person. Zeolite would be our first choice, and then I would want to heal the gut. So humic and fulvic acid would be our second choice. And then Strata Flora. Fixing the nutrition. Most people on the spectrum have food issues. They usually are addicted to the wrong foods. Sugar and bread, just a lot of simple carbs. Sometimes, it’s breakfast cereals, right? I saw a story on television about a kid who was eating only a certain kind of egg waffles, and it was cinnamon flavored waffle. And then the company discontinued it, and the mother went on television to try and beg anywhere, she bought the last eight cases of it because the kid would eat nothing else. They were cinnamon-flavored waffles, so it’s white flour with cinnamon flavor.

CIRSTEN: Cinnamon flavor, not real cinnamon! Cinnamon’s good for you, right? The real cinnamon…

MARTIN: Yes, the real cinnamon is good for you!

CIRSTEN: Any more questions, people?

MARTIN: There are a ton of questions! What do you do with pressure headaches? Well, we work on reducing the pressure, right? We work on getting your immune system back in order. There’s no pill for that, but there’s a process for that.

CIRSTEN: What about anxiety? We talked about cortisol, so the Cortisol Ease, right?

MARTIN: Well, anxiety is a sign of acidity, you know, the pH balance of the body. Depression is associated with over-alkalinity, anxiety is associated with over-acidity. So we need to manage the pH and always have it balanced, and we can do that through nutritional changes, but I can’t do that over the phone. You will have to do the work.

CIRSTEN: I’m sure there will be one of those 600 products that can help! Thank you, Martin!

MARTIN: We can do a lot for the body by fixing the pH balance, but it’s not something that I can do with a person just like in a chat like this, we need to actually have a one on one conversation.

CIRSTEN: This lady’s stuff is interesting, she said: “My hands are bent, my fingers are crooked, and my thumbs are bent. My kids say I have crab hands.” What’s wrong with her?

MARTIN: Well, to me it sounds like rheumatoid arthritis.

CIRSTEN: Yes. So you need to get rid of the inflammation.

MARTIN: And of course, we need to deal with the diet, right?

CIRSTEN: Correct.

MARTIN: We need to remove the inflammatory foods.

CIRSTEN: Someone says: “Black seed oil.” I don’t know what black seed oil is great for…

MARTIN: Oh, the black seed oil is awesome. You know, the line about black seed oil is it will cure everything except death itself.

CIRSTEN: I used black seed oil before. It seems to be stronger than the oil of oregano, to kill off everything. Do you have black seed oil in your product line?

MARTIN: Yeah, we have it in the store!

CIRSTEN: Do I need to take it?

MARTIN: Do you have cancer?


MARTIN: There is your answer. I mean, essential fatty acid, right? It’s a wonderful thing. I’m not saying only take black seed oil if you have cancer, black seed oil is an awesome nutrient. But what we try to do is we try to make an all-in-one product, so you don’t have to have 50 different bottles in your cupboard. I see a note from Sheila Murray: “I stopped eating bread, pasta, and sugar, and I lost 55 pounds in two months.”


MARTIN: You go, girl! And that’s the whole thing, they are the most inflammatory foods, wheat, corn, soy, and of course sugar, right?

CIRSTEN: Well, everyone, it’s been over an hour!

MARTIN: Look at that! How the time flies…

CIRSTEN: And I’m sure you guys wanna call Martin, so please do. Thanks Martin for coming on the show, I really appreciate it.

MARTIN: You’re welcome. I appreciate it. Thank you very much.

CIRSTEN: Thanks. You’re so sweet. You’re welcome. See you next time, everyone!

Author: Martin Pytela