Podcast 430: Cirsten W Health Talks – Part 3

Cirsten Weldon invited Martin as a guest for her weekly live stream show to answer the most common health related questions.

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Podcast 430: CirstenW Health Talks – Part 3

CIRSTEN: There we go!

MARTIN: All right.

CIRSTEN: Martin, I’m very relaxed from your vitamins, so it’s all good, they work, obviously.

MARTIN: Lovely! (laughing) Do you know what’s interesting? I am talking to some people that come from your call, and they say:  “I’m like Cirsten, I need slowing down.” And I also hear from people things like:  “I’m totally not like that. What do you have to speed me up?” And then I had a really complicated call from one of your viewers, and she started out on the Thermo Burn.

CIRSTEN: I’ll tell you what happened. My gums were receding, as you said from the mercury, so my gums were receding from the mercury. So, the mercury is basically gone from the Zeolite, which I need more of, and my gums are doing better. Can you believe that?

MARTIN: I can, because that happened to me too.

CIRSTEN: Yeah! All the toxic metals are gone, gone, gone.

MARTIN: Well, that’s too early to say, but it’s helping. Cool. Very cool. So I started saying, this client called, and she started saying how she actually had a real anxiety attack, and she thinks it is from the Thermo Burn product. So we keep talking and I keep saying:  “well, maybe not this, maybe that,” and then like 15 minutes into the conversation, she starts telling me:  “I’m on SSRIs, and I’m on blood pressure medication, and I’m this and this and this.” And I’m thinking, that is not Thermo Burn doing it, it’s the chemical drugs that she’s on! The difficult thing with people is that they often don’t tell the whole picture.

CIRSTEN: Right, they are not telling the whole picture, the truth, they’re only telling part of it. But believe me, your stuff is working. And please send me some more Zeolite, I need it.

MARTIN: It’s on the way!

CIRSTEN: I have a question. In Strata Flora containers – why are the spoons so big? Why do I have to take five spoonfuls?

MARTIN: You don’t have to.


MARTIN: You take only what feels good. You take what feels right, what your body wants. Not what’s on paper. It is just a general recommendation.

CIRSTEN: I’m definitely not doing five big spoons. Maybe two.

MARTIN: Do what your intuition asks for. The body knows more than a label.


MARTIN: But detoxing is a great thing. I’m so pleased to hear you say that the Zeolite is working for you. In fact, I think that if I had to choose one thing, that would be on my list, because we are living in such a toxic world. I’m looking at the chat line here, we already have some questions from people!

CIRSTEN: Because you come here almost once a week, so they know you now! They know that they are going to get a good health lecture, so they can feel better!

MARTIN: So Christina is saying:  “I ordered Miracle II products, but I didn’t get 10% off.” Please, people, understand that the 10% discount is only for products that are not already on sale. And the Miracle II products are already 10-20% discounted, we just can’t stack discounts on top of discounts. That’s why it didn’t discount them further. You get 10% off on everything that’s not already on sale. I see you girl, I apologize, but we can only do so much. Every first-time new customer is offered a code and the code is LEMOB10, and that gives you a discount, 10% off on everything except things that are already on sale, and you see that clearly on the website. If it’s on sale, it just has big red letters saying ON SALE or DISCOUNT.

CIRSTEN: All right.

MARTIN: So what else do people want to know? One of the things that I do offer to the world is that I have a fairly encyclopedic knowledge of the world of healing as far as what you can do naturally. So if you want to have questions answered, I’m quite happy to do that. Mike Smith wants to know:  “Where can I find the Zeolite brand?” If you go to our website, www.life-enthusiast.com, you either type ‘Zeolite‘ in a search bar, or you can find it in the category of products – minerals. (Cirsten disappears from the screen) Oh, Cirsten disappeared. I don’t know whether she’s with us or if she’s coming back. In the meantime, well, I’m just going to read through the chatline here and answer whatever is coming, I’m just scrolling through it.

CIRSTEN: I am back, I accidentally kicked myself off the screen!

MARTIN: Yeah, you did!

CIRSTEN: Here is a question:  “Anything for tinnitus?”

MARTIN: Well, it’s a complicated darn problem, it could be caused by high blood pressure. It could be caused by a high toxicity level. And it could be caused by the immune system over-reactivity. If it’s high blood pressure, we need to deal with that, and there are four ways to get into high blood pressure that I know of, which would be the ACE, the control of the emotional or endocrine system. Meditation works great for that or walking in nature, or stuff like that, you know, relaxation. The second thing could be a magnesium-calcium imbalance. It would be a lack of magnesium, so you could try getting more magnesium. 

Doctors tend to prescribe the calcium channel blocker for that, but magnesium naturally works in that department. The other one could be potassium deficiency. That’s easily supplemented either with apple cider vinegar or with bananas and potatoes if you’re into that. And the last one would be hardening of the arteries, low nitric oxide, so we have supplements for that, either enzymes that will help to reduce the fibrin, the scar tissue that hardens the arteries, or we have supplements that help you with the nitric oxide. That was just the high blood pressure part. And then of course we can talk about – is it maybe the inflammatory, the migraine syndrome, and that could be triggered by food or environment or toxic burden. So the starting point right there would be our famous friend Zeolite.

CIRSTEN: Okay. I have a comment from Jenny:  “What’s good to start with?” I would suggest the two that I started with. It depends if you are… what’s the word…?

MARTIN: Overdrive or under-drive, right? There’s either sympathetic or parasympathetic dominance. You’re either over-stressed or under-stressed, right?

CIRSTEN: You are either going really fast or you’re going really slow. I go really fast, so I got the Strata Flora, which balances out all of your digestive systems. Your digestive system really needs to be balanced first. And then I take the Aurasil, which I love, that’s all the green stuff. So those two I recommend.

MARTIN: That’s right. And for those who are going slow and need a boost, we have Powrtein. If you smash together the words ‘power’ and ‘protein,’ you end up with Powrtein. I have somebody from Facebook here, Linda. She says:  “I have terrible migraines. What would help?” You see, this thing called ‘migraine,’ it’s part of a syndrome, and it’s a histamine-mediated response of the immune system, meaning this:  There are triggers and thresholds. Thresholds are what is your resilience, and the trigger is what fires us, what causes us to fail. And in the case of migraines, it could be any one thing. It could be changing weather, it could be you smelling somebody’s perfume or cigarette smoke, or having an emotional upset, anything that can send you past a threshold, into the flare. And what we need to do is raise the threshold, remove the blocking factors that keep you from working normally. And to do that, number one, we need to detox the industrial toxins. So right back to the beginning, we have been using Zeolite to reduce toxins. We have been using the prills to make the water more hydrating. Cirsten, have you been drinking the prill water?

CIRSTEN: Yeah, every day, I’ve been drinking the prill water every single day. The one thing about me that you can say is at least I’m consistent. If you want to get cured, you need to be consistent. You can’t say:  “Oh, I’m not getting any results,” if you’re not doing it every day. I’m a good patient. When you send me stuff, I do it every single day.

MARTIN: Awesome. So the toxicity. We need to remove the toxicity, right? Then nutrition. We need to make sure that whatever nutrients are needed, we get them back on board. But it also means eliminating things that are triggers. So if, for example, you react to gluten, then you need to stop eating gluten. Some people are reactive to high histamine foods. The classic for histamine is all things like aged cheese, red wine, sausages, but also strawberries and chocolate. And what else is high in histamine? Cinnamon can trigger it. And some people need to worry about things like tree nuts at times. There could be all kinds of foods, it can get complicated. It is very individual. If you want to get the full meal deal, call us after the show, and we’ll try and walk you through it.

CIRSTEN: Yes. There you go, call Martin after the show, he’s waiting for your calls, he loves to call. (laughing)

MARTIN: (laughing) Yeah. Oh man, there are some really interesting comments. As somebody says, Zeolite removes metals, heavy metals. It binds mercury, lead, cadmium, uranium, and all the industrial stuff. It also helps to remove things like volatile organic compounds. You should have smelled urine that starts coming out when you first get on it.

CIRSTEN: Oh yeah!

MARTIN: And then somebody is mentioning:  “I can’t sleep well,” you know, it’s the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic, the fight-or-flight and rest-and-digest. How do we convince our autonomic nervous system to stop being in overdrive? My number one go-to is magnesium. I would recommend going with that, but green foods, like chlorophyll, are also helping people relax.

CIRSTEN: “How do you help fat loss in the middle belly? I exercise and hold on to it.” That stuff that I take, that burning stuff…

MARTIN: Yeah. Thermo Burn. When you put on weight in the belly, like you’re looking pregnant, that’s usually associated with thyroid dominance, which usually means that you’re eating more carbs than you should. So eat more fat and eat fewer carbs, try a ketogenic type of diet.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. Fewer carbs and more fat. What about meat?

MARTIN: Well, meat is okay, but you don’t need to eat more protein. You just need more fat. For example, if you are already eating steak, make sure you don’t trim the fat. If you’re eating chicken soup, make sure you leave the fat in the soup. If you’re eating a salad, put a whole bunch of olive oil on it.

CIRSTEN: There you go, that makes sense.

MARTIN: Oh, here’s a good one:  “Talk about glyphosate in our foods and alcohol.” Well, glyphosate is the main ingredient in RoundUp, and farmers have been putting it on the fields since about the mid-nineties. Monsanto put it on the market, and now Bayer bought Monsanto, and they have been telling farmers that it’s perfectly safe. It doesn’t do anything to humans. The truth is that it seems to be innocent because you pee it out. You ingest it, and then it leaves. The problem with that is that it’s actually been patented as an antibiotic, and the way it works is it kills microbes. So even though it doesn’t kill you, it kills the microbes that are in you within your body, within your gut, and as that gets broken up, you end up with biological problems in the gut.

CIRSTEN: I’ve seen people that do work with a lot of RoundUp, and they’ve got skin cancer, all kinds of problems. And that guy that sued RoundUp and he won, that black guy, remember?

MARTIN: Yeah, I dunno if he’s still alive or not, he was in the process of dying back when he was at the court, they awarded him significant money, like 890 million or something like that.

CIRSTEN: I hope he got it.

MARTIN: Well, there are a lot of people in trouble. I get to counsel all kinds of farmers who are telling me:  “Oh yeah, I’ve been using that or I used to use it,” or whatever, and they are now regretting it. But when you are listening to the sales rep from the company that sells you the method… The grain that’s RoundUp-resistant, and the fertilizer, and the RoundUp itself, you don’t have to weed and so on… The whole story of ‘your yield will be higher.’ Anyway, the worst of it is this:  They have been applying RoundUp on wheat, on grain, and they do that to make the plant dry up, and in the process of dying, it just pushes all the energy into its seed. So you get a higher yield, drier grain, and more uniform, so it’s easier to harvest, it’s easy to run the combine through it, so you get a better yield. So from the farmer’s perspective, it all looks good. But when we eat it, it’s highly problematic because it causes a leaky gut. And the leaky gut is essentially the gateway to all kinds of autoimmune illnesses.

There are about 200 different illnesses named in the manual, starting with things like Sjogren’s, dry mouth, dry eyes, or Hashimotos, that would be a thyroid problem or fibromyalgia, that would be aches in soft tissue or that thing Michael Jackson had, how he was losing pigment, how he was turning from a black guy into a white guy, that’s actually a loss of pigmentation called vitiligo, that is also an autoimmune disease. We now have to do two things, right. Number one, remove the toxins. Number two, eat foods that are non-toxic, which unfortunately means pretty much organic, I don’t know how else to put it. Zeolite is a universal detoxifier. It will help bind things that the body doesn’t know how to cope with. So it’s a really good way to do that. Another thing is humic acid. Humic acid is able to help the guts, the bacteria, the microbiome in the gut, to reorganize themselves, to put themselves back together. We have a single product called Zeolite AV, it’s a good antidote to whatever chemicals got into your body.

CIRSTEN: Well, anyone else got a question?

MARTIN: Well, look at that, all of a sudden we ran into a soft spot. Here is a question:  “Can a kid’s constant itchy nose be from being swabbed in the nose?” Well, you could actually cause some damage on the inside, it’s possible, but you can have an injury in the sinuses. I don’t know, when you say ‘itchy nose,’ is it itchy on the outside, or is it itchy on the inside? That might be a thing to consider, itchiness, in general, is an allergic reaction to something. Is it the environment? Is it the cat? Is it some mold in your home? It could be anything. The theory is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back. If you are carrying a load of stuff, let’s just say that you have bad food, a toxic environment, mold in the home, three pets, and then comes the spring with the pollen season. All of a sudden, your eyes are watering, you are sneezing and whatever, because that’s what makes you over the edge. In this particular case, it might have been that the Q-tip up the nose was the trigger that made things worse.

“Does coffee trigger migraines?” It could, because coffee or caffeine constricts the blood vessels, it raises your blood pressure, so if your migraine is tension-related, it could be a trigger. “What can I do about osteoporosis?” Well, we don’t cure diseases here, we can only talk about how we would change our behaviors to maybe help the body have a different physiological outcome. And the outcome here would be more mineralization in the bones. Less mineralization is caused by inflammation. So we need to do less inflammation. The most inflammatory foods are gluten and dairy, those would be the first two things that I’d get rid of. And then I would work on, again, the same thing Cirsten just talked about, taking the Zeolite, that is an awesome way to reduce the toxic burden. So I would do that. And then I would work on maybe getting some kind of a superfood blend. The Aurasil that Cirsten is getting is great because it has a lot of silica in it. And silica is the mineral that helps the connective tissue. Connective tissue is hair, skin, nails, bones… if you need more health in the bones, silica is your best friend, as is chicken soup.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. When you take the right stuff, it really helps you a lot. It almost changes your personality.

MARTIN: Well, that was the thing, right? We slowed you down a little.

CIRSTEN: Yeah! And I’m not as angry! When I’m exposing someone, they get on my case and they say:  “You have all this venom!” Now I’m doing it very calmly, I’m just exposing them calmly. If I had venom, I’d be angry. I’m not angry anymore, I’m calm.

MARTIN: Yep, you are like a samurai, calmly chopping heads off.

CIRSTEN: You know what’s really funny? I told Amanda:  “You need to start taking Powrtein,” because everyone that went to that Tulsa, Oklahoma show, must have put something behind the stage in the green room, because someone got in there and everyone that was on stage got affected, and they all got really sick. Scott got sick, Amanda got sick, Ricky got sick, they all got sick. That’s why I was like:  “Did you take Powrtein?” I said:  “The best present that you could give me is Martin because he is the gift that keeps on giving.”

MARTIN: Yeah, that is nice, thank you! Somebody asked about kidney disease. I have stuff for that, but the kidney is like the fourth stage, what gets messed up with your fork and your mouth can end up doing harm to the stomach. And when the stomach doesn’t handle it, it hits the gut, and then what’s not right in the gut hits the liver, and what’s not right with the liver hits the kidneys. It’s a cascade of things. We do have tonics that strengthen your kidneys, but we need to repair everything that’s before that. Feel free to call me, we can talk about it. Here’s a cool one:  “Anything for decalcifying the pineal gland?” Yeah, there’s a product on the website, it’s simply called Pineal. Oh man, all of a sudden the questions are just piling on fast! Somebody’s got shingles. What should I do? Fulvic acid, directly into the lesions. It’s an antiviral, it helps the immune system to just wrestle with the problem.

So somebody is on a statin and a diuretic. That’s some serious medical stuff, call me, I can probably address it, but I would need to understand why you’re on that statin drug. We can deal with it through nutritional changes, but you need to be prepared to make changes in your lifestyle. You can’t have low cholesterol and keep on eating bread, that is not going to work.

CIRSTEN: Can I ask you a question? That fulvic acid, is that stronger than oil of oregano?

MARTIN: Well, it’s a different thing. Fulvic acid is extracted from some old dirt, like from million years ago.

CIRSTEN: Do you have it?

MARTIN: Yeah, of course, we do.

CIRSTEN: I want some, I need some of that, please. And someone is asking about Hashimoto’s disease.

MARTIN: That is a nasty thing. It’s an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid, and we need to very carefully figure out what the triggers are. We need to detox. I’m going to just sound like a bloody wind-up toy, but we need to get the heavy metals out, get the trigger foods out, get the toxins out, get the water working better, support the immune system. I have a product called Zadiol. Try that one. Here’s a really interesting line:  “My 82-year-old father had 10 units of blood given, and he is in the hospital now experiencing severe itching everywhere. Suggestions?” Here’s what’s interesting – what they don’t do when you donate blood, they don’t check whether you do or don’t have autoimmune diseases. They don’t check whether you have allergies to things. So all of a sudden, this fellow has got 10 units of someone else’s blood. That’s a huge amount, right? That’s half of your blood supply, right? I think maybe it’s a quarter… But it is a significant amount of blood. So all of a sudden he’s got some stranger’s blood in him, and he’s now allergic to something that he didn’t used to be allergic to. Itchiness is a sign of an allergic reaction, he is reacting to something in his life, I don’t know what that is, would have to play detective.

Somebody wants help with a two-year-old who has gas pains. Well, so we have a problem in the digestive tract, right? So she’s probably reacting to something she’s eating, and her microbiome probably needs repairs. So check out the probiotics. We have super effective probiotics. Call me, I’ll talk to you about it. We need to fix the gut, and we need to not feed her whatever makes her gassy. We don’t know what that is, it could be onion, it could be cabbage, it could be broccoli, I don’t know. High sulfur foods are the typical problems, but it could be other stuff too.

CIRSTEN: Someone’s asking about hair loss and back pain.

MARTIN: Well, hair loss is usual in women, it’s usually a thyroid issue or an endocrine issue. So we could work on that, but it’s not going to be like:  “Here’s a pill for that.” It’s not, there’s a lifestyle for that.

CIRSTEN: What about back pain?

MARTIN: Okay. I have a Gizmo for back pain, it’s an infrared thingy, I should have brought it down here to show you. You could use that to lower the inflammation. Or you need to figure out what causes the inflammation. So again, back to the beginning, get rid of all heavy metals. We do have free-form amino acids that you can take that will help rebuild the broken discs in the back, so you’ll have more strength to hold together better. There are things that we can do to strengthen, I used to be really broken with my own back.

CIRSTEN: Type one diabetes, that means you’re having, I will take a guess that you’re having bad transportation. So you need to maybe to change your diet, and maybe Martin’s got something that will help with that transportation in your blood system.

MARTIN: Yeah. It could be a lack of movement, or a lack of exercise. “Talk more about Zadiol, please.” Zadiol is a deceptively simple formula that regulates the endocrine system. It helps to regulate the adrenal, the thyroid, and the pituitary. It’s sort of like the conductor rather than the musician. It helps with reducing stress. What we have found is that most people who suffer from fibromyalgia get that as a PTSD sort of thing. I wouldn’t say that PTSD causes fibromyalgia, but there’s hardly anybody ever with fibromyalgia who doesn’t also have some kind of a stressful thing in their life that we could label as PTSD. It’s a very effective tool that reduces endocrine problems, so once you get on it, you feel better. It’s all about feeling better.

CIRSTEN: That’s great. And she wants to know about dimples on the skin, is that bad circulation?

MARTIN: No, lymphatics. When you have dimples, when you have dimply thighs, you know, like the upper thigh looking like an orange peel, that’s lymphatics.

CIRSTEN: Do you have something for that?

MARTIN: Exercise. Movement. Lymplex will help, but you still need to move. You need to either walk or bounce on a rebounder or something, something that moves you up and down against gravity.

CIRSTEN: Can you talk about Zeolite AV versus Ultra Liquid Zeolite?

MARTIN: Liquid Zeolite is a similar formula, but it’s liquid. You spend 20 bucks on a 1oz bottle, and you get Zeolite in a liquid. You spend 40 bucks and you get 90 capsules of Zeolite AV. You would have to buy about 12 liquid bottles to get the equivalent of the AV. With capsules, you get more for your money, but if you have an autistic child, who’s not going to take any capsules or whatever, then the liquid is absolutely the best thing you can do. I have one person here asking about hernia repair and botched surgery, she’s got all kinds of stuff bound up in her belly. The best I can offer is fibrinolytic enzymes. Fibrin is scar tissue. Fibrin is the type of tissue that scars are made out of, so when you have a cut or an operation, bullet wound, whatever, it gets repaired with the fibrin. And so you can undo the binding with these enzymes. We have three different ones on the site, the most effective I think is Zymitol

What helps with tremors? The best I would know is CBD, hemp, but we can’t talk about that here, call me, please. “Alcohol triggers headaches for some people.” Yeah, sure, alcohol is toxic. It’ll make your liver work overtime, trying to deal with the metabolization of the carbs, which then turn into acetone, and the whole complex cascade will make your liver too busy to do other things.

“My hair is falling out, can you tell me what to take?” We are getting a hair formula soon, however, it’s usually caused by thyroid health. That’s the most important thing here. So let’s work on your thyroid. That can be complicated, right? You need to detox things, maybe supplement iodine. If you have Hashimotos, we need to be really careful with it. 

“Can I put colloidal silver in my eye?” Well, I’d be careful with that. If you happen to have a red eye or something like that, you could probably do that. We do have a formula called MSM Gold that would help. Oh man, now the questions start coming up! I will answer some more, I don’t mind.

MARTIN: What do we have here? “Traumatic brain injury.” That’s really super complicated. Call me, I have solutions that I’m not allowed to mention on the air. “Can you turn blue from colloidal silver?” You would have to be taking something like half a cup a day for a month before you turn blue. Some people did it, it’s been done. Yes, you can use colloidal silver to block infectious organisms. 

“What about DMSO?” DMSO and MSM are related, there’s just one oxygen difference between the two, they both are bio-available sulfur. They’re awesomely important in both detoxification and oxygen absorbance. Some people need to be careful, there’s about 4-5% of the population genetically incompatible, so they feel worse, not better, but a lot of people feel awesome on sulfur.


MARTIN: “Where can I find Vitamin C Ascorbate?” Well, we have it on the website. It’s called Vitamin C Powder crystals. It’s in there. Ascorbate, ascorbic acid, is the chemical formula for vitamin C. 

“What about psoriasis?” That is an illness on the surface of the skin. The skin is flaking, it looks pretty nasty and it’s itchy, but the problem is internal. It’s the yeast that’s growing inside of you, that’s growing into your gut because you eat too much wheat, too much bread, too much pasta. Get rid of all of that to fix your microbiome, and get rid of heavy metals, same response. It’s just crazy, I’m like a wind-up toy. “Something for hives for my sister.” Well, hives are a thing of histamine. So whatever the body’s reacting to, something triggers the histamine response. We need to understand what triggered it. For one person, that may be strawberries, for another person, that may be mold, for another person, that will be God knows what. So again, if you need a health coach, call me.

MARTIN: Leukemia is an illness of a parasympathetic person. To explain it in some simple words, your genetics would like you to be on a hunter’s diet, and you’re not. That’s the most simple answer I could give. If you are tending toward leukemia, you probably need to be on a strong ketogenic diet. 

Floaters in your eyes are little bits of protein that are inside the vitreous, and the floaters can be dealt with using the eye drops called Bright Eyes, it’s fulvic acid, and it will actually help to get rid of them. Dry eyes? I have something called MSM Gold Drops, they are going to lubricate the eye, but to get rid of it for real, you need to get rid of the causes, right? It’s the thresholds and triggers again. We need to raise your thresholds and reduce your triggers. 

“Do you sell teeth whiteners?” No, no, we don’t. Maybe magnesium will help you re-mineralize your teeth, but if you have yellow teeth, you have yellow teeth, it’s genetics. I have yellow teeth, I can’t do a thing about it.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. I have yellow teeth too, probably from my Asian mother. A lot of Asian women take a lot of antibiotics before they have a baby.

MARTIN: Ulcerative colitis, somebody threw it on the screen, that’s inflammation in the colon. That means that you have impacted crap stuck in the colon. Try the Apple Fiber, that would be my pass number one, lecithin to get the lubrication going, and then Strata Flora. And I would be looking to find out why it is that your food is not moving well enough through you, why is it stuck in there. 

Anything for nerve damage pain? Yes, but I can’t talk about it here, call me. Sciatic nerve pain? You need a chiropractor to correct your back, and you need to get rid of heavy metals. Take free form essential amino acids, we have those, we can do that.

Numb feet? That’s usually too much toxicity. I would say lymphatic congestion, probably diabetic or something like that. Go back to the ‘old diet.’ Christine says that she’s taking calcium for her healthy bones. Well, yeah, you may need more magnesium and silica as well. 

“What’s good for a stroke? The doctor told me it could have been cholesterol.” Yes. Cholesterol could be the reason why a blockage has developed. If a piece of cholesterol dislodges from where it is and blocks a blood vessel, you end up with a blockage, and then some tissue dies. Some pieces of your brain could die off. There is help, but people, you’re gonna have to be calling one at a time, please, not everyone at once. My phone is already ringing.

CIRSTEN: Okay, you got to go! Thanks, Martin!

MARTIN: Okay, my good people. Thank you. My name is Martin Pytela, and my website is www.life-enthusiast.com, I’m all over that website. So just look me up, listen to some of my shows there, we have over 420 different podcasts in there. You can pick the topic you like, and you can hear me explain things, and if it’s not there, then call me. I love you all! Bye!

CIRSTEN: Bye, Martin, and thank you all, see you next week!

Author: Martin Pytela