Podcast 434: Cirsten W Health Talks – Part 7

Cirsten Weldon invited Martin as a guest for her weekly live stream show to answer the most common health related questions.

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CIRSTEN: Okay, let’s start! Hello, everyone! We are here, we are ready to start. I really have to say that I am in love with Fulvic Acid, it is really doing wonders, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, really, let me get that, one second, I will show you what I love. Martin is here with us again, you can ask him any questions like you always want to.

MARTIN: Sure. Yeah, we will answer all the questions!

CIRSTEN: You will answer all the questions, whether you like to or not. Okay, this is my new favorite. Do I have to keep this refrigerated? The Fulvic acid…

MARTIN: You do not.

CIRSTEN: Okay. It says it is for heavy metal detox, so if I am using this and the metal detox, is that too much or not?

MARTIN: Well, you are using Zeolite, which is a binder, and Fulvic is like a pusher. So if the Zeolite was the dustpan, this would be the broom. They work together beautifully, this thing is pushing it out of the hiding, and then the Zeolite grabs it and takes it away. The best thing to do is use both.

CIRSTEN: Okay, great. So, I know a lot of you are here for the Nano Soma! The repair from toxic insertions.

MARTIN: I just started reading messages in the chat, Mr. CB says: “I love Martin.”

CIRSTEN: You’ve all missed Martin! He didn’t wanna come on, because he was too busy.

MARTIN: People, please, understand this: I would love for you to come to the website, read the pages, and maybe watch the podcasts. I have recorded over 400 different lectures. CB, I can’t tell if it is a male or female, but the question was: “What detox is good for pineal?” We do have a product, it is actually called Pineal, and it does detox it.

CIRSTEN: You gave me the Pineal too, I am afraid to take Fulvic acid and the Pineal at the same time, I think it might be too much…

MARTIN: Oh, let me explain how it works. When it comes to you, it comes in two bottles. The Life Crystals and The Activator, and the secret is the Activator is actually Fulvic Acid.

CIRSTEN: Oh, I am supposed to mix it together?

MARTIN: Yeah, didn’t you?

CIRSTEN: No, I just took the Fulvic.

MARTIN: There are instructions on the label.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, I didn’t see that.

MARTIN: See, the Pineal comes in two bottles.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, I have the Pineal, and I have the Fulvic.

MARTIN: Girl, one of these days will settle you down to start reading instructions!

CIRSTEN: It says: add one to five droppers full to six ounces of water before meals.

MARTIN: No, no, you are reading the instructions from the Pineal, which is correct.

CIRSTEN: I am reading the Fulvic…

MARTIN: Okay. Do I need to go bring a sample of what that looks like when you get the Pineal?

CIRSTEN: The Pineal is in the same colored bottle, it is a bigger bottle.

MARTIN: Yeah, but when you first got it, it came with a smaller bottle taped to it.

CIRSTEN: I didn’t get that small bottle, I don’t see it. So, the Fulvic Acid and the Pineal work together?

MARTIN: Yes, they totally work together.

CIRSTEN: I didn’t know that.

MARTIN: Yeah, one activates the other.

CIRSTEN: So this is doing nothing then, basically…

MARTIN: No, no, it does a lot by itself!

CIRSTEN: Okay. So why do I need to take the other one?

MARTIN: This one detoxifies everything, and the Pineal activates the pineal parts specifically. I was going to run off and bring the Activator so I can show you, but I won’t. Jessica bought the fat burner. Well, I would be interested in hearing how your fat is burning. Most people who put themselves on the fat burner, which is called Thermo Burn, will experience a reduction in appetite.

CIRSTEN: Okay, I got this and this, but I don’t see an Activator…

MARTIN: You don’t see an Activator, okay, hang on, I will run off for just a sec.

CIRSTEN: Okay. I didn’t know it worked together. I am really bad at doing medication.

MARTIN: See, this one happens to be the ATP, but the Activator is the same, it is a clear looking bottle or clear looking liquid.

CIRSTEN: I never got that!

MARTIN: That just doesn’t make sense, we always ship them taped together.

CIRSTEN: I got these two together, the Fulvic and the Pineal. I never got that other bottle.

MARTIN: Well, you can mix them together, but after you mix them together, you need to refrigerate them.

CIRSTEN: Okay. So I can mix drops together, and then I’ll drink it in my drink. I’ve been taking like 20 drops of this, you told me to take 20.

MARTIN: Which is fine.

CIRSTEN: So I could do 20 of this, and 20 of this, together.

MARTIN: You could.

CIRSTEN: So I don’t need the activator at all, I just mixed these together.

MARTIN: Well, the Fulvic Acid IS the activator.

CIRSTEN: Okay, so I’ll do it. Hopefully, I will go to sleep. Or should I do it later in the day?

MARTIN: Yeah, that works fine, anytime, no worries.

CIRSTEN: I am losing weight from this.

MARTIN: Yes, you would be.

CIRSTEN: I don’t even have to take that other weight-loss thing, which I was losing a lot of weight on, too. Okay, so, this is the product, I am gonna mix it myself, I don’t have the activator, I will mix it together and put it in my drink.

MARTIN: So you said it funny, you actually have the Activator, because the Activator is the Fulvic Acid, it is just that you don’t have it with the label that I was expecting you to have it with.

CIRSTEN: So I will mix 20 drops of each, and I will add it to my juice.

MARTIN: Yeah, sure, or water.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. Can I take this at night, or only during the day?

MARTIN: Yeah, this would be fine anytime. I see no reason why it wouldn’t be fine. Jessica Newberry jumps in with a lightweight: “What is good for hot flashes?”

CIRSTEN: Oh gosh.

MARTIN: Moving to another planet! No. Jessica, what’s going on here is the liver is not functioning correctly, and when there is an abundance of estrogen, and it is supposed to be discombobulated by the liver, but the liver capacity is not there, you need to improve the liver capacity. There is another anti-dote thing, we have a tincture called Meno-Ease, so if you come by the Life Enthusiast website, you see the link over here, type the word ‘meno’ and it will find the product for you. I don’t know what else to tell you. Liver cleanse, which means, of course, fixing your gut, fixing your microbiome, detoxifying. It is a cascade of things. If you are too toxic, then the liver gets it, and then it all doesn’t work. 

Karen says: “How do you wake up someone from the poison?” Well, do you mean emotional poison or physical poison? You don’t wake anyone. They need to wake themselves. You can lead a horse to the trough, but they will have to drink. There is just no getting around it. I can’t get my own family to take a different position than what they do, you know?

CIRSTEN: Right. I am drinking the Pineal with Fulvic Acid.

MARTIN: Right on top of the Nano Soma! Pretty soon you are going to be doing some kind of a spinning dance!

CIRSTEN: Hopefully I can go to sleep tonight. Hopefully, I should. I should be able to, right?


CIRSTEN: Let’s talk about the other products, okay? Do you have something, as you were talking earlier about, to clean the liver? What do you use to clean the liver? Which product?

MARTIN: You know, we have done the same talk a few times, but let’s repeat it. The liver is connected to the gut through something called a portal vein, which is a massive amount of blood that comes out of the gut, right into the liver. So whatever is going on in the gut hits the liver. So before you can fix the liver, you need to fix the upstream. Otherwise, you are just continually bombarding it with the wrong stuff. So fix the gut first. Well, the gut is broken because it is disrupted by toxic things in the body. So you need to get rid of toxic things, that is why we are promoting Zeolite because that is the binder that takes the stuff out of your body. Once you get on Zeolite, you start feeling better, you start feeling lighter, you start feeling less disturbed, disrupted, sleep improves, I mean, you were telling me you started noticing it on your gums after just a few days, right?

CIRSTEN: Yeah, my gums stopped receding. it was better! Now that I got my pineal gland working, I can see you better. (laughing)

MARTIN: (laughing) So the stuff I would do – number one: drink better water, we have done a great talk about the prills. The prills are simple, I didn’t bring the jar with me, I should have, you just get this tiny little package that you put in a jug of water, and then once you have that, you are drinking water that is more hydrating, which means better transport of nutrients to the cells, but also better transport of the toxins away from the cells. So you are increasing effectiveness. And then you put the Zeolite in the picture, and that reduces the burden, which will help your immune system fix the gut. Then we have put the Strata-Flora into play, which meant that we started repopulating the gut with healthy microbes, carrying away toxins, killing off parasites, and stimulating the liver to start getting rid of things.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. So the Strata-Flora is the one that gets all your digestive system working, I take that. And then the Aurasil, the supergreens.

MARTIN: Right. Aurasil is feeding your cells, now that you have improved the processing of food, you can actually get better ingredients in, and you get more out of it. Of course, with you, we use the one that is more calming. We have these various blends. We have one that is calming, we have neutral, we have mild stimulation, and we have strong or high stimulation. So depending on what’s going on inside of the person, we can pick the one that we want. It is sort of like the temperature, right? If you are too hot, we will calm you down. If you are too calm, we will warm you up. We can do that, there are foods to do that. We have that in these superfood blends that we can pick for you. 

Marion Dunlop says: “Is there anything for diabetes?” See, diabetes is an illness of a person that should be eating a hunter-style diet, who is eating a farmer-style diet. And so if you are eating too much starch, too many carbs, your body is going to have to fight with that. So, people who tend to have diabetes, make excellent candidates for the keto diet.

The keto diet is a low-starch diet, with lots of healthy fats, and salads. The primary meal would be a salad with olive oil and a piece of chicken. Or stir fry with a piece of fish, you know, classic Chinese broccoli beef, which is an ideal keto kind of a meal. So that is the number one thing for diabetes. Lower your glycemic index of the food you eat, and the highest glycemic index foods are starches – white potato, orange potato, yellow potato, rice, bread, pasta, cake… Those are all things that convert into glucose almost directly. That is your kryptonite. 

Tyler asks: “Can you mix the liver product with the Strata-Flora?” The answer is yes, they all mix together well. And Jackie is on a tight budget, and she’s wondering what would be the number one thing to get. The number one thing is fixing the water. Get the prills, they are something like $39, and they last for five years. Number two thing – get Zeolite and cleanse the heavy metals. It will probably be $40 a month for five months, and you’ll be okay. That is the budget version.

“Where can I find your products?” Look at the screen, there is a link, it is www.life-enthusiast.com. Brucelina asks: “What can you say about ivermectin?” Well, we can say that it is an antiparasitic that has immune-stimulating effects, and if you buy the horse version, you need to make sure you dose it for a human. A typical horse is about 1200 pounds, so if you are a 120-pound woman, you need to take about a 1/10 of the horse dose. Normally, I think a typical human would take about 12 milligrams once a month, that is as much as I know about that.

“Is it okay to be a vegetarian or vegan?” You know, some people make excellent vegetarians, especially blood type A and AB have it easier as a vegetarian, the blood type O find it a lot more difficult to be a vegetarian, that is just not as easy. They require a higher level of protein. It is still doable, you can be a vegan if you want. 

“How many different things do we need to take? I thought Nano Soma fixed everything.” That is an excellent question. So Nano Soma does fix everything, it amplifies everything. So it amplifies the goodness of the healthy food you eat, but it also amplifies all the pharmaceutical chemicals you might be on. I’ve already had some stories from the field, where a person is on drugs for whatever, some condition, and as they take it, it accentuates both the effects and side effects of the drug. So all of a sudden, I had a call from a person who says: “Oh my gosh, I am getting hallucinations and tremors!” This was because it is a side effect of the drug. So Nano Soma makes everything work stronger, and better, but you still need to eat. So if you eat crap, you are going to have more crappy results. Eat good food, not crap food. 

Somebody says: “My daughter has Crohn’s disease. Are you telling me that this is all good?” Well, you know, the Nano Soma fixes the DNA damage. It helps to repair the body and fix itself. So you could see more energy, better sleep, better mood, more strength, all these subtle things. I’ll tell you this one: I am now 68, and I started waking with morning erections. What the hell?

CIRSTEN: I wouldn’t go that far with me. I feel more energy, I do feel more relaxed, and of course, you know, these channels are very stressful because there’s a lot of trolls and a lot of puritanicals on them, so when I read the comments, it really doesn’t piss me off as much as it usually does.

MARTIN: Balance!

CIRSTEN: Exactly. So yeah, this stuff is fantastic. It is an excellent help.

MARTIN: You know, it is a tonic, right? Think of it as a catalyst, in a positive way, but it amplifies everything. I’ll say it one more time, it will amplify the effects of good food, but it will also amplify the effects of all the drugs. So whatever you put in your body, it is gonna make it kick up. So about this Crohn’s situation that you were dealing with, that you wanted to have an answer on, well, you need to deal with the primary causes of that. So we need to remove toxins, feed the body well, introduce enough circulation so that these things can move around, and deal with trauma. Crohn’s disease is very frequently associated with childhood emotional trauma, unwanted attention, I don’t want to just put a finger on it, but it could be, I don’t know, especially children who have been sexually activated early or unwantedly may end up with Crohn’s, that is a classic.

CIRSTEN: I got IBS from eating too much wheat.

MARTIN: That is a different thing. But yeah, gluten will break your gut. It will happen. So Sharon is asking: “Is this for type one diabetes?” Well, what I was saying earlier about diabetes, is primarily for type two. Type one is defined as you have already destroyed your ability to produce insulin. With type two, you have the ability to make it, you are just insulin resistant. That is a different animal altogether, but you still will do a lot better on a keto diet as a diabetic than not.

CIRSTEN: Try not to eat any sugar, it is awful.

MARTIN: That is not enough, but it is definitely good. Jackie asks, again: “What is some cheap stuff, I have no money.” Start with the prills to get better water. Then get Zeolite, which is gonna detox you, and it is also not that expensive.

CIRSTEN: Get some metals out!

MARTIN: Those are your first two. If you have something to spare, then get into fixing your gut with Humic and Fulvic acid, those are also affordable.

CIRSTEN: What is Humic? I have never heard of the Humic.

MARTIN: Humic and Fulvic Acid come from the same source. Humic is the coarse material, Fulvic is the refined or fine material coming out of the humate.

CIRSTEN: Now that I’ve mixed the Fulvic with the Pineal, what can I expect? As antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral – the best ones are oil of oregano, black seed oil …

MARTIN: Well, as you are cleansing, you are removing layers of old grime, you are removing old accumulated dirt. So things will start working better. It is like having an old automobile, and you gave it a tune-up, and you change the oil, and so on. Things will start working better. You will feel tighter, stronger.

CIRSTEN: Do you think that my third eye vision will improve?

MARTIN: Yeah! You will soon be able to rely on your intuition, instead of having to guess. When you get the third eye working, you start knowing things that you are kind of hesitating to say full-on, but you know in your body that they are right. You will be able to trust it more, and it will be more reliable. Because your connection to your personal vision is there. 

Somebody pops up with: “Keto is bad.” Well, keto is bad for people who should not be on keto. Keto is bad when done badly because some people think that eating bacon and eggs is keto. That is not necessarily so. Ketogenetic means that you caused the body to go into ketosis, which is a good thing if you are having issues with your metabolism. If you are diabetic, keto is good.

CIRSTEN: I think keto is good for me, it helps my body type.

MARTIN: “Something for autism. Can you reverse it?” Well, I’ve already gone through the moves, you know, like the standard stuff. Autism or autistic spectrum, anything from ADD to Asperger’s to outright just banging your head in the corner, is an expression of the neurological system being overwhelmed with toxicity. So we need to get better water, remove heavy metals, and repair the microbiome. By the time you’ve done these three, you will see a significant reduction of symptoms. One of the things known about autistic children is that they have an overgrowth of Klebsiella, which is a particular microbe, and as long as you keep them on an antibiotic, the Klebsiella is kept in check and they’ll be acting fine. But the moment you stop the antibiotic, you have a problem, because antibiotics don’t fix it. But if you fix the gut properly by removing the toxins, removing the metals, and restoring the balance, all of a sudden you don’t have to rely on antibiotics, and you will have a much better performing system.

CIRSTEN: I am told that a lot of people that have that kind of autistic thing should not be eating any dairy. Is that true?

MARTIN: Oftentimes, well… There are two most famous disruptor foods in America, which is gluten and dairy. Gluten is from wheat, and the main problem with that thing is that it is grown in fields with glyphosate, with Roundup. When you have that in microscopic amounts on your food, Roundup works by killing the microbes in the soil. It was originally patented as an antibiotic, so as it kills the microbes, it actually will kill the microbes inside of you, which will then make your digestion suffer, your immune system suffers, and you start falling apart. That is the pathway by which this happens. So if you move back to Italy, and you buy only Italian grown grain, you will not have these problems, because they only are allowed to grow the old grain the old-fashioned way without Roundup.

And the second thing is dairy. There are two types of proteins in dairy, and one is more compatible with humans than the other. And the more compatible ones are sheep, goats, donkeys, and camels. So if you can get your hands on that milk, you’ll do better. And even with cows, there are the Northern breeds and Southern breeds. The Southern breed looks like a Buffalo. And people who, for example, are from India, can go to India and eat all the Indian yogurt, and they are fine. Then they come to America, they eat the American yogurt, and they are not fine, because the American farmers are using the Friesian Northern breeds, Holsteins and Jerseys. Those cows give more milk and more butterfat, so they are more efficient, economically, but health-wise it is a challenge. So if you can get your hands on Buffalo milk, then more power to you. Another thing is the pasteurization and homogenization of dairy. When you pasteurize milk, you kill the enzyme. When you homogenize the milk, you are actually dispersing the droplets of the milk fat into teeny little particles, which I think can get through the barrier in the gut, which means that they’ll be challenging your immune system.

CIRSTEN: Right. Any questions?

MARTIN: Oh, there are a lot of questions! “What about Hashimoto’s?” Okay, Sharon, Hashimoto’s, we think that the Nano Soma is going to be very helpful because it helps with all things autoimmune. 

Someone says: “Reason, why most of the family are diabetic, is because they refuse to change their eating habits.” Yeah, that is about right, wise words. Somebody threw in fibromyalgia and Sjogrens. Those are names for other autoimmune inflammatory conditions. So everything I said up to now, the same.

CIRSTEN: What do you think about distilled water?” Connie asks, “I thought it was bad for you to drink distilled water.” It is not bad for you to just drink distilled water, is it?

MARTIN: The distilled water is naturally pH of about 5.5, and your inner pH is about 7.35, so there’s a gap. The distilled water is quite hungry, it will pull onto itself alkalizing minerals, calcium, magnesium, potassium, so it will shift you around. One way to fix distilled water is to use the prills, it works awesomely well. So if you have distilled water, and the prills, you will have the best of both worlds, because the prills fix the pH. Christina says: “If you want alkaline, put some baking soda in your water.” You are right, Christina, that is the quickest thing. And Maria Beverly says: “GOUT!”

CIRSTEN: Is that from meat? Is that from being acidic?

MARTIN: That is from red meat, but it is not acidity, it is from the purines. There is a particular protein called purine, that is in red meat. You have the genetics that do not allow you to eat that, so you are an ideal candidate for being a vegan.

CIRSTEN: Right? That is me, vegan, except for the fish. I guess I am a pescatarian.

MARTIN: Yeah, that is it. And also, when you speak of fish, the two fish that are high in purine are salmon and trout.

CIRSTEN: Oh-oh! I will eat tuna then.

MARTIN: Yeah. Of course, tuna is dark meat, and it is higher in purine than light meat, right? You may not have a gout problem, but this person just says: “Gout!” Well, she needs to stay away from dark meat.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, definitely. “I will have to search for the prills.” Guys, Martin has the Prills, he has over 600 products on his website, so you need to go over there and search for them.

MARTIN: Just type the word ‘prills’ in the search box on the website. Rena has a nine-year-old ADD grandson. Well, I just went over the bits, right? So the bits are water, pH, heavy metals, gut health – take care of that. And then eliminate the bad foods. The bad foods are the inflammatory foods, we just talked about that. Gluten and dairy are the worst. “How should I jumpstart my metabolism to lose weight?”

CIRSTEN: You can use that quick burn stuff.

MARTIN: Yeah. That quick burn is called Thermo Burn, and if that is not enough for you, if you are really stocky build, like if you build like a weightlifter, then you can use a product called Auralite [now PowrSlim]. It has enough caffeine in it to jumpstart even the most sluggish person.

CIRSTEN: That is what Amanda Grace takes, right?

MARTIN: No, no, she takes the lighter one, she takes Powrtein. Powrtein is about like tea, Auralite is like two cups of coffee.

CIRSTEN: Oh my gosh, no!

MARTIN: “What about hypothyroidism?” Joyce, if you are not Hashimoto’s, you can push iodine, which we have, and iodine will bring your levels up. If you know that you have Hashimoto’s, which is an autoimmune disease of the thyroid, and it is said that if you take too much iodine, it will actually destroy your thyroid gland in the process.

CIRSTEN: Oh wow.

MARTIN: So we need to actually worry about that. However, Nano Soma to the rescue!

CIRSTEN: Yeah, it works for everything!

MARTIN: Well, that is the truth though. That is to God’s truth. It works for everything.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. I love it, that is great stuff.

MARTIN: “What about oil pulling?” Sure. Absolutely. Oil pulling is an awesome idea. I use coconut oil for my oil pulling. I don’t know what other people like, but that works for me. “My grandson is schizophrenic.” I recommend you come to Life Enthusiast website, type the word ‘schizophrenia,’ and read the articles. I have put into my archive articles by Dr. Abram Hofer, he’s now deceased, but he was a phenomenal Canadian psychologist and psychiatrist, and he showed that he could reduce the symptoms with nutrition. There are some nutritional supplements, we do have them, they will help to restore balance in the brain. 

Shana Sexton, you want more info than what I’ve shared on autism. Please, call me. I’ve already said water, heavy metals, microbiome, and those are the basics. You need to take care of it, you need to take care of that first. Until you take care of these cornerstones… People ask me what is the most important thing, and my response to that is: “Which is the most important wheel on your car? Which one? Name it. Is it the left front?” Any one of the four is equally important. If you don’t have four wheels, you don’t have a car. You need to take care of all of these things. You cannot just pick one.

CIRSTEN: People from Facebook are finally coming in with questions! “How do you get rid of heavy metal?” I told you, the Zeolite, he’s stocked up on that, that is what you take!

MARTIN: Yes, we have stocked up. The best one that we recommend is the one that is already premixed with the humic acid, it is called Zeolite-AV.

CIRSTEN: “My mother is 87, is Nano Soma good for her?” Nano Soma is good for everyone, I think.

MARTIN: Yes, absolutely. What you need to do is you need to start her gently and slowly. You start her with just one spray a day, and you observe. And if she’s doing okay, she’ll absorb it, and work with it. And then you put her to two sprays, and three… When I was doing my uptake, for three days I did three sprays, and I thought: “Oh, this is nothing.” Then I did five, and then I thought: “Oh, well, let’s go,” and I did 20. So I did 20 sprays a day, which made the bottle last only a week.

CIRSTEN: And when you took 20, what happened?

MARTIN: Well, I was going through a lot of changes quickly. I was detoxing on a fast track.

CIRSTEN: Did you get sick?

MARTIN: You know, I had a herpes infection in my earlier day, so I had a blow-up of herpes. You know, there is this concept called retracing, in retracing you go over your old illnesses in reverse, but it is not as bad or not as strong as what you would otherwise have experienced.

CIRSTEN: The new illnesses.

MARTIN: No, no, no, that is not what I am trying to say. The retracing is that when you are getting rid of an illness, it also shows up, but in a milder form. So I had a blister on my lip, but only for a day, not for 10 days. Brucelina, you were here before, now asking about dry eyes. We do have these things for dry eyes, it is called MSM Gold Drops, Look it up on the website.

CIRSTEN: The link is www.life-enthusiast.com, and we have a discount code for 10% off of your first order, the code is LEMOB10. And please, wait till the show is over before you start calling Martin, he gets bombarded with calls after the show.

MARTIN: Cirsten is such a sweetheart, you know, she just throws me into the crowd. Just take him! Rip him apart!

CIRSTEN: No, no, but they have a lot of questions! I think you’ve answered a lot of their questions though. I mean, how long have we been doing this? I am sure you’ve had gazillions and gazillions of calls, it is just so crazy.

MARTIN: I do get calls, yeah. Somebody has got sarcoidosis. As I understand it, it is a wasting disease where things are no longer working. The greatest promise we have is this Nano Soma because it makes all things work again. But I would go right back to the beginning and tell you again – drink better water, detox, get your gut fixed.

CIRSTEN: Metal detox, metal detox. Yes, Martin has got all the stuff, he has the prills, he has the Zeolite for detox, then he has the things for your gut, what is that…

MARTIN: Strata-Flora.

CIRSTEN: Yes, and the AuraSil, the super greens for nutrition. If you do those four things, you are like three-quarters of the way done.

MARTIN: When you get your basics under control when you deal with your basics… So many people are majoring in minor things. I keep telling them: You cannot fix with a pill which you screw up with your fork.

CIRSTEN: “How long should I take Zeolite?” Forever, I think you take Zeolite forever. Thyroid nodule help, I don’t know what that means…

MARTIN: I know what it is, that is more complicated, but you know, talk to me, we can do it. But again, if you do the basics, if you clear the most obvious things, you will probably do better. Oh, here’s a cool one: “What is the best thing to lose stomach fat?” You need to understand that there are four different metabolic dominances, or we should call them endocrine dominances. Gonadal, pituitary, adrenal, and thyroid. And if you are the thyroid dominant type, you will gain weight on the belly, you will have cravings for starchy or sweet foods, and you will only lose weight when you increase fat intake in your food and drop the carbohydrate content of your food. That is the number one rule for fat on the belly. If this is not clear, you can come back, and you can read with me on podcast number 286, the Weight Loss Secrets, where you can learn how all of the different endocrine dominances work in the body. And if you really want a quickie, I should have said it differently. If you want a quick solution, you can use something called Cortisol-Ease. Cortisol is the hormone that causes the deposition of fat on the belly. So if you reduce your cortisol level, you will see less fat put on your belly. 

Rita is late because she was planting vegetables, gotta love it! It is much better to be planting vegetables than watching stuff on the computer. Stardust Guardian says: “What to do about being surrounded by a toxic world?” Somebody asks what to do for being among the people who have had the injection. Well, the best I can offer is – please call us about the Nano Soma.

CIRSTEN: I have a very interesting question, it is from my top intel guy George, he has had a lot of heart surgeries, and I really wanted him to talk to you, that is why I was looking for my phone because I am trying to call him. And I said: “Martin probably has something that you can take without having all these multiple surgeries.” So after he burned out one side of his heart, it was fine for a year, and now he’s stressed and it is firing again. And I think that you probably have something for him, and I told him to get hold of you and that you might be able to help him.

MARTIN: Well, you know, the number one thing that helps people relax is magnesium. There are these two minerals, calcium, and magnesium, that control the heart. Calcium makes the contraction, and magnesium makes the relaxation. Tight, open, tight, open, tight. And so if you have an imbalance between the two, and most times it is not enough magnesium, you’ll have all these weird symptoms, and we need to balance that. So that would be my first thing to try and figure out how to make sure that he’s balanced. He probably isn’t.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, I want him to call you so he can show you his chart and everything, I don’t think those surgeries are really helping. Energy. What about energy? You need to take that Thermo Burn II, you’ll have a lot of energy!

MARTIN: Sure. Well, it depends. There are various causes why you may be chronically fatigued if that is what you are. Some people are just deficient in sulfur. I’ve had a lady call me: “20 years of chronic fatigue, and I take three teaspoons of MSM for three days, and it is done! Are you kidding me?” All it was, just deficient in MSM. Why? Because sulfur helps the oxygen get inside cells, and the methyl helps your liver convert toxic things into non-toxic things. So it is a combination.

CIRSTEN: Do you think I need that?

MARTIN: No! Are you chronically tired? No, you are chronically wound up.

CIRSTEN: (laughing) I know, I am the opposite. I need the cortisol thing that you were talking about.

MARTIN: You would like to reduce the fat on your belly?

CIRSTEN: Of course! I mean, I don’t have much, but you know…

MARTIN: Okay, I will send you a bottle to try, you will like it.

CIRSTEN: How many drops do you put in?

MARTIN: 10 drops at a time directly in the mouth.

CIRSTEN: Okay. That sounds good. I want to take it. Any more questions, folks?

MARTIN: “Please tell me what Nano Soma spray does.” It is a catalyst, and it is an amplifier. It makes all things work better. You know, the word catalyst, it enables all things to work. Specifically, it reregulates the DNA or repairs the DNA, and the cell membrane receptor sites.

CIRSTEN: It says ‘Swiss quality,’ so it must be high quality.

MARTIN: It is made in Switzerland.

CIRSTEN: It says: high quality, returning to your roots.

MARTIN: Trudy says: “How long should we take Zeolite?” So long as you want to stay nontoxic.

CIRSTEN: I like Zeolite, I take Zeolite every day.

MARTIN: Brian has melanoma on the arm. Yeah, Brian, that is a rough one. They tried ozone, they tried hydrogen peroxide. I don’t want to get into dealing with cancer here, but you can call me.

CIRSTEN: Yes, call him, I am sure he’s got a product for you.

MARTIN: Yesterday I got a call from a lady who was explaining to me that there is a med bed already available, and she started describing to me what it is and how it works. And I said: “Oh, so that is like the star chamber that we have been selling since 1999!” Because we have, it is just crazy, I didn’t know I was selling a med bed. Susan just says: “MS.” If you are thinking of multiple sclerosis, the number one trigger for MS is the presence of mercury in the body. And the number one binder of mercury is Zeolite. Hair loss, well, that is probably a thyroid problem. Do I ship to Canada? Yes, we can ship to Canada, other than having to pay in US dollars, you are cool.

CIRSTEN: The Canadian dollars dropped because of that horrible thing…

MARTIN: Actually, no, you got it backwards! The Canadian dollar is the highest it has been in a long time.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, but it is still less than the American, it used to be more.

MARTIN: Somebody taking something for her itching, this is weird. “I am taking (inaudible) for my itching. I thought I was getting it from the spike particles or weather, and it worked. It is a lotion.” Well, okay, great! So you can numb the skin, you can numb the nerve receptors on the skin. Good on you!

CIRSTEN: Good on you, that is a smart move.

MARTIN: Can you tell me something about collagen and silica? Well, they are the building blocks of the connective tissue, which includes skin, hair, nails, bones, actually, everything is connective tissue.

CIRSTEN: I need some silica, do you have that? Silica?

MARTIN: Aurasil has silica.


MARTIN: You are getting it, you are in good hands.

CIRSTEN: Thank you.

MARTIN: Can I fix your legally blind optic nerves? I don’t know. Don’t know what to promise you. We could only try.

CIRSTEN: Well if you guys don’t have any intense questions, it has been over an hour, and Martin is ready for your phone calls! (laughing)

MARTIN: I’ve already sent six calls to voicemail.

CIRSTEN: Oh my gosh. Really? Don’t call during the show, come on, people! All right. Well, thank you for coming on. I think this time is good. We should do Wednesdays at five o’clock or six o’clock.

MARTIN: Oh my God, I promised a guy I was going to be on a podcast tonight, in two minutes, I am in so much trouble.

CIRSTEN: All right. We will end now! Thanks, guys. See you next time!

Author: Martin Pytela