Cirsten Weldon invited Martin as a guest for her weekly live stream show to answer the most common health related questions.

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Podcast 436: CirstenW Health Talks – Part 9

CIRSTEN: All right, here we are, here we go. Hi, everyone! By the way, I’ve had a lot of problems with this left arm. I can’t lift it up all the way, but it’s gotten better. But the massage therapist told me that I’m not getting any blood circulation to my shoulder blades, which is affecting my arm.

MARTIN: We need to start getting someone to spray you from behind with that thing I sent you, the Epiphany.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, I spray myself with the Epiphany.

MARTIN: Yeah, but you need to get it on the shoulder blade, you know?

CIRSTEN: Okay. I ran out of that. I’ve used that all up already, I need some. Okay, hi guys! Hi everyone! I’m here. Few products are out of stock, Martin is going to tell you which ones…

MARTIN: So, Cirsten apparently opened her mouth very well about the Cortisol-Ease last week. So many of you ordered that! Not only did we sell what we had, we also completely drained the manufacturers.

CIRSTEN: And I couldn’t get any for me!

MARTIN: So, I’m getting some today, so we’ll send you some, Cirsten. Whatever backorders we have, we will fill. But if you order today, it’s probably gonna be two weeks before you see it.

CIRSTEN: There’s some other stuff so sold out, right?

MARTIN: Yeah, we also sold out of the Aurasil 30. And, to boot, we’re having to move the Exsula shop, this week is the moving. They’ll be opening on the new location around 3rd of August, so we are down for a week, I can’t get them to make any, so that’s a bit of a bummer. So Cortisol-Ease and AuraSil, two of your favorite products, we sold so much of it that we can’t ship it for two weeks. So let’s get to the health questions! There’s this gal, Ellen, who asks: “Are eye floaters always linked to liver problems? And what do you take?” Well, yes, the quality of your vision is the reflection of the health of your liver, and the floaters are caused by protein bits floating in the eye. So you would want to detoxify it. And I’m getting multiple people telling me that as soon as they get on Nano Soma, floaters go away.

CIRSTEN: Oh, wow!

MARTIN: I do have one other thing that has been working, I’ve also had good reports from people using a product called Fulvic Eyes, which we do have at Life Enthusiast, it’s a fine-grade fulvic acid, and the fulvic is a for detoxification and oxygenation. That has been also very efficient.

CIRSTEN: That’s the one that I mix, the fulvic acid into the… What is that?

MARTIN: Well, you have Pineal.

CIRSTEN: Yeah! I mix it together, right?

MARTIN: Yeah. But you know, don’t put that one in your eyes. The Fulvic Eyes is a fine version, super filtered, small particle. So anyway, yes, we can deal with the eye floaters by getting these the function improved. And that same Ellen is asking: “What’s used for toxins and heavy metals?” Well, Zeolite! There’s a special subspecies of it called clinoptilolite that binds mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, things like that. Very efficient and very easy to take. It’s available in powder, capsules, and liquid. And it just binds everything easy, easy peasy. The mainstream method is mainly IV drips with EDTA, which also works, but it’s just so much more invasive than doing it this way.

CIRSTEN: “How do you get this product?” You get it from ordering through the link that you can see on the screen.

MARTIN: Yes, the link is on the screen, it is Someone in the chat is saying: “Something for weight loss.”

CIRSTEN: I have that one!

MARTIN: Yeah, you do. You see, some of these things are great for weight loss, including caffeine. So if you are okay with taking a bit of caffeine, we have the moderate one called Thermo Burn II. And if that’s not strong enough for you, we have one called Auralite, which is heavy duty, burn it all up product. But in general, weight loss is a function of eating well, eating right for your body type, or endocrine dominance. And so, for example, if you’re a thyroid type, you would be tempted by sweets, and you need to be eating more fat and less starch. But if you’re the adrenal type, you’d be tempted by salty and savory, but you need to be eating more vegetables and fruit, and less fat. And if you are the pituitary type, you’d be tempted by creamy and fluffy things, and you need to be eating red meat to get slim. And if you are the gonadal dominant, you would be tempted by hot food, and you would need to be eating less of that, otherwise your hips are going to go wider and wider.

CIRSTEN: When I eat a lot of spicy food, I lose weight.

MARTIN: Yeah, which is the opposite, because you’re not that type.

CIRSTEN: “I need to gain weight. What can I do?” Oh my God!

MARTIN: Do the opposite of what I just said. If you’re a thyroid type, eat much more starch. If you’re an adrenal type, eat more fat. Zilla Baby says: “I use your Zeolite, and I love it, and I thank you for it.”

CIRSTEN: Wow. Okay!

MARTIN: So, Diana, there are articles on Life Enthusiast, I recorded a 40 minute talk that discusses the body types, so if you type in ‘weight loss secrets‘ at the Life Enthusiast website, you will find it, the show code is 286. “What can I do for mosquito bites?” Well, mosquito bites are really well handled by a product by a company called Miracle II, they make something called Neutralizer Gel, and it alkalizes the skin and neutralizes the itching, it works like a charm. So look it up, Neutralizer Gel.

CIRSTEN: Oh, you put it on your skin directly?

MARTIN: Oh yeah, right on the bite. Also, copper works quite well, you can put copper on it, like a copper penny type of thing. It will reduce the itch. Oh, my phone is ringing, of course.

CIRSTEN: I’m surprised you don’t have five screens going right now.

MARTIN: Oh, I do!

CIRSTEN: You do? (laughing) Oh my gosh. I’m so relaxed! I don’t think I should take the Zadiol because I get too relaxed.

MARTIN: Yeah, there you go, maybe we should cut you off then. Tony wants to know what to do with tendonitis. Tony, that’s an inflammatory condition. Magnesium is the mineral that helps your body reduce inflammation. So a topical magnesium, either in a foot soak, we make a product called Magnesium Oil that could be added on topically. Sulfur, in the form of MSM will also help a lot. And then of course probably a reason for the tendonitis, the most likely cause would be the heavy metals and other toxins, so detoxifying would be a good thing.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, I think so.

MARTIN: Somebody says: “No, you pee on it,” but I don’t know what you pee on.

CIRSTEN: I have no idea what they’re talking about.

MARTIN: Oh, that was the mosquito bites, you pee on it. Yes, that’s not a bad idea! Urine is alkaline and sterile, so yeah you can pee on it. That’s fine. However, the Neutralizer Gel is less icky. “What kind of fats for thyroid?” Well, the healthy fats are the fruit oils. So that would be olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, palm oil, and then clarified butter, and that’s the end of my list. And then you can of course use things like flax oil or black cumin oil, the fancier things.

CIRSTEN: “I have both Cortisol-Ease and Adrenal-Ease, how do I know which one I should use?”

MARTIN: Oh, okay. One is ‘the brake,’ and the other one is ‘the gas.’ Cortisol-Ease will take apart cortisol, Adrenal-Ease will stimulate your adrenals to make more of it. So if you’re tired, and burnt out, and can’t get this thing going at all, then you need Adrenal-Ease.

CIRSTEN: I need some of that.

MARTIN: No you don’t.

CIRSTEN: Yeah, I do. I gotta get my adrenals going, I am very relaxed.

MARTIN: You need Cortisol-Ease if you are up at night, or if you are stressed, or if you are unable to relax. So you can think of one as the upper, and the other one as the downer. The Adrenal-Ease would be the ‘push me up,’ and the Cortisol-Ease would be ‘shut it down.’

CIRSTEN: Ah, okay, you don’t want me to get any more hyper.

Well, I don’t know, today, you look like you’ve worked too hard, right?

CIRSTEN: Oh, today I did two shows, and it’s been a long week.

MARTIN: Okay, so somebody puts out: “Be careful, their products cause cancer and skin lesions instead, some will not heal.” Please specify who ‘their’ product is.

CIRSTEN: Yes, correct.

MARTIN: “Anything for psoriasis please?” Well, the Nano Soma is patented in the United States to deal with psoriasis. Need I say more? Get some Nano Soma. And of course, psoriasis is an illness of the gut, typically leaky gut, so you would like to figure out some way how you can fix that.

CIRSTEN: You mean the psoriasis on the skin?

MARTIN: Yeah, yeah, psoriasis. I don’t have that, I can’t show you, but it looks like sort of like…

CIRSTEN: …red patches.

MARTIN: Yeah, red patches. You need to fix your leaky gut. That means stop eating grains, especially wheat, dairy probably doesn’t do you much good either.

CIRSTEN: “I’ve had Crohn’s disease since age 17, I’m now 65, flaring up as my husband is in stage four congestive heart failure. Any product for that?”

MARTIN: Do you need a product for the Crohn’s, or for the heart? Well, okay, about the Crohn’s, we have a product called Body Biotics, which is a natural sporogenic restoration of the terrain in the gut. And then once you have that first pass done, you would want to try Strata-Flora, because that’s going to keep your gut in good health. As far as the heart failure, congestive, COPD in general, we have this thing called Amazing O, or Amazing Soak, which is a rapid delivery of oxygen ROS. Once you deliver oxygen into the tissues, the COPD, which is a problem of not enough oxygen anywhere, would be greatly alleviated.

CIRSTEN: I have the Amazing O, what do you do with that? Drop it in water?

MARTIN: Yeah. You need to dilute it. You have a concentrate, you make a 2% solution, so if you’re going to use it in a bath, you need about a tablespoon. If you’re gonna inhale it, you make a 2% solution, that would be one teaspoon in eight ounces of water, and then put it into a nebulizer and inhale.

CIRSTEN: You don’t put it a drop in water or anything like that?

MARTIN: Yeah, you can drink it. It’s concentrated. For example, I had one person take 10 drops of it, because they had problems in their stomach, you know, like bacterial infection, and there was a street fight in her belly, and then it was done. I’ve used two drops in a bit of water to do gurgles, you know, like swishing around the mouth and gurgling in the throat, that sort of thing.

CIRSTEN: I’ll put one drop in a glass of water and see what happens.

MARTIN: Yeah. Paul has a toothache. I have been using something called Goldenseal Drops, that’s by company called Twilight, it’s a magnesium extract of Golden Seal herb, it is antiviral and antibacterial. So if you have an abscess or something of that sort, it helps. And of course magnesium will help restore calcification. “Ringing in the ears.” That’s one of the bad ones. You could be possibly having high blood pressure, and if that’s the case, you need to find a way to lower your blood pressure. And my first suggestion would be considering Nano Soma, because that helps to repair those kind of things. If you have it because of toxicity, which is the other likely cause, then you would need to do a proper heavy metals detox, and I would do the Zeolite.

CIRSTEN: Zeolite for the heavy metals detox, yeah, I use that every single day.

MARTIN: Yeah. You know, it’s quite amazing just how toxic we get, living in this urban industrial society.


MARTIN: Like, you get in the car, you turn it on, and there’s mold in your air conditioning. So as soon as you turn it on, it blows some mold on you. Then the dashboard is hot, so all the plastic and whatever else is gassing off all kinds of volatile organic compounds, that you inhale. Then you get in traffic, and all the brake pads are being worn off by cars, and as they wear, they are gassing off the heavy metals from which the brake pad are made, so you’re inhaling that, and then you go have some tuna sushi, and the tuna is loaded with mercury.

CIRSTEN: “My Nano Soma is leaking when I spray it. What is that?”

MARTIN: Please, try to tighten the pump on the bottle. They are having issue at the manufacturing, they haven’t tightened it enough. Just crank, twist. I could bring a bottle to the camera and show you if you want me to.

CIRSTEN: Some lady is asking: “Fibromyalgia, help, please.” Do you have anything?

MARTIN: Well, fibromyalgia is a complicated thing, right? If you have the really bad one, then you probably have an issue with chronic fatigue, and oversized pain reactions, and stuff like that. So you would need to deal with the amygdala issue. One of the best things that I’ve ever found is called Zadiol, you talked to me about it just a moment ago. The Zadiol will re-regulate the endocrine system, the thyroid and the adrenal, which are typically a problem with fibromyalgia. Magnesium soaks with Magnesium Crystals. Charlie Bravo Delta from the natural plants that we can’t talk about… but magnesium works great. You need to find the causes, right? And the causes typically include a viral load, we know that Nano Soma helps you lower the viral load. Heavy metal load, we know that Zeolite helps to lower the load. Autonomic system dysregulation, typically you need magnesium to help you slow down and calm down. Also chlorophyl rich supplements, like the AuraGreens, or something like that.

MARTIN: “What about eczema?” Eczema? Same story as psoriasis that we  mentioned earlier, same stuff. Re-regulation of the guts. Number one problem – eating gluten. Wheat has been the number one cause of that. Acne, same. Liver getting screwed up because of leaky guts because of eating too much gluten. Get off the grains. The American industrial agriculture, and the governmental policy of subsidizing large grain growers has been the number one cause of a lot of these illnesses. All of the skin problems that you see, like acne and eczema and psoriasis and all of that, that’s actually the result of the idiotic policy of the government, giving subsidies to large grain growers. “And what about foot neuropathy?” Yeah, we know what to do with it, but you would probably need to talk to me. I have an expensive solution called Ionic SPA Foot Bath, which is $600, and with that, you can drain the…

CIRSTEN: …lymphatics?

MARTIN: Yeah, you can drain the lymphatics, which will of course decrease your foot problem, like neuropathy, and that sort of thing. Tony is detoxing with root beet and with other stuff. Yeah, very good. That’s it.

CIRSTEN: “Martin was kind to return my call last week, I’m equally waiting for my Nano Soma.” Yeah. Join the line!

MARTIN: Yeah, we’re shipping things out.

CIRSTEN: No, Joan Smith this is not an infomercial, it’s a question and answers show about health.

MARTIN: Yeah. Oh yeah, absolutely. You don’t have to buy anything. You don’t have to buy from me. I’m just giving away the information, yes, the stuff is available in our store, but it’s also available all over the planet. I can also assure you that I have spent 40 years researching things, and I have thrown away more than you could imagine in my testing of things. We took the care to find the good things, and throw away the bad things. So yeah, you can take it as words of wisdom, you can also just be cynical about it.

CIRSTEN: You know, I learn something every time we do the show, it’s like a health lecture almost. If you have no ailments, then you don’t have to ask, but there’s a lot of people that have ailments. So they’re calling and asking him what to do, and pretty much all of his stuff is reparative, so it works out great.

MARTIN: Yeah. I don’t know, I mean, you could call me and pay me for my time.

CIRSTEN: (laughing) He doesn’t charge for that, but you can pay him if you want.

MARTIN: Yeah, you can pay me. Okay. So Tony says: “Vitiligo.” Vitiligo is the negative pigmentation, the loss of pigmentation, and it’s another autoimmune condition. I don’t know if you remember Michael Jackson, but he suffered with that. He was losing his pigmentation, and he also was suffering from horrible insomnia and chronic pain and all of that. That’s the reason why he was just experimenting with just about anything, the proper fall that he asked his doctor to give him that ultimately killed him, was just “please, let me sleep.” Because he was suffering all that. So vitiligo, it’s the same answer as you hear for all these other things, which is number one – get rid of the industrial toxins. Number two – malnutrition. Find the missing bits, you need to get on one of these decent superfood blends that are going to feed you well. Three – some exercise.

MARTIN: Somebody ask about ringing in the ears in this conversation, now I get somebody asking over there in that conversation, where I’m marked as ‘away,’ and yet they say: “Tell me about ringing in the ears.” Maybe they’re just coincidence. Okay, full body detox. Fix your leaky gut. Michelle says: “I have a horrible fibromyalgia. It’s no fun.” Michelle, I so know what you’re talking about. If you browse by the, the link that you see on the screen, and type the word ‘fibromyalgia‘ in the search box, you will see about 10 different shows I recorded about it, and all that stuff.

CIRSTEN: Right. It’s great. Yeah, there’s a coupon code right there, LEMOB10, if you haven’t used it before, it will give you a 10% discount. “I have CRPS. Anything I do? Cause I’m not liking these prescription drugs.” CRPS, I don’t even know what that is.

MARTIN: Let’s look it up. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Oh my lord! That’s essentially what you get when you have the chronic fibromyalgia type of thing. It is horrible. I would have to try and solve it one step at a time. I would get on that hemp extract I mentioned earlier, and then I would probably try the Nano Soma as a general lift. And Lynn says “Wearable neurotechnology helps with neuropathy.” That’s a good idea, I think so. We actually also have a really interesting piece of electronics, it’s an infra red light kind of a thing, it’s called The BodyGuard, and you can put it on, turn it on, and it will cause micro circulation to increase, which will cause oxygen levels to go up, mitochondria to turn back on, and pain to decrease in the process. Margaret says: “My husband suffered painful verrucas.” I’ve not seen that word before, so I’m gonna have to look it up. Oh yeah, there it is. Never heard of it. Small lumps. Localized infection. Oh, the papilloma! Okay. Well, guess what? I got rid of my papilloma using Nano Soma. So, Margaret, why don’t you head over to the link that’s on the screen, look up Nano Soma, it can be used both internally and topically, and see what happens. And Michelle Smosinski, you are asking how to increase metabolism, those same words, because the Nano Soma will increase metabolism. And poor Cirsten, she needed a shot of it, and she ran out.

CIRSTEN: I know.

MARTIN: I can see that you just so need to take a nap. (laughing)

CIRSTEN: Yeah, I need to take a nap. I’m exhausted. Maybe the Zadiol is too much along with the other things.

MARTIN: Well, we should put the Nano Soma back in you. Did you say you did run out?


MARTIN: Okay. There’s Annette asking if acid reflux is related to leaky gut. Not directly. Leaky gut is when your small intestine opens up the gaps, and allows under-digested food to get past the barrier into blood. Acid reflux is when your top valve, up here at the bottom of your esophagus, or top of your stomach, opens up and allows food to regurgitate up into your esophagus. It’s called heartburn. That’s what acid reflux is. And there are two different ways to deal with it. It’s not even similar. Somebody mentioned anemia, somebody popped with the answer “B12 for anemia.” That’s a very good idea. Patricia, if your mama is a vegetarian, those really are prone to vitamin B12 problems. Sorry, I keep having to answer things here on my private chat on my site as well… “How do I pay you?” somebody asks me on here. Funny. Credit card will do.

MARTIN: Klaudia Gonzalez says: “asthma.” Asthma is a funny problem. It’s caused usually by histadelia, ‘hista’ as in ‘histamine,’ and that’s usually a trigger that the body is overly alkaline. So it would be advisable to try and figure out your metabolic type, change your diet in such way that your body doesn’t get as alkaline as it’s getting right now. I could probably offer some guidance, but in this format, it’s really hard to explain. To simplify, some of us are autonomic dominant, and some of us are oxidizer dominant. And oxidizers are alkalized by fats, and autonomics are alkalized by carbs. So, I can’t tell you which type you are, you need to figure it out, or else you do the test. And once you know, then you can change your meals in such way that you are not over alkalizing, which then will trigger less and less of the asthmatic terrain.

MARTIN: Somebody answered the complex regional pain. I could deal with it, I could address it, but the Holy Mother of God, I don’t think I want to do it on the public forum. That’s just asking for too much medical advice. It’s doable, there are alternative pathways. We need to deal with the causes, right? And the causes usually are in the body being toxic, we need to reduce the toxicity. You know, there’s this concept of triggers and thresholds. Triggers are things that make things worse, and thresholds are the capacity to handle that. Some people get triggered by weather change, you know, a storm coming or whatever. A low atmospheric pressure will trigger some people, for another person it is just walking past somebody smoking a cigarette, another person will get triggered by a perfume, and will get a migraine from it. Who knows what is triggering you, but it’s findable, we just need to deal with the triggers individually.

MARTIN: HelloDarling says: “How about Asperger’s and autism?” That’s a problem of toxicity. We need to, number one, detox the kids from heavy metals, we talked about Zeolite before. Number two, we need to fix their internal terrain. We need to eliminate things that trigger them, dairy and wheat are top candidates. And we need to push in healthy microbiome. That would be Humic and Fulvic Acids and microbes. Three, eliminate bad foods. Four, electronics, some people are needing to just deal with the electromagnetic stress in their environment. Five, stop all GMO foods. Six, probably switch to all organic only. Take free form branch chain amino acid to repair brain function. Somebody says: “Thanks for exposing Martin.” I should rip off my shirt and show you my big ‘S,’ that’s been tattooed on my chest.

CIRSTEN: “The website is so full of info. Love it. Thank you.” You’re welcome!

MARTIN: Yeah. Miss Skilled Gamer says: “Anemia is not having enough iron.” That is actually not incorrect! And guess how iron is fixed in the body. You need to have the correct microbiome in the gut. That’s what’s responsible for getting iron back into circulation. Therefore, if you have leaky gut and are eating gluten, that’s making it worse. Something like Body Biotics will make it better. So consider that.

CIRSTEN: “What can prevent UTIs with women in menopause?” I don’t know what UTI is…

MARTIN: Urinary tract infection. That’s a nasty stuff. There are two things going. There’s a real UTI with bacterial problem, and then there is the fake UTI that’s actually interstitial cystitis. I would want to be sure that it’s not the interstitial cystitis, which is a autoimmune disease. While a real UTI, if you have an infection, take probiotics. That Body Biotics, you can actually take a capsule of the Body Biotics, break it open, put it on a tampon, and insert it vaginally. It will repopulate the terrain inside with healthy microbes. And that’s probably our best defense. You know how they say that a best defense for a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun? Well, best defense for bad microbes is a whole lot of good microbes. “Coming in late, what to take to increase metabolism?” I think I said that, but one of the best way to do that is with Nano Soma. “What about a dry, patchy area on the leg, itchy.” Well, that looks or sounds a lot like psoriasis or eczema, and we went over that a moment ago. Try not eating gluten, try not eating dairy, and on top of that, try and repopulate your gut terrain with good things. And you can spray some Nano Soma on it because that has been patented to deal with both psoriasis and with eczema.

CIRSTEN: “What can I do to help my Epstein-Barr virus I’ve had for so long?”

MARTIN: Nano Soma. There you go. I’ve had Epstein-Barr since I was 15, and three weeks in, on my third bottle of Nano Soma, I had this explosive chronic fatigue that lasted about 12 hours, and goodbye! Just like that.

CIRSTEN: You probably took a lot of it.

MARTIN: Of the Nano Soma? Oh yeah. I did the fast start, I did one bottle a week, rather than one bottle a month.

CIRSTEN: How many sprays did you put in your mouth? That’s a lot!

MARTIN: Five at a time. You do five sprays. If you do the maintenance, it’s just one time a day, and you can do three or four times a day. Jay Walden, you asked if you could buy an ionic foot spa in our website, the answer is yes. Go to, type the word ‘ionic,” and you will find it. “Low immune system from chemo, many hospitalizations.” Oh, darling. Detox with Zeolite to get the toxic burden out of you, get on Humic and Fulvic Acids to rebuild your immune system. Talk to me. “What is Nano Soma?” Go to that link that’s on the screen, type the word “Nano.” Look it up. “What about rheumatoid arthritis?” That’s also an autoimmune condition. So likewise, everything that I’ve been talking about in this show and the previous ones relates back to it. The cause is toxic burden in the body. We need to get rid of toxins, both the incoming and already stored. So complex detox, multiple layers, stop eating things that are making it worse, start eating things that are making it better. And take Nano Soma.

CIRSTEN: That’s his favorite, Nano Soma.

MARTIN: You know, it’s just so crazy that only short time ago, months ago, we come into this discovery that this thing exists, right? This Nano Soma is a natural food, right? It’s not anything other than extract from sugar cane. Other than that it has been micronized and made water soluble, so it’s not the same as policosanol that you just buy elsewhere, but it’s not that radically different. Anyway, once you have it, it just goes into cells and fixes things phenomenally.

CIRSTEN: The guy said: “Can you take adrenal for energy during the day, and cortisol to sleep at night?”

MARTIN: Yes, you can, that’s like taking uppers in the morning, and downers at night. I don’t think it’s great because you’re like first you are whipping your horse hard to make it run, and then you’re telling it: “stop, lay down!” I would hope that it’s going to be only a short term solution for you, rather than lifestyle. “Is aluminum linked to Alzheimer’s?” That’s what research indicates, that people with high content of aluminum in their brain are also losing their marbles.

CIRSTEN: “What causes major swelling in the feet and ankles?”

MARTIN: I’ll get to that in a sec. “Nano Soma? Can it get rid body of herpes?” Yes, it did it for me. I’m sure it will do for others. So, swelling, you know, swelling in ankles is either a heart function problem, where your circulatory system is not turning over fast enough, or it’s could be our lymphatic system, where there’s not enough movement in the body. If you’re really sedentary and not exercising enough, walking or bouncing on a mini trampoline or something like that, then of course, because of gravity, the stuff will settle down in the lower parts of your body. The third possibility is that your kidneys are not filtering fast enough. So without really getting a full workup, I don’t dare answer whether it’s heart, kidney, or lymph, but either way, you could get the ionic foot spa and drain it out of you, if you want the quickie. You could contemplate getting more exercise. “For plantar fasciitis, ice water and vinegar. ” Well, I had plantar fasciitis, and mine was solved by getting rid of the mercury poisoning, and taking a whole bunch of free form aminos to repair the damage.

CIRSTEN: “I’ve taken Dr. Phil’s wife Dark Spots for my face, but it never works. What do you recommend for that?” That’s a detox problem, isn’t it?

MARTIN: Yeah. It has a lot to do with how well your gut and liver are doing. You see, you can take all the topicals, but until you fix the internals, you just don’t get ahead. “Too much salt can cause swelling in legs.” That’s true. Sodium-potassium imbalance will cause water retention, but that’s the least common of the problems. “How to get rid of horrible entire body hots tingling flashes? After getting off six doses of SSKI.” Did six doses of SSKI give you hot tingling flashes? That is weird. Well, how do we detoxify? Sauna. Something hot, make yourself sweat.

CIRSTEN: How about the infrared sauna?

MARTIN: Yeah, infrared sauna, or one of those infrared mats, like the ADR Mats or something like that. “Tinned tomatoes can be dangerous.” Well, tined anything could be dangerous. “What do you think of bread made strictly for kamut organic flour?” Oh, I see. Well, it’s certainly better than not organic, and it’s certainly better than north American crazy wheat that’s loaded with Roundup. That’s for sure. But if you already have blown your gut, if you already have a leaky gut, then you’ll be triggered by the gluten in the kamut. You know, it’s better than regular, but it might be too much anyway. “What about liver fat and scars?” Well, fatty liver is a problem of too much glucose in your diet. So how would we deal with that? Dietary changes! Go on a keto diet. We do have something for scars. Scars are made from a tissue called fibrin. When you ingest fibrinolytic enzyme, such as serrapeptase, and we have several of those, it’ll burn off the fibrins.

CIRSTEN: Do you take it internally?

MARTIN: Yeah, yeah, you swallow it. I had one lady ask me for fibrinolytics for a fibroid tumor. She had a tumor the size of an orange in her uterus. So she used up about two large bottles, that would be about 1200 capsules of Zymitol in the space of about three months, and the fibroid tumor was all gone. And then she contacted me, she said that the side effect was that all her stretch marks were gone, because of course stretch marks are scars, right? All the scar tissue that forms the stretch marks all disappeared at the same time.

CIRSTEN: I need some of that stuff!

MARTIN: Okay, I’m gonna have to write up a new order for you, I just shipped you stuff! “What does Nano Soma do against the injection?” Well, it doesn’t work like that. You see, Nano Soma is a natural product, it doesn’t address any one thing specifically. It addresses every cell of your body, it fixes the mitochondrial function, and it repairs the DNA regardless of what harmed it. So I don’t care if you harmed it by eating fried food, smoking cigarettes, staying up late, or injecting or ingesting or whatever the heck you do with your body. We don’t care how you got there. It repairs you, regardless of what stupidity you did.

CIRSTEN: There you go.

MARTIN: So as far as what it does against it? Well, it just clears whatever harm comes your way. We don’t offer you a specific nothing, it’s a totally generic uplift. Hypothyroid? Use Nano Soma. (laughing) Use Nano Soma and get some Iodine. “Any help for osteopenia?” You see, osteopenia is yet another manifestation of a chronic inflammatory process in the body. So how do you reduce that? Number one – you could be taking bath soaks with magnesium, because magnesium is the mineral that activates the rest repair and digest, the parasympathetic side of your autonomic system. Two – silica, because silica is the building block of your bones. That’s in Aurasil, that we just ran out of. Three – lower the inflammation, that means stop eating inflammatory foods. Get off of all wheat and dairy.

CIRSTEN: “What is the best place to get Nano Soma?” On Martin’s site! You can see the link on the screen.

MARTIN: “What can Nano Soma do with diabetes?” Well, you heard me explain that it doesn’t do anything specific about any illness. However, you will notice that when it re-regulates your glucose metabolism, then you no longer have glucose problems. So what is diabetes? That’s an illness of having high blood glucose, so when you no longer have high blood glucose, you can fix it. Get on Nano Soma. “Are mammograms safe?” Well, if you like to get your breasts turned into pancake, sure. I mean, is it safe? Is X-Ray safe? You know, in small amounts, it’s not the end of the world. But what does it get you anyway?

CIRSTEN: All right. We’re almost to the hour, and I’m gonna call it a day, because I need to close my eyes.

MARTIN: Poor Cirsten is barely awake!

CIRSTEN: But call Martin, you have his number!

MARTIN: (laughing) Yeah, call Martin, make Martin suffer. So, Cirsten, do you want to skip the show next week?

CIRSTEN: We will skip the next week, and we’ll do the week after. Let’s do alternate weeks.

MARTIN: Okay. So those of you who we didn’t get around to answering, call me. I know the answer. My number is (866) 543 3388.

CIRSTEN: Call him!

MARTIN: “What about detox for beginners?” There are a ton of questions, it’s an endless stream of questions. The answers will be very similar, in every single case we have to deal with toxicity, malnutrition, stagnation, and trauma. When you eliminate these four things out of your life, you will end up living a much improved version of yourself.

CIRSTEN: Yeah. First get rid of the toxicity, you get the Zeolite, then you get the Stata-Flora to get your gut fixed, then you need the AuraSil to get the greens in, and then everything else.

MARTIN: Yeah. You go ahead, and you take a large spoonful of the or Aurasil, and take a nap.

CIRSTEN: Okay, I will. I’m exhausted. Thank you very much, Martin.

MARTIN: Yeah. Thanks. Thanks for coming, everyone!

CIRSTEN: Thanks guys, see you next time!

Author: Life Enthusiast