Podcast 446: Karma Cleanse

On today’s short yet informative podcast, Phil Thomas joins Martin Pytela to discuss the herbal detox, Karma Cleanse. This tonic is an extremely effective blood cleanser, made famous by Edgar and Harry Hoxsey. It works by clearing toxins from the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, pancreas, stomach, intestines, joints, skin, and can even support the immune system as well.

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MARTIN: Hi, this is Martin Pytela at Life Enthusiast Podcast, and with me today is Phil Thomas. He is the founder and CEO at Iodine Research, and Phil has been a student of Edgar Cayce for many, many years. He tells me that he has read a lot of the 14,000 pages or cases, that were left behind. And one of the tonics, that Dr No, Not Dr. Edgar Cayce talked about is now known as Karma Cleanse. Phil, could you be talking about that to me?

PHIL: Sure, sure. Yeah.

MARTIN: First question about Karma Cleanse to me is, there seems to be some history with another guy selling it as his own. Right?

PHIL: Edgar Cayce did a little traveling during his lifetime and at one point he lived up in, I think it was Ohio. Yeah. He was living in Columbus and he gave a reading for somebody, and there was a guy his name was Harry Hoxsey. He was a young lad, and he got his hands on this reading that Cayce had given for this guy that had a serious case of cellular malignancy and carcinoma. And he decided that he was going to be the one that would make this tonic that Cayce recommended for this person, and he did. And he started going around the country, this was a hundred years ago. So back in those days there were still people that were out selling tonics and stuff traveling around the country, and he was really good at it. Harry Hoxsey traveled around the country for many years and from the mid twenties and so the early fifties, and by the time he set up his clinic in Dallas in the early fifties, he had 17 satellites all over the country that were selling his tonic. And his clinic in Dallas was by far away the most successful cancer treatment facility on the planet.

MARTIN: Because the darned recipe worked. Right?

PHIL: Right. That particular tonic was really good at dealing with any kind of cellular malignancy. And basically what it does, is it stimulates the action of the liver and the kidneys, which are the blood cleansing organs of the body. And when you do that, then the body has a chance to actually address what it needs to do. So it’s just common sense really, when you stop and think about it. Cayce says all cellular malignancy goes back to blood toxicity. So if you clean up the blood, the body can take care of itself.

MARTIN: Right on. So the Karma Cleanse then would be defined as a blood cleanser?

PHIL: Yeah. It stimulates both the action of the liver and the kidneys. And it does a few other things too but that’s the primary.

MARTIN: So how many herbs go into that?

PHIL: There’s five different herbs and also the detoxified iodine to stimulate the thyroids, because the thyroids actually control one organ, which happens to be the liver. And there’s also some sugar beet syrup in there which kind of modifies the taste, cuz they’re all root herbs and there’s a lot of alcohol in these old, tonics. You know, these …

MARTIN: Well that’s a little counterintuitive, right. Cancer being obligate glucose metabolizer, we would not normally expect that having anything sweet would be helpful.

PHIL: Right, right. You wouldn’t think that. Somebody asked Cayce about that and they said, you can’t give this person sugar, this person’s diabetic! While he is giving the reading. And Cayce says, don’t worry about it. Sugar beet syrup has the opposite effect as cane sugar. I mean, if that’s true, which of course I believe it because that’s what Cayce said, if that’s true, everything we know is wrong, <laugh> because sugar beet syrup is really sweet.

MARTIN: Well there should be a difference because of course sugar cane is probably richer in the glucose rather than in the sucrose. But what do I know? Okay.

PHIL: Right.

MARTIN: So you are making, do you make this from scratch or you buy the herbs? How do you go about it?

PHIL: Yeah. Yeah. Well the sugar beets I get them from Germany. Because nobody makes it in this country.

MARTIN: No. Well sugar beet is grown in Europe, but where there’s no..

PHIL: I mean, there’s a lot of sugar beets that are grown in this country, but they put it all, they refine it to the white sugar. This stuff is actually good. In Germany, they put it on bread and feed it to their children for breakfast. It’s full of nutrients and stuff and it’s sweet so the kids love it.


PHIL: Okay. Here everything is white sugar and it’s kind of like, you’re missing the point, you know?

MARTIN: Yeah, good. Don’t refine it, leave it raw and complete. Right?

PHIL: Right. So yeah, there’s five different extracts that I make all myself. And then the detoxified iodine and the sugar beet syrup, these are root herbs. So they’re really strong. And, um, yeah,

MARTIN: I actually quite liked the taste of the Karma Cleanse. Because it really is actually quite sweet. Even a child wouldn’t mind it, I don’t think.

PHIL: No, it’s not that sweet. I don’t put that much sugar in it.

MARTIN: Well to my taste anyway, maybe. Yeah, maybe I’m untypical. I don’t know.

PHIL: So anyway, Harry Hoxsey goes around for 20 years or something, selling all this stuff. He builds this clinic in Dallas and it’s like hugely successful. Well by then, this is the early fifties, right? The war’s over, the government’s kind of looking at this stuff and they’re going, eh you know… we’re not too sure about this. So they send their people over there and they start arresting. And Harry was arrested more than a hundred times in his lifetime.

MARTIN: And this would be for practicing medicine without license or what?

PHIL: Yeah. And they could never get it to stick because no one would ever testify against him.

MARTIN: <laugh>. Well, I mean, you saved me from cancer. I’m going to now testify against you?

PHIL: <laugh>He had a lot of success and he was a great salesman, but he was also a jerk.

MARTIN: Too bad.

PHIL: Along with it. So finally the feds got fed up with him and they said look, went on for about 10 years. And then in the early sixties, they said take care of this, because we don’t need this guy around anymore. By then the pharmaceuticals were fully in charge of what was going on with everything, you know? Yeah. And so they charged him with interstate commerce and they said look, Harry, here’s the deal. We’re gonna put you away and we’re gonna throw away the key and you’re gonna rot in jail if you first of all don’t tell us what’s in this tonic it, you have to tell us what’s in this tonic, and then you have to go someplace where you know you’re not doing it anymore. And so he said, okay, okay. He slipped his head nurse like $10,000 and said, go to San Diego and see if, you can make something happen out there. When it was more than $10,000, he used to carry around $10,000 in his pocket, so he could bail himself out of jail every time he got arrested

MARTIN: In the 1960s, you could buy a house for that.

PHIL: Oh, you know, this was the fifties. It was like a million dollars he was carrying around. Yeah. So she ended up opening up a clinic in Tijuana because you can’t really do it in the US.

MARTIN: No. You have to be outside.

PHIL: And, it’s still there today. It’s called the Biomedical Clinic. But what they did was Harry was in his big ego, decided that he would modify the herbs that were being used and he screwed it up. So it still works a little bit, but it’s nothing like the original times that Cayce gave, which is what he was using actually for those 25 years that, or 30 years that he was doing this stuff. And then, he got this bug in his bonnet and decided he was gonna change it and he screwed it up.

MARTIN: Okay. So he improved on it to it’s detriment. Yeah?

PHIL: When he did reveal finally what the original formula was, it was identical to what Cayce had suggested in his reading. That’s how I knew that he took it from Cayce. And he made this elaborate story about how his grandfather on his deathbed had said, look I watched the horses out in the field, and these were the herbs that they ate, and da da da da da. It was all just fabricated.

MARTIN: Amazing.

PHIL: But everybody believed it because they thought, oh the horse must know! And to this day, everybody believes it and they still go to the biomedical clinic, which is really, it’s tragic, you know.

MARTIN: It’s all right. Well we don’t want to end up in the same predicament as Hoxsey, so we’re just going to tell the world that here’s this blood cleansing tonic that could help people. Yeah?

PHIL: Yeah, yeah. Let’s go back and reexamine this stuff. Try and figure out what was working and why, and then if it is, let’s go with it. And if it’s not, let’s move on.

MARTIN: All right. Well, so we have this product, it’s called Karma Cleanse. It’s made with five herbs and beet sugar syrup and a bit of iodine and..

PHIL: Yep.

MARTIN: See if it can help you cleanse and stimulate your liver and kidneys and see if you can feel better. Hmm?

PHIL: Well you know, it’s one of those things where if it’s working, you should notice. If it’s having a positive effect, it’s one of those things that should be obvious to you not months or years. Like some of these products are being promoted. It should be within a couple of weeks, you should notice that things are starting to shift. If it’s really doing what it’s supposed to do. And of course, it’s not a cure all it, you’ve got to clean the body, you’ve got to change your diet, you’ve got to have a positive attitude. You’ve got to do all these things to move the body in the right direction. Make it happen because that’s what we’re here to do.

MARTIN: All right. So how much of it would a person use to do what you’re suggesting?

PHIL: How much should they take? This stuff is really potent. It comes in a six and a half ounce glass flask. Sort of reminiscent of the old days.

MARTIN: Yeah. So what should you use? A teaspoon at a time?

PHIL: I say half a teaspoon and put in water or juice and do it once or twice a day, depending on how much you’re feeling. And because it’s potent stuff, you don’t have to do too much. You know a lot of people think, well, gee if I do a little and I feel good, I’ll do a lot and I’ll feel great! That’s not really the way the body works. You’ve got to give it time to adjust.

MARTIN: Okay. All right. So bottle or two, half a teaspoon at a time.

PHIL: Yeah, yeah. I think it’s important for people to recognize that the healing process is not necessarily instantaneous. But if you can think positively about where you’re going and you can start to feel better in your body, then it can be a joyous experience to recover. <Laugh> Not one of these like down trodden down and out old I feel sorry for myself, because I’ve been victimized. Move in the right direction, and as the body physically starts to heal, you feel better. And then the mind is like, okay well as long as I’m feeling physically better, I’m not hurting. I can change my attitude. And that’s what Cayce was talking about. He wasn’t saying, oh change your attitude first and then your body will heal. He said, help the physical body get to a point where it feels better. Then the attitude and emotions and all that stuff can move in the right direction.

MARTIN: Yep. Sounds really good. Thank you. Thank you. Phil Thomas with Iodine Source. This has been Life Enthusiast Podcast. My name is Martin Pytela. You find me at life-enthusiast.com, and you can reach me by phone at (866) 543-3388. Thank you.

Author: Life Enthusiast