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Karma Cleanse

Herbal Cleansing Tonic
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  • Eliminate Tumors and Tumor-type Diseases
  • Gentle yet Highly Effective Blood and Organ Cleanser
  • Resolve Lung and Digestive Conditions
  • Optimize Hormone (Endocrine) and Metabolic Functions

Herbal Cleansing Tonic


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Herbal Cleansing TonicHerbal Cleansing Tonic

Eliminate Tumors and Tumor-type Diseases

Karma Cleanse is an effective herbal detox to cleanse blood and organs (liver, kidneys, pancreas, digestive).

Wild Cherry Bark successfully resolved pulmonary (lung) and digestive conditions, on the recommendation from Edgar Cayce.

One other ingredient in this tonic – beet sugar or juice – was also noted for effectively balancing pancreas, kidneys and digestive organs.

This tincture has also shown to

  • Kill tumors and tumor-type diseases
  • Detoxify – cleanse
  • Build blood.

Decades ago, Harry Hoxsey promoted this Karma Cleanse formula as his own family recipe to eliminate tumors and tumor-type diseases, with an astonishing success rate.

Hoxsey Biomedical Center

In the early 1950s, Hoxsey opened a treatment facility and for about 12 years, it was the largest and most successful institution of its kind. Records show that literally thousands of people recovered from a wide assortment of cellular malignancy – with this simple tonic. He was attacked, sued, lost and then moved moved his clinic to Mexico. To this day the Hoxsey Biomedical Center is successfully helping thousands of people recover – using this formula.

Wild cherry bark, Stillingia, Yellow dock root, Phytolacca, Burdock root, detoxified iodine, and beet syrup

Contains the equivalent of 4 drops of Detoxified Iodine per teaspoon.

Wild Cherry Bark – Prunus serotina
Benefits: Lungs, skin, digestion.
Other names: Virginian prune, black cherry, black choke, choke cherry, rum cherry.

Queen’s Root – Stillingia sylvatica
Benefits: Liver, Kidney, Spleen.
Other names: Queen’s Delight, Queen’s Root, Silver Leaf, Yaw Root.

Yellow Dock – Rumex crispus
Benefits: Liver, Gallbladder and Digestion, blood cleanse.
Other names: Curled Dock, Narrow-leafed Dock.

Poke Root – Phytolacca decandra
Benefits: Skin, Bowels, blood purifier.
Other names: Pokeweed, Pigeon Berry, Poke Root, Coakum, Pocan.

Burdock Root – Arctium lappa
Benefits: Blood, stomach, intestines, pancreas and liver.
Other names: Beggar’s Buttons, Thorny Burr, Gypsy’s Rhubarb, Fox’s Clote, Cockle Buttons.

Directions for Use

Take 1/2 teaspoon twice daily.

Should be taken at least two hours before a Probiotic, or one hour after. Living flora may be killed by the Iodine if they are in the system at the same time. After 30 to 60 minutes, the Probiotic has been processed by the body, and this is no longer an issue.

Some people take less and some take more, up to 3 teaspoons daily. Closely consider your personal reactions to find the right dose.

This 6 ounce glass bottle provides approximately 6 week supply, when taken as recommended.

Recommended Use

Effective herbal detox to eliminate tumors and tumor-type diseases, detoxify organs, resolve lung and digestive conditions, optimize hormone and metabolic functions.

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Scientific References: Herbs and Plants

Wild Cherry (Prunus serotina) Bark

Yellow Dock (Rumex crispus) as Antioxidant

Burdock Root (Arctium lappa)

Iodine Research Abstracts

Beet (Beta vulgaris) Root
Beet (Beta vulgaris) Research Abstracts

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