Podcast 448: Folium Detox Products

The scientifically proven formulas of Folium pX nutraceuticals contain powerful plant ingredients that work synergistically to cleanse the body of free radicals, reduce stress, boost the immune system, detox heavy metals, and other environmental toxins that can cause inflammation and disease. These toxins are ingested daily through the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink, as well as in the radiation emitted from military weapon testing, nuclear power plants, MRI scans, and even our personal electronics, particularly from the emerging 5G technology.

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MARTIN: Hello everyone, this is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast podcast, and with me today, Babry Oren with Folium. And their products that we are offering to all Life Enthusiast clients. Babry, welcome to the show.

BABRY: Thank you. Thanks for having me.

MARTIN: Oh always, an honor. And of course, we come to this through some interesting history. You were telling me some time ago how you started in Georgia about the same time as I started out in the Czech Republic. And here we are, two expatriates from the communist paradise that we left behind.

BABRY: Well, you know what, I will give up that paradise anytime. I give up, I don’t need that. <Laugh>. No use for it.

MARTIN: Although lately I have been thinking that maybe it’s just trying to come back.

BABRY: Well, it’s up to us. If you think it’s good, bring it back. If you think it’s not good, stay away. Simple as that.

MARTIN: All right. So let’s talk about Folium. Why would people want to know, or why are these products important?

BABRY: Well, first of all. I mentioned it to you before on the phone. I am the only one who speaks with an accent in this country. Nobody else. So bear with me.

MARTIN: All right.

BABRY: All right. So every time we take a breath, we ingest into our system all kinds of junk, which is with the air. We have nuclear waste in the air. We have gasoline waste. Okay? We have all the industrial stuff, and we don’t even feel it because the single breath is such a minor amount, we don’t feel it. But within time, within years, they accumulate and they cause all these troubles you’re talking about. Cancer, lung disease, liver disease, you name it. Right? Because of it. Also when we eat, we eat too much toxic heavy metals, which comes with the water, like lead and mercury mostly, also aluminum. And with foods, that’s already known. And they cause a lot of problems, a lot troubles. We have too much free radicals, you have to get rid of it. They’re killers. And that’s why you have to please your body, otherwise they will kill you.

MARTIN: Yeah, true enough. I mean, I certainly recognize it that there are all these chemicals that come into us from the dry cleaners and from the automobile exhaust, from the industrial exhaust. From every manufacturing production you can imagine. The carpet in your room, the fire retardants on your pajamas, and you name it. Right? Brake pads and the tires and everything else in the city traffic, you’re saying it well. And now <laugh>, even from farther away, right? Like the threat now of perhaps even nuclear atomic explosions, that the world is setting itself up.

BABRY: Well, there was a study done in Australia in the late 1960s. Every metric tone of gasoline is disposed by vehicles, it lifts in the air, 50 milligrams of lead, and around you. Now it takes about 20 metric ton, which is about 6,000 gallons to have one gram of uranium. What’s the traffic today? You know it. And how many grams do we have, and only comes with you. It lands on the asphalt. In the meantime, we breathe. And I’ll give you one homework, Martin. When you drive, if you look at the sides, what you have. You have trees, plants, grass, bushes, Right? And it’s a green color, correct? Not so fast. You look deeper inside, and you see other fruits and other plants, you look at those green stuff, you come look at it again. You say, oops it’s yellow! Because all these disposals of the gasoline, they kill it, they affect it. But in the meantime, we don’t feel it until sometimes it’s too late, and not to be too late. We have a chance to reduce it, and we have the product for that.

MARTIN: Right. Yeah. I’m thinking that there is this balance of body’s ability to detoxify versus the speed with which the toxins are coming in. And our original design, which would be for the prairies or for the savannas. There is no mechanism for the human body to get rid of metals and toxic chemicals. They stay inside.

BABRY: Yeah, they do. And they stay there forever and it doesn’t get any better. It stays there forever, unless you get rid of it. Now you have the right to be healthy, and you also have the right to not to be healthy. The choice is yours.

MARTIN: Yes. The choice is yours.

BABRY: Just to you give you an idea, before we take any indigestible, whether it is water or food or anything else, the choice is yours. You’re in control. Once you take it, you cannot undo it. And those elements that you ingest are in control of your body, your life and death. So you have to make sure that first of all, you go green, you go organic, you go with healthy stuff. In the meantime, whatever you cannot control, we have the tools to cleanse it, and that’s where we come.

MARTIN: Right on.

BABRY: Where we come in.

MARTIN: So the products, could you talk about the history? Like how did they come about? How were they developed?

BABRY: Well in 1986, April 26, there was a explosion of the nuclear power station, in Chernobyl Ukraine. At the time, it was in Soviet Union. And thousands and thousands of people got injured and died. And funny enough, the Soviet government, which was headed by Mr. Gorbachev. He would not even announce it, would not even evacuate people for a month, maybe more than a month. And then when West is already making this noise and demanding for the answers, they came up with this like, do something. As you know Martin, when they said, do something! Banging on a desk, you better do something, right? So they came up with this product, they saved thousands of lives. But in the meantime, the Soviet government got collapsed. Soviet Union got collapsed. It’s all parted, right? Piece by piece. In 1993, there was no more Soviet Union.

MARTIN: Exactly. So do you have a license to this, or how is it that you are the distributor of this product?

BABRY: No, we have the license, we have the exclusivity. We own the patent, and we own the trademark. We have three products, and a fourth one is coming soon.

MARTIN: Patent? Babry, your camera keeps cutting out. Why is that?

BABRY: Well, we have the license, we have the exclusivity for it, and we own the patent and we own the trademark.

MARTIN: Right on.

BABRY: All three products. And fourth one is coming out very soon.

MARTIN: Okay. So, well, would you please take the time to describe what’s in them and why it works?

BABRY: Okay. First one Folium pX, the main ingredients are pine parts such as pine bark, pine needles and pine cone. And also grape seed extract.

MARTIN: Right.

BABRY: And it’s not what you have, but it’s how we do it. Let me give you one example. If I give you so many elements of H and so many elements of O, make me a water, unless you do two H’s and one O, you will never have a water, will you?

MARTIN: No, not easily. No. <Laugh>.

BABRY: Well, yeah. You have to know, how much of what. And that’s in the formula, and that’s what we have.

BABRY: Yeah. Well, it’s interesting. I mean, we have selling pycnogenol, which comes from the pine, and we have been selling resveratrol, which comes from the grape seed. Those are known out there in the general supplement world, right?

BABRY: Yes, they are. But you know what? In 1999, this product was tested for immune system. Now, when you, you are dealing with so many supplements, and when you go to supplement store, any, any of them, you will have hundreds of different items. And every supplement’s claims are just about all of them. They claim that it helps immune system. And the reason is by federal rules. If you have one ingredient known as it helps immune system, you may make that claim. But if you ask them, prove it to me here, you know, it’s known, it’s that it helps, we have it in, but that is not the issue. What we have, our product was proven on the oncological patients, people who were going through chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and we have about two or three different types of cancer patients. Now, during those procedures, the leukocytes – white cells – which are responsible for immune system, they drop a lot.

BABRY: And when they drop to a certain point, you have to stop treatment. Otherwise, the person will die. There is no immune system. Now, you stop it, you die, you don’t stop it, you die. Which one is better? And sometimes they don’t stop, and people die, and nobody is accountable. Nobody’s getting accountable for it. So until such time when the body regenerates the white cells naturally again, and most often is too late. And those that make it back, also too late because the damage is done. So what this product does, it keeps the immune system leukocytes at all times at normal level. It was proven and documented in a double blind control test in the oncological hospital, which is certified. We have all that, okay? Now, once we have that, then we picked it up. That’s when we picked up, and then we tested also on toxic heavy metals.

BABRY: Let me just tell you something, Martin. I’m so proud of what we saw here, not one single failure of taking all the excessive toxic heavy metals out of the body. Such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, uranium and on and on. And not only that, when you have something like deficiency in some essentials, it brings it back up. It brings it up, okay? It brings them up. And that’s one of the biggest qualities of Folium pX. Not only that, it takes all the radiation out. By the way, we tested radiation, and when we saw the results, some physicists, they determined that this product can be very good for 5G damages. We cannot stop 5G, but once the damage is done, we can, we can fix it. One way or another.

MARTIN: So the speaking of radiation, so there are these two kinds, right? Like the active radiation, in case of nuclear explosion, that would be the gamma rays. But that’s, that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about here of the effects of radiation. When you were talking at first about the effects of the Chernobyl accident and all of that. But that’s mainly caused by the toxic elements like the caesium, plutonium or uranium or whatever gets into the atmosphere, right?

BABRY: Here’s what happens. All this radiation, we have it everywhere. Now, let me give you one example. Here where I am about 34 degrees north in Los Angeles, you’re talking about 20 to 30 becquerels of radiation is normal. Now, if you go to the beach, you might have 50 or 60 becquerels. Up in Alaska, you might have 10 to 15 becquerels, because they naturally follow the sun beams. Right? But on the equator you have maybe, 80, 90, 100? Which is also normal. That’s how it affects the pigmentation of the skin.

MARTIN: Mm-hmm. <affirmative>

BABRY: Now, when you have radiation in my place, something like 80, 90, 100, that’s scary, that’s alarming. But in Chernobyl the radiation went up all the way to 4,500 becquerels. Can you compare that? And in Fukushima, over 10,000 becquerels.

MARTIN: This is the Fukushima that the..

BABRY: Fukushima, Yes.

MARTIN: 10,000.

BABRY: Over 10,000. And within the first three weeks on the west coast, 14,000 people died with the radiation of the Fukushima accident, and 80% of them were babies. That’s an old fact. Statistics. Okay so it fights all of them. Not only that, we also have free radicals. When the free radicals grow in quantities, that’s the worst killer. They have all this radiation, all these heavy metals, they create free radicals and that’s where the damage comes from.

MARTIN: Yeah. Of course. The acquisition of the heavy metal, that’s a classic. First, you get something from your mother, then you get it from some kind of injections that the doctors give you. Then you get it from the fish that you might eat. And ingested, inhaled. Cigarette smoke contains cadmium, gasoline puts out lead…

BABRY: Tuna fish is known for having too much, what do you call it? Radiation. And too much free radicals. Yeah. Tuna fish. You don’t want to eat big fish. You want these smaller fishes. Okay? Now, after Fukushima, on the West coast all the way from Alaska all the way down to Baja, California in Mexico, in Oregon, in California, in the state of Washington, on Mexican shores, washed up all these debris of the nuclear power station. And one of them was as big as four metric tons, which landed in Oregon. Now, can you imagine what it did to the sea life in the ocean, in the Pacific Ocean? And we eat the fish. What does it to us? Only God knows. Just to give you statistics, 1906, the life expectancy was 63 years average. In 2010, just before Fukushima, it was 78 and a half. Just before the pandemic, it was about 14 months less. And how much is it now? Only God knows.

MARTIN: Yeah. This latest two year, we know that life expectancy has gone down.

BABRY: Yeah. Okay. Well, after we saw success with the pX, in the meantime, we were working on this Folium Immuno and this Folium RelaX, and also Follium P53. Immuno and Relax are all patented and on the market. Now, what does Immuno do, is it takes care of all the residuals of free radicals. All the residuals of infections and inflammation, as well as it does what Folium pX does also. However, at a slower rate.

MARTIN: Right. So I guess because the capsule is the same size, you have a smaller amount of the pine and grape, and you have the other ingredients that take up some of the volume, right?

BABRY: Yeah, that’s right. Well, what we have in pX is 450 milligrams. And in all the others, we have much less than 450. The total is 450 milligrams. And pX is just a part of it. Okay?

MARTIN: Right. Yeah. I’m reading the ingredients that you have in the Immuno, and again, they are known things, right? You have the ginger and turmeric and green tea and mustard and pomegranate. All of these are very effective, antioxidant type of ingredients, right?

BABRY: Yes. Not only that, but you see, the thing is in synergy of all of them together, combined, which takes all these years of studies. They not only fight and beat this inflammation and infection, but also residuals of what causes that. We have, for instance a virus and we have vaccination. It takes away both of them. Now, if you take this statement to the FDA, you’ll be closed down next day. I guarantee you that. Because Big Pharma does not like it. There is no money in healthy people, you know that. So as Pharma is concerned.

MARTIN: So I guess we better not say that then.

BABRY: Yeah, yeah. We are not saying it. I’m telling you what other people said. But the thing is, helps to combat all those residuals.

MARTIN: Indeed. And so the effects of aging or the toxicity that, I mean, maybe aging is caused by the exposure to the toxins, right? Maybe we’re aging because we are becoming more toxic.

BABRY: Well, first cause for early aging is free radicals.

BABRY: Now, just to give you an example, you have somebody 50 years old and looks like 50 years old. Next to him there’s somebody who is 60 years old, also looks like 50 years old, because he was well kept. He maintained his health. And then the other side, you have a 40 years old, which also looks like 50 years old because he took care of himself terribly. So in an essence, 60 years on the 40 years old, well a whole generation gap, they look the same because of the free radicals and this product takes care of that.

BABRY: Okay. We’re talking about all three of them. Now, we did this very heavy comprehensive test for the oxidative stress. And the results were published in the magazine of National Academy of Science of Georgia.

MARTIN: Oh, yeah. You still have connections back in Georgia?

BABRY: Yes, I do. I do.


BABRY: And then, they are one of the best sciences in the world, you know that. Georgian’s are scientists of all this.

MARTIN: Well, this, this is probably worth talking about a bit. The tradition of the old Soviet system was to fund scientists. Like The National Academy of Sciences of the old Soviet Union was in fact a venerable organization where true sciences, as long as you took away the politics, the true sciences were really well evolved and developed.

BABRY: Well, you know what? Here’s a trick. In the United States, not everybody wants to be scientists because there is no money in it. The Soviet Union, whether you’re scientist, doctor or janitor, you have the same salary.

MARTIN: Right.

BABRY: Socialism, right? So you might as well be a doctor, at least you have some respect and you are developing your passion. But in the United States, you might have a passion for science, but if there is no money, you go for something else. You sell ice cream, there is more money. Right?

MARTIN: Right on. In the old system of the socialist method, you also had some other perks. You had some sort of social standing, social status.

BABRY: Right? Exactly. That’s the only thing. You are better than the others.

MARTIN: But okay, so to be said, what I was trying to say and highlight is that the scientific studies that were produced back there were in fact, they’re rigorous and accurate and well made, or well developed.

BABRY: It is. It is. And in fact, I take pride in a sense that I was born and raised in countries, which is a country of slipping intellect, if you will. The intelligence is there, but they never gave the chance because they were suppressed by all this political crap, what we all experienced. You did, I did, back in our young age, but the Americans did not.

MARTIN: Yeah. Okay. So going back to the paper published by this science journal in Georgia. So what’s in that?

BABRY: Okay, well, they say that all the results, what came in, I think I sent you a copy, did I not?

MARTIN: Yeah, I’ve seen it and I’ve read it. And it’s actually written in English, go figure!

BABRY: Yeah. Well, it can be written in three languages. One or the others, either Georgian or Russian or English. And ours was written in English, and it shows that Folium Immuno, better than Folium pX for the oxidative stress. Okay, and that’s a big thing. And then another one, I just sent you in fact today, I think right? Or last night, it shows that Folium Relax, is the best of both of them for oxidative stress.

MARTIN: I was looking at the relax, and it’s a different set, right? Like you have, I mean there’s the pomegranates, but you have rhodiola and valerian root, that certainly talks about dealing with the stress side of things, right?

BABRY: Yes and white peony.

MARTIN: Yeah. And peony, yeah.

BABRY: The thing is, centuries ago, these plants and herbs were used to calm the people in the army who got emotional stress after wars, in the wars, right? And they were using this to treat them.

MARTIN: To restore emotional health.

BABRY: Yes. And we took that and did the formulations, which takes just that. You have post traumatic stress, you have emotional stress with this. Can you imagine what happened with this pandemic, with the emotional side of people?

MARTIN: I know.

BABRY: Millions of people.

MARTIN: It’s in my face.

BABRY: But you know what? Nobody escaped that. Everybody got affected, either somebody in the family, in the neighborhood, whoever. Everybody got affected emotionally. Yes. The world was locked down. The whole world. I mean, there was no escape, but we survived. In the meantime, all this emotional stress, what people have experienced is that it stills stays in their heads, in their system. And this product helps to take care of that problem. You have anxiety, you have emotional stress, you have insomnia, you have this, you have that. And this product helps tremendously. So I’m giving you what our customers, the end users have experienced and have wrote to us and have called and all that.

MARTIN: Right? So what’s interesting is about the instructions about taking the products, which was that you put in that the pX, a person should take three a day for a month and then skip a month, whereas with the other two, the Immuno or the RelaX, you don’t have that, right?

BABRY: That is correct. And I’ll tell you why. Folium pX, let me go back a little bit, by statistics, according to the Nobel prize nominee, Doctor Joel Wallach. Which is also by the way on our board, he also won the Krauses honorable medal. He was the guy who found the selenium, okay? And he got Nobel Prize for it. So according to him, every American professional athlete lives only 63 years. And the reason is when they run, when they sweat, what do they do? They drink water, right? But in the meantime, sweat takes so much of essential minerals and metals, they don’t replace with anything. For that reason, we just don’t know what pX might take, even though we are sure that there is not such a thing. But nevertheless, we better be safe than sorry. We say, you know what? Let the body regenerate. If there is any loss naturally for a couple weeks, three, four weeks, and then start taking it again, that’s pX. Now, the other products, they have other ingredients which might neutralize that. So you don’t have to wait for a month. And for that reason, we recommend alternating others with the Folium pX with this too, either or both of them.

BABRY: Did I answer your question?

MARTIN: I think so. Well, I’m asking on behalf of a friend, right?
Okay, So I suppose we should try and give a few examples. Like I was talking to you about your recent trip to Israel, and you sent me back just a quick report showing how a couple of people took the pX for just two weeks. And consistently you can see the declining levels of the toxic things, but also the improving levels of the non-toxic things in the body.

BABRY: Exactly. But you know what, the funny thing is, we have not had one single chart where hundreds of people that have tested that didn’t have a similar thing, not one. Because when you have excessive toxic heavy metals, it’s almost automatic you a have deficiency of essentials because toxins take place instead of essentials.

MARTIN: Yeah. It’s called the substitution, right?

BABRY: Yeah. Right. So when you take out all these toxins, the essentials are coming back up to normal. And in this case, what I sent you there is a chromium, which is in deficiency very badly and brought it back up. And not only that, we received about half a dozen from Nashville, Tennessee. They’re testing on the autistic kids for the heavy metals. But in this case, it’s not what was before and after, but it’s how much is coming out. And it was like three or four five days, right? Yes. One of them was 20 a day. Each and every one of them is coming out much higher than before. Before they do the product.

MARTIN: I’m thinking that it’s kind of difficult to draw direct examples because each person will have a different reaction, right? Like people break down in their own specific way. When you detoxify them, they start repairing in their own specific way. So there’s going to be, each one’s going to be somewhat different, right?

BABRY: Yes, it is. Because you never know what’s in anybody’s body, because all bodies, each one is different chemistry, different body. You have different levels of all the chemicals in the body and different levels of heavy metals and radiation and free radicals and all the other stuff. Each body reacts differently. One cannot react very fast. One may take some time, but all of them, it helps with all of them. Look, we haven’t seen any exception yet.

MARTIN: So I guess we should draw the general statements, right? You mentioned that we support the immune system, which of course will mean that all the things that the immune system controls will be better. I mean, the worst situation, cancer is an immune system breakdown. So we will probably see less of that, but of course we cannot draw a direct link between the two.

BABRY: Well, I can only give you the facts. And what you draw out of it is, let everybody make his own assumption, his own analysis. Let me, I’ll give you one example. Lady by name of Sandy, she went through surgery on her right breast to remove the tumor. And after this injury, while she’s sleeping, closed eyes, doctors telling to her caregiver, which happened to be her brother, you know what? She has only eight days to live and take her home to say goodbye with dignity, right? And she overheard that. She says, no, no, no, I’m not dying. No, no, no. And takes all the Folium and Boom, boom. She’s still here since March, right?

MARTIN: So how many years ago is this?

BABRY: That was in March.

MARTIN: Oh, just this six months now, yeah?

BABRY: Yeah. And not only that, she was working in the airline industry. She was a stewardess for like over three decades. And she has terrible levels of insomnia, she could not have a normal sleep. After taking RelaX, she’s sleeping like a baby now. Same thing as a guy in San Diego area. His name is Angel. And he like last 40 years, he did not have a normal sleep, takes our products and now sleeping like baby, like an infant. That’s what he says. That makes me feel good to see that.

MARTIN: That’s great. And so the typical dosage would be three capsules a day. Just keep going?

BABRY: Well, depends. We recommend one capsule three times a day. That’s very minimal. However, if the body weight and size allows, take even two at a time or even three at a time, depends on the severity of your heavy metal test. Let me tell you something else, Martin. You might want to know this. I think I sent you some flyers. We guarantee if you take a heavy metal test before you take the product, Folium pX. If you take it before you take it, right? If you take a good health test that covers the entire spectrum of all the heavy metals. And then you follow the protocol for one year, and you retake the test again, if you’re not fully satisfied, I’ll give you every penny back.

MARTIN: So you’ll refund the six bottles to whoever.

BABRY: Everything. But you have to do a test before and after 12 months, you have to take the whole 12 months.


BABRY: Follow the protocol. Because some people, well listen, it didn’t help me, did not do anything for me. What are you looking for? What, what are you fighting for? Right? Yeah. They have no answer.

MARTIN: Sometimes this is subjective, right? We talked about that. That everybody’s got different level of toxicity and different response. We cannot predict that.

BABRY: Yeah. But when you have 80, 90% of removal of all the toxic heavy metals, all the excessive toxic heavy metals. How can you go wrong?

MARTIN: Well, it’s certainly going to make things better rather than worse.

BABRY: Yes. And if you’re not satisfied, I’ll give you your money back. You know some people will get tempted to get the money back ever further, but usually it’s not the case. So be it.

MARTIN: All right. Okay. Well that’s pretty much explaining it. Do you want to tell some more stories that you can recall?

BABRY: Well, what I will tell everybody, like I said before, your health is in your hands. And you have the right to be healthy, you also have the right to be sick, and the choice is absolutely yours. Now, should you choose to be healthy, which I’m assuming that you would, there are many products out there, some are good, some are bad. I don’t know what they are, but ours is based on the science of many many decades of work. And we know what we have in it, it works. Now, don’t make me compare with other products because I will not. Because I don’t know what’s in the other products. I have not seen the science, but I know what we have.

MARTIN: Yeah, well it’s understandable. I mean, certainly I have had people tell me, but it’s priced quite high, right? When you tell me that you might need to take two bottles a month, it’s pricey for a person. Right?

BABRY: Okay, well, let me ask you the other way. How cheap is it to be sick?

MARTIN: Well, that’s a whole different story, right? What’s the cost of misery?

BABRY: Exactly. But let me put it this way. I just told you that we did comprehensive oxidative stress research.


BABRY: On all of our products. If I had to spend only that money on our products, only that money what we spend on this. The bottle should be worth at least 200 bucks a bottle. Just that, not talking about anything else.


BABRY: Within so many years, heavy metal test, radiation test, it’s costly. Now let me tell you what I’m talking about. If I’m offering you two coins, identical coins, and I said okay they’re identical, which one do you want? You would say what? It doesn’t matter, right?

MARTIN: It doesn’t matter.

BABRY: Okay. But if I told you they’re identical, but this one has a certificate, this one does not, which one would you take? The answer is obvious, right?

MARTIN: Yeah. It’s obvious. Yeah.

BABRY: Yeah. And this certificate is very costly. Takes many years of studies, many years of research, because we had a couple of products, which we had to drop it because they did not prove as we thought, but these ones they did.

MARTIN: Yeah. That’s worth a lot. Knowing that you are taking a product that has in fact been studied, researched, documented, and certified to do what you’re claiming it to be doing.

BABRY: Well, you know what? Let me do this. Let me double the pricing and give you half price.

MARTIN: Sure. Well, I mean, I have the same problem with other brands where people ask me, what is your competition? Thinking that I’m going to mention another natural product company, but I don’t. My competition really is the pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical industry, because that’s who’s taking people’s health away.

BABRY: Well, here’s the major difference between pharmaceuticals and our products. Pharmaceuticals, they deal with the symptoms, and they want you to come back forever until you die. Our product goes after cause, and once you’re out on the cause, you don’t have to come to me back again. So what is it worth to you? Yourself Martin, as a consumer, what is it worth to you? Okay, here’s the thing. Once you are sick to get rid of it you have to pay the price one way or another, and you have two choices. Either you pay the price now a few bucks and some discipline, or you pay the price at the back end where money and discipline will not help you anymore.


BABRY: Price is ultimate.

MARTIN: Yeah. When you’re in a health crisis, you no longer care what it costs. You will spend all your fortune just to buy yourself a few more days.

BABRY: Exactly. So that’s what it comes down to. Oh, but the best way to treat yourself, the best medicine is don’t get sick. But how likely is that? What’s the likelihood you don’t get sick? With this air. You can have a zillion different types of food, right? Worldwide. Vegetables, fruits, all this exotic stuff, cooked or non cooked. But you also can get away without food, maybe a week or two or three, or a month depends on the person, right? Water you can have maybe dozens of different sources. You can also go without water and survive maybe two or three days. But air, we have only one, we don’t have a choice. We have just one, we all have the same air. And how long can you live without it?

MARTIN: 10. Not even. Five, probably.

BABRY: No. One guy told me that it’s two minutes. I told him, listen I’ll give you five minutes then what? <Laugh>. Right?

BABRY: Without air, and that air is poisoned. We all breathe the same air without any choice, any privilege to have different air. And that’s poisoned when you have all this industrial stuff. And don’t you think that if in your city there’s not any industrial stuff, which is poisoning the air, that you are different than anybody else. Think again! Because air circulates around the globe, okay? From west to east, it’s circulates, and you’re breathing it no matter where you are, that will come to you. You don’t have to go there. This will come to you anywhere and everywhere, any given day. And another point I’d like to make. In the United States, based on official statistics, there are 26 suicides every day of US military personnel. That’s official numbers, but in reality many people believe that number is over 100. But if we just stay with 26 per day, that is over nine thousand per year. United States has not lost that many people in any war. Nine thousand! And why does this happen? First of all it is from post traumatic stress – number one, and also when they deal with so much of water, by radiation many heavy metals go inside the body, into the blood stream, and it affects the way their brain functions. The only way they begin to see as a way out is through suicide. Also, and you have the video there, about a vaccine called Gardasil. Del Bigtree made a movie that became an overnight sensation, the movie called We are Vaxxed, that was based on information from a whistle-blower. In the mean time they have documented that many teen-age kids were injured, and some of them died, and some of them by suicide. And then they took this interview with a young lady called [uninteligible]. When she was 12 years old she got injured by this vaccine, which was mandatory for her to get into a ballet school. I am just telling you the short version. She got so sick that her status was declared as “walking coma”. She could not remember anything, zero. What is your name? Whaaa? That is in her own words, in that interview. After taking this product she started coming back, and in her own words: “Without this product I would not be sitting here today.”

And then in 2019 came another movie called Vaxxed 2. They show documentary information about kids committing suicides. As a parent, can you process in your head, for one second only, that your kid is feeling so badly that the only way out they can find is to commit suicide? Can you picture that? It is there, it is happening every day. And this product helps. Somehow, somewhere, it helps. So consider to look into it. That is all I can tell you.

MARTIN: Yeah. And with that wonderful, optimistic prognosis for our existence on this planet, well at least we have some tools to combat the crazy toxic worlds that we have built.

BABRY: And by the way, some people might choose to go different and get this Folium pX, which is not ours. Somebody’s using our name fraudulently. They even sent it in to Walmart. We will take them out very soon.

MARTIN: Wow. Somebody’s actually knocked off your product?

BABRY: No, no, no. They have different ingredients, but they’re using our name. Which is protected, but they don’t care. But this is the Folium pX to look for.

MARTIN: Wow. Incredible.

BABRY: Okay. Folium pX. This is Folium Immuno here. This is patented. Not only is it kosher, it’s halal, for those who are religious. And this is same thing with Folium Relax. Right? See this one here?

MARTIN: Right on.

BABRY: Yeah. That’s what we have. So make sure that you get the right product because a lot of funny things are going out there, and be careful.

MARTIN: That’s actually interesting. I guess imitation is the greatest form of flattery, huh?

BABRY: Well, it says yes, it is. But in the meantime, I don’t know what’s in the other product. I don’t want to know, because it takes many years of studies to know what’s in it. So..

MARTIN: Yeah. Well, that’s not important. Let’s just make sure that we get people the real thing.

BABRY: Okay. If you buy for one year, 18 of them. We will give you one bottle for free. If they buy from you, whatever price you would charge, that’s your business, right?

MARTIN: All right. I will make sure that we can send you anyone’s name and address for those people who indeed buy the full commitment and will let you know to send them an extra bottle.

BABRY: Absolutely. I will do that because that will help them, either for themselves or they might give it to somebody else. And you know what I found within these last few years, many people are subscribing for their parents, like for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or for Christmas. And that’s the best gift you can give. Even though it’s not customary they rather have something packed and all this glamor and all that. But people who are more pragmatic, they give something they can help with their health. Because if you don’t have health, you’ve got nothing. None. Zero.

MARTIN: All right. Thank you. Thank you Barbry, CEO of Folium pX, and this is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast podcast. You can reach me at life-enthusiast.com and on the phone at (866) 543-3388. Thank you for being here.


Author: Life Enthusiast