Podcast 452: Book – Our Cosmic Origin

On this weeks episode, Ismael Perez joins Martin on the podcast to discuss his exciting book “Our Cosmic Origin.”  This book explains the true history of earth as it connects to the long time suppressed history of our galaxy. In a way where science, philosophy and spirituality finally come together as one.  You’ll come to understand the true origin of our species, our cosmic ancestry as it relates to endless worlds, other dimensions and multiple universes. Open your eyes (perhaps all three of them) about the earth’s place in the multiverse and about a creator organization of the cosmos. This knowledge will help the ascension of planet earth as it shifts from 3D to 5D going into the age of the Aquarius.

You can purchase the book here:


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MARTIN: Hi everyone, this is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast Podcast. And with me today, I have a big announcement! We have been introduced to Ismael Perez, who is the author of Our Cosmic Origins, among other things. He also wrote other books previously, and he’ll tell us all about it. But what I’m super excited about is that Ismael is coming to us with a message, a plan, a big picture plan. And I would like you, our audience, to get a chance to understand just how our minuscule, miserable little lives fit into the big picture. Ismael!

ISMAEL: Thank you. I appreciate you for having me here, giving me this opportunity. So for those who don’t know me, my name is Ishmael Perez. I am the author of a book called Our Cosmic Origin, which reveals the true galactic history of the earth. Revealing the true connection to the extraterrestrial races, the cosmic beginnings of humanity, the different dimensional realities and much more. It is a book that once again bridges the gap between ancient metaphysical knowledge that has been suppressed for thousands of years. With cutting edge science coming from the realm of quantum physics, super string theory, M theory, and unified field theory, explaining the bigger picture in our connection to the cosmos.

MARTIN: Yeah, and in my mind, it’s sort of like here we are on the Titanic, having a wonderful dinner and arranging our chairs and all of that, but we are on the Titanic! If we don’t talk to the captain and don’t change the way this is headed, we could just totally trash this journey, right?

ISMAEL: Absolutely. Yeah. Yes.

MARTIN: I mean, myself since childhood, I’ve felt, and I’ve had inner knowing that there is much more to it than what just meets the eye. And I’ve held strong knowing that I have been around many times in many places. So when one day I had a chance to talk to a fellow who does Akashic records readings, he said oh yeah, 120,000 rounds. And I said well, that feels like a big number. He said, oh only 20% of them here on this planet!

ISMAEL: <laugh>You know Martin, he’s telling you the truth.

MARTIN: Oh yes, of course. But typically I don’t go out on a limb telling people these things because it’s not part of the everyday discourse. In mainstream news, they look at you like this and they think that you have lost something. How do you know that you know?

ISMAEL: Well for one, I consider myself a galactic ambassador representing an interdimensional alliance that was designed long ago, as guardians and protectors of the Earth. And so I am extraterrestrial in human form, many would consider me a star seed, an awakened star seed. And I believe that there’s millions upon millions of star seeds that are embodied in human form, that actually chose to incarnate at this time to help in the event that is known as the Planetary Ascension. Which is an event that is fast approaching. So, as a member of the Interdimensional Alliance, my purpose in coming here is to reveal the cosmic connection to the Earth and how the Earth has been involved in an interdimensional warfare that has been going on for billions and billions of years. So, just because we are only attuned to this reality guys, it doesn’t mean that advanced civilizations or extraterrestrials don’t exist.

ISMAEL: The truth of the matter is, is that this minute war that we called the war between the Cabal and the Earth Alliance, is rather a small reflection of a greater war that has been going on in our Milky Way galaxy for millions of years between the Draco Reptilians who represent the villains in the galaxy, and the galactic Lyran humanoids, which are the ancestors of all human races in our universe. And so in my book, I revealed the entire story in great detail in how this war between the original galactic humans, who are our ancestors the Lyrans, and the Reptilians, is a war that is now coming to an end here in our world between the Cabal deep state and the White Hats.

MARTIN: Hmm, that’s deep, very deep. So I guess about 67 million years ago, we really upset them when we somehow blew up the entire dinosaur existence on this planet.

ISMAEL: Absolutely. My friend. Yes, we could say that the whole concept and the existence of dinosaurs was attributed to when the reptilians came to our world and decided to create their own development, which came in the form of the dinosaurs. But to our surprise, the galactic humanoids that have been around for billions of years in our universe, not only in our galaxy, were able to intelligently direct an asteroid to wipe out the dinosaur population in order to allow the human species to exist here on our planet. But bear in mind that, you know, according to my research, human-like specimens exist all over the universe. We’re not just the only humans. Every single humanoid out there, in fact about 80% of the extraterrestrials are humanoid. They look like us, we look like them. There is no difference. And we all share the same God <laugh> by the way.

MARTIN: <Laugh> And that is the strangest thing, right? Like we seem to find all these minute differences, and then we focus on the differences, but we should be focusing on what’s in common, right? The center.

ISMAEL: Exactly. Yes.

MARTIN: That I found so encouraging in your message where you’re saying, come on there’s the God, the consciousness, this is the whole thing. I mean, the entire universe really is the expression of that great consciousness, right?

ISMAEL: Absolutely, my friend. And that is now being proven through science, that we do live in a conscious living universe, in an organic living universe. Where everything is alive, the planet is a living entity, our solar system, our galaxy, and the entire universe is a big entity at a macro level of reality. And to be honest, we are like the cells in the universe, right? Just like we have trillions of cells, little us inside our bodies, right? Each cell with its own mind, its own individual consciousness in like manner, we humans in the universe are like the cells that make up the body of our living universe.

MARTIN: Right? Yes. As above, so below. In such, so many scales, right?

ISMAEL: Absolutely. Yeah. There’s, I think there’s about 12 dimensions. So the universe is divided in 12 dimensional spheres or frequencies, where the 12 dimension is where in fact consciousness of our universe exists in all 12 dimensions, but it is expressed through all the different levels from the mineral kingdom to the elemental kingdom, to the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the human kingdom, planets, stars, galaxies, and then of course, a 12 dimension being the universe. But it’s all one consciousness divided into different levels. Exactly.

MARTIN: <laugh>. So when a person gets your book, which I encourage everyone to do, because it will help so much with the understanding. What can one expect once they’ve read the book? What, what will happen to the ordinary person who says, oh I should know this, I should learn this.

ISMAEL: Definitely an activation, an awakening, a deeper understanding of our place in the multiverse. Because not only do I reveal galactic history my friend, but I also reveal Earth’s place in relation to the multiverse. And we do live in an organized multiverse where every planet, every solar system, every galaxy and every universe is registered and is, and every single one of those has a Stargate number. So everything is well organized, we are part of a living intelligent cosmos, and life is steaming up on every level of reality. So what people are gonna do when they read my book is first of all, they are going to break away from the matrix. They are going to break away from the programming, because the programming was designed to lock us into a very small, narrow bandwidth of reality, which is only 1%.

ISMAEL: It turns out that the other 99% of our reality was intelligently left out by the genetic programming, since the day, since the moment we were born, we are programmed. Right? Because that was part of why the fallen angels, which are the reptilians in the Bible, when they took over the affairs of the world, it turns out that they disconnected about 10 strands of our DNA, and yeah that explains the junk DNA that scientists have recently discovered. So we had already existed with a greater genetic capacity before we became downgraded into just these Homo sapiens that we are now, and there was a reason for that. And so we are now living in a time my friend, where the other 10 strands of DNA are already getting to reactivate so that we could have our original 12 strand DNA. And that is a process that we are all undergoing as the planet moves into a higher dimension.

ISMAEL: And because from what I understand is our planet Earth as a sentient being is also moving up into the fifth dimension. Yeah. So we are living in the greatest times ever in the history of the Earth, where for the first time in Earth’s history, an entire planet is going to ascend. And those people that are living, that are very good people, good heart, are going to be able to become upgraded and become 12 strand DNA and go from a hundred years to thousands of years, right. In the same body, no longer going to age anymore.

MARTIN: <laugh> Oh, yeah. Lovely! So I guess in preparation maybe the fellow that introduced us, Babry Oren. He is running an enterprise that helps people to prepare right? To detoxify. Do you have anything good to say about the Folium product?

ISMAEL: Absolutely. It is a natural remedy for the detoxification of all metals in our body. And believe it or not, under the control, the reptilian control of the planet through the cabal families, everything has been poisoned. My friend, including the shampoos that we use, the face wash, the foods that we eat, the makeup that women use, the chemtrails, all of that stuff is releasing nanoparticles, metals, barium, aluminum, which is very, very harmful for the human body. And my friend developed a product that actually cleanses yourself from all of those particulates. And to me, that is what we need, you know? That is amazing. That’s why I promote the product because this is what we need to cure, to heal ourselves from the inside out. Because like you said, as above, so below. It turns out that just how we are battling cancer cells, right? Tumor cells, it turns out that there is a cosmic cancer that does exist in the form of artificial intelligence. And this is a negative artificial intelligence that the entire multiverse has been at war with. So from a cosmic level of reality my friend, we have been fighting a cosmic virus that has been destroying galaxies, universes, for billions of years.<Laugh>.

MARTIN: So what you’re saying evokes the Star Wars movies into my memory, maybe the fellow that put the script together listened to something similar to what you’ve heard. Huh?

ISMAEL: Well you know, many believe that George Lucas was able to tap into the Akashic records to have access to the galactic wars that took place in our own galaxy. Those wars have a name, they are called the Orion Wars, and those were the wars that took place between the Galactic Federation, those that are represented by the galactic humanoids and the Draco Reptilians that represent the Orion Empire. So all he did was switch the names, instead of calling it Galactic Federation, he called it Jedi Council. Instead of calling it Draco Orion Empire, he called it the Sith council. So it’s the same meaning, he just kind of changed the wording around. But the whole concept of this war between the galactic empire that is led by the Draco reptilians who are the boss and the overlords of the Cabal, see what most people fail to realize is that this is a multidimensional warfare.

ISMAEL: On a planetary level, we are dealing with a deep state. We are fighting a Cabal. On the galactic level, we are fighting a reptilian race, right? The Draco. But on a cosmic level my friend, it all boils down to artificial intelligence. We are fighting against the machine, a very advanced negative machine that has evolved to the point where it is now able to destroy galaxies at a very large scale of reality. And that’s a reflection of what’s going on with the program that the Cabal initiated two years ago, right? With the shots. The whole purpose of that shot my friend, was to convert us to machines, because there is, yeah. There’s a lot of things that people don’t understand on the Earth. That is how artificial intelligence takes over worlds. They don’t do it openly, they do it inwardly through infiltration, and then they take over the body through injections. That’s how they’re able to take over.

MARTIN: Yeah. Once you insert the conductors, the metals. It’s a lot easier to get the signal inside you.

ISMAEL: Yes. And then combine that with, I want to call it five golf, I’m going to speak in metaphor, five golf. Right.

MARTIN: Yeah. The short wave highest frequency. Yeah.

ISMAEL: Yeah five golf, once they activate five golf, and then once they have so many shots it’s going to activate the particulates in people’s bodies, and those people will no longer be organic, but there is a solution to make sure that that doesn’t happen. And that solution comes in the form of what they call a solar flash event, which is already happening. And as I speak even NASA has been registering massive solar flares. These solar flares have to do with a new energy that is now penetrating the planet that has a lot to do with shifting the planet to a higher dimension in order to prevent a side war or what we call an AI takeover of our world. So through this event that is slowly happening called the Grand Solar Flash, there is gonna come to a point where the Sun is going to release a frequency my friend, that is going to totally dissolve and neutralize all the the poison, all the particulates in people’s bodies so that the people do not become cyborgs. Because in the end, the Cabal agenda was to connect people to something similar to what we see in Terminator, the Skynet to the Borg, you know? And they’ve already been setting that up through satellite systems.

MARTIN: Yeah. It reminds me of the insect style of society where the individual is always expendable, and it doesn’t get respected. Right.

ISMAEL: Exactly. Yeah. Pretty much, yeah. So that’s the bigger picture, the bigger picture is that there is an agenda to destroy the organic way of life.

MARTIN: Yeah. Well, isn’t that interesting that we are born and living in the time and space where this is coming to a head. Right. This is really the moment of the battles upon us.

ISMAEL: Absolutely my friend. Absolutely. And that’s why they say that the last war takes place here on this planet, because this planet also is very significant to the overall plan of the cosmos.

MARTIN: And here we are, we chose to be here.

ISMAEL: Yeah. We all chose to incarnate at this time. Exactly.

MARTIN: So everyone listening, for some reason you chose to buy the tickets to the greatest show available.

ISMAEL: And to the hardest dimension ever to explore, which is the third dimension. That’s another thing that I talk about in my book is how we’ve been descending, through a process of involution, which is descent of spirit into denser realities. We’ve become matter material. But our true origin, Martin, began in the eternal spheres. We began as spirit beings, before we became human.

MARTIN: Yes. I have a strong sense of myself that my eternal spark, whatever that is, the consciousness that animates me, is wearing this body as I would wear a jacket or a shirt.

ISMAEL: Yeah like an avatar.

MARTIN: <laugh>. Yeah. An avatar. Yeah very good. That’s another wonderful concept. And anyway, what I’m trying to get at is to get our audience to understand what they can do. So one, definitely read the book because it’s going to help you put yourself on the path, right? On understanding and to prepare.

ISMAEL: It’s gonna make you, it’s gonna help you understand the bigger picture beyond the Earth because what’s going on in the Earth like I said, is a reflection of a greater war that has been going on in our galaxy and in the cosmos and in other dimensions. It’s just that this war is now finally being played out here in this world, in this realm.

MARTIN: Yeah, you happen to have the book handy?

ISMAEL: I do, actually. It’s called Our Cosmic Origin.

MARTIN: Yeah. Lovely. Oh, what a pretty design too. Right from Egypt.

ISMAEL: Yeah. And the reason I picked the all seeing eye, is it’s symbolic to the third eye chakra. Once we activate the third eye chakra my friend, we gain all our psychic abilities back. We become to see things as they really truly are in a sense where we can no longer be deceived. So this has nothing to do with Cabal. This has everything to do with the original concept of the all seeing eye, which is something that is related to the activation of the pineal gland. Once we activate the pineal gland, then we have access to all the other dimensions. And so that’s why I picked this eye. Now at the center, you see planet Earth.


ISMAEL: Remember how I was saying how planet Earth is the most important planet? There is a reason for that. Planet Earth in its original conception was designed as an intergalactic exchange center of information for the entire cosmos. So there is a reason why Earth is so important in this, in the greater scheme of things. And now this book is actually the second edition. I did have one, the first edition that I published a year and a half ago, and that edition is no longer in circulation. This one is much better. This one was re-edited and, and remodified where I simplified it, where it’s easier to understand because there’s a lot of cosmic information. And I also added an additional chapter which explains what happens after the solar flash, after the great event that is going to usher in what I call the seventh Golden Age of Enlightenment in the age of Aquarius. <Laugh>.

MARTIN: All right. <Laugh>. Well, wonderful! I don’t know that we can say much more than that.

ISMAEL: You know for those that are interested in getting my book, I do sell it on Amazon. All you have to do is type in Our Cosmic Origin by Ismael Perez, and make sure you click on the purple copy. The purple copy is the new edition.

MARTIN: Great. Well, I’m looking forward to having another discussion with you about all of this right after the first large solar flash.

ISMAEL: Absolutely my friend, anytime.

MARTIN: I’m hoping that we are going to be still alive when this happens because it’s right around the corner, right?

ISMAEL: I believe that it’s gonna happen between now and 2024. But you know lately, we’ve been receiving a lot of solar flares, a lot of huge blasts coming from the sun. They’re called CMEs coronal mass ejections. And so lately the coronal mass ejections have been so intense that they are registering as X-class flares, M-class flares. And then they believe that the biggest one is what’s going to completely shift the planetary consciousness of Earth into the next level of reality, or we call into the fifth dimension. So when that happens, all the evil on this planet, including the AI and all the poison in people’s bodies, that they got through the injection is all going to be dissolved.

MARTIN: Great. In the meantime, we do need to try and keep ourselves going by doing the right things.

ISMAEL: Doing the right things, eating healthy, and most importantly, detoxing by taking Folium. <Laugh>.

MARTIN: You actually have a bottle of it. This is good. <laugh>

ISMAEL: Yes. I’m referring everybody to this. This is the greatest thing that I’ve ever discovered so far when it comes to detoxing the body from all metals.

MARTIN: Fantastic. Ismael, this has been a pleasure and a treat, and I thank you. And we’re going to connect again.

ISMAEL: Thank you, Martin. I appreciate your time as well, my friend.

MARTIN: This is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast, www.life-enthusiast.com with questions call me at 1 866 543 3388. Thank you.


Author: Life Enthusiast