Podcast 468: Master Peace

Master Peace is a powerful combination of Zeolite and nutrient-rich structured Marine Plasma. It contains 96 organic minerals in an ideal balance which help support physical and vibrational cleansing on a cellular level. This product incorporates Bio-Photonics, Terahertz, Magnetism, and Scalar/Aether energy, creating a sustained high-consciousness field within and around the bottle.

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MARTIN: Hi everybody. This is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast podcast. And today I am coming to you with a message that’s a bit out of my ordinary. Having tested the product, I have to tell you that this is exciting me. I’m, you know, now in my 40th year of this research, so not a lot of stuff takes me out of my chair. This stuff does. And I want to tell you that with the gravity of what that means, at least in my life. If you have any faith in what I have to say, then heed this. This is important. The product is called Master Peace. We’ll be talking today to CEO Matt Hazen and to Teri Lynn, his marketing associate. We will be explaining what this is all about. The first thing I want to tell you is this. When I first took it in my mouth and it’s always the story, the first cut is the deepest. It really let me know that this is vibrationally of the highest grade. I don’t know how else to put it, other than it’s the sensation you get when you put something really important in your body. And with that, I’d like to ask Matt Hazen, can you explain to us just what is in that product that makes it so special?

MATT: Absolutely, absolutely. So thank you for having me here today, Martin. Well, really everything that goes into this formula is very special and unique. About four years ago… I had led a long life of being very aware of health and healing and whatnot, and was always open minded to things. And about four years ago, when I got more deeper into a holistic lifestyle, what I did was look around and thought to myself, with so many people being completely unhealthy and everybody having their own ways of trying to be healthy, it became clear that there was something big missing. I have older kids and now I have younger kids, so I have kids that are 27 down to 18. And then I started having kids again, and I refused to leave this world where it was at and I thought, something’s missing here. There’s some piece of this puzzle that is happening in our modern day time that wasn’t getting addressed. And from there I thought,someone’s got to get it done. Someone’s got to come up with something that is going to make the difference. And that’s really about where the inspiration with the intention and the energy that went into creating this formula. Really, we’re dealing with modern day environmental pollutants and toxins that are unique.

MATT: They’re nanometer sized. And where before, in our world, with the forever chemicals and heavy metals that we were dealing with, the regular detoxes and cleanses were helping people and they just weren’t anymore. And we have a new day and age that we have nanometer sized heavy metals and forever chemicals and different poisons. And these toxins are so small, unlike 30 years ago and 40 years ago, they’re now small enough that they’re going inside of our cells. And it’s a whole new level of disruption. And so with Master Peace what we wanted to do was specifically address that. And that’s what we sought out to do with the help of, so it’s modern day nano problems that we wanted to find a modern day nano solution for. And that’s what we went after. This formula, it’s like any other good holistic formula. It’s all about: how good is it getting the bad stuff out and what is it replacing it with. And Master Peace is unlike anything that’s out there. It’s amazing, and the results that people are getting are very astounding and mind blowing every day. We are literally helping people to feel their best version again.

MARTIN: Okay, so to unpack what’s going on here, let’s just get into the specifics. My story started indeed with mercury poisoning, heavy metals, and I did get it out of them, out of my body with the help of Zeolite. And we are talking about Zeolite here. There are versions of it. We are developing, we are finding newer, better, stronger, cleaner. Sometimes it’s not as important what is ingested but what is absorbed. At least that’s the rule in nutrition. You may only need to know that what needs to be moved gets moved. Zeolite, specifically clinoptilolite is good at wrapping itself around heavy metal molecules, binding them and taking them out of the body safely. It’s based on the principle of electropositive versus electronegative. The heavy metals are electropositive, and the Zeolite maintains an electro-negative posture both internally and externally. So when it grabs something, it looks innocent to the human body, to the immune system. And so it’s allowed to flow through and get out of you using the natural pathways, which is not what happens with heavy metals when they get into your body. And the way they get there, first of all, injections. Those are famous. Up to 1980 or so, most vaccinations were contaminated with, not contaminated, intentionally made with mercury, known as thimerosal. Later replaced with aluminum, that’s another story. But even to this day, multivalent flu shots are still made with mercury.

MARTIN: So that’s pathway one. Pathway two is food. It’s in seawater. It’s in industrial toxins. If you burn coal, there’s mercury going up in the air. I might be repeating the story or going too wide here, but let me say it this way, it’s throughout the environment and you’re ingesting it. And, strange as it may seem, the body cannot deal with it, and because it cannot deal with it, it hides it and it hides it in places of low circulation, which is bone, cartilage and fat. So sadly, your brain is mainly made of fats too, so it will end up in your brain and it will end up in your bones. So later in your years, when perhaps your pH isn’t as healthy as it was in your early days, these things will get reabsorbed or re-released into your body. That’s how it ends up that a lot of older people in the progression of time, osteoporosis days, when the minerals are getting released out of the bones, with it come the toxins. So what I’m trying to paint here is you may have it stored and it hasn’t been released yet. It would be really smart to get into something that’s going to bind it and get it out of your body. But I’m talking too much. I want your story. Tell more.

MATT: No. I like exactly the path you’re going up. About 30 years ago, technology progressed to the way where things like insecticides and pesticides and really industrial processes were trying to make things a lot of times more biodegradable. If we’re talking about pharmaceuticals like you were talking about, they wanted them to become where it metabolized differently, deeper and better. And what ended up happening, our science got it from a micrometer range into a nanometer range. And at that point we get into a whole new level all across the planet and inside of the human body of course. Where the trapped, the heavy metals get stuck inside of our cells, our cell walls have a positive charge on it. And so it sits in there, with an electro positive charge being held in, because it’s going to repel against the wall. What Master Peace has done is used the world’s … In PubMed it is well documented that Zeolite is called the magic binder, the master binder, the magic stone I apologize and master binder. And that’s because it has the strongest negative charge. So with our modern day problems being at the nano level, what we wanted to do was get the Zeolite and our formula down to a nanometer size. But not just that. You want to get it where it’s just small enough, which is about 300 nanometers, so that it will become intracellular capable. But then you want all of the range from there and lower, because you want it to be able to get all the different sizes of toxins and go to all the different deepest recesses of the body to get it.

MATT: What’s really important to point out about Zeolites? Zeolites are amazing. They’ve always been shown to be safe and effective, especially clinoptilolite for the human body in retrieving the heavy metals, but they retrieve it a lot better in the Master Peace formula because of what is 99% of our formula, which is something that’s very close to ORMUS. It has a huge alchemic component to it, or a part to it, and it is very similar to our blood plasma. What science understands as the healthiest substance on Earth, and that is marine plasma. The reason why marine plasma is such a big deal is because our bodies are pleomorphic. They like to transmutate. They’re always working with themselves, with our body. Our bodies work with itself to bring itself back to homeostasis. And so when you are trying to go in there with this case, with Zeolite and get out these things, that in such a small level is inside of the cells, well, then your body is a lot more permeable and a lot more allowing and does that, which is a huge deal. It does that because it has the marine plasma right there with it in Master Peace. And so when your body recognizes that it has this to trade off, it says, heck yes, I’ll get rid of this metal. Look what you’re offering me.

MATT: And this is something that it sounds really simple to explain, but it hasn’t been done before in a formula like this. Where you combined the master binder in Zeolite, there’s other binders in different chelators out there. Humic acid is well known and so forth. But we took the best. Then we put it at the right size to address today’s problems. And then inside of that formula, we gave it the most bioavailable substance we could find, which is loaded with all the minerals that’s inside of your body, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, unmodified RNA, which is huge because RNA, it’s a program. It sends a signal to your body to all the neat and great things our bodies are meant to do. It says, hey, it’s time. And so we combine the best of all this to make this Master Peace. And flat out, I believe that results matter and the results that we’re seeing. You just haven’t seen results like this before, and it’s a great time to have such a worthy solution come against such a big problem that we’re in, because we are truly in a worldwide health crisis. And the things that used to work so great, the supplements that we took that made all the difference in the world aren’t getting it done anymore. But Master Peace is.

MARTIN: Teri, would you be so good and jump in with a story about how this really works in life?

TERI LYNN: Yeah. If you’re referring to my own testimonial, I can definitely tell that. Is that what you’re referring to?

MARTIN: Sure. Or whatever stories you know. I would like to illustrate what this really feels like in a regular or irregular life. Right. Like the common experience. I mean, my own life was a total disaster. I got infected, injected with mercury in my 20’s, and the next 15 years was an unmitigated disaster. Like it was awful.

TERI LYNN: Yeah, I read your story, your website has your story on there, and we have similar situations, you and I. You had a dental mercury poisoning from your dental work. That’s crazy that they did that many fillings on you at one time by the way. I had all that growing up. But I also had a situation that really wasn’t that long ago about 12 years ago at the most. I had taken a product and I was already into it. I’m a holistic health coach right now, and this is really what my own health issues through my adult years especially, is what got me into a lot of self-study and my certification coaching. So at the time, I was already trying to do whatever I could to be as healthy as I could. And I took a product, and this product was pretty controversial, especially right after my incident. It was supposed to clean water and people were doing super shots of this and they said, well, if it cleans water, it might clean your body too. And it was, I believe it was a chelator of some sort, but later it was touted as possibly having aluminum in the product. And whether that’s true or not, it definitely what I feel happened was it chelated very strongly. And possibly my detox pathways were not open, I wasn’t in the healthiest operating function. And so about two weeks later, I wasn’t really making the connection, but I was starting to get a little brain fog. And, you know, when you’re middle aged, anyway, you’re kind of like, well, I don’t know what’s really going on and I’m not getting enough sleep or something.

TERI LYNN: Well, after about two weeks, I was getting severe brain fog to the point that I couldn’t remember my appointments. I’d be driving on the highway, a freeway that I was very familiar with and I didn’t really know where I was and what exit I was supposed to take, and I’d be crying. And so I realized, I think I’ve just been heavy metal poisoned. And so I went to an expert, he’s actually well known in the world. He’s passed since Walter Crinnion, but he was certainly the best in the United States. And they did a provocation test, EDTA and they identified aluminum. “Yep. You’ve got way too high levels of aluminum.” I think arsenic was the second one and I can’t remember the third one. So I did everything I could. I did all of the things that people are aware of, the chlorella and spirulina and cilantro. And I started just doing all kinds of cleanses and detoxes. And I also took a nano Zeolite product that was kind of new at the time. And they’re still on the market now, very well known one. And I got better to the point where I could function pretty good. I didn’t no longer feel like I had to quit my career because I was actually looking to switch, because I could not think as straight as I needed to think and quickly. My career chosen path that I had from a long time ago is very cognitive heavy, and so I have to be really quick on my feet.

TERI LYNN: And so, you know, I got myself to the point in the last ten years where I’m like, okay, I’m feeling alright. But then I started taking Master Peace. It wasn’t that long ago, it was like the end of spring. And I noticed in two days. Two days I could feel that on the second day things just lifted. It was like a low level kind of mental stress that I was feeling of having to think really hard, remember and recall things that I didn’t realize was causing me so much mental fatigue even. And I noticed my work that I was doing became a lot easier. And so I was just able to recall information quicker. Things became more quick, like I had been at baseline. And for me, that was huge. And so I feel like I am kind of back to my baseline, able to function. And I noticed a lot of the testimonials that we are getting in are kind of similar to that. I don’t know of anyone that had a real bonafide heavy metal poisoning like I did talk about it. But mine was documented and now I’m feeling so much better. Sleep is better. And so we’re seeing the level of … People are talking about the level of consciousness that they feel. Those that are more sensitive to that, it is a lot higher. And I know you have an experience about that too, that I’d love to share on this podcast, because I thought it was so interesting.

MARTIN: Yeah. Since back in 1996 when David Hudson came out with his story of ORMUS, ormes. It starts with white gold. It was later described as trans-platinum group of elements. Gold, rhodium, iridium, osmium,  palladium, ruthenium. I don’t know if I said enough of them, but gold, rhodium, and iridium are the most common and important ones. And I have spent a good amount of time concentrating ORMUS. ORMUS is the type of energy state of an element where it appears that it has only two dimensions, not three. It has an infinite surface, but no volume, and it seems to be that it puts itself in cell membranes. And it also appears that all the life plants and animals seek this out. They want it, they thrive on it. They feel healthier. And so do we humans. So I made this by the buckets. I made a lot of this ORMUS stuff. It’s made by concentration. It’s available in volcanic emissions, volcanic soils, but through millennia this thing is washed out through creeks and rivers into the oceans. So it’s richly present in the seas. So the common method of extracting it or concentrating it is to take salt, like Celtic salt or Himalayan salt, or dead Sea salt, some salt. And using this method, we call it the wet method extraction, you concentrate the stuff and when you buy this thing commercially, you’re told to take maybe a teaspoon a day.

MARTIN: Well, I was taking something like 6 or 7 teaspoons a day because, you know, I want to fly with it. And what’s interesting, it created some really interesting effects in my life. You start getting Siddhis, as in like effects where you start reading people’s minds, thoughts, hearing them ahead. Knowing who’s calling before the phone rings, stuff. It started to interfere with my life because I also didn’t feel like being in business anymore. I wanted to pick up a walking stick and an alms bowl and head for the Himalayas to go meditate. So,  I ended up making a choice, I had become a householder, and therefore I needed to do what’s asked of me. I had children and a wife and business and whatever. So I said, well, I can’t carry on. So I cut back on ORMUS, but I still remember what it does and how it feels. So I have a lot of the residual effects left in me. So anyway, this is the long way of telling the moment I took Master Peace, it had kicked me the same way as ORMUS kicked me. And so when I asked Matthew, well, what’s here? And he says, well, it’s the plasma from the ocean. And that makes sense because plasma would seek or the living creatures, the plankton, the bloom of the ocean, the ocean itself.

MARTIN: Seawater is the equivalent to the amniotic fluid of the womb from which life arises. Like originally, there was no life on land. It started in the sea. Algae being the most primitive forms of life and going on from there. So I see the ocean and the seawater as the original blueprint of life. And when you look inside of the human body, both the interstitial fluids and the blood are very similar in their makeup to seawater. And there we go back to the plasma from the ocean because we can in fact replace the human plasma with the ocean plasma if needed, as needed. So one more loop, which is, so I took this product and I instantly felt it. And I think it has to do with the fact that the plankton will bloom the strongest where the currents mix. And it will have to be the cold water currents bringing the nutrients and then rising up toward the surface as the oceans circulate. And these blooms happen at specific times of year, at specific locations, when the currents do what they need to do and I think it has to do with the nutrient availability and the sunlight availability. These two things need to meet.

MATT: You know, we vetted every marine plasma place we could find and spoke with them, looked at them, explained that we were going to be using this in a formula that we expected to get out to mankind in a way where, across the planet. And what we found, marine plasma, there’s a lot to it. And it is, it’s a self-making toroidal field. And when you find that with, there’s several things that need to be looked for when you’re harvesting it, but when it’s above the phytoplankton. Then you just get this implosion where it’s structuring itself, it’s bringing in more minerals, and it’s as magical and as healthy in ways that I don’t think that we really fully understand. And that’s really why we’re seeing all the different types of testing results that we’re getting. I don’t know if the listeners are real familiar with crystallography. It’s something that’s been made popular recently by Veda Austin and it basically shows if you tell the water what to express and what to show of itself, it will show you. And it’s amazing because we had crystallography done on Master Peace, and it shows a heart with an ascension ladder and we can make those results available for you, Martin. They’re amazing. So the listeners can get a better idea with the picture. That’s very duplicatable science. And we like to be real data and evidence driven. When we went into this process, of course, we had the highest intention, and intention is everything. It does make a big difference. This product intention was to help raise the consciousness of mankind.

MATT: When you have that, when you’re putting in the energetics that we put into the formula, when you’re doing that and you have the most natural substances that are meant to detox and purify and cleanse as good as anything that’s available on Earth. And we put it all together, and the entire process had this amazing, purest intention to operate on behalf of the highest good for mankind. It’s a true answer to get people to what they should expect when they start taking Master Peace. What we see very consistently. And this is as big of a deal as it gets for me, I’m big about sleep. So if something can improve your sleep quality, it sets you up to have a better day. And you can expect a better deep quality of sleep. You might want to be careful because if you haven’t been dreaming for a while, your dreams are going to kick on again. That means your third eye is clearing off. You’re going to have a lot more vividness. We’ve had world renowned doctors say they’re remote viewing again because of it. I know my dreams are lucid every night. Me and my wife always have the discussion of what our dreams were the previous night. And, when you can wake up more childlike and get your day started easier, when you’re present with people, when you have a natural connection to your environment, to the people that you’re around, when everything seems to be more tolerant of you, but you’re more tolerant of it. The little health things, you know guys, when you have heavy metals, which are not natural in the forms that they’re in inside of our cells, you can just imagine, since we are these biochemical processors that are 99% water molecules, it’s all about our body communicating with itself the right way.

MATT: And what more would disrupt that than heavy metals stuck inside of our cells? And picturing that and thinking what it would do to people, we can realize why we have the disease and the health issues that are rampant in today’s world. And Master Peace gets you ahead of that again. It gives your body the ability to get that junk out of the way so that your body can get back to doing what it likes to do, which is to make itself its best version. And that’s really the magic of Master Peace. You have the best way to make the best binder at the right size, but then you’re offering it up in a solution of marine plasma. So your body becomes very willing to go through this magical transformation, this upgrading process. And then you have the very, very, very best, when the kinesiology test Master Peace, it comes up. We’ve had many world class people now look at it that have made their careers off of muscle testing. And it’s across the board testing out as high as anything that’s available on Earth right now. And that’s how important it is. So if people are looking for that Keystone supplement that is going to address the issues that aren’t being addressed with their other supplements, you found it right here.

TERI LYNN: I’m thinking maybe we can talk a little bit more about the marine plasma that we use in Master Peace. I think it’s important. Because there’s other marine plasmas out there, and I know Quinton has been around for a really long time and really set the foundation for that market. And I know Matthew had looked at Quinton water to use as the marine plasma in our formula, and the marine plasma is 99% of what the formula is. So that’s a really important piece of it. Matthew had looked at a specific marine plasma that was harvested by a man named David. It’s a grassroots company. His company is called Ibiza Y Formentera. And he operates out of Spain. And we interviewed him and it was really interesting all of the information that he gave us. What he does, he goes out himself with his, he says, partner. I know his wife is involved with his business too, but it’s a very small operation, he has one boat. And he goes out and he’s been doing this for decades, and he knows the sea. He’s been healed by it when he was a child, actually. And he goes out and he knows where to look, and he’ll taste the water and he knows if it’s ready. It’s not a matter of just going to this place that he’s got a license for and permission to go, and he’s just going to go at this time this month. He’ll shut down his whole operation all summer if he has to, because that’s not the active time for the phytoplankton and zooplankton.

TERI LYNN: So he harvests it at the right time and at the right areas. And so that’s the marine plasma that we use. It’s a company with high integrity. And the gentleman there, David, he’s just amazing. And so we feel like we have not just the best Zeolite because Matthew has worked with Michael Koh at Kansas State University, mentored under him to get the formula just right at just the right size but also the marine plasma. Marine plasma is probably the best back end. Now, how do we find the best marine plasma? And so we feel like we have the best marine plasma. And then of course we have the energetics, which maybe we can talk about a little bit too. That’s infused into the final formula, even though marine plasma is already structured, already has this great bio availability of all the minerals and nutrients. But then you structure the whole thing, and then it becomes an alchemy, a formula of just this very interesting end result and product that has never been done before. This has never been done. And so the results are coming in now, as we’ve been talking about, of being very different. And I know Martin would love to hear again your testing that you had about your consciousness and how that happened. Maybe that’s what happened to me too. When I started taking it, I didn’t realize it because I was feeling something lift.

MARTIN: I have noticed that since I’ve been taking it, and we do this testing quite regularly, that my level of consciousness has increased by a fairly noticeable margin. Level of consciousness is something you can learn about by reading a book, Power Versus Force by David Hawkins. He is the father of this movement, and what he’s defined is a logarithmic scale by which he compares the consciousness of a bacterium which he gave number one. And Christ consciousness, which he gave 1000 at 999 you can still be in a human body, at 1000 you can’t be in a human body anymore. You have to transcend. And anything above 600 is in a very meditative and high consciousness level, that the level would be 200 for courage, 300 for truth, 400 for science, 500 for love, 540 for unconditional love, 600 for transcending consciousness. And these values average out. So if you have a nation that averages out over 200, they are starting to live in truth. If it’s under 200, they’re still destructive. They’re still hateful and vengeful and just not getting there. And it ebbs and flows up and down. And what’s interesting is that one person of high consciousness, one Aristotle, can outweigh millions of low consciousness people because it’s logarithmic. One person at the high vibration can carry a huge number of the lower vibration. Anyway, the point is I don’t want to really get personal in public, but my level of consciousness has drifted out well into the influential because we check this regularly. It’s most noticeable in the last three weeks since I started using the product.

TERI LYNN: That’s what I wanted to know clearly. Yeah. That’s incredible. And we’re hearing what you’re describing, but you’re giving us the data, now. When you’ve had your consciousness levels checked all this time and continue to do so. So I’m feeling like you are explaining what’s been happening to many, many, most of the people that we’re hearing from. They talk about consciousness and awareness and I feel different too. And it’s hard for me to,

MARTIN: Right. And so it’s possible that this product as we have it is going to help us carry the nation, the society, the community, the family that you, the user, are in through these turbulent times.

TERI LYNN: That’s incredible. That’s just. And Matthew, I mean, that was Matthew’s goal from the very beginning is to do that. 

MATT: Yeah. Martin, I love what you are speaking on because the David Hawkins level of consciousness map is absolutely was the go to thing that our muscle testers, Clayton and Jeff with focus life force energy, whenever we were making a decision on what to use such as fulvic acid, marine plasma, bee pollen, Zeolite, humic acid, how the different energetics that was going into it, every single decision, every single, even the price, everything that was put into it was muscle tested as what is going to be on behalf of the highest good for all of humanity as a food and nutritional supplement. And if we wouldn’t have been able to make every decision based on the level of consciousness map and kinesiology testing, we wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere near the end result that we did with this formula.

TERI LYNN: I was going to say, because there’s different levels to this, and I was going to mention. I’m trying to remember, on a physical level, we’ve talked about that a little bit, but I was just going to just iterate a little bit more is that you have that on the physical level. You have the detoxification, the cleansing on a level that’s biological, right. You have the heavy metal, heavy metal bullies and you mentioned that. But there’s more than that. There’s microplastics, there’s the forever chemicals, there’s also mycotoxins, from molds and things. Heavy metals are really what people are having a hard time getting out of their bodies and their cells. So you have that heavy metal bully being pulled out by Zeolites at the right level, at the right range, particle range, because these are nano sized now, they’ve kind of been weaponized and replacing that right away with the marine plasma, which we discussed. So on a biological level it makes sense. And it’s put together very well that way and looking at that level. But then now we’re getting into all of these other higher levels, if you will, of what it’s cleansing out because, you know, holistic health has always been about, is always about the body, the mind and the spirit of the psyche.

TERI LYNN: And so those have to you have to pay attention to all those things. And I think that the mind and body informs the third, the spirituality and the psyche. You have those things that they’re not, they’re not in homeostasis. You can’t get to that. And you’ve just demonstrated that by something you said there about the Hawkins’ chart and how if you get to a thousand, that is ascension. I think you said it. So, I didn’t know that. And so there you go. And so to clean out the body on a physical level is super important. And then we have these other components in this alchemy formula, too. And we don’t talk about the energetics and the structuring of it enough. And that is an important part of the formula, the end result. Matthew does a lot of it’s really on duplicatable what he does, you know, so we have to keep him around as long as possible, Matthew. Because you’re the only one that can do this formula correctly. But talk about the energetics that you put into the end product.

MATT: The formula marine plasma is already structured. Now we structured again with a water vortex magnetizer and then a bio photon infuser, which is an analemma wand. We have the formula on the ground for a period. We through magnets, magnetism, remove all the extra positive polarity out of it so that it’s heavily negative polarity. So it has more of what they call a zeta potential. You know, we seal up the bottles with an iTera wand, and there’s so many things I have to try to go through now. It’s silly, but it’s been proven in science, right? Where you can just put notes on the formula that says “love” and it improves it. 

MARTIN: Hey Matthew, you mentioned, for example, that when you’re putting the plastic tamper proof seal on it, that you’re actually using the iTera wand to do that. So you could do that with the ordinary heat gun. But no, you’re using a high consciousness heat gun.

MATT: Absolutely. Because what we feel is that everything adds up. Everything matters. So every last step of the way, when we’re doing everything with this process, it’s, I’m trying to think off the top of my head because we do even more than that. But yes, we keep it charged and structured. The entire process from the very first day and every time it’s made. I’m the only one that is in the area while it’s being made. So I know that I feel welled up with love and joy just because I’ve seen what’s happened now with Master Peace, as it’s taking hold everywhere and what people are experiencing, they’re having better lives because of this. And so when I’m making it, it’s feeding me back what I’m hearing people in the morning talk about when I’m hearing people that have been having seizures all the time, people on strokes that are coming back, people with all types of conditions that they’ve been trying their whole life. They’ve tried everything underneath the sun to get rid of, get better. When I’m being fed that type of feedback and I’m putting it back into the formula, it’s a toroidal field. It’s just getting better and better. We haven’t really changed the formula. We’ve added more Zeolite and marine plasma to the formula. But we haven’t changed any other part of the formula. But for some reason it’s testing out a little higher and a little higher. And I believe it’s because of the effects it’s having and how everything is entangled and works together. And it’s feeding back to us. And you know, the marine plasma is gotten by a guy that he has one boat, like Nikki said.

MATT: But it’s a very nice boat. And he refuses, like with the other marine plasma companies. I don’t want to say names, but they tend to harvest during the summertime, and that is the worst time. He hangs his boat up for four months every year. That is not the time you want to get marine plasma. And he has seven different ways that he goes in there, and he tests it with all of his equipment. And if everything says yes, then he says it still has to pass the taste test. And this is all he’s ever done. And he says usually he doesn’t accept it because he doesn’t do that business to provide for his family, he does that business to help change the world. And so I think that goes into why Master Peace is so good. We have the highest sourced Zeolite that we could find. It is 97% clinoptilolite. That is the highest amount of clinoptilolite that you can get from any Zeolite mine that we’ve come across. And even, we keep on vetting the entire process,  everything we do, we check the pure intentions of the team, the people who are helping to make the decisions. As a core team, we’re operating at 990. The people who are doing this testing have the most state-of-the-art technology that they’ve used. They have 13 different research studies Focused Life force Energy to show and verify their seedings. Everything about what goes into this Master Peace product has been the best of the best to help out mankind.

MARTIN: Guess I would say this. We’re so programmed by the current culture to see things in a material and materialistic way. And there’s the struggle between the understanding whether the spiritual is primary or whether the physical is primary. And there’s a whole lot of people who say, there’s nothing. You’re born, you die and it’s dark, it’s over. And then, of course, there’s the other perspective which says, no, no, we are a spiritual entity that is having this physical experience. I’m wearing this suit of flesh because I want to be able to express myself in this three dimensional, four dimensional world. But in fact, I’m a higher dimensional entity that just happens to be inhabiting this reality. So that struggle will probably not be easily solved. Those who want to see the evidence will find it, and those who refuse to see it, well, for them it doesn’t exist.

MATT: I believe that if someone has a part of their life that is spiritual. Then, if we look at how everything is, for me, it would make sense that we would want to evolve consciously, that that would be maybe what we should be doing with our lives to an extent, to become higher consciousness. And if that’s the case, that is exactly what Master Peace was made for. That was the intention behind it, to help you be more conscious, to help raise your consciousness, to help get you closer to ascension. It gets the things out of you in a physical fashion, which prevent anybody from raising their vibrational frequency or their consciousness, which is stuck trapped metals that don’t belong in you, that throw you off. We’re 99% water molecules, but we’re bathing in electromagnetic fields. Water is very affected by electromagnetic fields. If we have metals stuck inside of our 99% water molecules, we can’t get anywhere, no matter how much we want to, in terms of raising our consciousness. Now, this gets those metals out, but then it replaces it with unmodified RNA and all the nutrition so that your body can be able to operate. And I would say across the board, people as a consciousness is raising on an individual basis when they take Master Peace. I don’t know of one person yet who said, you know this stuff, I can’t think of anybody that’s posted anywhere that I’ve seen that says, oh, this stuff didn’t do anything for me. I don’t see anything at all. It sometimes takes the second or third bottle because we’ve been accumulating toxins for a long time. But, you know, I believe for me, in my life, I do have a large spiritual aspect to me, and I believe I’m here to learn and grow and evolve and make a difference, but also raise my consciousness. That’s what I have control over, and Master Peace helps me do that, unlike anything out there.

MARTIN: I think that’s about all the topics that we could possibly push in, in an intro.

MATT: Now, Nikki’s created a video where it’s a direct comparison of Master Peace versus Clean Slate. You could watch it. It’s a four minute video, it’s as straight to the point as it could ever get. It might be too much for you because we don’t hold anything back. We reverse engineered. Kansas State told me exactly how much is in theirs. Touchstone’s, Zoiglobal, everything that makes them up. That was the results. They came back to me. I didn’t tell them: “Well, they claim this.” They just said hand this over because we want to reverse engineer it and know what we’re looking at. And then they came back to us with the results. And then we started looking at what this formula is going to look like, possibly. So yeah. I can tell you, if we want to do that, I didn’t know Martin, head and shoulders we are superior in every way that it can even be looked at. When I originally went about going and making this formula, and I reached out to Kansas State University, who tout themselves as the number one nanolab in America and whatnot, their chief scientific officer, Michael Koh. He has done this a time or two in creating formulas. The first thing he asked me to do was find him the top sellers, the big market people that were really putting out the products. And so the biggest and top competitors, if you will, we handed over the top three. They used $40 million in nanotechnology equipment spread over three labs to analyze their products and reverse engineer their products. As deep in as they could go. And that is what we started at.

MATT: So from the very first day when Master Peace started becoming Master Peace, we knew where everybody was at. And from there we built and every decision was based on what’s going to be the best for mankind. It wasn’t for profit, for gain. It wasn’t to have a fancy marketing trick. It was to, what is going to make a better end product that’s going to perform better for the user? And that’s why we originally started with bee pollen. These other companies, that is when you’re talking about nano Zeolite companies, 95% of them, they don’t have any type of minerals or anything. They’re simply nano Zeolite in water, in filtered water. There’s nothing more to them. They don’t put any more Zeolite in there than what will, they don’t want it to come back together and clump up over time. They’re worried about shelf stability where we are not worried about any of those things. We were wanting a product that was going to be the best. So we ended up putting together we found marine plasma that is not just minerals, that has a lot of other different types of things in there that the body needs when it’s growing. And I guess what you would say is there’s a lot of different ways to look at the formulas and what’s out there. There’s a lot of companies out there, but in every way that we can compare or look at Master Peace compared to any other top competitors, we are head and shoulders above everyone in every way. Does that usually happen anywhere with anything? No, but that is what we’re looking at with Master Peace.

TERI LYNN: So we’re also seeing some real interesting feedback. So we’ve got weight releases, from those that have weight to release. We have improved thyroid function. Sleep quality, almost everyone says that they’re sleeping better. We have a gentleman who is having seizures regularly and is getting a better MRI result. Last time he checked that his tumor is not growing like it had been every month. We have a direct experience with a ten year old autistic girl who was not potty trained and spoke very few words or nonverbal at the time. And with Matthew and his wife actually working with this girl for three days, she was potty trained. By the end of a couple of weeks, I believe, and was speaking more. So those are the types of things we’re seeing, raising consciousness. People are just saying that they feel better. There’s just this well-being about them that’s better.

MATT: So I think the bottom line with anything is that what matters is the results and results should speak for themselves when something is the real deal. And what we’re seeing is a ten year old girl named Alyssa, who was nonverbal her whole life. She was non potty trained her whole life. And by the second week she was saying three words and she was potty trained by the end of the week, she was much calmer. She was a completely different child. We have all across the world people who have had strong cases of dementia and brain fog. Their clarity improves, their focus, their ability to be present. I believe across the board people experience better sleep. It’s very unlikely that you won’t notice a measurable degree of improvement in your dream clarity, your dream vividness or lucidness, things that people a lot of times have something to do with autoimmune issues that they’ve had their whole life, that they’ve tried everything for. We’ve seen a multitude of people say, I haven’t changed anything else in my life. I’m only taking Master Peace, this had to be it. We’ve had people who have gone to their doctors, a lot of people that have gone to their doctors with all types of issues where they know their thyroid level and all different types of levels and what analysis on their blood does. And they’re coming back with improvements. In fact, I can’t remember someone who’s actually gone to the doctor, came back with the same charts as before and said, yeah, nothing got better because we’re really only hearing people say, my levels have improved. So hair, nails, we’ve seen amazing wound healing done with Master Peace. So really, you can imagine that when the heavy metals are outside of the cell, they get out of the cell and are replaced with the nourishment that’s in Master Peace. Everything tends to improve to some degree, at least noticeable. It may only be 20%. It may be that it completely clears up. And that’s kind of what we’re seeing across the board when it comes to taking Master Peace.

MARTIN: All right people, thank you. Matthew Hazen and Teri Lynn. Master Peace is now available at Life Enthusiast, and I am extremely grateful and honored to be able to present it. Thank you very much. You can find it at Life-enthusiast.com and by phone at (866) 543-3388. Thank you.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff